13 Celeb Moms Who Were Dishonest On Social Media

This is the digital version of, "You got yours, but mine is bigger!" Only here, in social media-land, it's celebrity moms who are bragging and, dare I say it? Outright lying! From a mom who was bragging about the hot body, she used to have to another celebrity exaggerating the loss of inches and bloating around her tummy area. Of course, mommy #2 was bragging about a particular tea she was promoting.

Celebrity moms certainly seem to feel the pressure to be better than the other moms in celebrity land. Be it Hollywood, New York, Chicago, Atlanta or New York City, these moms see their "competitors" online. Slimmer torsos, flatter bellies, the most enviable vacation spots or even boasting about a grilled corn recipe, these moms can't be happy with their efforts unless they have bested every other celebrity mom on earth.

Wasn't social media supposed to be a way for people to connect with each other? For far-flung families to be able to keep up with the baby's newest skill or the newest tooth to peek out? Today, it's become a competition that, when we think about it, is ridiculous. We age. Our bodies change. Yes, that can be depressing. Instead, we should just be happy to be doing and giving "enough" to our families.

13 Khloe Kardashian's Thanksgiving Fail

Can she bake? Who knows? Khloe decided to post an image of a Thanksgiving spread that would make Martha Stewart jealous. Then, she had the nerve to boast that she baked all the pies. the Bundt cake, and the tins of muffins.

Here's what she said, paraphrased for length: I'm sooooooo proud of myself! I filmed me baking for today. Posting soon!! I love testing and seeing what I can do. Hoping everything tastes as good as it looks!"

Khloe, Khloe, Khloe. You were ratted out. TMZ actually found out that you ordered all of these goodies from the Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in L.A. Now, why boast that you slaved in a hot kitchen and made them yourself? The only thing you did was arrange those beauties on a counter and set up a photo shoot. Granted, at the top of the image, there's the edge of the stove and burner knobs. You strategically placed a measuring cup. Now, rather than humble-bragging, learn how to bake if you want to claim honest credit. After all, lying is lying.

12 Kim Zolciak Is Called Out For Trimming Her Waistline

Clearly, we here in the U.S. have an unhealthy preoccupation with our body images and our connections to those images. Sure, I'd love to have a waist about two inches smaller. Second, I'm grateful I don't know how to use Photoshop.

The next mom-celebrity to (admittedly, allegedly) have her photos altered is Kim Zolciak. She has six children (own those stretch marks!). Two of those kids are twins, born in 2013.

An image of Kim appeared online. In this image, she's wearing a hot, red bathing with a deep, plunging neckline. Man, she's good-looking!

She works out and maintains that to-die-for figure. She is pretty busy taking care of her six kids. That alone gives you the workout from Hades!

After posting that image, people who doubt celebrities' words about their bodies jumped on the shaming train. Kim's response?: "It's me! All f**kin' me, haters!" Hmmm. Kim, if I didn't doubt you before, I do now. Because your response was too strong.

11 Britney Spears Pretends To Cook Corn For Dinner

Whether Britney can cook or not is immaterial (except to her children). Yet, she posted a pic of some grilled corn on her Instagram page. "It's honestly too good to be true. Mmmmm." (Punctuation added.) The implication here is that she made that corn for her, her sons and her romantic partner. But. . . as it turns out, she didn't. Make the corn, that is.

It really doesn't matter whether she made the corn herself or not. If she ordered it from a deli, so what? If she saw the image online and copied it to her Instagram, that's fine. She should have Googled the term, "grilled Mexican corn" to see if the same image lurked anywhere else.

Maybe Brit is thinking, "honesty, schmonesty."  Why give her followers and fans a reason to believe she actually made that grilled corn? The next time she posts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, her followers may wonder, "Is she telling the truth? Or trying to pull the wool over our eyes?" Hey, Britney, it's all about credibility. The next time you release a CD, just think about this: If a songwriter files a claim in court, saying you ripped their lyrics or musical arrangement, your followers may think to themselves. "Hmmm, if she ripped off that corn image, she could do the same with a song."

10 Kim Kardashian Blames North For Posting This Picture

Kim Kardashian. . . well, she'll post her body as it used to be. And she'll blame her daughter, North, for posting the picture she posted.

Kim, why? What you're feeling is something that almost every mom out there has felt. Sadness that they no longer measure a svelte 25 inches or smaller around their waists. The abs have softened and maybe, there's a bit of a pooch there.

Scrolling back through the tens of thousands of images on your phone (honestly, how do you store so many images?) you happen on the one you took when you had that silver bikini on. Yes, you did look beautiful. But, remember. You do have a tendency to be a bit. . . fuller than other women.

