12 Underwater Maternity Shoots That You'll Want To Recreate

Pregnancy is amazing. It is beautiful. Having a baby growing inside gives off an incredible glow to many women. The recent trend has been to choose to have a maternity photo shoot to document this wonderful thing that they are doing by nourishing and carrying a baby for those nine glorious months. The location and scope of the maternity shoot, however, can vary in many ways!

One type of maternity shoot that seems to stand out among the rest is underwater maternity shoots. There is simply something quite spectacular about a gorgeous expectant woman floating through water that just captivates us to no end. It's as if the woman becomes some sort of mythical, beautiful creature.

How many reading this would be willing to do an underwater maternity shoot? While many women do not feel too pretty during pregnancy, because of the morning sickness, back pain, sleepless nights, and all, most of us can probably agree that an expectant woman is beautiful no matter what.

There are some amazing maternity photographers out there who are able to take unbelievably gorgeous underwater shots. They are all truly talented! Below there are underwater maternity photos from some of America's most impressive photographers, including Anna Caradonna from Light of the Moon Photography, Melissa Mullins from Melissa Mullins Portraits, and Tristan Davis from Tristan Davis Photography.

Check out their work below, and most likely more women will want to recreate these stunning and inspiring photos!

12 Floating Beauty

This gorgeous underwater maternity photo makes us feel weightless, just as this pregnant woman looks and most likely feels! Anna Cardonna from Light of the Moon Photography is responsible for this photo that captures a variety of feelings. Located in Tampa Bay, Anna is a natural light photographer. She loves that each and every shoot she does is unique in its own way.

There is no denying that this photo by Anna is stunning. A pregnant woman floating just under the water, likely feeling weightless. We all know how pregnancy can make us feel anything but weightless! With this underwater maternity shot, it is as if this mom to be was thinking, I don't need a bathing suit, I can just dive right in. And clearly, she is loving it.

11 Lighting Can Make All The Difference

Anna likes capturing a life journey, what better way to do that then by photographing a woman carrying a baby. There is something so special about each one of her maternity shoots, even ones that are vastly similar- yet totally different. On her Light of the Moon Photography website (http://www.lightofthemoonphotography.com), Anna tells us how no two shoots are the same. Even when it is the same person being photographed, in the same spot, and in the same position, lighting can make an incredible difference.

In these pictures, we see them are very close to being the same photo, yet they are not. The woman is in a slightly different position. In fact, if it were not for the tattoo, we may even wonder if it was the same woman! It is possible that these could have been taken at various stages of her pregnancy. But it is the lighting that tells a story. From a classic black and white photo, to one that is mutely colored, what do each tell you?

10 Showing Clear Emotions

Melissa Mullins is a photographer based in Denver, Colorado, and there is no denying her maternity photos are awe inspiring. Each one she has done is special and unique, so there is likely one (or a few) of Melissa's beautiful maternity shots that any pregnant woman would be overjoyed to duplicate.

Pictures can tell a story. They can show emotion, or at the very least, perceive an emotion. With no words, we think we know what the person being photographed is thinking. But like anything, many people may have differing thoughts and opinions. Take this photo for example of this gorgeous pregnant mom. It seems she has a look of relaxation on her face.

Maybe she is thinking, only a few more months until I meet my bundle of joy. She looks content. And we hope she feels as beautiful as she looks in his incredible shot.

9 Big Dreams

On her website (http://melissamullinsportraits.com), Melissa tells us, “I believe in dreaming big and planning bigger.” While she has a few of her quotes and things she believes in listed in the About section of her site, we have to agree that dreaming big has a magical element to it. Only the sky's the limit. As expecting moms, we think this way for the baby that is soon to be born.

We want them to dream big, and exceed their own goals and expectations.

This photo by Melissa really captures the sentiment of dreaming big. The beautiful pregnant woman is this photograph first appears to be sleeping, but she is probably dreaming while she takes in the feel of the water around her. Dreaming of her sweet baby and all that will be to come. She looks so peaceful!

8 Looking And Feeling Like A Superwoman

Another one of our favorite sayings from Melissa's site is, “I believe all women have their own unique superpower.” We all know one superpower that women have, and that is growing a baby and raising a child! There is something unstoppable about a true lady- a superwoman. We bet Melissa has a real way of putting her clients at ease and making them all feel like a superwoman!

This photograph really shows a superwoman in action. No she is not slaying bad guys, instead, she is showing that she is pregnant, and that it is beautiful. This pretty underwater maternity photo tells us that an expecting mom has a real superpower in her. What a lovely maternity shot this one is! You must check out her site to see all of them, each one is better than the next.

7 Showcasing The Belly

The photographer Melissa Mullins, of Melissa Mullins Portraits appears to have a motto: Celebrating Women with Independent Minds, Gentle Hearts, and Rebellious Souls. We love this! As a photographer, it is clear that Melissa puts her clients first, and it is obvious that she captures an exhilarating essence in each photo she takes.

