12 Women Who Got Pregnant On Birth Control

Birth control is one of the greatest inventions ever made. Although, this is just an opinion, it does have some merit. For me personally, birth control has helped with some of my medical issues. Birth control can also be used to prevent births as well as regulate periods. Birth control is the stopper of pregnancies and the go to for problem-solving.

Not everyone uses birth control, and for those of us that do, we know it comes with risks. Not all birth controls are sperm-proof. The only sure way to avoid a pregnancy is to not do "it". But let's be honest asking human beings to not have "do it" with their husbands or partners is next to impossible. That's why we turn to birth control to help prevent pregnancies. There are many types of birth controls to choose from like the pill, IUDs, and condoms.

Like I mentioned early, not all birth controls are 100 percent effective and sometimes babies have a way of slipping through the cracks of birth control prevention. These are the stories of how some women became pregnant while using birth control. Some of these stories are based on stories of my own friends, and for their protection, their names have been changed.

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12 Alice Bloom

Alice Bloom was the sort of girl to always be on top of her game. She was always popular, was always involved in all sports, and had the attention of all the guys. It was until she got into a serious relationship, that trouble began for her.

She turned to her doctor's for different birth control methods and finally settled on the pill. Bloom was faithful in taking her pill daily. Perhaps it was her body chemistry not clicking with the pill, or perhaps this brand of the pill just never suited her needs. Whatever the case was, Bloom found herself pregnant her senior year of high school.

This did not stop Bloom, she came to terms with her pregnancy and became a mommy legend. Today she and that serious boyfriend are married and have four kids. Who says love can't transcend beyond high school? I have come to admire Bloom and the courage she has shown people, into choosing to have her child so young. I admire her for stepping up to the plate of motherhood and taking responsibility for it.

11 Stacy Wong

Back in high school, Stacy Wong decided to become sexually active with her then-boyfriend of three years. However, during this time she realized she did not want to follow in her mother's shoes and decided to not have children out of wedlock. Wong met up with her doctor to discuss various methods that might work best for her since she and her boyfriend were having sex. The doctor recommended an intrauterine device or IUD for her to try.

After attempting the device for some time, it appeared to be working and then she noticed that she was having pregnancy symptoms. She was in her first trimester of pregnancy and was experiencing the worst morning sickness imaginable. Scared she might be pregnant, Wong went to a pharmacy and picked up a pregnancy test. The result was positive. Wong was fearful for herself and her health. She went to her doctor who said there was no way she was pregnant. While at the doctor's office, she again had a pregnancy test done and confirmed it with her physician that she was indeed pregnant. Wong asked the doctor to remove the ineffective IUD, and they did. She later decided to give her child up for adoption.

10 Missy Smith

Missy Smith was an out of control woman. A wild child of sorts. She went to all the parties and her reputation grew and grew. There was lots of hurt in young Missy's life, and Missy never quite got over it. She got lost in sleeping with everyone and anyone. It was this lifestyle that destroyed her.

She was taking birth control as normally as people do, but for Missy, it was not enough. One night at some party she attended, she got pregnant. She did everything to end that pregnancy. She tried to drink it out of her system, which obviously would not work. She then decided to go to a Planned Parenthood, and that baby's life ended before it began with an abortion. To this day, Missy regrets this decision and mourns for her unborn child. Although she is currently the proud mother of two, she will always miss out on child number one.

9 Jenna Carpenter

Jenna Carpenter was as responsible as any young woman would be when it came to birth control. She was faithful with the pill and took it daily. When the pill began to mess with her emotions, she changed to a new brand. On top of taking the pill every day, she would use condoms during intercourse.

Despite all odds, she still got pregnant. Perhaps the condom broke on her and her partner; which she claims it may have. Or perhaps it was another birth control dud pill. Whatever the case maybe, she did end up with that positive pregnancy test. She became excited for her new coming child. However, the world became cruel and she had a miscarriage. Every pregnancy since this one has been a miscarriage, she has only managed to birth one child into this world. She is so grateful for the chance to have a single child of her own to hold.

8 Lacey Martin

In an autobiographical account on XOJane.com, Lacey Martin explains how her IUD almost ended her life. Back in April of 2010, Martin had the IUD placed inside her womb. She and her husband did not want to have more children at the time. In her story, she recalls,"My periods became horrendously painful two-week affairs that left me anemic." Anemia is when one's blood does not have enough red blood cells. As it turns out Martin's IUD was causing her to have blood clots and spotting.

During Christmas break that year, 2010, Martin began to have horrendous pain. Martin went to her doctor's during October, they reassured her that she should keep giving her IUD a chance. After Christmas and around New Year's, Martin returned to work and while at work large blood clots were coming out of her body. In her story, she says, "After seeing clots the size of my fist fall out of me and trying as best I could to clean myself up to no avail, I had to trek back to the office to notify my supervisor that I had to leave." When she got to the hospital it was discovered that the IUD was misplaced and that she was also having an unstoppable miscarriage. The news would have shocked anyone, but for Martin, she was saddened by this news. If I were her I would never trust IUDs ever again.

7 Elizabeth Thomson

Elizabeth Thompson was using the birth control method called the Depo-Provera injection. It is literally a shot that one uses every three months. Elizabeth was faithful to taking her shots at the doctor's office. She and her then-fiance were even using condoms. However, their story ended with a baby boy the father had no interest in.

