12 Ways Mom's Body Will Be Destroyed Based On Her Zodiac

What can a mom-to-be expect from her pregnancy based on her zodiac sign? As the stars, planets and moons aligned to create different personality traits and flaws they also created common pregnancy symptoms. An expecting mom can find out what pregnancy symptoms she is likely to have during pregnancy based on her sign.

Each zodiac sign has its own strengths and weaknesses. Those weaknesses found in each zodiac sign lead to common problems during pregnancy.

What can a mom do to avoid these common pregnancy symptoms? Knowing the problems are more likely to occur is the first step in preventing them. This pregnancy horoscope can help mom to be on the lookout for the upcoming problems she is most likely to have.

By focusing her energy toward a solution, mom can avoid those problems that will likely plague her. Varicose veins, weight gain, stretch marks, baby blues and popped belly buttons some symptoms certain zodiac signs can expect. A few extra steps during pregnancy can diminish or even eliminate these problems for many moms.

Continue reading to find out what the stars have in store for each sign of the zodiac. Read all the way through as some signs have more than one common symptom.

12 Virgo - The Belly Button Will Pop

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Virgos are ruled by both Mother Earth and Mercury. This makes them gentle, nurturing and pure. They avoid most pregnancy problems with clean eating, healthy lifestyles and a complete grooming routine. They are true to their name of virgins for their purity of body and health.

Most Virgo moms avoid stretch marks by committing to a super regular moisturizing routine (though a few may have inherited easy stretch marks from their mom). They avoid excess weight gain with clean eating. They even avoid the dreaded pregnancy acne with a thorough cleansing routine. The one thing that Virgos fall victim to during pregnancy is a noticeably popped belly button. This can be frustrating for the Virgo mom because it is almost the only pregnancy symptom she can’t prepare for, avoid or rectify later.

11 Taurus - Packing Pounds

A Taurus can attack a buffet like a bull in a china shop. Things might get a little messy. Taurus’s are known for huge appetites and a love of all things enjoyable. When the pregnancy hormones kick into over drive a Taurus is likely to overdo it.

To avoid the excess weight gain that is likely to plague a Taurus, mom needs to grab her appetite by the horns. It will take discipline to consider portions and calories. In the second trimester most moms only need about 350 extra calories (about two yogurts). That number jumps to 500 in the third trimester as baby is working to put on weight. Remember when you’re ready to indulge that it can take 6 months or more of sweating in the gym to lose the weight.

10 Leo - Excessive Hair Growth

Leos are known for having a beautiful mane of hair. It’s one of their best and favorite features. But pregnancy hormones can make this asset go haywire.

Leo moms love the first boost of pregnancy hormones that adds even more fullness to their already beautiful hair. But before long they are fighting a never ending hair battle. Hair starts popping up in all the wrong places—belly, chin, nipples and back. Suddenly, most Leos have to wax their eyebrows and upper lip more frequently than ever. Somewhere in the middle of the pregnancy you may wonder if you’ll ever stop being a hair beast. It may take a month or two after the baby is born but eventually your hormones and hair growth will return to normal.

9 Gemini - High Blood Pressure

Gemini’s are ladies in motion. They are always on the go. With speed as a specialty these moms have a hard time slowing down their bodies and minds. The Greek symbol for Gemini is the messenger god Hermes. Gemini’s know how Hermes felt zipping from one planet to the next with messages for the gods and goddesses.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is the ruler of thought. Racing minds for this sign can lead to racing hearts if they’re not careful. Gemini’s are susceptible to high blood pressure during pregnancy. This can be a serious problem for mom and baby. The Gemini mom needs to make sure she is taking time to calm both her mind and heart during this exciting and nerve racking time.

8 Libra - The Hips Will Widen

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Libra’s symbol is the Scales. The balance in Libra’s nature is shown off by a perfectly balanced and round derriere. Pregnancy only highlights this feature by making the Libra mom’s backside wider and rounder. No one embodies this Zodiac pregnancy symptom better than famous Libra momma Kim Kardashian.

There isn’t much a Libra mom can do about this during pregnancy. Heck, wider hips are going to help during delivery! After the baby is born, mom has a few weeks to influence where her hips will stay. The hip ligaments are loose and flexible for a few weeks after birth. This is the time that mom can try to wrap the hips to bring them closer together. Soon the ligaments will become rigid again and mom’s hips will be stuck until the next pregnancy.

