12 Ways A Woman's Zodiac Predicts Her Birth Experience

Whether someone devotedly reads their zodiac forecast for the month ahead or is as big a skeptic as they come, some of these reactions are undeniable!

Whether someone devotedly reads their zodiac forecast for the month ahead or is as big a skeptic as they come, there's one thing no one can deny or explain, and it's how those zodiac signs completely call people out on their personality traits!

I'm a bit of a skeptic but more of a believer these days after having two kids that fit their zodiac signs to a tee! With our personalities ruled by the signs we were born under, it also means that our astrological signs will dictate what kind of birth experience we will have as well as what kind of mothers we will be. You simply can’t escape who you are, if you’re a worrier, then that will translate into the delivery room; if you’re confident, then that will also dictate how smoothly your birthing experience will go.

Today’s list will look through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Read below and see if you can spot your birth experience style, and hey, it may even line up with your zodiac sign, wouldn’t that be interesting!

12Virgo - Don't Look At Me

Virgo is also known as the worrier of the zodiac signs. People born under this sign are typically analytical, kind, hardworking and practical. According to astrologers, Virgos tend to worry often; they are shy and dislike being the center of attention. It's sort of hard to hide when you're giving birth, it's likely to be one of the most exposing experiences of your life, and no matter how hard you try and hide, you can't run from your panicked spouse, your excited family, or the doctor who's all up in there trying to get that baby out.

This will be traumatic for a Virgo who cherishes their privacy, so definitely no cameras during labor or you will get smacked! Virgos will worry throughout the entire pregnancy, let alone labor and will be asking questions left right and centre, making sure that everything is going as planned.

11Capricorn - Let's Do This!

Capricorn's are the ones most likely to be high fiving everyone on the way to the delivery room. Capricorns are said to be the most determined of all the astrological signs. They put the "GO" in goats as they are ambitious, determined, practical and helpful. Capricorn’s like to plan; they thrive off of rehearsing, so you better believe they’ve gone over their birth plan with everyone a million times and have that suitcase waiting by the door. You can fully see a Capricorn saying “yes” to things many moms would cringe at, like the mirror they offer you to watch yourself birth that baby, or agreeing to skip the drugs and opting to feel it all, or even offering to cut their own umbilical cord, yup Capricorn's are helpful to the max and eager!

10Gemini - Dr. Jekyll And Mrs. Hyde

One thing is certain with Gemini, you're never sure who you're going to get; it's like flipping a coin and on the one side you have the easy going and sociable Gemini, and on the other you have the very serious and anxious Gemini. These two very different personalities will both be present during labor, because when a woman is in pain all bets are off! Gemini’s are known for being super sweet, but piss them off and you’ll get their wrath tenfold! Gemini will be the momma who's excited and so ready one moment, but will be throwing things and screaming at you the next. The switch is even easier to flip when hormones are in play. Dad's watch your hand with this one, she'll break it, because, let’s face it, you did this to her!

9Leo - Roll Out The Royal Carpet

Leo's love the limelight; they are the ones snapping selfies, hitting up Instagram, chatting pals up on Facebook Live, and Tweeting out each and every part of their labor experience. Leo’s are certainly not bashful, which helps, because labor is all about over-exposure! For Leo’s all life events are monumental and so they pull out all the stops, there will be gifts and flowers and lots of visitors. These mamas’ are sure to choose regal names for them babies and expect adoration from family, friends and hubby. Leo's are loving and driven by the desire to be loved, they are built on actions, not words. So labor better progress quickly, because Leo's like to get the show on the road! Leo’s are about that finish line, they are racing towards meeting that baby!

8Scorpio - A Fierce Mama

When you think of ferocity, you typically think of Leo the lion, but the owner of the "fierce" title certainly belongs to Scorpio. You definitely don't want to mess with one, especially when they’re in mamma bear mode! Scorpio can be contradictory at times, they can be the best or the absolute worst. They can be independent yet clingy, loving then cold, authoritative, yet weak. So you can sense that drama may follow Scorpio wherever they go. Scorpio's are sure to have some juicy stories about labor, some of which may be exaggerated to show off their strength and valor. Scorpios can be hard to read, so doctors may not know what their needs are during labor, but Scorpio’s will expect you to read their mind, or at least their lips!