When the birth control failed them, she stopped using the shot in fear of harm coming to her son. When the baby boy arrived, his father's true colors were shown. Eventually, there was a huge custody battle over the child, and the mother won. The father eventually went to jail, and now has no access to his son. I have tried Depo-Provera myself once, it was not a fun experience. The shot gave me some interesting symptoms of dizziness afterward. I was not convinced that taking this injection was the best thing for me, I always kept this story in the back of my mind, to be honest.

6  Anonymous 

In a story by ycteenmag.com, a young man reveals a sad story. While this young man was fourteen-years-old, he and his girlfriend at the time (who was also fourteen) were "in love." They were two star-crossed lovers and were the best of friends. They always used condoms, but one day they were not as diligent as they usually were with their condoms. It was on this occasion that the fourteen-year-old freshman in high school found herself pregnant.

The pregnancy destroyed them. The girl promised the young man that she would not tell anyone if he forked out enough money to pay for a quiet abortion. In his account, he recalls how he stole money, sold things to get money and did other things he was not proud of. He finally got enough money for this girl to have the abortion that she wanted. However, when the time came she confessed to him that she had to tell her mother. The mother of this young lady told this boy to leave her daughter and family alone, otherwise, they would get his family involved. It killed him to have to leave his new baby and ex-girlfriend alone. He then decided to finally confess what had happened to his father. The young man finally got the right to see his son, only twice a month.

5 Jane Doe

In an autobiographical account on bust.com, a young woman calling herself Jane Doe tells the truth about condoms and plan b. Jane Doe had a one night stand with a stud named Nick. She and he had tons of Tequilas together and had sex with a condom. While they were having sex together, their condom broke.

Eventually, Jane Doe became pregnant and was terrified. Nick tried to tell her that she would not get pregnant, and Jane Doe forced him to purchase the morning after pill. She forced the pill down her throat. A few weeks later her period never came. In her account she recalls, "I am grateful to say that I am no longer pregnant. I was only pregnant for a total of five weeks. The longest five weeks of my life. " Jane Doe had a few complications with her abortion and eventually had to go back to the hospital for help. While at the hospital, Nick was texting her asking her for nude pictures.

4 Monica Anderson

Monica Anderson was said to have used every birth control method there was out there. Her favorite method was the "pull out method." This is when the man pulls his thing out early, so he won't come into the woman. Monica swore by this method for years. She told everyone she knew that she never got pregnant while using this method.

Her pride got the best of her though when she got pregnant with her daughter. She never bragged about this method working for her after this incident. She had a hard time warming up to her daughter. Too scared of having an abortion, Monica waited for her daughter's birth. It took her a few months to get attached to her daughter, but eventually, she fell in love with her.

3 Brittney Howard

In an article by Daily Mail, it states, "The fiasco involving the implant, called Implanon, is one of the worst mass contraceptive failures..." There is an implant called Implanon and it has caused more women to get pregnant instead of its intended opposite. It is an implant, which was supposedly good for three years. However, findings have revealed that this implant contraceptive is useless.

Brittney Howard was one of the thousands of women to get pregnant on this failed contraception. Howard went to the doctor believing that this three-year implant was a miracle. She eventually got ill from this method and had it removed. During this time her hair started to fall out and her arm produced a terrible inflammation.

She also got pregnant with her second child while using the implant. Brittney was constantly getting pain in her arm at the site of the Implanon injection. She often complained that her arm was on fire. Everyone around her told her to get that implant removed and eventually Brittney listened and got it taken out of her body.

2 Kristina Rock

Kristina Rock was so excited it was her senior year of college, and she was about to get married. Before they got married, she and her fiance decided that they did not want any children, until their fifth year of marriage. After their wedding, they went on a long honeymoon to Spain. While in Spain, Kristina became pregnant.

That's right, Kristina Rock had a honeymoon love child. As much as this story sounds like it is from the movies, it is far from it. Kristina was taking birth control for her bad irregular periods. She was also on the pill for medical reasons, and thus she believed she was not going to get pregnant. Nine months into their young marriage, they had a sweet little baby girl. If the pill was not working for her as birth control, maybe it was not even effective as a means for a medical cure. Today they are happily in their sixth year of marriage, with a second child.

1 Carolyn Mcnernie

It was six months after Carolyn and her husband got married. They had decided to become short-term missionaries together. Carolyn knew what going on the mission field would entail, it meant going into possible jungles of some foreign country with a possible lack of proper medication.

Carolyn knew her short missions trip was going to be three months long, so she decided to purchase an entire supply of birth control pills for the journey. She and her husband went to the small island of Palau and worked in some of the elementary schools there. With two to three weeks left to go into the trip, Carolyn began to feel horrible. She had a guy friend take a boat to the main island, just to purchase a pregnancy test.

When her pregnancy was confirmed, she decided to immediately end her time with her birth control pill.  She was both excited and terrified. Everyone on that team supported the new pregnancy. She had the worst morning sickness ever and could not keep anything down. Carolyn was very relieved when she got back to the United States. While in Palau, she had access to a U.S military doctor. Carolyn made an appointment to see him the next morning after the pregnancy was confirmed. However, during the night the military doctor and his buddies parted ways and left the island without telling poor Carolyn. She had to wait until she got to the States to see any doctors.

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