13 Celebrities Who Became Richer Than Their Celeb Parents

Growing up in the public eye with a celebrity parent has its definite downfalls. These kids are judged constantly, they have zero privacy, and they often do not have a normal childhood. On the upside, they are basically born with a great platform for whatever message or issue they want to push - plus a load of connections.

One HUGE perk of having a celebrity parent could easily be the income opportunities or just income in general. There's mansions, beach houses, fancy cars, and designer clothes. Many who grew up in the entertainment industry grow up to rule it in their own career. Some find they have an easy in or a great deal of connections, but they also find that they have to prove that they are more than a name.

An easy perk of having such a well known name is the built in platform. It creates so many business opportunities for celebrity children. Being born in to a platform can set them up with a customer base for a lifetime that will simply expand when these kids come into they own and try to conquer and industry, market, or audience.

13 Miley Cyrus ($160m) And Billy Ray Cyrus ($20m)

We have seen these two actors/artists on our screens and heard them on our radios for years. This father daughter pair has worked both together and separately. Miley Cyrus has grown up in the entertainment industry and on many of our television screens. It seems all of her hard work paid off because the 24 year old now has a net worth of 160 million dollars.

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who is an actor and artist is worth a mere 20 million dollars which seems like pocket change in comparison to Miley. Most of Billy's best known and most successful work was with his daughter until his show Still the King. Miley has focused more on her personal life and music career and put acting on the back burner for the past few years.

12 Chris Pine ($20m) And Robert Pine ($2.5m)

Chris Pine, the Star Trek actor, is worth a hefty 20 million dollars. His famous father on the other hand, Robert Pine, is worth just 2.5 million dollars. Chris has a celebrity lineage dating back to his grandparents, but hasn't had much trouble finding his own place in the world.

Robert Pine has been acting since the 1960's, and he is still going today in 2017! He has even appeared in a few of the same shows as his son, Chris. Robert has done a great deal of projects including being the voice of Bishop in Frozen. Robert does a little bit of everything, but seems to stick to TV show appearances which is probably why his son is worth so much more.

11 Gwyneth Paltrow ($60m) And Blythe Danner ($45m)

Gwyneth Paltrow was born into Hollywood with a producer and an actress as her parents. She certainly was able to define herself outside of her parents, and as of today she is worth more than her mother, Blythe. Blythe has a net worth of $45 million dollars. Her daughter, Gwyneth though, has a net worth of $60 million dollars.

Paltrow has been an actress, singer, and food writer. She has tried her hand at a few different areas and has seen success with almost all of it. She has been acting for a couple of decades which is a lot less than her parents' time in Hollywood, but Gwyneth is doing quite well for herself. Her newest venture is GOOP a lifestyle newsletter that continues to expand.

10 Ben Stiller ($150m) And Jerry Stiller ($12.5m)

Ben Stiller is an actor and producer who makes us all laugh. It's no surprise to learn that his father is Jerry Stiller, a comedian. Unfortunately for Jerry, funny does not seem to pay the bills quite like Hollywood. His son, Ben, has a net worth of 150 million dollars! Yes, that is a lot of zeroes! Jerry Stiller is not doing too shabby though with a net worth of 12.5 million dollars.

The Happy Gilmore and Meet the Fockers star has been acting since the 1980's. He has been in a little bit of everything from family and kid movies to Little Fockers. Ben has even appeared on the hit series Friends.

Jerry Stiller is a comedian who teamed up with his wife for years. He has also tried his hand at acting. We probably know him best from Seinfeld where he played George Costanza's father and Carrie's father, Arthur, on King of Queens.

9 Kim Kardashian ($150m) And Kris Jenner ($60m)

Kris Jenner is the mom-ager and multitasking queen of reality TV and the entertainment industry, but Kim Kardashian-West surely helped her mother's fame and success over the years. The family built quite the empire in the entertainment industry from reality TV to clothing and makeup lines. Many of us believe that Kris is the brains behind much of the operation. While that may be true, Kim is the one who is making the big bucks of the bunch.

Kris Jenner has a net worth of 60 million dollars which isn't bad for the daughter of an entrepreneur and a small business owner. Kim Kardashian-West, the wife of rapper Kanye West and daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, has a net worth of 150 million dollars. GULP, that is a TON of money. The reality star rose to fame through connections before the family's show aired on the E! network.

8 Jennifer Aniston ($150m) And John Aniston ($10m)

John Aniston has been acting since the 1950's including a long standing role on the soap Days of Our Lives since 1986. Despite that long term role, we probably better know John's daughter, Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer has acting in her blood as both of her parents are actors. Jennifer has conquered the industry and tackles a lot more than her father.

We probably know Jen from Friends, We're the Millers, and countless other films. Her first serious, well known film role was Along Came Polly. Jennifer has quickly made her way through the industry and found great success. She has a net worth of 150 million dollars today. That is mountains more than her father who has a net worth of just 10 million dollars.

