13 Celebs You Didn't Know Used Surrogates To Keep Their Figures

Many of us dislike our pregnant bodies. It seems so off limits to even admit it because we are creating life. It is a beautiful experience that not everyone is able to experience, but that doesn't mean that we can't have some insecurities about it. Our body goes through so many changes when we are pregnant. It is obvious that weight gain is one that many of us struggle with.

We are such a judgmental society so it would probably be a great deal worse and a lot more pressure to deal with weight gain while in the public eye constantly. For celebrities, their bodies are criticized on a regular basis by the media, fans, and even fellow celebrities. Pregnancy can be pretty difficult when in the public eye so it is no surprise that many celeb moms decide to forgo the experience of pregnancy and opted for no weight gain and a gestational surrogate.

Acting, modeling, and performing require celeb moms to have their strength and energy up. We are all well aware that pregnancy does exactly the opposite. Not to mention, many wouldn't feel "stage ready" with an extra 40 lbs. of weight during pregnancy or after. We have become obsessed with the "snapback" as a society so it is no wonder that moms are concerned about maintaining their figures, any way possible, when it comes to pregnancy.

13 Tyra Banks

We all know Tyra Banks as a supermodel and from her show America's Next Top Model. Imagine being a supermodel and dealing with a baby bump and losing all of that baby weight. The pressure over her snapback would be seriously insane. It's no wonder that Banks opted to have a surrogate carry her first son, York. She is doing the same for her future second child as well, and could be welcoming him/her anytime now according to rumors.

Tyra and her boyfriend, Erik Asla, want to have another child via surrogate again of course. It is said that Tyra has had some body and weight issues which does not surprise anyone who has ever seen the amount of criticism celebrities, particularly models, have to handle on a daily basis. We can see why she would opt to avoid the pregnancy critiques and pressure of a snapback.

12 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman had adopted her eldest children that she shares with Tom Cruise. She also shares two kids with Keith Urban. The pair's second daughter was born via surrogate back in 2010, and there is talk about the couple wanting another baby via surrogate this year as well.

Nicole Kidman said what so many of us have been afraid to say and that she just did not enjoy being pregnant. It's a no brainer that with the ability and money to afford a surrogate, the actress opted to use one. Kidman has been accused of just not liking the bloat and weight than obviously come with pregnancy. She was able to continue working, maintain her body, and still got her darling daughter in the end.

11 Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex in the City actress used a surrogate to carry her twins with her husband Matthew Broderick. She was 44 years old which is rather high on spectrum of conceivable age, but it's not all that crazy either. Her reasoning officially to use a surrogate was just a busy filming schedule. After all, a bump is pretty obvious to an audience or shots need to be rearranged to hide it. A baby bump and pregnancy can really throw a wrench in an actress's plans.

We can imagine that she would also have to take time to lose the weight before resuming to work so it is no surprise that she just opted for the surrogate instead. A mixture of her age, body, and work schedule make up the perfect reason to use a surrogate so we get it!

10 Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks has been in countless movies, and we have loved her on our screens! A few of us might have not even known that she was a mom, and none of us remember her pregnancies. The reason we don't remember ever seeing a pregnant Banks is because she has used a surrogate to carry her both of her babies.

She has raised some serious hate because she criticized moms of only one child of not being real moms, but many would push back to say the same of Banks who decided not to even carry her own children. Her slim figure is clearly an asset to her acting career so it is understandable why she opted to not mess with that.

9 Ellen Pompeo

The Greys Anatomy actress has three children with her husband, Chris Ivery. The actress only carried two of those three children though. Weirdly enough, the second child was carried by a surrogate, but Pompeo carried their first and last children. There are no official reasons for the decision to use a surrogate, but many have speculated that it had something to do with Pompeo's busy career and body.

The actress keeps herself plenty busy as a star on Greys Anatomy so we can understand her opting to use a surrogate for her child. Many think she just did not want to deal with the weight gain while working as an actress in her regular role. After all, it requires some time off, tricky angles to hide the bump, or a new story line.

8 Lucy Liu

LUCY LIU at 2012 CBS Upfront in New York

Lucy Liu has kept herself busy over the years with tons of projects and films so it is no wonder that her reason for using a surrogate to carry her baby is her work schedule. The single mom and Kung Fu Panda star used a surrogate back in 2016 to have her son, and many hit her quickly with negative comments.

