13 Baby Products That Need To Be Recalled

Mom's ready to buy some baby products! But, how does she know which items are truly safe for her little one? Unfortunately, just because she sees a baby item in the stores, does not mean that it is safe for her sweet bundle of joy. New items come on the market, old items stay. However, just because a baby product is new or has been around forever, does not mean that your baby will be safe using it.

There are many baby products out there on the market that are deemed very dangerous. Even life-threatening. Babies are delicate little creatures. We need to protect them. It is vital that you do your research before you buy any product out there for your baby, from toys to bedding and more.

We have compiled a list of baby products that need to be recalled right now. These items have been proven to be very unsafe for babies. These items have contributed to babies being very seriously injured, and worse. It is unimaginable to believe, and all it would take is just finally recalling these very dangerous baby products! Read on and educate yourself before you buy any baby item out there.

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13 Baby Walkers

Many of us spent a great deal of time with baby walkers when we were babies! As the years have gone on, more and more children are injured by these baby walkers, that the time has come to remove them from the market completely. In fact, it may actually be hard to find baby walkers, but they are still out there.

The problem with baby walkers is that, while fun for baby, they often fail to meet many safety standards. Babies cannot stop themselves, typically. Imagine a baby getting close to an open staircase. Yes, it happens, more often than we would like to imagine. Also, as the years have passed, doctors have noticed that baby walkers can actually hinder a child’s physical development. It is time to recall baby walkers.

12 Door Frame Jumpers

How much fun do these baby jumpers look?! As much as we would like to climb into one and go crazy, they can actually be quite unsafe for our little ones, and should probably be recalled asap. It is kind of not surprising that door frame jumpers can be very dangerous to babies when you think about. Makes one wonder how they got on the market in the first place.

Many babies have been very seriously injured by door frame jumpers. Sometimes, it is due to parent negligence, for not properly securing baby or noticing when the jumper starts to wear away. However, a large portion of the time, it is simply because the baby is having way too much fun jumping around! Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, some of the injuries seen from door frame jumpers include fractures, lacerations, amputations, head injuries, and more.

11 Bathtub Seats

First of all, your baby does not need a seat in the bathtub. The fact that this product was ever invented is just wrong! Babies need to be supervised the entire time they are in the bath, and their mommy or daddy or caregiver should be right there playing with them and bathing them.

Bathtub seats claim to make it easier for parents. However, they also give parents a false sense of security. The phone rings or the water on the stove starts to boil, and parents think it is okay to just leave their little one in their bathtub seat for just a second. Well, it only takes a second for a baby to drown. Bathtub seats, used while heavily supervised may be okay, but there are many parents out there who trust these seats way too much, and it has resulted in infant deaths. Recall these now!

10 Crib Tents

Not all parents know what a crib tent is, and that is probably a good thing, as crib tents are highly dangerous! So what are crib tents, anyway? Crib tents are basically what the name says, they are a tent that goes over the crib. Many of us may shake our head at this product, as it clearly seems to be unsafe for our little ones! And, that it is.

However, some people are continuing to purchase and use crib tents. Perhaps they have a little climber who they want to keep in their crib, they are trying to keep out the family dog or cat, or they just like the way it looks. No matter the reason for use, crib tents are dangerous, as they can easily collapse and suffocate or injure the baby. This very dangerous crib product needs to be recalled asap.

9 Bumbo Seat

If you have seen a baby in a Bumbo seat, we can all agree that they look so cute and squishy in those seats! Unfortunately, bumbo seats are not very safe for your little one at all, and in fact, should actually be recalled.

The Bumbo seat was actually already recalled once! Babies would fall out, get injured, bumbo seats got recalled, but then they came back on the market with a seat belt attached and suddenly gained lots of popularity. They need to be recalled again because they are still unsafe. Even though baby is strapped in and squished in, they can still topple over and get hurt. It happens quite a bit, too. Babies who were supervised and following all directions (i.e. not on a high surface) have had skull fractures due to this dangerous product.

8 Co-Sleepers

There are many mothers out there who wish to co-sleep with their infants. It can be a comforting and bonding experience, but also a very unsafe practice. Some parents do it out of necessity, while others find it much easier to co-sleep when breastfeeding.

There are co-sleepers out there that claim to be safe for your baby to sleep in while next to you in bed. They are often flimsy, padding mini beds, which give parents a false sense of security. The problem is, babies can easily roll into the side or corner and not be able to right themselves, which can result in suffocation. All while their mommy and daddy are sleeping right next to them. It is a terrifying thought. Co-sleepers are dangerous and need to be recalled today!