7 Jake Gyllenhaal ($65m) And Stephen Gyllenhaal ($10m)

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal is the son of director, Stephen Gyllenhaal. We know this famous offspring best as Jake Gyllenhaal, who is an actor that was born into quite an entertainment family. Not only is his father a director, but his mother is producer and screenwriter. His sister, Maggie, is also an actress. We have seen Jake recently in Southpaw and Love & Other Drugs.

Growing up in the industry has served Jake well as he is now worth 65 million dollars. Not only is that A LOT of money, but it is a decent amount more than his father, Stephen. Stephen Gyllenhaal is worth 10 million dollars. Now that's not really a number that many of us would complain about it, but it is significantly lower than his son's net worth.

6 Angelina Jolie ($160m) And Jon Voight ($55m)

Angelina Jolie has had a rocky relationship over the years with her father Jon Voight. Jon, who is known for Mission: Impossible and Transformersis worth 55 million dollars. His daughter, Angelina Jolie, is known for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, her marriage to Brad Pitt, and humanitarian efforts is worth a whooping 160 million dollars!

Angelina is household name as opposed to her father despite his years in the business. Angelina's acting career really took off in 1999 with quite a few, very successful projects and films. The father and daughter have not always had a great relationship, but the mother of six is trying to work on things for her children's grandfather. It looks as if some of the ice between the two may be melting.

5 Charlie ($150m) And Martin Sheen ($50m)

We used to know Charlie Sheen best for his role in Two and a Half Men, but we probably know him best as the face of being HIV positive. He is also the son of actor, Martin Sheen. Despite his very public addiction issues, meltdowns, and stumbles, Charlie Sheen is actually worth more than his famous father. Charlie has a net worth of 150 million dollars while Martin's net worth pales in comparison ranking in at 50 million dollars. That's a HUGE difference.

Martin has won multiple Emmy's and Golden Globes. He has been acting for decades, and many of us most recently have seen him on Gracie and Frankie. He also appeared on Charlie's show Anger Management. Martin has managed to keep a much less controversial profile than his son over the years.

4 Jessica Simpson ($150m) And Joe Simpson ($20m)

We tend to think of Joe's inappropriate nature and comments when we think of this father daughter duo. But how many of us knew that Joe is actually a producer and manager? He has produced many of the shows and films that his daughter, Jessica Simpson, was in. Almost all of Joe's production projects revolve around or star Jessica, including her reality show Newlyweds.

It make sense that Jessica has a much higher net worth than her father since his career only revolves around her. Joe's net worth is 20 million dollars. That's nothing compared to Jessica's net worth of 150 million dollars. Jessica has expanded her horizons beyond acting and solely doing projects with her father, and it seems to have paid off.

3 Kate Hudson ($38m) And Bill Hudson ($5m)

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress was raised by a comedian, actor, and singer. Yes, Kate Hudson's birth father Bill is a man of many talents. Kate has taken what she learned from her father and expanded it doing everything from funny roles to serious as she with Bride Wars and Deepwater Horizon.

Bill has not acted in decades, but he stays involved in the industry producing, composing, and other ways. He has not however stayed involved with his two children which they made clear on social media this past Father's Day.

It makes sense that Kate would have a higher net worth than her father, and she does. Kate has a net worth of 38 million dollars. Bill Hudson has a net worth of 5 million dollars. It is easy to see that Kate came into her own, and achieved her success on her own.

2 Kiefer Sutherland($65m) And Donald Sutherland ($60m)

The Designated Survivor star, Kiefer Sutherland, has been acting since the 1980's. Now in 2017, the actor is worth 65 million dollars which is five more than his father, Donald Sutherland, who is worth 60 million dollars. Both have done a great deal in the television and film industry. We have seen them on our screens for several decades and will likely continue to for many more!

Kiefer was born to two Canadian actors while in London, England before the family moved to California. Donald Sutherland is a Canadian actor who many of us probably recognize as President Snow from The Hunger Games series. Although Donald has been acting in the industry for two decades longer than his son, his son has earned more notoriety among many.

1 Janet Jackson ($175m) And Joe Jackson ($500,000)

We all know this father daughter match from Jackson 5 as Joe was the manager and Janet was a part of the group. We have seen Michael's countless struggles with his power and money hungry father over the years before his passing. It leaves us to wonder if Janet has the same experience with her father. It is clear that Joe needed his children for fame and money as his net worth is a measly 500 thousand dollars. In terms of celebrity, that really is pocket change.

Janet however has a net worth of 175 million dollars. Michael Jackson's estate has a net wroth of 600 million dollars. It is safe to assume Joe is missing out financially without his children. Joe's only fame and even work in Hollywood these days has been a result of his famous, musically talented children.

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