13 Crazy Moments Of Kids Almost Being Snatched

As parents we want our children to roam about their world free without harm. However, this world is broken, and with this brokenness is a world that we need to be cautious in. It is a world in which background checks must be kept in order for teachers to work. It is a place in which our closest neighbors could be the very people we want to protect our kids from. The world is a risk. Just like riding a bike with a helmet on, we take a chance that our kids will not fall off that bike.

But what if something were to happen, and it was out of our control? What if those very same predators, we keep locked out at night attempted to kidnap the very babies we swore to protect? What if these sickos were caught on camera? How would we feel then? Would we feel violated? In a world full of cameras, we may feel as if Big Brother is watching us, stalking us, and never giving us privacy. It is this violation of technology that could one day save our children. These cameras might even capture the faces, license plate numbers, and kidnappers that we would want to be found. These are the stories, of kids, women and men who were almost kidnapped, some may have been lucky to escape, and others whose stories have more complicated endings.

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13 Bristol Bar

One of the most relaxing things in the world, is going out for a drink with our friends. We sit, chat, and catch up on life. Our worries are cast aside for a few hours, and we become a more relaxed version of ourselves. We leave behind our work places at the foot of the pub, and enter a world of protection among friends. What if this "protection among friends" was violated, for a man in Bristol this was the case.

Earlier this year, in February, a young man of 22, was out for an evening of drinking with his friends. The young man enjoyed a few drinks and was getting up to leave. Upon leaving, the young man was over taken by a gang. The gang of about 3-4 men, dragged this man by his feet. In the video he is seen thrashing around in an attempt to escape. The odd thing about this kidnapping, was that it was done in a public place. The video even shows bystanders and witnesses, on the side line doing nothing. Later this young man, was taken to a hospital from the injuries this gang caused him. This video was released by the police, in hopes that anyone with information would come forward. If I were this young man, I would think twice before ever going into a bar again.

12 Kayla Berg

Acting is a gift, it is an expression of emotion, the playing out and pretending to be somebody else. What if acting went too far? Like the infamous Blair Witch Project, a video went viral and the whole world believed it to be true.

Kayla Berg was only 15 years old, when she was kidnapped in 2009. She was about to be dropped off at her boyfriend's house when she went missing. Upon her disappearance, a disturbing video went viral with the title of, Hi Walter, I have a new girl friend. In the film, we see a man opening a closet door, and behind the closet door is a woman screaming and is bound with duct tape. Then the man enters the closet and that is the end of the film.

The actress in the film, was thought to be Kayla Berg. Kayla's mother, Hope Sprenger believed this girl looked and sounded like Kayla. After an investigation was done, it was discovered that this film was a hoax.

This film horrified Hope, and she was in shock that anyone could make a film about kidnapping. The creator of the film Michale Maton, said he and his friends were not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. They simply wanted to create a miniseries of horror films, after this happened they lost interest in their project all together. To this day no one knows where Kayla Berg is, she has not been found.

11 James Bulger, Jon Venables, And Robert Thompson

In a shopping center in England, a young boy by the names of James Bulger was taken. He was with his mother, who turned her back for a moment, only to find James was no longer at her side. It was then, that James's mother asked for help to search for her son. The mall security cameras revealed, what appeared to be a 12 and possibly 18 year old, luring James away and walking hand in hand with him out of the mall. The police then began searching for preteens and teens, who shared these descriptions. As the police were interviewing these teens, they soon knew they were not involved. The next day, James's body was found on a rail road track, dead. The police knew right away that he had been murdered. Phil Robert, one of the lead detectives on this case is still haunted by the scream of Denise Fergus, James's mother. He can still hear her screaming, after she was told of her son's passing.

It was later brought to Phil's attention that the boys responsible were two ten year olds. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Phil knew he was staring demons in the face as he interviewed them. Thompson was the master mind behind the whole incident. He did not cry at all during any of his interviews. He described James's outfit that he had been wearing when he was murdered. In Venables interview, he was crying and seeking support. He answered all the questions being asked of him. He admitted that they threw bricks at James's head, and that there was blood everywhere. To make it look like an accident they through James's body away on the railroad tracks.

10 Andrea Bridges

In 2015, a little girl by the name of Andrea Bridges was playing in the yard of her apartment complex. All of the sudden, a man walked up and asked the seven year old to come with him. She told the 25 year old man no. In a surveillance video the man is then seen picking the child up, and running with her in his arms to get away. The child kicked his arms so hard, that it loosened his grip and she ran away to her mother. Andrea's mother, Tabatha Bridges, called the police.

