12 Whisper Confessions From Moms Who Don't Know Who The Father Is

Flings, hookups, and affairs are extremely common these days. We have apps like Tinder, that are just for getting together with someone for a bang session. So it makes sense there are so many women out there who get pregnant and don't know the identity of the dad. Sex has become less special than it once was.

People are willing to hook up with strangers. These hookups don't come without consequences. STD's are a huge concern, and so is pregnancy. Many people would prefer to get pregnant by a man they love and are in a relationship with. But for the ones who prefer casual encounters, they will wind up pregnant and alone in some cases; not knowing who their baby daddy is.

While it is a right of any adult woman to engage in consensual sex, it should not be taken so lightly. If she becomes pregnant she will be the one dealing with the pregnancy and finding the man, or men, she believes could be the dad. Being astute and using protection should always be a priority.

Stuff happens though, people get caught up in the moment and unplanned pregnancies happen, and sometimes the woman just does not know who the dad is.

12 A Dangerous Reveal

This woman confessing to the fact she doesn't know her baby daddy is, proudly states she will pick a name out of a hat and ruin someone's day. That is just plain cold. First of all, she slept with so many men she can pull a name out of the hat? Then, act so callous about it, is just plain wrong in this writer's opinion.

The woman sounds incredibly immature and does seem to realize that having a child is a big deal. Life is no longer only about her. She needs ti find out who her babies dad is. Drawing a name out of a hat is not the right way to go about this. And if one isn't prepared for the consequences of having sex, perhaps they shouldn't be doing it.

11 Abortion Over The Unknown

It is sad that in 2017 a woman would feel the need to choose abortion over the shame of having to tell people she does not know who the dad is. There are many different kinds of families, and it is really nobodies business who the dad is, but the mother. Unfortunately, she did not feel that way and opted for abortion.

And having an abortion is something that will probably stay with her for the rest of life. She may think it was a good idea, but one day she might realize that caring what other thought so much wasn't worth her unborn child's life.

Regardless, she chose abortion and there is no going back from it. Maybe this will teach her to be more careful.

10 Her Worst Nightmare

This confession is sad, she doesn't know if the babies father is the man who raped a few days after having consensual sex. That must be a terrifying thought. The excitement of being pregnant clouded with the fear of the father being a rapist? And will that mean the baby is likely to be a criminal like the father if the rapist is indeed the dad?

The woman is dealing with something heavy. Being raped is a horrible ordeal to go through. Topping it off with an unexpected pregnancy and not knowing who the dad is, makes the situation much worse.

Hopefully, the baby is not a product of rape and the woman can move on and enjoy her baby and her life.

9 Getting Pregnant Without Doing The Dirty

She and her husband have not had sex in six months, yet she is pregnant. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out she has been screwing around outside her marriage. Her husband will soon find out about her adulterous ways and have to decide if he wants to stay with his wife and raise a child that is not his. Which could also be seen as a constant reminder to the infidelity.

She must choose too if she wants to stay with a man she hasn't had sex with for over six months. A man she had qualms about cheating on. It is not a good situation, but maybe they will figure it out and make it better before the baby is born.

8 Double Trouble

Having a threesome may sound exciting to some, but it can lead to pregnancy and not knowing who is the father. Which is exactly what this lady is confessing too. Some recreational sexual fun turned into a something a touch more serious.

She is now pregnant and has to tell the two men they will need to take DNA tests to figure out the paternity. While it may be a couple of awkward conversations, it is probably no more awkward than the beginning of that threesome they had together.

They were all in this together so it shouldn't be too hard to talk about and deal with. If there close friends, then one of them can be the uncle to the little baby.

7 Wishful Thinking

She cheated on her boyfriend, got pregnant and does not know who the daddy is. She hopes it is her boyfriend. Wish all she may, it won't change who the dad is. She should really step up and tell the two potential dads the truth. Our society is huge on feminism and woman's rights. But what about dads? Sometimes they really get screwed.

The men deserve to know what it is going on, and they there is the potential to be a father. It is probably stressful on the mom too, living with that secret. In situations like this, honesty is best. One lie will cause another and another lie. It won't be a pleasant conversation, but if she has and decency, she would be honest with her lovers.

6 The Independent Woman

An unexpected pregnancy along with not knowing who the father is can certainly bring about a variety of mixed emotions. It can be scary for various reasons; being unprepared financially and emotionally or worrying about what people will think.

This lady confesses she may not know who the daddy is, but she will handle it. All on her own. Because she is a strong and independent woman. In this day and age, it is commonplace for a woman to provide for herself, and not have to rely on a man for anything. Including to be there to raise a child.

Her unborn child is lucky to have a strong mom like that. No doubt he or she will be raised to take of his or herself.

5 Blacked Out Memory

Due to a being drunk out and getting black out drunk, this lady has no idea who the father of her child is. I don't know what is worse, not knowing because you have slept with so many different people or just not remembering sleeping with anyone.

Either way, it is probably not a very good feeling. And then the question arises, is this considered rape? She was so drunk that she blacked out, so how could she possibly be able to give consent in the first place?

It is simply a poor situation. The silver lining is she gets a baby out of it. And while sometimes it can be scary when it is unexpected; babies are a blessing.

4 When They Both Cheat

From the sound of this confession, this woman and her husband have some marital problems. First, he cheats, then she cheats, she finds out she is pregnant and has an STD. She is not sure where the STD came from—her affair or his. She also does not know who the daddy is. Perhaps they should just call it quits?

Even if the baby is her husbands, it doesn't sound like the best environment for a child. Parents shouldn't stay together for the kids. That usually leads an unhappy home. If they somehow work it out and overcome these obstacles they have faced, good for them.

Hopefully, they can figure it all out before the baby arrives. These are just a few more reasons why people shouldn't cheat!

3 1 Out Of Many

The lady says in this confession there are about 60 different possibilities on who the dad could be. That is a lot of people she slept in such a short amount of time. She was certainly busy and will continue to stay busy trying to figure out which one is her baby daddy.

Women have the freedom to sleep with as many or as few men as they choose, but unlike men, they are left with the consequences, like pregnancy. Now she has to tend to the messiness she created by sleeping around with so many different men.

What's done is done and she will hopefully, for her babies sake, find out who the father is. Every child deserves to know who their parents are.

2 A Bad State Of Mind

Due to being in a bad state of mind, this woman was 3 different men. She ended up becoming pregnant and now does not know which of the three men is the father.

Are this a Three men and a baby sequel? No, no this is not going to be some funny movie about three guys raising a baby together, this is the woman's real life and she will have to tell these men they could potentially be a dad.

No doubt she was going through some hard times. It seems they aren't over just yet. She will have to deal with finding out the paternity and the awkward conversations. The good thing is, one day this will all be behind her, and she will have a precious baby.

1 When The Glass Is Half Full

This woman may not know who the daddy is of her unborn child, but she is just fine with that. She has a man in her life that she says is an angel sent from Heaven. He is going to raise the child as his own, which is extremely commendable.

It certainly sounds like the child will be born into a loving home with a mom and a dad.

The child still deserves to know the paternity for a variety of reason. There could be medical reasons down the road he would need to know. The man that raises him will be his dad, and nothing will change that. The mom should still try to find out the biological father, in my opinion.

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