12 Ways The Baby's Birth Will Leave Mom's Body In Ruins

Having a child can be a huge sacrifice, especially when it comes to a woman’s body. No matter how much a mother-to-be prepares herself, the risk of stretch marks and scars are possible battle wounds. Thanks to the miracle of cosmetic surgery, creams, and exercise, some women can regain their former looks. Unfortunately for some women, after giving birth, things can go very wrong.

There are no guarantees when becoming a mother. Sometimes during pregnancy, things can take a crazy twist of fate. Weight gain that comes on too quickly can cause health problems for the baby and mother. The stress of weight gain can lead to varicose veins and stubborn cellulite that won’t go away. An unforeseen C-section during delivery can leave a mom with scarring across her bikini line. Sometimes, the after-effects of having a baby means a new mom needs a new wardrobe too.

Thankfully, most after-effects of having a baby are manageable. However, some of the more complicated results of newfound motherhood are unbelievable at best. So, future moms should really live it up, as their body truly will not be the same after delivering a baby. From intimacy, to feeling confident in their clothes and skin, pregnancy is a game changer.

12 Aging At The Speed Of light

rare gene disorder old lady


In a rare incident, one 20-something lady experienced something unimaginable. After she gave birth to her son, thanks to a rare unforeseen genetic condition, she had a metamorphosis. Shortly after her first child was born, when she looked in the mirror, she didn’t recognize the woman standing before her. She was faced with a lady who looked years past her prime.

Hu Junhua suffered a dramatic physical transformation, soon after the joyful delivery of her child. She suffered extremely droopy eyelids and wrinkles. She looked more like a grandmother of 80, than a youthful 28 year old mother. Her appearance made interacting with others more than difficult, and even her husband distanced himself. Hu Junhua suffered a very rare aging disorder, called ‘Cutis laxa,’ which was triggered by her pregnancy.

11 Varicose Veins In The V

Usually varicose veins strike pregnant mothers on the lower extremities, alongside swelling of the feet, ankles, and leg. When pregnancy really decides to wreck havoc on a woman’s body, varicose veins can occur in the va-jay-jay. Yes, the space that baby has to pass through is not immune from developing varicose veins.

Although a woman doesn’t have to bear the unsightliness of varicose veins in her lady bits, it does present some significant problems. First, the more babies a woman delivers vaginally, the greater the risk of internal varicose veins. Also, the varicose veins may make being intimate painful or uncomfortable, and can create other medical problems. Thank you baby, who knew having you could bring about such sneaky battle scars of pregnancy?

10 Exchanging Underwear For Diapers

After giving birth, sometimes it seems that a woman’s body simply betrays her. Especially a new mom’s bladder. Thanks to getting pregnant, a baby will shift mom’s organs around a bit. After baby gets delivered, it takes some time for things to get back to normal. Sometimes normal never returns.

When it comes to having to use the toilet, some mothers suffer severe bladder incontinence. No matter how much they try, some moms will be stuck running for pads and even adult diapers to protect them from embarrassing accidents. To add insult to injury, not only do some women suffer unwanted leaks and spurts, thanks to laughing, flatulence, or coughing, but UTIs too. Thanks to baby, mom may also need a diaper in her life.

9 Losing The Mind And Losing The Hair

When mom was taking those prenatal vitamins, and basking in the glow of pregnancy, everything felt so wonderful. After baby arrived, suddenly things looked so unbearably dark. The problem? Postpartum depression and hair loss.

Once baby arrives, a mom’s hormone levels taper off, and without those prenatal vitamins, hair doesn’t get that extra boost. Many ladies find that their hair thins out, becomes coarser, and may even fall out. If that wasn’t bad enough, motherhood isn’t easy. Many mothers develop postpartum depression, leaving them in a dark place feeling isolated and unable to bond with their newborn.

Sadly, not all women seek help for their experienced changes. Even though there is counseling and medical intervention available, not all moms feel able to get the help they need. In some tragedies, there might be a fatality for the mother and child. If you are suffering, please reach out and get the help you need.

8 The Girls Will Need A Pick-Me-Up

If time and gravity weren’t enough of a hindrance, than baby might usher in the need for a pick me up. A pick me up for the girls, that is. Especially if a woman decides to breastfeed, having a baby not only leads to stretch marks and possible increased hair growth, but saggy breasts. Babies can literally suck the life and perkiness out of the girls.

After despairing long enough, many women resort to plastic surgery, breast augmentation, push-up bras, and even corsets. Naturally, many women will experience less than perkier breasts, but when things go south so soon after giving birth, it can be a real downer. No pun intended. Thankfully, exercise, diet, and clever masking with specific clothing can help in most cases. Remember, your body just delivered a baby and you might be making food for that baby. No one is expecting you to look like a centerfold!

