13 Crazy Delivery Stories Of 2016

This year’s crazy delivery stories will shock, surprise and inspire. 2016 brought birth stories of incredible bravery, trailblazing science and remarkable courage.

Birth is an incredibly powerful experience. Each birth is a precious and miraculous occasion. Most births follow a predictable format. But of course there are many ways that each delivery is unique from another. Each mother is different and each baby enters the world in their own special way. This is just the beginning of each very different path in life.

But every once in awhile a birth REALLY stands out. A dramatic entrance, surprising arrival, or medical rarity sets some births apart from others.

All mothers should be celebrated for bravely facing the tremendous task of bringing a human being in the world. Bearing the physical pain and emotional highs and lows.Facing an uncertain outcome in the remarkable task of growing and delivering a baby.

The stories highlighted are plucked from the news of the last year. They are wrought with surprise, heartache and joy. Many of these mamas and babies overcame incredible odds, faced immense difficulty, endured breathtaking circumstances.

The human body is an incredible and complicated thing. The creation of it is even more so.

Check out these crazy delivery stories of 2016. #2 is jaw-dropping. Make sure to check it out. Comment at the end of the post with the most surprising story.

13 Baby Born Months After Mom Declared Brain Dead

Sandra Pedro suffered a brain hemorrhage in Portugal when she was just 3 months pregnant. Soon after arriving at the hospital she was declared brain dead.

Unknown to the baby’s father, Sandra was suffering from a relapse of kidney cancer. She had previously beat the cancer 10 years prior. She wanted more than anything to have this baby and she didn’t want the cancer to stop that.

Doctors convinced the family to keep Sandra on life support long enough to allow the baby to develop. She was given the nutrients needed to allow the baby to develop. While the baby was growing, nurses and other hospital staff would sing to the bump and lovingly rub it – trying to take the place of the mother.

Nearly 4 months after the mom was declared brain dead, doctors delivered the baby via cesarean. Lourenco was born small but healthy at 32 weeks.

12 8 Year Old Boy Delivers His Baby Sister

Jodie Caffery had a “false alarm” when she started having contractions and went to the hospital. As so many of us fear, her contractions stopped and she was sent home.While at home watching TV with her family, the baby’s head started to come out. The dad called an ambulance and went outside to direct them as they arrived.

Meanwhile, Marcus, 8 years old, stayed inside with his mom. With the help of the emergency operator, he began delivering his sister. By the time the paramedics arrived, all but her feet were out.

Marcus explained to reporters at the Mirror in London that he was really scared but explained “I just got on with it because I needed to do this and I couldn’t leave her on her own.”

When the paramedics arrived, they gently moved him to the side and began assisting Jodie. Marcus then went over to his 1 year old brother and explained what was happening. Then he read the 1 year old a book. What an incredible young man!

11 Rare En-Caul Birth: Baby Born in Amniotic Sac

Usually one of the first signs you’re in labor is that your water breaks. That it the amniotic sac around the baby breaks and starts to leak amniotic fluid.

This year, a baby born in Brazil surprised the delivery team when they found he was still fully encased in the amniotic sac. This baby was the second baby to be born of a set of twins. The staff is taking care of the first baby and are surprised to find the second baby snugly encased in his amniotic sac.

You have to watch the video of this. It’s incredible!

It happens in about 1 in 80,000 births. Even though it is shocking and incredible to see, the baby was not harmed by this. Babymed.com reports that it is “harmless and easily removed by the doctor or midwife.”

The baby ended up being healthy and happy!

10 Woman Delivers Baby Just Hours After Learning She’s Pregnant

One morning Calvin Williams woke to his wife Brooke having a seizure. He quickly called 911 and rushed her to the hospital. Brooke had 5 more seizures by noon that day. The doctors were trying to figure out what was wrong with her when they drew her blood and analyzed it. One doctor reported to Calvin that it looked like Brooke was pregnant.

Calvin was astonished. They believed Brooke couldn’t conceive after battling a brain tumor when she was young. But his surprise wouldn’t end there. Not only was Brooke pregnant, she was 35 weeks pregnant!

Brooke was soon rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section. That afternoon Brooke and Calvin meet their beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Neither of them had a single clue that she was pregnant (of course they weren’t looking for any since they didn’t believe she could get pregnant). She hadn’t been sick, her periods had always been very irregular, they didn’t notice any movement from the baby and she just didn’t look pregnant.

9 Mom Find Out About Brain Tumors While Pregnant

Kim Vaillancourt had two biologically children, just adopted 3 sisters and was expecting baby number 6. But that’s not the incredible part of her story.

Just 2 days after finalizing the adoption of her 3 daughters she began having intense migraines. She tried to sleep it off but after a couple days of pain her husband convinced her to see a doctor. She found out that brain tumors were causing the migraines.

In order to protect baby number 6, Kim decided to delay chemotherapy until after the baby was born. Kim was able to have 2 tumors removed while she was still pregnant.

In April, Wyatt Eli was born. He and mom are both healthy and thriving. Wyatt Eli means, “little warrior sent by God.” His name couldn’t be more true since mom sought medical attention for her migraines to ensure the baby wouldn’t be harmed. His presence brought his mom knowledge she desperately needed.