While her work commitments might have been part of her reasoning as she does have a serious role on Elementary, many think she did not want to lose her slim figure to a baby bump and spend months losing that baby weight. Liu has become an advocate for creating a family beyond the "traditional" methods so we can applaud her for that!

7 Beyonce

Although we all know that Beyonce carried the twins, there are a ton of people who are not convinced that she carried Blue Ivy. Many of us watched her belly fold or collapse for a better term when she was supposedly pregnant with her daughter. Many believe that she actually used a surrogate to carry her eldest child. We can understand why one of the most gorgeous women to walk to the earth would want to opt out of pregnancy and keep her figure. It's basically a no brainer that anyone would give their left leg to look like Beyonce so we could understand if she decided to forgo experiencing pregnancy with her eldest child to keep up her figure.

6 Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer is the wife of actor Kelsey Grammer, who we probably recognize as the star from Fraiser. The couple used a surrogate to carry their two children. Camille is a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. She has spoken about her surrogate and what a great gift it is to have had her to carry her children, but Camille has never given a credible reason for why the pair opted for a surrogate.

It is known that Camille has IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, but there is still not a lot of traction to that being her reason to forgo pregnancy. It is often said that the reality star just didn't want to lose her figure. We know how nasty those fellow housewives can get after all!

5 Kim Kardashian West

We have heard Kim Kardashian-West's endless trials and tribulations with pregnancy. She utterly hates it when she is, and desperately yearns for it when she isn't. There's no winning for this Kardashian sister! We have all heard the speculation that she and Kanye are using a surrogate to carry their third child.

While Kim was on vacation with her sister, Kourtney, there were some not so great photographs snapped showing that the reality star was certainly losing her perfectly curvy figure! It is no surprise because she complained endlessly about how BIG she was when she was pregnant with both North and Saint. She probably still had some extra baby weight to lose. Back in 2015, the reality star referred to being pregnant as "the worst experience of my life." It is no surprise that she opted to not deal with the weight gain and snapback game by having someone else carry the couples third child.

4 Jordana Brewster

The Fast and Furious actress might be incredibly young, but that doesn't mean that she did not have issues with pregnancy. The slim actress had a surrogate carry her two children. Brewster takes about her own struggles with conceiving and IVF, but there are still quite a few who believe the actress was also motivated to use a surrogate for more vain  reasons. There are also those who believe she was just too slim to carry baby and go through labor and delivery. Both of following could be possibilities, but for now Brewster has kept up with encouraging young women who struggle with conception to know that they are not alone with their issues.

The actress is a mom of two who is saddened by the fact that she did not experience pregnancy or child birth. It is easy to be sympathetic there, but there are so many who are also skeptical. Of course she could have waited or continued to try, but did she just want her kids now or was surrogacy an easier option?

3 Grace Hightower

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower used a surrogate to carry their daughter back in 2012. Hightower was 56 years old when their daughter was born so there are a great deal of reasons why the pair opted for surrogacy. This isn't the first time De Niro has used a surrogate as another one of his children, from a different mother, was carried by a surrogate as well.

There are a variety of reasons why Hightower who is a popular actress would opt to have a surrogate carry her child. Many think her age had something to do with it. Some wonder how difficult that baby weight would be to lose at that age. Some think her busy schedule and public persona prevented her from wanting to carry the child and gain the weight.

2 Cindy Margolis

Remember Baywatch and all of the babes? Cindy Margolis was one of the babes and back in 2005 she had twins via a surrogate. At the time Cindy was just 39 which doesn't make her likelihood of conceiving that unreasonable. This left many to believe Cindy did not want to lose her babe worthy figure to have a baby (or two).

In 2006 after her twins were born, Cindy did a feature for Playboy which left so many others to question her true motivations for using a surrogate. After all, doing Playboy so quickly postpartum does not sound like something many of us would even want to attempt. The Baywatch babe is still human after all so we can think she had a like mindset.

1 Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren is the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren who opted to have a surrogate carry her children because she was "too busy." Dylan was 41 when the couple welcomed their twins in 2015. The couple blame Lauren's work schedule and travel for their decision to use a surrogate.

It is obvious to see that Lauren has a great figure and with a busy schedule it would probably be difficult for her to work on her snapback game. After all, it is easy to gain a great deal of weight on the road as it is so it is no wonder she probably was apprehensive about her weight gain if she were to get pregnant and keep up with work obligations. It would not leave her a lot of downtime to get her body back afterwards either.

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