13Dina Lohan

In 2015, Lindsay's mother sold her belongings without her knowing.

Back in 2012, Lindsay called the cops on her mother Dina Lohan after the two got into an argument that ended in Dina holding Lindsay captive. Not only was Lindsay her mother's hostage, but Dina purposely hurt Lindsay's leg.

It's never been a secret that Lindsay and her mother partied together,

but it wasn't until Lindsay went off the deep end that we found out about Dina.

She pocketed money by stealing and selling Lindsay's furniture, clothing, and artwork. She's also always competed with Lindsay for fame, but she never went as low as the time she invited Entertainment Tonight to accompany her while visiting Lindsay in rehab.

Last year, Lindsay took to Instagram to vent about how her mother hasn't ever been around for her. "It just really sucks when your mom can't be there for you."

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