Right Or Wrong: 13 Celebs Who Got Called Out For Their Parenting

Who says parenting is a walk in the park?! Guess what, parenting is no easy feat. Each parent, despite how dedicated or devoted they are, feels some tidbit of regret as to having kids since there are a lot of sacrifices that a parent has to make in order to raise their kids.

Celebrity parents have twice as much pressure due to their inconsistent schedules, extreme public scrutiny, a lot of time spent away from the kids due to work and the expectation from all the fans that you’re definitely a perfect parent.

Most celebrity parents are therefore pushed to the edge, meaning that they become completely crazy about their parental responsibilities. Just like any normal parent, celebrities also have their doubts and uneasy feelings as to whether having kids was a good decision. Moreover, some celebs even questioned whether they are a good parent themselves - proving they really are like the rest of us.

However, some celebrities don’t have to try too hard to actually prove that having kids wasn’t such a good idea after all and wish they could turn back the hands of time and go back to having no kids! Too bad that no time machine can rectify their choices.

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13 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is the most widely talked about teen mom - and for good reason. There is no doubt she loves her daughter Sophia to the moon and back, yes, but she has still been called out for her parenting by both the media and her fans. She was featured in an adult film, which her daughter might see when she grows up, and she's admitted to plucking her daughter Sophia’s eyebrows to avoid her daughter growing up knowing that she has a unibrow! Most people do not wax or pluck their eyebrows until they are teenagers, so imagine how painful this was for the daughter. She’s also been slammed several times for letting Sophia skip school, not because she didn’t feel good, but so that she can have a sleepover with her friends on a school night. 

12 Britney Spears

Britney has been through her fair share of ups and downs. Motherhood was, therefore, the last card the pop star played for a while. She needed time to fix her life, take care of her mental state and get her act together.

Britney, according to The Richest, was reportedly taking care of her boys while under the influence. She reportedly walked around the house naked, fed her sons sugary things such as gum and sweets and didn’t bother brushing their teeth.

She also put them in danger while on the road since she was not legally supposed to be behind the wheel. She nearly dropped Sean in New York and even peeled out of a Starbucks in Malibu with Sean on her lap and only one hand on the wheel.

Their father, Kevin Federline, get custody of the boys in 2007. 

11 Hulk Hogan

The Internet went berserk after paparazzi caught Hulk Hogan rubbing sunscreen on Brooke’s behind. This is just one scenario that the former WWE champion has come under fire for - leaving people to wonder about his relationship with his daughter.

Then, Hulk posted a photo of his daughter's legs on Twitter with the caption: “Brooke’s legs.” Hm, okay.” He inevitably received backlash for the post but insisted that he was just proud that his daughter is super-fit. Since then, he’s toned down his questionable behavior.

The former actor and professional wrestler not only caused a storm with his action towards his daughter but also towards his wife. He cheated on his ex-wife Linda with... one of his daughter's friends.

10 Octomom

via: storiesofworld.com

Nadya gained fame overnight by having eight babies all at once, on top of the six that she already had. Child Protective Services had to come in, and take her kids away because she wasn’t exactly the best mum. Her home was completely atrocious with her kids even pooping in the backyard, simply because her plumbing wasn’t working. I mean, 14 kids are no joke. To make matters worse, the mum opted to begin 'acting' to in order to afford to raise the kids.

One woman told CBS2’s Stacey Butler that she feared that the kids were in danger and if nothing was done, something bad would happen.

Nadya allegedly tied her newborns to their cribs to prevent them from leaving their beds. She would also block the door using a chair from outside so the kids didn’t disturb her while she slept.

9 Alec Baldwin

via: dailymail.co.uk

Alec Baldwin’s divorce from Kim Basinger was public and a bit messy. According to Fame10, their daughter Ireland was unfortunately involved in the divorce. No parent wants their kid to be involved in their divorce since the child wonders if they should pick sides and might even feel miserable about the parents separating.

In 2007, Baldwin added salt to the injury by sending his daughter a voicemail, which was eventually leaked to the press.

In the voicemail, the actor hurls insults at his 11-year old daughter, calling her a ‘rude thoughtless little pig’. In 2010, Baldwin threatened that he would end his life over a petty fight. Worried about her dad, Ireland called 911. Baldwin was therefore rushed to the hospital. 

8 Woody Allen

via: storiesofworld.com

According to StoriesOfWorld, Woody Allen was already a famous Hollywood figure in 1980 when he started dating Mia Farrow, the actress. The couple’s relationship lasted a dozen years, but they never married nor lived together. They adopted four kids and one of them was Soon- Yi Previn, a girl they adopted in 1978. Farrow found explicit photos of their adopted daughter taken by Woody.

At the time of adoption, Soon-Yi’s age wasn’t known, but Farrow only discovered the photos much later when their daughter was about 20 and a sophomore. Woody Allen was in his early fifties then. Mia and Woody’s relationship ended and Previn moved in with her father, and they married in 1997.