So, rather than blaming an innocent little girl, just own up to what you were feeling at the time. Post this instead: "Hey, all. I was just thinking of how good I used to look before I had the babies. I was feeling just a bit sad." Then, chalk up the different body as badges you've earned for birthing two kids.

9 And... Another Kim Kardashian Lie

Maybe Kim K. needs to review what truth-telling is. Because she's on this list again. This time, she didn't implicate her daughter or even her son. Instead, when she and her family were on a vacation, she swiped an image, trying to fool followers into thinking she had taken the picture.

Class is in session. Kim, what is the truth? No, it's not making people believe what you want them to believe. It's talking about what truly happened. Let's take the picture of your Thailand vacation, for instance. Think about the definition of "truth." Now, did you take that picture? Or did you swipe it from Google, instead?

Thank you for telling the truth this time! You know your way around a computer just as well as anyone. Instead of taking that beautiful picture of a Thailand beach, you just entered the search term, "Thailand beach" into the search bar. When this one came up, you posted it and made it look like you had taken the picture. Again, you fooled your fans.

The anger that people expressed when they realized you had lied didn't feel good. Next time you're tempted to shade the real truth, remember how you felt. Instead of swiping pictures that don't belong to you, post pictures that you, yourself took.

8 Simone Gately - Did She Lie About Being A Mom?

Simone Gately is the fitness guru that Instagram made really famous. She has a body that just doesn't stop. She also has five children younger than ten. And she doesn't look like she's had five kids.

Apparently, people believe that a woman who has such a beautiful, smoking-hot body as Simone has just can't be the biological mother of five children. She's accused of lying about being the mom of her own children.

She doesn't let it get to her, though. She knows the truth. She is their mom and she was able to maintain her body with regular and vigorous workouts, as well as sensible eating. She has managed to combine workouts and her children together. How? By enlisting them to act as weights while she works out.

I can see this happening. I've had my own kids stand in as weights. Of course, that was when they were two or three years old. Heck, even my cats have put up with the indignity of being raised and lowered for three sets of ten!

7 Kris Jenner Tried Hiding Her Wrinkles (And Failed Horribly)

What is it with the K-family? Honestly! Well, maybe the girls all learned it from Kris. Because she not only has the urge to smooth out her face but that of famed "Hell's Kitchen" chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay is definitely not in his 20s anymore. He's way north of that. Given his skills in the kitchen, why should he be ashamed of that, his age or even the wrinkles on his face? After all, it's his ability to create delish, new meals that have made him so famous.

Here's what Kris did. After the photo was shot, she went Photoshop-nuts on her face. Not satisfied with the "new perfection" that was her face, she went after Gordon's craggy, character-filled face. When she was done, he didn't look like himself. No, as it was so well put, he looked like a freaky Halloween costume version of himself.

To his credit, Gordon put out a much truer photo—one that was not Photoshopped to death. There's much to be said about surgical and nonsurgical procedures that take away a few years. Photoshop also has its place in the publishing world. Kris, just one piece of advice: Stay far, far away from Photoshop. You don't know how to do it well. Seeing Gordon with the wrinkles in his forehead makes him more real, y'know?

6 Miranda Kerr - Caught Not Once But TWICE

Again with the Photoshop! Miranda Kerr is tiny as it is. This supermodel should be happy with the body she has. But instead, she decided to tinker a little with the dimensions of her gorgeous waist. A few years after having her son, Flynn, she had a red carpet image altered by "disappearing" a little bit of her waistline.

How did she do this? Photoshop, of course. Eagle-eyed fans spotted an odd waviness to the carpet backdrop behind Miranda and raised questions. Miranda stayed tight-lipped and said nary a word.

If instead of staying quiet, she had come forward to say something, this would be less of an issue. Maybe she could have said, "A few of my fans noticed something about one of my Instagram images. Wondering if my image had been altered, they spoke up. As they should have.

"Because I did have it altered. I shouldn't have done so. Mainly because it was wrong. But also, because young girls, boys, and teenagers are struggling with their body images and eating disorders. What I did didn't help them and I am sorry."

5 J-Lo Keeps Lying About Her Age

While the lie she told was of the white-lie variety, she still shaved a year off her true age. In Hollywood (and New York City), youth and youthfulness are big prizes. In fact, celebrity moms hang onto their youth with a tenacity that is unrivaled.

For years, Jennifer had everyone fooled. It was only when the police were investigating her boyfriend of that time, Sean P. Diddy, that the truth came out. Of course, the media learned about the investigation. At the same time they learned that Diddy was being investigated, they learned that Jennifer had lied about her age.

