13 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Were Married To Gay Men

Marriage is nothing if not hard work!  Being bound to another human being for life takes endless amounts of energy, compromise, sacrifice and perseverance.  Sure, the good times are great, but the bad times are truly the pits, and those bad times can last for ages.  No one tells you that after you say I Do, life is not all roses and sunshine.  Throw a few kids into that mix and you are headed for a life time job of Relationship 101.  Silly us, we thought that getting to the alter was the hardest part.

Now imagine that you are trying to strengthen your union and work out life's kinks under the microscope of fame.  Can you even imagine you and your spous's dirty laundry being the topic of conversation for millions of public admirers around the globe?  It's no wonder the overwhelming majority of celebrity couples call it quits a few years after tying the knot.

Celebrity marriages end for all kinds of reasons, but these fifteen famous moms had their relationships fail because they were lacking a vital appendage that their spouse's happiness depended on.  It's pretty hard to make your union work out when your husband is gay.


14 Carrie Fisher

She was every nerdy boy's dream girl...well almost every nerdy boy's dream girl. Princess Leia definitely had her pick of the litter when it came to suitors. First she married musician Paul Simon, but that marriage didn't make it much longer than a year. She moved onto Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd and together the two had a daughter, Billie Lourd. Three years and one kid into their relationship though, Lourd made one heck of an announcement, he was gay and leaving Carrie for a man. Well that will ruin your Sunday dinner now won't it? Back then Fisher was shocked and devastated, but time healed even this wound and Fisher, Lourd and the other man all remained friends til the bitter end. Bryan Lourde is now married to his longtime partner, Bruce Bozzi, and the pair has two daughters, Billy and Ava.

13 Kelly Preston


John Travolta is a screen legend who rose to stardom in the 1970's starring in projects like Welcome Back Cotter and Saturday Night Fever. Those swinging hips of Travolta's sent female tongues wagging, but perhaps those weren't exactly the admirers that old Johnny wasn't seeking. For years the actor has been surrounded by rumors that he bats for the other team, but both him and his actress wife Kelley Preston vehemently deny such stories. When Travolta's son Jett died tragically, the tabloids claimed that it was his lover who found the young man deceased on the bathroom floor. In 2011 a cruise ship worker accused the Pulp Fiction star of sexual harassment and in 2014 former employee Douglass Gorbatta tried to pen a book about his alleged romance with the actor. Most people just roll their eyes at these rumors and claim that they kind of come with the territory others say...where there is smoke, there is fire.

12 Tamra Judge

If there is one thing Real Housewives of Orange County reality star Tamra Judge does well, it's get hitched. The tiny, blonde firecracker is currently on husband number three and her third-time's-a-charm union doessn't come without some wicked controversy. For years Tamra's hubby, Eddie, has been rumored to be a homosexual, but the couple has always shrugged those nasty rumors off. The outing of Eddie got pretty ugly recently and was even televised on Bravo's last reason of the reality show when a close friend of the couple's made the announcement that he had witnessed Eddie making out with another man. Both Tamra and Eddie completely deny the rumors saying they could not be more happily married, but many in their inner circle insist that the marriage is all a farce and Eddie prefers the company of men, not his wife.

11 Judy Garland


Judy Garland is best known for playing Dorthy in the iconic film, The Wizard of Oz. Sadly she is also known for her string of failed marriage. Garland was married five times throughout her life and of those five marriages two of her husbands turned out of be gay. Her second husband, Vincente Minnelli, fathered her famous daughter Liza Minnelli. Mr. Minnelli reportedly lived a dual life when he was married to Garland; the doting husband and father when he was with his wife and daughter and the single, homosexual life when he was in New York City. After six years of marriage the couple divorced and Garland went on to marry for a third, fourth and fifth time. Her fourth husband, Marc Herron, also came out as gay. I think it's safe to say that marriage was never Garland's strong suit and maybe she was onto something when she famously sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

10 Kris Jenner

She is the Queen Bee of the famed Kardashian clan, serving as mother and momager to her six celebrity children. Kris Kardashian married famous lawyer Robert Kardashian and birthed her first four celebrity children; Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob before falling in love with Olympian Bruce Jenner and birthing a couple more famous children, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. All seemed just about picture perfect in the Kardashian world as the family built their ever growing empire one golden brick at a time...and then papa Bruce came out in a really big way. Bruce Jenner announced that he was transgender in 2015, throwing Kris's world into a downward spiral. Bruce now lives as a woman and goes by Caitlin. The couple that once craved the joint spotlight remains strained as Jenner's breakthrough is still relatively raw.

9 Berry Berenson


Berry Berenson was an actress, model and photographer who was married to actor Anthony Perkins. Perkins, who famously starred as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho, was long rumored to be a homosexual and passed away from AIDS related complications nearly a decade prior to his wife's untimely passing.  Berenson was on the ill fated American Airlines Flight 11 that went down in the September 11th terrorist attacks.  She was on her way back to her home in California from a holiday in Cape Cod, where her and Perkins had married so many years ago, when her plane went down.  Friends of both actors were shocked when they heard that the two had tied the knot because it was widely known that Perkins had always pined for the male sex.  Regardless of what was and what wasn't, the two remained married for decades and the union left behind two sons; actor/musician Oz Perkins and folk rocker Elvis Perkins.

