13 Father-Child Bonding Activities

Despite the stereotype of generations ago saying that fathers are less engaged with the kids than their mothers, we’re here to back you up, daddies!

We know that you want your fair share of precious moments with the kids, so don’t worry, we’ve summed up 13 perfect father-and-child bonding activities that won’t make you feel any less of a man!

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13 Bottle-Feed or Breastfeed Your Baby

For eons, women have been credited for the act of breastfeeding for their babies. Not only is breastfeeding an intimate physical connection, but an excellent act of sustenance as well since human milk is the best and most nutritious of its kind.

Good thing secretly jealous dads can get to have their fair share of intimate bonding with their young too, all thanks to the male breastfeeding device! The ingenious vest equipped with BPA and lead-free detachable milk bottles can make a man out of any proud father out there!

In spite of how both ridiculous and genius this one may be, it all boils down to one thing, dads you get to experience this rare parental moment with your little ones and get to keep a rather fun memory forever.

12 Cook With ‘Em!

We all know that the kitchen has been the staple sanctuary of mothers. However, may we remind you that this is the 21st century! Pigs can fly now... okay, maybe we’ve exaggerated on that one a little, but this next one’s for real, though – that “cook dads” can be as cool as cook moms.

Kids are used to seeing and tasting mom’s delicacies and that’s not a bad thing, but it would be fun for you dads to get in touch with your inner chef and have your kids as apprentices. There’s no better way to lighten up the kitchen than with dad and the kids invading the cupboards!

11 Play Fun Video Games

Be a hero and teach your children about good strategy, street-smart skills and pure plain fun via spending time playing video games. We sure bet they’ll learn a thing or two about tactics from their good ol’ dad! You might want to check out some kid-friendly Xbox games if you’re really in for some pure clean fun with the family!

10 Make Role-Playing Fun

These can be some of the greatest moments in your child's life. Why? It’s gratuitously childlike, pure authentic fun and can even contribute to your child’s creative mind. You don’t really have to stress out on the items you use, simply be creative and use whatever you have around the house!

What’s important is that you apply some good acting skills and make the theme as fun as possible. You can play out a concert with nothing but wooden spoons as microphones and broom sticks as guitars. You can also make an ocean out of blankets, you be the shark and they the survivors!

9 Help With School Projects 

Helping children with school work seems to be a 'mom thing,' although we don't know why. And seeing as we don't, lets forget about it! Now is your chance to prove them wrong, daddy! Make science your child’s most favorite subject by helping them create some cool science projects.

Try out some amazing science experiments from Youtube that you can do with your kids. Not only are you helping them academically, but you are also letting them know that you support them and that what they do is important to you. Making a little time for your child can go a long way.

8 Awesome Outdoor Activities

Dads, outdoor activities are some of the best recreational bonding that you can do with your kids. Try out camping as a way to teach them basic survival skills, as well as all the valuable safety information that goes hand in hand with spending time in the great outdoors.

Also, you can try club biking with them and teach them all they need to know about biking as a team and taking safety precautions while on the road. Clearly, recreational activities such as these will not only teach them to be responsible individuals, but they will also help them become independent people. They’ll thank you for it someday.

7 Watch Movies in the Theatre with Them!

What’s cuter than a dad who’s gone to see the movies The Angry Birds or Finding Dory with his two little young ladies? While X-Men: Apocalypse may be ‘masculinely’ appealing, drop the idea for some time to spend on what could be a more memorable experience with your kids.

Sharing awe-inspiring scenes with them, seeing them laugh, cry or amazed with those big bright eyes makes the time in front of the screen watching birds fight off pigs worth while.

6 Prepare School Lunch Together

Dads, you might as well take your kiddos to the supermarket with you while you plan out their lunch for school. Ask them for suggestions but while you’re at it, you can also advocate healthy options.

In the morning, get them to help you prepare their school lunch. Let them cut, craft, stir and place the food on containers as you guide them. An artsy fruit and veggie box can be a good example.

5 Enjoy Thrilling Rides Together

Kids love the idea of amusement parks and rides. Be a cool dad and join them on some wild rides. Fair warning: as a parent, it is still up to you to discern whether a ride is too dangerous for your kids.

Pick a ride that’s something between safe and challenging like mini-coasters if they’re too young, or bumper boats and rotating rides that rise and fall which can be thrillingly fun.

4 Go to Concerts with Them

Get into your child’s world and know their kind of music! They may be young, but not too young not to fancy some pop songs either. You can support their fondness for music as this is also a way for them to express themselves.

So what’s the catch in going to Taylor Swift concerts with your primary schoolers? You also get to guide them towards a musical preference that doesn’t involve drugs, sex and foul words.

3 Create Scrapbooks with Them

Yes, dads, get your hands busy with those paper roses and colourful glitters. Making scrapbook won’t make you any less of a man, especially in your children’s eyes. They’ll even think of you as a hero – rescuing poorly glued quilled paper arts and guardians of scissors mishaps.

While you’re at it, incorporate some cool photos of your family taken during fun and memorable moments. Now, that’s a scrapbook that your kiddies will never forget! Supporting your kids’ creativity will never be an effort in vain, it will eventually pay off someday and they’ve got you, Dad, to thank for it.

2 Participate in Their School Plays

We think all schools should advocate parent involvement, especially in extracurricular activities where the parents get to team up with their kids at school. If you’re a dad and you were asked to participate in your kid’s school play, gladly accept the invitation.

You can best show your involvement by sewing your child’s costumes, show some carpenter skills and help out with the set design or even volunteer yourself as an acting character. Don’t underestimate the latter. See how Dwayne Johnson rocked in a school ballet dance with his daughter in The Game Plan movie? We totally dig him.

1 Tell Them Stories About Yourself

Dads, you probably have your fair share of bed time stories to tell your kids. Instead of fairy tales, tell them your real-life adventures when you were a kid. Tell them how you used to climb up trees and fell on your bottom, how you got your first booboo, or how their Gramps used to chase you off to smack your behind whenever you did something really naughty.

These are by far the best bonding moments you can share with your children because it gives them a chance to know who and how you were as a kid - just like they are now. You’ll be their inspiration in making their own adventures in the long run.

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