12 Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Based On Your Zodiac

Quite a lot of people try to base the time of conception on what star sign they would like their child to be. They believe that they can create a specific family dynamic with star signs that compliment each other. By creating a family of fire signs or earth signs they think that the individual personalities will work well together.

I've never fully believed in Stars Signs if I'm perfectly honest, although I have been told that I am a very typical Leo. I'm sure that's down to my vanity more than anything else but that doesn't necessarily mean I fit into a typeset of characteristics based on when I was born. Or does it. Many have a strong understanding of astrology and can often tell a persons star sign without knowing their birthday so there must be something in the concept and maybe some of us are very typical of our sign, making it very obvious and clear as to when we were born.

As a Leo, I have to admit that yes, I have fallen into a pattern, even when it comes down to the way I handled my pregnancy and the type of mother I have become. I do appear to be a proud and fierce Lion and many of the characteristics linked with my star sign can very well be added to my own personal quirks. It seems I'm not as unique as I thought I was!

There are many different traits which can stand out depending on your star sign and whether or not you believe in astrology, it seems that they are there. If you were as dubious as me, read on and see if you are a typical Taurean or Cancerian. And believe it or not, depending on your personality traits associated with your star sign, your attitude to pregnancy and how you deal with it is reflected in your astrological chart. So just how will your pregnancy pan out depending on your star sign? Read on to find out more.

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12 Aries

An Aries can expect to have quite a lot of babies, or at least more than one. Aries, tend to have larger families which is not a bad thing considering Mars is their ruling planet and will help them tackle those sibling rivalries.

Aries are strong characters and the pressures and strains of pregnancy can push them to the limit. With a want to always be on the move, Aries can find a level of relaxation in the varying stages of pregnancy by working out depending on what is suitable for each trimester. Burning that extra bit of energy with exercise is helpful to keep an Aries happy and content with the situation of being pregnant especially when they are possibly not feeling 100%. But they need to remember not to push themselves too hard since pregnancy comes first and exercise second.

11 Taurus

Have you thought about how many babies you may actually like? Are you prepared for two under two? Many Taurean's have two children who are very close in age. This is no easy feat as any Mum of young toddlers will tell you but with the keen characteristics of patience and motherly nurturing, there is no better star sign for the job.

A Taurus knows their limits but of course pregnancy throws everyone off course and as is the habit of a pressured and stressed Taurean, they like to over indulge which can lead to bad eating habits. And pregnancy gives any Mum-to be an excuse to over indulge. This is not necessarily a good thing as it can leave you sluggish and lacking in the vital nutrients you need for pregnancy.  For Taurus, the best way to keep control of their daily lives during pregnancy is to eat as healthily as possible to regain control of the niggling worries and habits that pregnancy throws at us. The good thing is that a Taurean will enjoy the prospect of eating healthy and often keeping a food diary will center and focus them during their pregnancy journey.

10 Gemini


Ah the twin sign. Naturally, a Gemini will always hope for twins or other multiples in pregnancy. Having sets of children is not easy as the workload doubles or triples but a Gemini is well capable of caring for and educating a large brood.

Throughout pregnancy we are bombarded with information, with unsolicited advice, and we have a a plethora of questions ourselves which quite often need answering right now. The nine months can disappear quite quickly and a Gemini is the one star sign who is desperate for information. For a Gemini to feel happy and content throughout pregnancy,  it is worthwhile for her to keep up to date with the varying stages of pregnancy. Download those pregnancy apps and sign up for the weekly emails which tell you how big your baby is, how they are growing and how your own body is changing. For a Gemini, to have this kind of information on hand, alleviates any pressure or stress which pregnancy throws at you. But be warned about looking up absolutely everything to the point of information overload.

9 Cancer

A home with a Cancerian as a parent will always center around that person and while Cancerians are home birds, their family is often complete with two children who are spaced apart in age allowing them to give each child their due attention.

Since, Cancerians are home birds, there is nothing that will entice a Cancerian to stay at home more than being pregnant. Growing a baby and going through the motions of pregnancy can be incredibly difficult. A Cancerian knows where she should be and will happily cocoon herself in a nest at home. While most Mums-to-be will start the "nesting" phase half way through the third trimester, a Cancerian can begin to nest at the very beginning of pregnancy, creating a safe and warm abode for themselves to comfortably get through pregnancy. But of course, being at home does not mean that she is sedentary. Far from it, a Cancerian can be seen to finish up projects and focus on the task at hand. The solitude she feels in her home brings her incredible joy and allows her to prepare for the arrival of her baby.

8 Leo

A Lion is well able to cope and adapt to family life of two or more children since they are great multi-taskers and can take on a multitude of hands and voices at once with incredible patience.