7 Cancer - Flabby Stomach

Cancers are often loving and tender mothers. One way they show their love is by feeding their loved ones. That’s why the Cancer mom often has a difficult time with weight gain during pregnancy. Other than avoiding putting dangerous things in your body, the pregnant mom doesn’t really have to do a lot to help the baby developing.

But the nurturing Cancer feels like she should be doing more. In turn, she often eats too much of the good foods baby needs. Mom’s body then stores the extra calories as fat. This extra weight gain can lead to extra loose tummy skin for Cancer moms. The skin has a limit to how much it can be stretched. While it will shrink down some after pregnancy it doesn’t always become taut again.

6 Capricorn - Varicose Veins

Capricorns are known for their strong, sturdy legs. Always acting as a leader, the Capricorn mom will trust herself and her legs to get everyone where they need to be. This level of authority along with the growing demands of the baby in her belly can lead a Capricorn mom to feel the extra stress in her legs.

By moving everyone in her life with her spirit and body, a Capricorn woman often carries an extra burden. This burden, especially during pregnancy, is expressed in the extra stress placed on her body. Varicose veins often pop up as a result of leading so many people. Each night the Capricorn mom needs to set aside time to take care of herself. Prop her feet up for at least 20 minutes and give her legs a break.

5 Scorpio - Dripping In The Pants

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of sex and death and Hades, god of the underworld. They are a mix of sensuality and a deep, dark side. This combination of darkness and pleasure could lead to problems during pregnancy.

Pregnancy lets the hormones rage in the body. For Scorpios this leads to a massive sex drive. You might have thought they were wild before—you’ve never seen anything like this pregnancy sex drive. For most couples the effect will heighten the relationship. For some especially dark Scorpios it will lead to disaster.

Some pregnant Scorpios lose control of their dark desires during pregnancy. Their worst pregnancy symptom is an uncontrolled sexual desire and infidelity. Be on the lookout for tawdry relationships that are too irresistible. They’ll spell disaster for your current relationship.

4 Sagittarius - Back Pain

A Sagittarius mom-to-be loves adventure and exploring. She is curious about life and dreaming of what her new life as a mom might bring. But she’s also concerned. Not liking to be tied down, a Sagittarius worries if she’ll be able to handle the mundane day-to-day of caring for an infant.

This archer is known for her strong, arched back. But during pregnancy extra stress is placed on her already deeply arched lower back. Back pain can be a major problem for the pregnant Sagittarius. Taking time off from searching for the next adventure is a must for the Sagittarius mom. Exercise throughout pregnancy can help as the lower back will become stronger and stronger to handle the demands of the pregnant body.

3 Aquarius - Swollen Feet

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The highly intellectual Aquarius often finds herself sitting at a desk for many hours of the day. Although working with her mind is a great way to give her body the energy it needs to grow a baby, it can also have its own drawbacks.

Too much time sitting can lead to major swelling of the feet for the pregnant Aquarius. Taking time to walk during lunch breaks or after dinner helps an Aquarius with circulation and also to clear her mind. Spending most of her day lost in her own thoughts, it’s great for an Aquarius to connect more with her body through some physical activity. Finding a balance between mind and body is important to the Aquarius mom.

2 Pisces - Eye Problems

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The depth of a Pisces is revealed through her eyes. She is compassionate and artistic yet likes to be alone and can sometimes have bouts of sadness. The Pisces mom enjoys creating the perfect nursery for her baby and spends hours finding the right music to expose the baby to in the womb.

A pregnant Pisces often has problems with her eye sight during pregnancy. She is often surprised that her prescription doesn’t seem to work anymore. For some, the problem is corrected after the baby is born. A Pisces also battles with baby blues. Feeling low during and after pregnancy is common for this intuitive and emotional mama. She needs to take an inventory of her feelings and get help and support when needed.

1 Aries - Mood Swings

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Aries is ruled by Mars which keeps her passions aflame. Symbolized by the Ram, an Aries is often headstrong and likes to take the lead. A pregnant Aries feels the rush of hormones racing through her veins and uses it to her advantage. Whether she needs to get a perfect table in a restaurant or hail a taxi in a crowd, an Aries will take charge and get what she wants.

Unfortunately, this fiery side can also lead to major mood swings for an Aries. Sometimes her natural intensity it blown out of proportion during pregnancy. Her mood swings may be difficult for her partner and friends to handle. She may overwhelm the people around her with her intensity. Taking notice of when feelings are getting out of control and taking a breather will help.

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