7Taurus - Stubborn To The Core

Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns! The Taurus sign is known for its negative qualities of self-indulgence, laziness, possessiveness, prejudice and above all stubbornness! They obviously have positive qualities, such as trustworthiness, generosity, loyalty and they tend to be extremely artistic, but when you hear "Taurus" you simply think of those horns, which are definitely pointy, so tread carefully when entering the delivery room. You can't tell a Taurus mom what to do, she'll most likely take the opposite road because she simply doesn't trust your opinion - whether you be family or an expert, Taurus knowns best and there is no way of convincing her otherwise. Support the Taurus, stay quiet, and avoid the horns! Trust me; it’s just better that way! Also, don’t hog the baby, Taurus moms are possessive, so give her time to swoon.

6Aries - Hyper Mom

Aries is the mom who just wants that baby out! She will do anything to bring on labor, especially if she has passed her due date; you want her to do stairs, go for walks, eat spicy things, she will do it! Aries does not know how to slow down and I can so see Aries being that mom at the gym during that last trimester. Knowing that Aries is the God of War, you can just imagine how the Aries mom will fare in battle, err I mean labor. Aries are known for being daring, active, optimistic, but also very impatient, proud and egoistic, meaning they’re also a tad delusional. Aries mom's may have thought they had it all figured out only to find that birth isn't a state of mind, it is its own beast that you have no control over. Aries does not enjoy lacking control.

5Libra - Nah-I'm-A-Stay Calm

Libra's are said to be kind and gentle. They are lovers of beauty, harmony and peace, so essentially all things that birth is not, but they have a talent for projecting those ideas of beauty, harmony and peace into their birthing experience. Pain is just a state of mind, just breathe and allow the universe to take the wheel. I get the sense that Libra's would be into prenatal Yoga big time! Libra's are natural peacekeepers, they don't like conflict and they like to be surrounded by calm and collected people that don't harsh their buzz on life. I'm sure the delivery room would certainly reflect a Libra's ability to bring calm to any situation, even if it's a difficult one. Hopefully Libra’s positive vibes can be bottled and sold, because staying calm during labor can be challenging!

4Aquarius - TMI

Aquarians are all about the honesty, albeit excessive at times. I was once told Aquarians can't lie, and I have yet to find one that lies or at least does it well. This is the mom that will be giving fun facts to all the visitors, including all the gory details of the birth, they won't leave anything else. Aquarius is known to be unpredictable, curious, truthful, affectionate, frank and imaginative. They don't tend to beat around the bush, if they think it's time for that baby to arrive, they will throw open that hospital gown and show you just how ready that baby is! Aquarians have the ability to gross you out with all the extra details of how the water broke, labor progressed, what ripped, and how the bathroom situation is gnarly, but one thing is certain, Aquarians aren't squeamish.

3Pisces - Mother's Intuition

Pisces are known for being in tune with their own mind and body, they read others very well, and naturally, they are extremely in tune with their babies before and after birth. They have a sense when something is wrong and they know when they are on the right path and making the right choices. Pisces are described as selfless, always willing to help others without expecting anything back. They are empathetic towards others as well as intuitive and artistic. Pisces know their limitations and accept them, if the pain from labor is too much, they'll opt for pain management. Pisces will go with the flow of labor, che sarà, sarà! I imagine Pisces moms to pick up on baby's needs instantly, that sixth sense will kick in as soon as baby is in their arms.

2Cancer - Super-Sensitive

Not that sensitivity is necessarily a bad thing, but in Cancer's case it can be very overwhelming for momma-to-be, an emotional roller-coaster of sorts. You have to expect waterworks at this delivery, whether it be from sheer happiness or exhaustion. They will try and keep it together in front of their family, but once everyone goes home, it's time to have a good cry. The Cancer sign is deeply devoted to family; they are loyal, and extremely romantic. They can also be a tad pessimistic and tend to feel sorry for themselves. Cancer mommas will dwell on things; obsess over every detail of their pregnancy as well as their labor. They just want everything to turn out great, but they always anticipate the worst case scenario and can’t see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow until it’s right in front of them.

1Sagittarius - Curious Cathy

Hanging out with a Sagittarius might feel a little like a Q & A session, but it's all because they are seekers of truth, they don't like to be left in the dark about anything, so give them the good news, the bad news, they just want the truth, they can handle it! Sagittarians are also uncomfortable with silence, they like to talk, they like to communicate and be in the loop. So Doc, whatever you're doing down there, this mamma will want the play by play. Sagittarians are curious, energetic; they thrive off of adventure and love to travel. Birth is definitely an adventure and Sagittarians will want to learn all they can about it. Sagittarians are extroverts, optimists and they love change, and their ability to adapt will make coping with labor much less stressful.,,

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