7 Flammable Pajamas

Okay, we know that no parent out there is going to willingly buy flammable pajamas! That seems a little crazy, hey there, look at this lovely pajama that will quickly go up in flames! Unfortunately, the reality is that not all pajamas sold in stores or online meet the standards to be non-flammable.

Babies, toddlers, and even older kids should wear pajamas that are not flammable. Sometimes, pajamas are made of material that makes them likely to catch on fire if, god forbid, there is a fire. Therefore, we think that any and all pajamas for children that do not meet the non-flammable requirements should automatically be recalled and banned. Especially those pajama sets that claim to be anti-flammable but actually are not. And, parents should always be aware of what they are actually buying. Read labels!

6 Baby Slings

Wearing your baby is all the craze these days, and it can be very easy and convenient! If you do it correctly, that is. Unfortunately, while many baby carriers you wear are totally easy to use and safe, baby slings, however, are not. They can be extremely dangerous to your little one, and you may not even realize it.

Moms and dads who use baby slings love it, but some are doing it incorrectly, resulting in baby falling and receiving a skull fracture, or even suffocating to death (yes, this has happened). Due to this fact, baby slings should likely be recalled immediately. They are just way too unsafe. There is no need to recall all baby carriers, just the slings. Imagine seeing a baby unsuspectingly fall from a sling that her mother was wearing? It is highly dangerous and there are many other safe options to use instead.

5 Toys That Attach To The Car Seat

Can you guess why car seat toys should be recalled? They may seem totally innocent, and a great way to distract your little one as you hit the road, but, unfortunately, these toys can become very dangerous. 

The problem with these cute toys that attach to the car seat, is that, in the event of an accident, they can easily be dislodged and pose a safety risk for your little one. They can become projectiles that can give your baby a serious injury, that otherwise would have never occurred. Sure, they may seem securely attached to the seat, but they do not always stay that way. Experts do test car seats in collisions, and most, if not all, toys come off and can injur your baby. They should really be recalled, all of them.

4 Flat Changing Tables

Changing tables are a necessity for many parents while their little ones are in diapers. Changing tables place the baby at our level so we do not have to crouch down or hurt our back trying to change those endless dirty diapers. There is nothing wrong with a properly put together and correctly utilized changing table. But there is a design of changing table that should be recalled.

The changing tables that need to be recalled are the ones with no sides or bars! It does not take a genius to realize that it only takes split second for a baby to roll off the side. Why on earth would anyone ever purchase a flat changing table is beyond us, but they do. Even with a strap, this is not a good product, because let’s be real, how many parents actually strap their baby on the table while they change them?!

3 Baby Pillows

There are tons of cute little pillows that are designed specifically for our little ones. The thing is, babies do not need- and should never, ever use- pillows, so why would baby pillows even be in existence?! These pillows for babies need to be recalled, like yesterday. It doesn’t matter if they have adorable monsters, pretty unicorns, favorite characters, or more, they should not even be made.

Parents may be falsely led to believe that these baby pillows are somehow safe for babies. They are not. Babies can easily suffocate on a pillow. Babies need absolutely nothing in their cribs. The fact that pillows are marketed to babies is not only wrong, but it should be illegal. These items need to be recalled right away, they are way too dangerous for our precious bundles of joy.

2 Sleep Positioners

Many parents think that babies need to be in a certain position to sleep. While, yes, that is true, babies do not need a special product to position them to sleep. In fact, these sleep positioners can be quite dangerous.

Sleep positioners can be a suffocation risk. These products that claim to help baby sleep and stay in the right position should really be recalled. They are, yet again, another baby product that gives parents a false sense of security. Really, all your baby needs is to sleep on a flat surface on their back. Sleep positioners have sides that baby can roll into and suffocate. Just think about that. Your baby can roll over and not have the ability to right himself. These sleep positioners are not only not needed, but very unsafe!

1 Crib Bumpers

Some areas have already recalled crib bumpers, and rightfully so! Everywhere, in the world, really, needs to get on track and finally recall (and even ban) crib bumpers due to the extremely dangerous conditions they provide for our sweet little babies.

We would like to think it is common knowledge that crib bumpers are dangerous. Unfortunately, many parents are still buying them and using them. They do not want their little ones to hit against the crib if they move or get their legs or arms stuck in the rails, or they just simply like the way they look. The problem is, babies can suffocate. And many babies have. There is absolutely zero reason for any crib bumpers to be in baby’s crib. Let’s get these recalled today!

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