7 The Tattoos Won't Bounce Back

Body art can become a bit murky when a woman decides to get pregnant. Tattoos that are located on the belly bump area, sides of the torso, and even the tops of the legs might get a rude adjustment. Since skin is a malleable organ, even though it is capable of stretching and shrinking back a bit, having a baby can make tattoos look different.

Ideally, a woman who is looking to get pregnant might want to not get that new tattoo around their tummy or bikini line, especially if it is a more complex design. Most body art lovers know the risks of mixing tattoos and babies. Tattoos are not impervious to being affected by skin’s changes. Enjoy that free tattoo transformation with baby.

6 There Will Be Thunder

After having their baby, some moms will look in the mirror and see a woman who looks a bit unfamiliar. This might be thanks to developing larger thighs, with a side of pock marks and cellulite. If accepting this new body is too much, many women flock to the gym in hopes of pulling off a miracle. The drive to regain a pre-baby body is a serious endeavor for many new moms.

Despite valiant efforts, certain physical changes like varicose veins, cellulite, and stubborn fat might not go away. Many women choose to go under the knife, or are stuck with having to purchase some new flattering clothing for their larger curves. Thankfully, there are lots of great clothing options out there to help mama get her groove back!

5 The Pounds Are Too Much To Bear

When a mother is carrying their little bun in the oven, food cravings and hormones can trigger her to eat voraciously. After all, she is eating for two! A woman is encouraged to consume more than enough healthy calories to support the optimal health of her growing unborn child, and help her endure nine months of carrying baby.

Some moms get sucker punched hard by stubborn weight that refuses to leave. Dieting, gym memberships, and pills don’t seem to work for some ladies. The risk of gaining massive weight, and ending up with a permanent larger dress size, hurts for some. When things become too much, some moms opt to don a corset, suffer through restrictive diets, and even seek to undergo procedures like liposuction.

4 The Pain Of Feeding

Breast feeding is one of those things that doctors love to encourage mothers to do. After all, breast milk is healthy for young newborn babes and provides immune support. Plus, during a breastfeeding session, baby and mom can get to know each other better, and really bond. Such is not the case for all moms.

Some mothers have difficulty producing enough breastmilk, in addition to suffering mastitis, milk duct blocks, and painful engorgement. What was supposed to be an easy-breezy process, can soon turn into a nightmare beyond a new mother’s control. There is nothing like feeling that one’s body is not their own, or acting in such an unrecognizable way - it brings on tears. Such is the frustration for some mothers, when it comes to their bodies, and attempting to breastfeed.

3 The Lady Bits Will Be Off Limits

The most extreme situation is when a woman experiences tearing that extends itself from the lady bits all the way to the bum. Despite corrective surgery, some moms experience discomfort, pain, and even possible reopening of their supposedly healed wounds. With battle scars from birth like this, moms are more likely to yell “Yikes!” than “Oh, Yes!” to their loves. With time, mom's body will heal and she'll be able to get back to her normal bedroom activities. If she is worried about the healing process or getting intimate again, she should speak with her healthcare team.

2 Piercings That Are Left

It is advisable that women remove certain piercings when they become pregnant. Body jewelry that gets placed in the navel, adorns the girls, and even certain surface piercings might suffer possible migration when there’s a baby in the belly. When some ladies can't bear the thought of parting with their body jewelry for a little while, scarring, migration, and stretched out holes are a possibility.

Unlike stretched ears, a stretched out navel piercing with a baby bump might not look so attractive. Some moms that were prudent and removed their piercings before baby still end up with warped piercings after giving birth. It just seems when it comes to body art there is no winning. Luckily for some ladies, with enough time, that piercing hole might shrink up a bit, and be almost normal. Of course, there is always the option to re-pierce in the desired area.

1 Changes Only A Plastic Surgeon Can Fix

When it comes to vanity, some moms just can’t bear the changes baby makes to their body. For them, an appointment with a plastic surgeon for some cosmetic alteration is a must, in order to feel beautiful once more. Many moms don’t just fret over their bust line, but feel less than their best about their newfound stretch mark covered mommy pouch, and any other scarring.

Some ladies try to mask believed flaws with higher waistlines, accessories, and flattering silhouettes. When this isn’t enough, a date with the plastic surgeon is capable of creating some miracles. If no amount of exercise and advertised body shapers will make a mom’s breasts and stomach return to pre-baby state, cosmetic alterations may be her only option.

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