The video was soon released to the public, and the man was recognized by his own grandmother, Gail Jones. The man believed that Andrea was his daughter, but this was not the case. He was simply confused because he suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Tabatha was excited to know that this man was taken to jail, and his grandmother just wanted her grandson to get the mental help that he needed. Tabatha said this event destroyed the sense of security that their family once had, and that she keeps an even closer eye on her daughter since the event.

9 Agra Kidnapping

In Agra, India in January of 2016, a little six year old boy was kidnapped from his aunt's house. The child was lured away by two men, who worked for a manufacturing company. The two men took the child, and later called his parents. In the video, the men can be seen taking the child away on a motorcycle in broad day light. During the phone call, they demanded a ransom of roughly $1,500 US dollars. Being in India, this price was very high for this child's parents. The father of this child, was off working in Dubai during this incident. The child's mother, however was the one who received this unnerving phone call. The two men demanded that the mother, meet them and deliver the ransom to them. The mother agreed, and the police instead surprised these men at the desired location. While they were being interrogated these men revealed where the boy was, and he was doing just fine.

8 Pune Station

When traveling around the world by plane, train or bus; parents must take strangers into account. My family for example, moved from the USA to Kenya last summer, and during this journey we took extra precautions in the airport that we traveled to and from. I did not let strangers get to close, and we even purchased a backpack with a leash on it so our son would not wander. My point is, we never know who might be watching us, targeting us, and who might get too close. At the Pune Station in India, one man was too close and he got away with it. A man named, Pramod Kamble, was hanging around the station and was scouting out his next victim. That's when he noticed a special needs child wandering away from his father. In the video, the child can be seen walking hand in hand with this stranger. Later in the video that kidnapper is see, this time without the child. The police later caught Pramod Kamble, but were unable to locate the child.

7 Mumbai Station

Another train station in India witnessed a kidnapping by camera. This story gives me the creeps, in the CCTV video the unidentified man gets off of a train. He then proceeds to make his way down a platform. He makes his way into the waiting room of the station. Keep in mind that this all took place in the middle of the night. While in the waiting room, this man can be seen scoping out a victim. He goes up and down the isles and is searching and searching. He was looking for an exhausted family where everyone was asleep. He finally got what he was looking for.

In less than a minute upon entering the waiting room, this man sits beside a three year old, and then picks her up. Her parents who are both asleep, don't even notice. He then takes the half awake child with him and leaves the station. The police reported that the parents were so exhausted, they had missed their train, so they decided to sleep and catch a later one. This decision lead to the kidnapping of their young child. A month later this young child was found in what the Indiatimes.com reports as "the holy town of Haridwar in Uttarakhand." The man named Raju, was captured and charged with kidnapping.

6 Sammie Wallace

In a Walmart in Midwest City, OK a man named, Sammie Wallace decided to stalk a mother, her twelve year old daughter, and two year old. Wallace pretended that he wanted to go grocery shopping, and so he grabbed an empty shopping cart and strolled around the store, while eyeing the two year old victim. This stalking lasted for about 10 minutes. Then as the mother's back was turned, he grabbed the child and put a knife to her back. He handed the frantic mother a cell phone and demanded that she call his friend, who is a cop that lived in Dallas, TX.

Bystanders immediately phoned the police, and within minutes officers arrived on the scene. The shoppers at Wal-mart were asked to evacuate while the police took over the situation. The cops even asked the mother to leave the scene, her frantic behavior might have escalated everything. One of the cops spoke with Wallace in a thirty minute stand off. The cops believed Wallace to have a mental disorder because of the nonsense he told them. During their negotiations Wallace held the squirming child with a knife to her back. When the cop saw that Wallace was about to take the child's life, he swooped in and shot Wallace in the head at point blank. The little girl was unharmed and returned to her mother.

Taylor Blanton

What is bravery, but the mere courage to do something daring. For Taylor Blanton, it would take all her courage, wit, and smarts to outwit an almost break in. Blanton was home alone, playing video games to pass the time. That's when she heard someone attempting to break in. The brave twelve year old crept upstairs, and tried to see the criminal's face. She then went to her bedroom window, and used her cell phone to record his creepy behavior.

The man was walking/stalking between her house and the neighbor's house. She called police and described what he was wearing perfectly. In an article by insideedition.com it is revealed how Blanton described the criminal to police, “He's wearing a red auburn T-shirt and he's wearing a hat, and he has a rag in his back pocket."