She had long listed her year of birth as 1970. In actuality, she was born in 1969. While that's not a whole lot of time to be shaving off her actual age, it does show that she allowed society's preoccupation with youth to influence her thinking and actions.

Come on. J-Lo at any age is beautiful. She's what we call a timeless beauty. Whether she's nineteen, twenty-nine or even forty-nine, she is SMOKIN'. When she dances, she still has the moves (wish I had them). It's not likely that she's going to show those wrinkles very soon.

4 Blame It On Surgery? Exercise? Photoshop?

Kim Kardashian has had two children. Mom's tummy after one pregnancy isn't like that of a 20-year-old's tummy, let alone after having two children! That makes this photo of Kim with Blac Chyna look even more unrealistic.

Ladies (and anyone else eying Photoshop): Step away from the package. Slowly. Keep moving. If you are going to insist upon having your photos edited so you look like you never had ANY children, please let a pro do the job!

Sharp-eyed detectives noticed the signs that the photo had been manipulated. First, the floor tiles had an unnatural curve to them. The door also has a weird curve to it.

Kim, you have a daughter. If you don't want her struggling with an eating disorder and a disordered body image, you'll stop with the manipulation, learn to love your body as it is and learn how to exist with photos that exist online, showing the clear signs of motherhood. Own those signs as badges of honor!

3 Queen Bey's Thigh Gap Is Far From Real

Our celebrities definitely have a preoccupation with the dimensions of various body parts. The latest of these celebrities is Beyonce Knowles. She is a big fan of Instagram. . . and Photoshop. *Talks to Photoshop: Hey, make yourself unavailable to celebrities. Forever!*

This time, the body part (or parts) are Beyonce's inner thighs. She's a beautiful, voluptuous woman Yet, she's given in to the commandment that says, "All women shalt have measurable thigh gaps." Picturing a rounded woman with noticeable thigh gaps causes one thing: cognitive dissonance. Okay, it causes two things: visual dissonance is the second consequence.

Queen Bey routinely photo-edits her images before posting them on Instagram. Seeing a woman who has curves AND thigh gap makes me rub my eyes, thinking my mind made something up. It also makes me gag.

That thigh gap that's so sought after by women makes me think of one of two things. First, I think of girls and women who have struggled with eating disorders for several years. Skinny thighs just below curvy hips? Beyonce, you're making yourself a caricature. You're also sending the wrong message to your daughter, who, when she reaches her teen years, will think something is wrong with her if she has normal-sized thighs. This expectation is unattainable.

2 Oh Mariah

Now, either Photoshop is the best thing invented since sliced bread or  it has become the bane of mental health professionals. These two comparisons sound pretty disconnected, but it's there.

Now, it's Mariah Carey. Wanting to make herself look more svelte than she is (she's blessed with a voluptuous body), Mariah whittled a few inches here and there away from her body in this photo.

And again, Mariah's fans and more than a few detractors put their Photoshop-detective skills to use. Because the mirror behind Mariah, as well as the image of the door next to her seemed to be "bending." Look closely at the photo. I'll wait.

It's not a matter of, "Oh, well, she does it. Let her be." She's a role model. One that young girls and aspiring singers look up to. That said, she should be a lot more mindful of how she comes across to her younger fans. Teen girls and boys struggle terribly with their body images. "I'm too fat! Nobody will like me. I'll never have a boyfriend to love me." That may lead to eating disorders and lots of health scares and grief for those who suffer from this condition. Mariah, just leave your dimensions in photos alone. You're beautiful.

1 Angelina Jolie Lies About Her Roots

This gorgeous mom of six has been through the wringer in the past few years. Discovering she's a carrier of a genetic mutation that makes her highly vulnerable to developing two kinds of cancer? Wow. That would lay anyone out on the ground. Going through a separation and divorce that were splashed all over the tabloids? Even when such a stressful event is kept private, it's definitely not a walk in the park.

These issues aren't what put Angie on this list, though. No. Allegedly, at her mother's suggestion, she began to allude to having American Indian ancestry. To be more specific, Iroquois ancestry.

Looking at her beautiful face, it's not hard to believe that she might actually have Native blood in her. But that isn't true. Jon Voight, her dad, revealed the lie, saying, "That's a lie." Ouch. Yet another thing to strain the poor relationship between dad and daughter.

Why would she tell this lie? According to the reporting, her mother, rest her soul, wanted the family to "seem more exotic." As if Angie being the daughter of a Frenchwoman wasn't exotic enough!

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