Allen’s movies feature men dating women much younger than they are. This is the same case with his actual relationship with Soon-Yi who was probably 19 when she started having intimate relations with Allen.

This situation bothered a lot of people, not only because of the significant age difference but the fact that she was his long-term partner's daughter and she had grown up under his wing, despite him claiming that he wasn’t much of a father figure to Previn.

7 Courtney Love

A Vanity Fair 1992 article allegedly reported that Love was taking illegal substances while pregnant with her daughter, Francis. Love initially denied this report but in 2008, she was interviewed by British Elle Magazine and Love reportedly said that the daughter knew that she was taking drugs in her first trimester but was born healthy regardless.

The singer and actress even went on tour with her young daughter. Her grown daughter has stated that she has never been pleased with her mum’s behavior. Frances Bean Cobain and the mum are clearly not about to mend their failed relationship after Love got into a physical fight with her daughter.

This led to a restraining order being granted on behalf of Cobain. Cobain says that her mum is an addict for as long as she can remember.

6 Joe Jackson

via: therichestimages.com

He managed the Jackson 5 who became famous in no time after Motown Records discovered them. Before they rose to fame, they performed in clubs and bars and were exposed to booze, brawls, and babes.

Joe was never really bothered by all of this since his eye was set on a successful music career for his kids.

Joe was so obsessed with producing the perfect band that he went to extreme lengths to achieve it. If his kids didn’t perform well, missed a note or a step, the dad would physically punish them. Michael described being so afraid of his father that he’d pass out anytime his dad came near him.

Michael was practically an adult by age nine since after three hours of school all he knew was work. He had no time to relax, play, and make friends. His only friends were his siblings and deep down he was depressed and lonely.

5 Kate Moss

via: cafemomstatic.com

Kate Moss was discovered at the tender age of 14 by Sarah Doukas in New York City. She was soon under media scrutiny due to her substance use and lifestyle, which led her to be temporarily dropped from fashion campaigns. According to HotGossip, the supermodel was once busted for possession and often let her daughter, Lila Grace, spend time with her boyfriend, Pete Doherty.

The Burberry model was, however, criticized the most when she forgot her daughter’s birthday in 2005, and even missed it since she was in rehab.

The Croydon native is often photographed out and about, mostly on her own, which increases speculation as to whether she actually spends time with her daughter. Kate was recently escorted from a flight due to disruptive behavior. Flight attendants denied her alcohol, but she further went on to pour her own vodka from her cabin luggage.

4 Charlie Sheen

Charlie is famous for his role on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men and we love his sense of humor. The actor, however, tops this list because he was involved in a public custody dispute, which his daughters have to live with for the rest of their lives. Richards, the ex-wife, accused Charlie of doing drugs, gambling and being a regular at the brothel.

According to InsideEdition, the ex-wife said that he thinks giving the children formula causes damage to the brain. They seem to have reached a favorable agreement regarding the kids’ custody.

The Anger Management star who has alcohol and drug problems is hardly father of the year since all of his kids seem to be with their moms for most, if not all of their time. How can he be a doting dad, when most of his life seems totally chaotic?

3 Michael Jackson

via: therichestimages.com

The king of pop may love kids, but he isn’t an A-list parent after all. His baby dangling moment caused quite the stir!

In November 2002, a lot of fans were excited about Michael’s visit to Berlin, where he’d gone to accept an award for his humanitarian efforts. Once the fans gathered outside his room, Michael held Prince Michael II over a metal railing around his waist with just one arm but covered the face.

Michael, upon realizing what he did was wrong, released a press statement through his lawyer calling the incident a terrible mistake.

Michael stated that he offered no excuses as to his behavior and that his excitement got the better of him. He swore that he would not endanger his kids’ lives intentionally.

2 Kris Jenner

via: therichestimages.com

Kris Jenner is infamous for managing her kids’ lives. Kris is willing to do anything, and I mean anything, for her family to remain relevant in the tabloids. Jenner also convinced her daughter Kim to pose nude for PB despite Kim not being comfortable with the idea.

The momager is pretty unabashed about showing more love to whichever daughter gets her more money. In an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, an angry Kim calls out Kris, calling her a terrible mother. It’s one thing for your three-old son to call you a bad mom since he had to get an injection, but it's a completely different situation when your grown daughter accuses you of being a selfish mother who doesn’t look out for her kids.

1 Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

via: .youtube.com

Both Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown engaged in illegal behavior together in the house in their daughter’s presence. The couple met in 1989 at the Soul Train Awards, got married in 1992, and then had Bobbi in 1993. They eventually divorced and Whitney got custody of her daughter. Bobby, however, remarried and has three kids with his current wife.

The couple went to rehab several times and it was no secret that they both battled addiction. Brown also had a criminal record, which included violating parole, driving under the influence, battery and possession.

Three years after Whitney’s passing, Bobbi was hospitalized twice due to an overdose, which eventually led to her demise.

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