13 Best And 3 Worst Reactions Men Had To Their Wife's Pregnancy

Some are epic, others leave you wanting more, and others still are plastered all over YouTube for the world's viewing pleasure. What this is referring to is the many ways that men react to their partners telling them them they're pregnant.

The thing about men reacting to pregnancy announcements is that situations vary so much. And, each man's reaction is as unique as the man himself. Some are exuberant while others are quietly contained. Usually, we women can see past the gruff outer expression to the heart within a man. It's a moment when the world is turned upside down, and reactions are unpredictable.

Though when it all comes down to it, most of us want an earth-shattering reaction from our man. Sometimes that means a half-smile from our tough guy and other times that means him dancing in the streets for five hours straight.

So, this post is pretty much a compilation of 13 of the best ways actual fathers-to-be reactions to the "I'm pregnant" news. And, of course, 3 completely rotten ones. Retrieved from either friends or the referenced sources, I hope you enjoy!

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15 Have To Take More

When you've waited and waited and waited (for 3 years) AND taken loads of medication in addition to undergoing a few IUIs, the reaction is bound to be priceless. At least, that was the experience for one couple. Not only was the reaction priceless, but the husband tried to tone it down because they'd been disappointed so many times before.

"I took a test Christmas Eve only 10 days after our IUI. I was in the bathroom and yelled his name, he came in I said 'I think I'm pregnant!' He grabbed the test, got teary eyed and and hugged me...then he said 'you need to take more, we shouldn't get to excited...omg. Is it real?!' Lol"

14 Can't Stop The Water Works


Many of you have probably seen the above YouTube video clip of the deaf man learning he was going to be a father. It's heartwarming and it might even bring you to tears. Okay, it's totally going to bring you to tears. THIS is the kind of reaction we women want to see from our guys.

Now, not every man is a cryer, per se. Actually, not many of our male counterparts do partake in the vulnerable art of allowing tears to fall from their eyes. But, sometimes events and situations change all that. For this fellow, becoming a father was enough to let the water works begin. Even through a huge smile, he had a hard time turning off the river of joy.

13 The Positive Failure


If you're on a YouTube roll, check out this epic reaction from the Brummel crew. As the story goes, the husband had actually undergone a vasectomy earlier. As they can be, the vasectomy was a complete and utter failure. But, they didn't know that until the wife started to show signs of being pregnant.

The YouTube couple already have three children together, so he is no stranger to her pregnancy symptoms. He secretly managed to get her urine (don't ask how) to test it then surprised her with the positive pregnancy test. Clearly, she is shocked and he is pretty happy himself. Though it doesn't usually happen this way, I'd give this fellow 10 out of 10 in terms of pregnancy announcement responses.

12 The Epic High Five


For this next story, no other gif is more perfect than that of Marshall and Lily from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. They are the king and queen of the epic high five. Though they might have been dethroned by this couple during this next pregnancy announcement.

"He's always been super excited, but this is our third pregnancy. So his enthusiasm is there, just more tamed. I took a test on a whim before getting in the shower. DH (dear husband) was laying down in our room. When I got out of the shower, I immediately saw the second line, started screaming, ran to the door but slammed it shut because I slipped. He jumped out of bed asking me what was wrong and if I was okay, then I yelled 'I'm pregnant!' Then we high fived and told each other that we loved one another. Haha! We realized later that we didn't even hug or kiss and decided that was probably the more appropriate response. Lol! That's us though!"

11 The Girls Looked Bigger


Maybe John Mayer was right when he sang "Your body is a wonderland." Or it could be that Sam Hunt was more spot on with his lyrics, "I know every curve like the back of my hand." In short, our longtime intimate partners usually know us very, very well. It was no different with this couple when she told her husband that she was pregnant.

Granted, this was their third pregnancy, so he wasn't fresh out of the starting gate. Still, the reaction makes you want to laugh at their familiarity. Here's her rendition of it all, "I told my husband I was 'late' and he said 'yeah I noticed your boobs looked bigger' haha! I took a test and showed him the positive he smiled and said 'this gets less stressful every time!' (This is our third)"

10 Perfect Way To End A Bad Day


Good news at the end of a crummy day is always welcome. Especially if you've been waiting on that particular bit of good news for quite some time. This is the story of one couple who had been trying for a while and finally found out on a day the husband really needed a pick-me-up.

"My last 2 pregnancies he was in the bathroom when I took the test so he knew right away. This time I took the test the Monday before Christmas. He was at work at the time and had a bad day. So when he got home I gave him a little gift of the test in a gift bag telling him I had a little gift and hopefully it would help his bad day. He started tearing up and wouldn't let go of me. We have been trying for a while and did a lot of medications this month so it was awesome to get that positive."

9 Not Enough Kisses


It's not at all uncommon for men not to really connect to the baby or even to the idea of having a baby until it gets real. What I mean by "real" is that you start showing or he gets to feel the baby kick. Sometimes it takes their child actually being born for a sense of reality to really kick in.

Other times, it takes nothing more than their wife to tell them she's expecting for a husband to make sense of it all or for it to be real to them. He might have his hands all over your belly or want to kiss your baby bump all the time. That's exactly how one husband reacted. He was so happy that he just couldn't resist smooching his wife's belly. The bigger the bump got the more I'm sure he kissed it.

