13 Celebs We Can't Believe Still Have Custody Of Their Kids

Celebrities are in the eye of the public. Society sees and watches so many aspects of their life. And celebrities who are mothers and fathers are far from off the hook. In fact, celeb parents may be more of a focus, especially when they are behaving badly.

Think of the celeb parents who are just plain awful. Do you ever wonder why they still get to have custody of their children? Who are some of the worst mothers and fathers in real life, who maybe even play good people or parents on the big or small screen? There may be more than you think.

We cannot believe that certain celebrities still maintain custody of their children, despite some downright terrible and heinous actions. You may be shocked to learn what some of your favorite- and not so adored- celebs have done when it comes to raising their kids. We can all scratch our heads in disbelief that some of these celebs are allowed to continue to live and raise their children.

13 Britney Spears

Oh, Britney. Her ups and downs can give anyone a headache. What is surprising, however, is that some of her actions never warranted the removal of her sons from her care. We all know Britney has lost her mind from time to time, and even more than once! Hello, we all remember the shaved head and umbrella beating, don't we?!

At one point, Britney has told by a judge to have her boys stay with their father, her ex Kevin Federline, but that did not last long. It seems that Britney's kids have inherited some of her crazy like antics. It has been reported that they have a fascination with fire and are completely out of control. It seems that Britney does not, or will not, control her boys. She gets frustrated easily, and will throw things or slam a door when her kids misbehave.

12 Hilary Duff

The ex Disney star, Hilary Duff, has many people wondering why her son, Luca, is always in her care. There are members of society who believe that the way Hilary deals with her son is not good for him, one bit, making them wonder how and why she still has custody.

Hilary made waves after posting a picture of her and her son kissing on the lips. Now, surely that is not a reason to lose custody, but it definitely has people wondering how else she treats her kid. Hilary is known to be far from a disciplinarian, and may in fact, allow her son to get away with anything short of murder. Hilary was also accused of ramming her Range Rover into someone else's car (unknown if her child was in the car at the time), and walking around smoking. Makes many people rethink Hilary's parenting abilities.

11 Kate Gosselin

You know Kate Gosselin from the reality show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and then followed by Kate Plus Eight once her and Jon split up. Kate had given birth to twin girls, then went on to have sextuplets! From those of us who have seen Kate on her show and on public appearances, we can probably agree she is certainly not going to win any mom of the years awards anytime soon.

It may even be to the point that it is amazing that Kate still has custody of her brood. She has been seen being verbally abusive to her oldest twin girls, especially when they do not perform properly on cue, at least according to Kate's standards. And more recently, Kate has been investigated for child abuse, specifically concerning her one son who may have special needs.

10 Eddie Murphy

Did you know that Eddie Murphy has a daughter with former Spice Girl, Mel B back in 2007? They sure did. And perhaps Eddie is not worthy of even having custody of the daughter they share after some of his horrible antics.

Eddie Murphy and Mel B split up back when she was still pregnant. Eddie did not believe he was the father of the baby girl Mel B gave birth to, named Angel. Eddie wanted nothing to do with Mel B's pregnancy, nor the baby after she was born. However, things only got worse. Eddie took a paternity test, which revealed he was indeed Angel's biological father. But it took Eddie over three long years to even have a relationship with his daughter. Does that sound like a worthy parent to you?

9 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has made lots of claims stating that she is a very involved and hands on kind of mother to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. We all know the hit singer is full of star power, and has diva antics to go along with it, big time, too. And apparently, Mariah's diva behavior crosses into the way she handles herself as a mother, and it may be surprising that she is even allowed to be around her kids with some of the behavior she exhibits.

We all know that part of being a mom is putting your kids first. Not Mariah. This diva comes first in her household. Even when it comes to diaper duty, Mariah placed that job mostly on her ex Nick Cannon, back when the twins were still in diapers. Mariah also has a team of nannies that seem to do the job of raising her kids, even though those sweet twins idolize their mommy.

8 Pamela Anderson

Vixen Pamela Anderson's sons may be all grown up now, but it may be surprising that she was able to keep custody of them after some of the crazy things she pulled. Pamela Anderson is known for her wild behavior and earned star power by appearing in Baywatch and Playboy, among other things. Pamela loved attention on her, maybe even more so than her own children.