A Leo does not understand the meaning of the word relax and will spend her pregnancy creating and making as much as she can to prepare herself for the arrival of her baby. Whether that is ensuring the house is in order, the nursery is decorated or odd projects are finalised, she may need encouragement to slow down and rest. But she is happiest when she is able to tick everything off her list and settle down with baby knowing everything she wanted to get done is finished.

7 Virgo

With Virgos intense anxiety levels, one baby is more than enough for this highly strung and stressed star sign. One child is perfect for them to be able to give them their inundated attention and time.

A Virgo can feel stressed and pressured quite easily and as we all know, pregnancy can be a very stressful time in a woman's life. From the incredible changes her body goes through to the constant worries and questions she has about how the baby is and how the baby will be born, it's almost inevitable for a Virgo Mum-to-be to feel the stress and let it sit heavily on her shoulders. The best way for a Virgo to combat any feelings of anxiety in pregnancy is to get down and dirty... that is to say, clean up. There is an odd sense of satisfaction for a Virgo to clean, organise and ensure that everything is in its place. By clearing out clutter and cleaning up mess, a a Virgo is able to refocus her mind and feel more at ease and happy with the real situation at hand.

6 Libra

Librans make perfect Mums, foster Mums and adoptive Mums. There is no end to the amount of love and care they have which can be shared around, which is why Librans often have two, four or even six children in their fold.

A Libra is a sign of partnership and it is during pregnancy that she will inevitably need her partner to hold her hand throughout the nine months. Pregnancy is not an easy ride and with its constant ups and downs, worries and excitements, a Virgo Mum-to-be will need the support and care of her other half. A Virgo can easily and happily get through any hardships she is experiencing by talking it out. Conversation and communication is the best solution for a Virgo to regain control and understand why she feels the way she does. Remember, a worry shared is a worry halved.

5 Scorpio

Quite like Libra, when it comes to the amount of love, attention and time a Scorpio has for their children it is bottomless. A Scorpio could very well raise a village if they were given the chance.

Generally, when a Scorpio is feeling stressed and worried or has let anxiety build up and pressurise them, they often feel comfort and release from these stresses after a little action in the bedroom. Being pregnant is no different, and you may often hear a Scorpio, rather than any other star sign, say how their sex drive has taken over during pregnancy. It's often more common for women in the third trimester to experience a rise in the drive, but for a Scorpio, this can happen at any time since it is an incredible stress reliever.

4 Sagittarius

No more than one baby, if that, is the limit for a Sagittarius Mum who can find it difficult to stay in one spot for too long. However, they will most certainly give any children they do have, the adventure and childhood of a lifetime. Also, they make incredible step moms if they don't have children themselves.

A Sagittarius will be philosophically in awe of the incredible journey she is on when pregnant. From the very beginning at conception, through every week and trimester she will be consumed with the amazing nature of life and how it is created. A Sagittarius will be able to tell you absolutely everything about how their baby is developing, what their body is doing to create a human being. Many women of this star sign will keep a journal and record every detail of their pregnancy for their children.

3 Capricorn

A Capricorn Mum is the multitasking, loving and proud Mum of three. She knows how to expertly run her house to make sure everyone is happy and content and manages to keep her head above water while also having a career and focusing on motherhood. She is the perfect all rounder.

Capricorn's need to have a plan. They need to know exactly what is happening and how things will end up. Pregnancy, however, does not have a routine, is not always kept on track and can not be predicted. But a Capricorn will do their level best to keep things as accurate as they possibly can. Whatever they can do to remain in control, they will do. Having a birth plan is always a good idea, but it's also a good idea to have a Plan B on the off chance that her dream birth does not happen. It is very easy for a Capricorn to feel stressed if things don't go to plan.

2 Aquarius

An Aquarian is suited to one child as she gives her sole and undivided attention to that baby. She will ensure that whatever method of childrearing she is using is suitable to her baby and will do everything in her power to focus on that child.

Aquarians often live in the future. They like to have a level of understand as to where they are going to be and of course, having a baby more or less changes your entire approach to life and your daily routine. An Aquarius Mum-to-be will often envisage what it will be like with a newborn. She will look far ahead into the future and make plans about creches and schools. By focusing on the future and having an understanding of how she would like life to be, enables her to de-stress, relax and gain perspective about what the future will be like. It's a good idea for any mum, regardless of star sign, to take on this characteristic for birth since having a baby literally turns your world upside down.

1 Pisces

A Pisces Mum can very well have up to five children since she has an abundance of unconditional love and support to give each and every single one of them.

A Pisces knows that pregnancy is hard, that birth will be stressful, and that motherhood is not easy. She understands the complications and the trials she will face without ever experiencing them because she is in tune with her motherly instinct. When a Pisces Mum-to-be feels the overwhelming pressure and stress of pregnancy and the impending birth, she will meditate to focus herself, recenter herself and feel at one with her pregnancy again. Meditation clears her mind and allows her to connect with her unborn baby.

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