8 The Knee-Dropper


This next story has to be set up just a little bit. The reason is that she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a hormonal disorder that impacts women of child-bearing age. Women who suffer from this disorder have menstrual cycles that are both irregular and are longer than normal. Not only do their ovaries fail to release an egg regularly, but it can be very difficult to get pregnant. Needless to say, when a husband finds out that his PCOS wife is pregnant, dropping to his knees is a pretty reasonable reaction. Here's the story.

"My husband and I dropped to our knees and cried tears of joy! We have been trying for 2 years and I just found out last year I have PCOS. He couldn't be happier."

7 Cracked His Face


There are milestones in a person's life that usually cause a face-cracking kind of smile. For instance, your wedding day is a big one. Even for men, this can bring on an array of positive emotions usually displayed in the form of a cheesy grin. And, of course, weddings are the only thing to make people smile. Hearing the news that they're going to be a parent also does the trick.

For one husband in particular, this is exactly what he needed to grin from ear to ear for days. His wife remembers the smile he cracked when she told him that she was pregnant. She went on to say that he couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day. And, was a grinning fool for days afterwards. She claims that he was happier about the pregnancy announcement than he was on their wedding day. But, was also totally fine with that.

6 You Peed On That


As you know, women rarely discover they are pregnant without peeing on a pregnancy test. No, it's not at all the most glamorous thing. For starters, it can be tricky to get the stick in line with your urine stream. Then, you're trying not to pee on it too much only to realize that you haven't done a Kegel exercise...ugh, ever and can't stop peeing even if you tried your best. So, you effectively drown your pregnancy test. On top of all that, you have to wait up to five minutes for results.

The struggle is real. And, men should appreciate the difficulty of it all. But, don't expect to get a gold medal for peeing. In fact, you might even expect him to be totally grossed out should you choose to show him the actual test. If he is grossed out, try chasing him around the house with it. That's what one mom-to-be did to her husband when he told her that although he was super happy, the pee test completely and utterly grossed him out. Still waiting to hear how the actual birth went...

5 The Rainbow Husband


For this couple, the news of her being pregnant was absolutely too much to handle. And, for good reason, too. But, rewind a bit. When they first decided to start their family, she went off of birth control and became pregnant right away. At 11 weeks, she miscarried and wound up in the hospital. Her husband, being the dear that he is, stayed by her side the whole time. He even told her that he'd love to try again whenever she was ready, which touched her heart.

Fast forward four months after the miscarriage when she discovered she was pregnant again. It just so happened to be Father's Day when she told him. She said that never had she seen him so happy until a few weeks later when they learned they were having a boy. They have only girls in the family on both sides, so this pregnancy turned out to be a huge deal!

4 No News To Him


Have you ever heard those stories about the dog or the cat or some other pet treating you differently only to discover that they might have suspected you were pregnant? Well, this happens with people, too. To be more specific, it happens with husbands. This is most definitely the case with our next couple.

She had frequently experienced missed or late menstrual cycles because of her anemia, so she wasn't alarmed when she missed one. Finally, after 12 weeks of not having a period and being uber nervous about becoming a parent, she took a pregnancy test and it was positive. What she didn't know was that her husband had it figured out already and was just waiting for his nervous wife to find out for herself. As he walked in the door from work one day, she blurted out, "I have to tell you something!" His excited response was, "You're pregnant! I know! I've been waiting for you to tell me and you took sooooo long!"

3 Hands-Down Reaction


Sometimes the first pregnancy is the most nerve-wracking. A lot of times, couples aren't ready for it or are just shocked by the news. Many times, this type of reaction doesn't bode well for the emotional support an expecting mom needs.

One husband really dropped the ball when his wife told him that she was pregnant. It was one of those situations where the pregnancy wasn't planned or expected, so both of them were really shocked by it. She recalls him being distant during the entire pregnancy. She blames it on him being scared, but he didn't act excited, loving, or even touch her belly at all. He sort of redeemed himself with their second pregnancy years later, but that first one was really rough.

2 He Called Bologna


Just to start this one out honestly, the husband didn't say "bologna," but what he did say is a huge red flag for our site, so we're dropping the language down a notch. In this husband's defense, he wasn't shouting expletives just to shout expletives. He was genuinely worried about his wife's safety. Here's why.

This was their third pregnancy. The second one nearly killed her and their son, so the doctor said to stop at two kids or they might not grow up with a mother at all. So when she discovered she was pregnant and told her husband, he got a little lippy. Not only did he want her to take more tests, but he didn't talk with her for about an hour after she told him. In her words, "He warmed up a bit, but he's still worried. He's not happy about it, I can tell that much."

1 Shattered Mortgage Dreams


It must be said that men and women think of different things when it comes to pregnancy, kids, or pretty much everything else in the entire universe. So, it's only natural that when a wife tells her husband she's pregnant, they are going to react differently about the news.

Which brings us to our last worst response. You can cue the sad guitar sound on this one, because he sort of crushes any sense of excitement and he does it with just a few words. And so it goes that wife discovered she was pregnant. Apparently, this pregnancy wasn't planned or he wouldn't have reacted the way he did. When she told him she was expecting, his response was, "Guess we won't be buying a house anytime soon." Like I said, cue sad guitar sound...

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