8 Star Jones

Ms. Jones has a new man and he comes with a kid. Finally television personality Star Jones is getting the built in family that she has always dreamed of. She has referred to her new man, Ricardo Lugo, as her "Partner for Life" and the couple recently announced their engagement. The new Step-mama to be has finally found her Prince Charming after spending four years married to Al Reynolds, who recently came out as bisexual. The former couple married in a lavish ceremony with roughly five hundred of their closest friends looking on, but behind the glitz and glam, the couple had some serious truths to come to terms with. Eventually the marriage dissolved and Reynolds was able to come to terms with who he truly was. As for Star, she couldn't be more thrilled about this newest chapter of her life as wife and mother. Best of luck to both individuals. Hopefully facing certain truths will allow them to live their lives with joy and not secrecy.


7 Kerry Washington


Beautiful and talented Scandal actress, Kerri Washington, stunned everyone with her surprise wedding and even more surprising pregnancy with hubby Nnamdi Asomugha. The actress and former football corner-back didn't have a courtship, never publicly spoke of their relationship nor their intentions and all of the sudden they were a married little family. This perplexed the public, but more so many in the groom's inner circle who claim that daddy is definitely homosexual. Rumor after rumor have come out regarding the couple and their cover up of Asomugha's sexuality. The parents of two are fiercely private in regards to their marriage and their family, but recently Washington has come to the public defense of her family saying that they are happily married and not heading towards a split. Until we hear otherwise from the horse's mouth, we might have to call rumor on this one.

6 Jill Smokler

Before slinging words for the wonderful world of freelance writing, I ran a blog, and like many other snarky mom bloggers, I worshipped the genius that is Jill Smokler and Scarymommy. Smokler took everyday poop wars and dirty dishes and made them funny relatable and lucrative. Scarymommy made Smokler millions and she seemed to truly be living a dream that she never thought possible along with her husband and three beautiful kiddos. Then she got hit with the mother of all blogging topics: her husband came out as gay. While Smokler says that she actually began to question her husband's sexuality early on in their marriage, other aspects of their union were strong enough to keep the pair together for another fifteen years. The pair is one heck of an example as to how soul mates come in all shapes and sizes.

5 Angela Lansbury


Dame Angela, actress of the famed television show Murder She Wrote, married actor Richard Cromwell when she was just nineteen years old.  Her groom was nineteen years her senior, but an age gap wasn't the only marital obstacle that the couple faced.  Lansbury and Cromwell were only married for nine months before separating and the end of their union came as quite a shock to the unknowing Angela, who had no idea that her husband was gay!  Well that is a lot for a twenty year old to process!  The good news is Lansbury and Cromwell remained friends long after the end of their marriage.  Angela went on to enjoy great acting success and marry her second husband, Peter Shaw.  Together the couple shared over fifty years of marital bliss and two children, Anthony and Diedre.

4 Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae Lubotsky is the actress, stage comedian and dancer who was best known for playing Edna Garrett in the sitcoms Diff'rent Strokes and its spin off The Facts of Life.  She was also known for spending roughly twenty-five years married to a gay man.  Edna married composer John Strauss and together the couple raised two sons.  The pair separated in 1975 after the family moved to Los Angeles and Strauss revealed that he had been unfaithful...with a man.  The funny lady was overcome with grief, shock and guilt, having lived a lie for all of those years.  Strauss's admission to his wife devastated Rae's self worth, making her feel like less of a woman and undeserving of love.  I can see how a confession like this would seriously do a number on any woman.

3 Vanessa Redgrave


Beauty Vanessa Redgrave is an English actress of both the stage and the silver screen.  When it comes to being married to gay husbands Vanessa Redgrave has way too much experience in this field.  Her father, Sir Michael Redgrave, was openly bisexual, and although he was married to Vanessa's mother for fifty years until his death, he lived both sides of his life without regret.  History repeated itself when Vanessa fell hard for theater director Tony Richardson.  Richardson was also reportedly homosexual.  The pair was only married for a few years, but the union produced two stunning and talented daughters, actress Joely Richardson and the late Natasha Richardson.  Of all the traits one could inherit from their mother, I think marrying a gay man is one I might pass on.

2 Janet Gaynor

Janet Gaynor was a famous film and stage actress and painter who got her start in silent films and working as an extra in shorts in the early 1900's.  She was notably the first actress to win an Academy Award and the only actress to ever win one Oscar for multiple roles.  Gaynor's star continued to rise into the film-sound era and she eventually retired from making movies in 1939.  Once she put acting behind her, Gaynor settled into domesticity, married costume designer Adrian, and gave birth to a son.  The couple was known to have a lavender marriage, or a marriage of convenience, as Adrian was openly gay within the film community and Gaynor was also rumored to be either gay or bisexual.  The couple remained unconventionally married until Adrian died of a stroke in 1959.



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