Melissa's motto goes well with this gorgeous underwater maternity shot, wouldn't you say?! The beautiful pregnant woman in this photograph is wearing red, which we all know is the color of power, but clearly she has a independent mind to want to take this picture, she has a gentle heart growing a baby inside of her, and she may just be a tad rebellious by going through with this amazing shot, which we bet lots of pregnant moms to be will want to duplicate!

6 Playing With Sparkle And Light

Part of being a true photographer is being able to capture texture in a photo. To make those viewing the photo almost feel like they can reach out and touch what is in the picture. As a seasoned photographer from Denver, Colorado, it seems that Melissa Mullins has perfected this ability. What pregnant woman wouldn't want to dive into all of her underwater maternity shots?

This stunning underwater maternity photo taken by Melissa is just sheer beauty. While we can't see the mom to be's face, somehow we can almost sense her thoughts and feelings. She feels pretty. She feels strong. With her hand on her belly, she is superwoman. If we reach out and touch the photo, we can almost feel the water on our fingertips. It is spectacular.

5 Outfit Choice Changes Everything

Tristine Davis, of Tristine Davis Photography, is a mother of two who absolutely loves the water. Looking at her portfolio, you can see that her underwater shots are spectacular! As we view some of her underwater maternity shots, it is clear that Tristine knows how to work a camera underwater and capture not only a beautiful image, but an incredible feeling.

Outfit choice alone can often change the way a photograph tells a story. For example, look at these two gorgeous photographs by Tristine. They are each pretty and amazing in their own right. There is no denying any mom to be would love to replicate either photo.

The expecting mom in the pink outfit seems to make us feel like she is free flowing, without a care in the world. The mom to be in black gives us a weightless feel, yet makes us wonder what she is thinking as she heads towards the surface.

4 Dancing Mermaid

Tristine Davis states on her website (http://tristinedavisphotography.com) that while she enjoys many different types of photography, shooting underwater is one of her favorites. Not only is it one of her favorite ways to capture her love of photography, but she is also quite good at it! Tristine is able to provide emotions in each photo she takes, especially with her underwater maternity shots.

All women at some point in their lives likely wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid (perhaps we can thank The Little Mermaid for this!) Sometimes pregnant women feel anything but pretty, and certainly anything but weightless. However, put them in a pool of water and suddenly their inner mermaid shines.

We can bet lots of moms to be would go for an underwater maternity shot where they not only got to look like a mermaid, but feel like one as well.

3 Underwater Dancing

When it comes to underwater maternity shots, Tristine Davis, of Tristine Davis Photography, has a beautiful talent. Located in Jensen Beach, Tristine shares with her prospective clients that she is willing to travel to the surrounding areas of Jensen Beach, especially if it means it will be a perfect shoot! She has taken some fabulous shots that capture so much beauty.

One thing that happens when you are underwater is the weightless feeling that often occurs. You feel glorious. Light as a feather. Like you could accomplish anything. You feel beautiful. You feel perfect. And you feel like you can dance. These are all the gorgeous feelings and emotions that Tristine has captured in this one photo. It is amazing how one picture really can tell a thousand words.

2 Including The Partner

Tristine shares with us on her website that she obsessed with photography (along with diving and enjoying our beautiful world!) It's quite obvious that her obsession has given her some outstanding results. Her images are all lovely and beautiful, and probably the type of underwater maternity shots that many expecting moms hope to replicate.

We all know the saying, you and me and baby makes three, right? While maternity shots of just the mom to be are always gorgeous, we sometimes forget there is a partner behind the scenes! Okay, they are not growing a belly, but sometimes it is nice to include them in a photograph.

In this fabulous shot by Tristine Davis, dad to be is giving is mermaid-ish mom to be as sweet kiss. The shot is stunning, and reminds us baby means family.

1 Feeling At Peace



Tristine Davis, of Tristine Davis photography, specializes in underwater photography. Her immense talent has earned her five star ratings. Her images capture the feelings that any pregnant woman would feel while underwater, a sense of peace.

In this gorgeous image, we see an expecting mom who is likely near, or at least within a few months of her due date. We can almost picture the baby in the womb, enjoying this time just as much as his or her mommy. We see a mom to be, who may be experiencing back pain, sleepless nights, morning sickness, or more, we do not really know (can only assume!), and we get to see her with a feeling of relief, a sense of peace. Something about being underwater just puts her at ease. Not to mention, also makes her look absolutely stunning. This a great shot that is sure to be on the request list for other pregnant women looking to do the same.

Sources: Melissa Mullins Photography, Tracie Jean @LightOfTheMoon, Tristine Davis Photography

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