One thing that Pamela Anderson is famous for is having lots of husbands. It seems Pamela would jump from relationship to relationship and marry any guy who looked her way. That was probably never a healthy environment for her sons, Dylan and Brandon. Those boys were likely exposed to all kinds of characters that they should never have had to deal with or even meet during their childhood.

7 Eva Amurri

Eva Amurri is an actress with various roles on television as well as on the big screen, but what she is really famous for is being superstar actress Susan Sarandon's daughter, and also, not that great of a mom in many people's eyes. Maybe even a mom that does not deserve custody of her own kid.

Eva made headlines after her son was horribly injured. Many members of the public shamed Eva and blamed her for his injury. Thing was, she was not even around. And that is what has people upset. Eva had hired a night nurse to care for her baby. That nurse fell asleep while holding the baby and accidentally dropped him. We all know how dangerous that is. And many of us are thinking, if only Eva had not hired out her mommy duties...

6 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise may be attempting to win back his cool guy, #1 actor image, but most of us cannot get the picture of him jumping up and down on Oprah's couch out of our heads. Back then, he was madly in love with Katie Holmes, now his ex and the mother of his daughter, Suri. Perhaps Tom does not even deserve to have custody of Suri, after all, allegedly, he has had little to no communication with her since he divorced Katie Holmes.

Apparently, Tom has gone hundreds of days at a time without seeing his supposedly beloved daughter, Suri. We all see the images of her- and she is always with her mom. When was the last time you saw a picture taken of Suri and Tom? Exactly. Tom claims he is too busy working on films to see his kid, but he does call her.

5 Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss has one daughter, and may be quite the unfit mother. In fact, it is difficult to believe that she has maintained custody of her child, despite her partaking in illegal behavior and clearly not caring much about her own offspring. Kate Moss loves to party, and having a child would not get in her way of living the life she wanted.

Kate Moss has been arrested for use and possession of cocaine. Not only that, but she also allowed her druggie, high boyfriend to spend time with her precious baby girl- while he was on drugs. Has Kate cleaned up since then? We are not sure. But we can bet that her daughter will never forget how her own mother forgot her on her third birthday.

4 Brad Pitt

World famous actor Brad Pitt may be having somewhat of a downward spiral, at least in his role as a father. Brad has recently made headlines on the way he has been as a dad, which has led to his break up from Angelina Jolie as well as a host of all kinds of legal trouble and maybe even custody issues of all those kids of his. And perhaps, he doesn't really deserve custody of any of his children.

Something very serious occurred while the entire father was on a plane. Allegedly, Brad was partaking in some alcoholic beverages, and things got out of control. There was an incident between Brad and one of his oldest sons, that got to the point that child abuse was being tossed around. Brad maintains he is a devoted father who loves his children.

3 Farrah Abraham

Perhaps the most infamous Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham is far from the title of number one Mom. Farrah has one daughter, who is now eight years old. What makes Farrah an awful mother in many people's eyes is that it appears her focus is on herself, and only herself. She seems to make little to no room for her daughter, let alone care about what impact her actions will have on her only child.

Farrah has gained fame for her sex tape, which she clearly wanted to be known to the public. Her concern for the sake of her daughter is little to none. She has also been arrested for DUI. Not to mention, she is already teaching her daughter about negative body image, having waxed her eyebrows because she claims she had a uni brow.

2 Octomom Nadya Suleman

Octomom may have somewhat disappeared from the spotlight, but that does not take away from the fact that it is amazing she has maintained custody of all fourteen children of hers. That is right, Nadya Suleman has lots of kids. She became famous for getting pregnant with eight babies after already having six kids at home!

Octomom has faced eviction from her home in the past. She has lived with all her children in squalor and unacceptable conditions. Child services has even be called on her on occasion, yet it has been deemed that her children are in no danger. But perhaps the worst part of her is that she admits to not even liking kids! At one point she was quoted with saying that babies disgust her. Why on earth would someone who hates kids have so many?!

1 Kim Kardashian

What do you think about Kim Kardashian as a mother? Many people out there strongly believe that Kim is not very worthy of raising her children. In fact, some even go as far as to say that she is a horrible mother who does not deserve custody of her kids. And there are many reasons why!

Kim always seems too busy for her kids, her children are rarely seen smiling, happy, or having fun, Kim seems more preoccupied with dressing up her kids rather than their well being, the kids are spoiled rotten, Kim has already shown them poor body image and how outside appearance is more important than what is inside. Kim is rarely around and uses loads of nannies, and finally, let's face it- Kim named her kids North and Saint!

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