8 Baby Born in Under a Minute in Hospital Entrance

This mom and dad were heading to the hospital to have baby #2. Once they arrived, mom asked to be dropped off at the door because she had the feeling she wasn’t going to make it very far. The dad drops her off and heads off to find a parking spot. Little did he know he was going to miss the big show by just a few moments.

Mom makes it in the first set of doors but not even through the second set when she has to stop and lean over for a moment. Security cameras show her reaching down into her pants and simply pulling out a baby. It took less than 60 seconds!

Everyone was surprised by just how quickly baby came. Dad felt extremely guilty that he wasn’t there to help his wife. This is another video that you have to see to believe!

7 Syrian Refugee Gives Birth In Greek Air Force Helicopter

A Syrian refugee was one of a large group of new arrivals in Kastelorizo, Greece. She was waiting to receive aid when someone noticed how far along she was. They took her to the local health center to be checked over. At that point everything checked out.

She went back outside to wait along with other refugees to complete registration. That was when her water broke. They took her back to the health center and the doctor decided she should be transported to a larger hospital in Rhodes.

An emergency request was sent to the Greek Air Force to transport her. A Super Puma helicopter left for the island to rescue the expecting mother.

But the baby just couldn’t wait to get to the hospital. He was born while still in the air in the helicopter. Once landing both the mother and baby boy were rushed off to the hospital. Both were reported to be in “perfect health”.

6 Baby Born In Car On Freeway

This story is incredible (more than that look how cool the mom is!). Baby Parker was born in the car on the way to the hospital. It was baby #4 for mom and dad. They were on the 405 in Los Angeles and heading to the hospital. It seems that baby couldn’t wait for the hospital!

While the dad was driving to the hospital he noticed out of the corner of his eye that his wife had her pants pulled down and her breathing was a little heavy. He wondered what she was doing since they still had 20 more minutes before they reached the hospital.

A few minutes later baby was born and mom was happily nursing the baby while waiting to arrive at the hospital. Mom looks so peaceful, calm and happy as they make a video about the event at a red light. If only all entrances into the world could be so peaceful!

5 Getting Pregnant Twice (In Ten Days!)

Kate Hill of Australia was undergoing hormone treatment hoping to conceive. She ended up doing a great job of getting pregnant –twice! In a rare occurrence, known as superfetation, Kate conceived one baby and 10 days later conceived another baby (while only have intercourse once in that time).

Her doctor was surprised that this happened and had to do research to learn more about it. While it is uncommon, it’s not completely unheard of. The mom has to release a second egg sometime after conception. Usually, the hormonal changes that happen once a woman gets pregnant keeps this from happening.

The babies are not considered twins and they develop in separate sacs in the uterus. Both babies were born on the same day during a cesarean. They had an unusual start but a normal pregnancy and delivery. Both are healthy and thriving.

4 Twins Born In Different Years

Some twins are born on different days. But very few are born in different years. This year, as we rang in a new year, three sets of twins were born in different years. In San Diego one sister was born on December 31 at 11:56 while the other was born on January 1 at 12:00 exactly.

Meanwhile in Atlanta a baby girl was born at 11:20 on December 31. Her brother didn’t make his appearance until 12:20 on January 1st. The third set was in Glendale, Arizona. A baby girl was born at 11:50 on New Year’s Eve. Her brother arrived at 12:01 on New Year’s Day.

Will these parents throw two different birthday parties each year?

3 Sailor Gives Birth On Ship

A sailor on the US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower complained of a stomach ache. She later had a healthy baby girl aboard the ship in the Persian Gulf. The mother was not aware she was pregnant nor were the other members on the ship.

The aircraft carrier was not ready for a baby and formula, diapers and an incubator had to be flown out. The mom and baby were then transferred to Bahrain for further care.

This is very unusual for the US Navy. Expectant mothers are not supposed to be on the ship past 20 weeks gestation. They are also required to report a pregnancy within 2 weeks of confirming the pregnancy with a medical professional.

This baby certainly had a patriotic beginning like no other!

2 First Baby Born Using New 3-Person Fertility Technique

A new fertility technique was successfully used to give a woman another shot at motherhood.

A woman from Jordan has a rare disorder called Leigh Syndrome. Leigh Syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects 1 in 40,000 babies. This mother otherwise would not have been able to have a baby that survived very long.

She already survived 4 miscarriages, the death of an 8 month old, and the death of a 6 year old.

This new fertility treatment replaces the cellular mitochondria with that from a donor. It only accounts for 0.1 % of the DNA makeup of the child. The rest of the genetic material comes from the parents including hair, skin, and eye color.

The baby is now 9 months old. Doctors are hopeful this will change the fate for this family that has experienced so much pain.

1 60 Year Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins

Age is becoming less of a factor in childbirth as science allows women to reproduce much later in life.

At 59 years old, Claudette Cook and her husband decided to start a family. She had always wanted to have a family. She met her husband 9 years prior and neither had ever had any children. She is convinced this was all a part of God’s plan.

After finding an in vitro fertilization specialist that was willing to work with them they started the process. Claudette said she was healthy and in good shape. She was sure this was something she would be able to do. A donor supplied 2 eggs and both were fertilized and implanted. Luckily for them, both fertilized eggs survived!

In September she gave birth to two healthy boys. They were delivered about a month before their due date via cesarean to ensure a safe delivery. The two boys and their mom are doing great.

What story were you most surprised by? Comment below to tell us about it!

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