Blanton then hid in the closet in her bedroom. The police came and picked up the man a few blocks away. The man told police that he was searching for a glass of water, but the cops didn't believe his story. The police were happy to have Blanton's help. It turns out this man was a "career criminal" who had been in and out of this neighborhood doing crime for awhile. This incident made Blanton's family decide to move elsewhere.

5 Terry Ransom

In Victorville, CA a mother was taking her baby and four year old daughter to a mobile phone store. The mother noticed a strange man staring at her in the parking lot. Upon interviewing, this mother admitted she did not think this man would follow her and her daughters. While the mother was holding her baby girl in the store, she let her four year old play with the candy machine. While her daughter was distracted the stranger, later identified as twenty-four year old Terry Ransom, snatched the girl right by the store's entry way. In the video he is seen snatching the girl, while the mother and a bystander quickly follow him. In the next door facility, a hair stylist and his customers saw what was going on. They witnessed Ransom, laughing in the middle of traffic with the child in his arms. The customers attacked Ransom, and held him down until the police arrived. The little girl was unharmed and the creep was taken away by the police.

4 18 Year Old In North Hollywood

In North Hollywood, CA a young girl was headed to school. The 18 year old was almost abducted by a man, who in the video appears to be in his early twenties. The young girl can be seen pushing this man off repeatedly. The young man, then gives up and walks in the opposite direction. Later in the video the car he was driving can be seen. The young girl, filed a report with the police, and they soon took action. Mike Oreb, the man who's house the attempted abduction took place in front of, was surrounded by police.

Luckily for the police, Mike Oreb had a security camera installed on his property. His CCTV camera caught the whole incident, and it only verified the young woman's story to be true. The police have revealed the video to the public in hopes that this man can be found and questioned. In the article posted by the dailystar.co, the description of the man was posted as, "An Hispanic male, who is 5 foot 6 inches tall and 120 pounds." This incident occurred in March of this year, anyone with information please report it.

3 Luis Davila-Quinones

Near Kissimmee, FL a man named Luis Davila-Quinones is being held for attempted kidnapping. On March 21st of this year, a young girl the age of 10, was asked by Luis to get into his car multiple times. The little girl refused and said no to his requests. Shocked and afraid, the girl can be seen running into the Walmart away from his car. After the incident, the girl told her grandmother, Niobis Jaquez, that a man tried to snatch her. The little girl described to police what the man looked like. When he was later caught, it surprised everyone that this man looked exactly as the sketch picture portrayed. The little girl singled him out in a police line up, and it gave the police all the information that they needed to begin a trail on attempted kidnap. Jaquez is both relieved that her ten year old grand baby is doing well and is proud of how she handled herself in this dangerous situation.

2 Alabama Gas Station

In Birmingham, AL of March of this year, a 25 year old woman was thrown into the trunk of a car and kidnapped. Police found out that the woman, was asked by her captor to give him money. When she failed to produce the money, he forced her into the trunk of a car, took her phone, and stole her wallet. He then went to a gas station in Alabama to take money out of her bank account.

The store owner, Yosef Alsabah, said the man acted strangely and was frustrated he could not get out more money than the daily maximum would allow. While the creep was in the gas station, the 25 year old woman was caught on camera jumping out of the trunk of the car. She then headed into the gas station, and told Yosef all that has happened to her. Yosef allowed her to hide in the back of the gas station, where she was clutching the store's gun tightly. Yosef reassured her that she was safe now. He called police, who also noticed this young woman had been cut by her captor. The kidnapper is still at large and has not been found. Anyone with information regarding this incident please come forward.

1 Craig Bonello

It was the start to a normal day in Hernado, FL. A mother and her thirteen year old daughter went out shopping together at a local Dollar Store. What they didn't know is that Craig Bonelle, had been watching them. In the video we see Bonello stretching his arms out and acting like he is this "harmless man." Next he sneaks up behind the thirteen year old and drags her across the store, in an attempt to kidnap her in broad day light. The mother of the girl was not going to give up easily and held onto her daughter for dear life throughout the incident. Luckily for the mother, the store manager was there to help, along with an off duty police officer, who happened to be pulling up to the Dollar Store. The cop arrested the man, and Bonello was facing charges for an attempted kidnapping of a minor. It is believed by all that this girl's mother truly saved her life. Both the shaken up girl and mother were receiving victim support from their local Sheriff's office.

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