13 Funniest Celeb Mom Moments Ever Captured On Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are just a few of the social media sites that we all love, and well let’s face it, it’s the main reason mommas don’t always get stuff done.

I would totally much rather drink a glass of wine while helping Chrissy Teigen come up with memes for her stuffed giraffe on twitter, than doing a pile of food-crusted dishes.

I wonder what it is about social media that we all get stuck on, I mean, I get on just to check a notification and then BAM before I know it, it’s almost been an hour and I have totally forgot why I even went on in the first place.

Could a social media site, like Facebook actually be addicting? Well it turns out, it just might be! While increasing impulse behavior inside the brain, creating the same outcome as a drug addict, reports Medical Daily.

Well no wonder it takes me hours to clear one message while I'm on Facebook.

Well good news though, celebrities enjoy social media and sharing their funniest mom moments as much as we do! (And sometimes more…) And I have to admit, I enjoy seeing their posts just as much as they enjoy sharing them!

13 Katie Holmes' Birthday Wish To Taylor Swiffer

Katie Holmes wishes Swiffer a personalized happy 18th birthday by posting while doing some mommy duties around the house.

This picture is perfect in so many ways, but specifically shows that no matter if you’re a movie star or just a normal mom working an 8-5 job, we all have the same responsibilities.

When were constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off, (And you know you're totally guilty) doing the dishes, laundry, getting the kids to school on time while making sure we ourselves aren't late for work, well it gets a tad bit overwhelming.

For times like this, Holmes partners up with Swiffer to make mom duties a little easier, and hey, maybe we should all partner up with this busy life-style saving product?

12 When Snooki Googled Her Son's Homework

Okay, first off – who doesn’t love Google?! Well, we know Snooki most definitely does. 

She tweeted “When Lorenzo has to bring in objects to school that start with the letter I”. I’m not entirely certain if this is funny because much of us can totally relate or what, but I’m cracking up while envisioning her typing “Letter I Objects”.

When your child starts school, there are many reasons for tears, one of those being the kid's homework. CNN reported kindergartners spend 25 minutes a night on after-school assignments, according to the study carried out by researchers from Brown University. (As much as a 3rd grader!)

11 Kristen Bell's Beauty Routine

Kristen Bell takes us backstage right before her big moment at the CMT awards to show us exactly how she creates that flawless - perfectly smooth gorgeous look. So what was her big secret she's been holding back from all of us?

Well, it turns out that her backstage beauty routine was centered around one essential product - the boob machine.

Yup, that's what I said.

Bell's new step into beauty perfection was using her Medela breast pump, but she's not the first to claim that breast milk is making her beautiful. In fact, The Mud Facial Bar in Chicago is where many women are going in for a....... breast milk facial. Whaaaat?! Sounds crazy I know, but it's totally the real deal.

10 Mariah Carey's Easter Bunny Nightmare

When Mariah Carey shares an Easter picture to social media, we all had to take a second look. Like at first, we think this is a super adorable mom moment, but then.... the picture turns out to be hilariously creepy.

The pop star captions the photo with, "Dreams do come true! The Easter Bunny - I know him too! Happy Easter everybody!" ending with a few creepy bunny emojis.

The funny but weird part of the whole situation? Her daughter, Monroe, was asleep in her room with a Easter bunny standing beside the bed, creepily smiling while holding a basket of candy.

Ummmm... do you think they know that she's asleep? This is definitely a terrifying nightmare instead of being, 'A dream come true.' Sorry to break it to you Mariah!

9 Chrissy Teigen's Breastfeeding Tanlines

After giving birth and coming home from the hospital, we face many challenges as new parents. Our job is to love and nurture our brand-new baby, but are moms forgetting something? We usually push our own needs and wants to the very bottom, especially while nursing. But is that really best?!

Well Christine Teigen doesn't think so, even if she does have a couple of umm... "boobing" challenges.

This mom doesn't let pumping stop her from feeling and looking good, although sometimes it results in a tan line. Journal Demography reported a recent study was shown that new parents have a 37% percent drop in happiness' after the baby was born. So, let's all “think” like Christine and make sure not to forget to make time for you, momma!

8 Pink's Microwave Rest Stop

I swear babies know when we're about to enjoy a moment, either right when we open our favorite book to have some quiet time while the baby is sleeping, or about to enjoy a big - delicious - cup of hot coffee. No more than 10 seconds later.... yup the baby's up!

Finally, 1 hour later that moment comes again, you sneak into the kitchen, the coffee you made earlier went cold… so now you have to warm it up, but WITHOUT waking or disturbing the baby.

So, you would do what any other smart and successful and tired AF new mom would do, you know...... like Pink!

Make a pallet on the floor and take a 5 second nap until your coffee is done and the baby starts screaming.

7 Zooey Deschanel's Daughter For Prez

Former "New Girl "actress took to Twitter and claimed that her daughter, Elsie Otter Pechenik, would be a better pick for president, rather than Donald Trump. In the tweet she wrote, " My infant daughter is going to run for president. She remains silent all of the key issues but she's much cuter than Donald Trump."

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking this is a good idea and we should do an election 'redo'. Well, maybe next time Elsie!

Now the movie star's daughter is on her way to her 2nd birthday coming up in July and currently loving on her new baby brother, Charlie Wolf, who was born on May 9th in Los Angeles. Charlie Wolf and Elsie Otter... this couple definitely loves their animals.

6 Jessica Alba's 'Damn Daniel' Moment

When Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor, walked in the room wearing her new white vans, the former Sin City actress couldn’t hold back any longer.

With the new viral video ‘Damn Daniel’ recently taking over the internet, it’s easy to find yourself waiting for the perfect moment to experience the hilarity yourself.

The 8-year-old’s reply to her parent's “DAMN, DANIEL back at it again with the white vans!” was pretty hilarious itself.

Not being a big fan of the 200,000 shared video, Alba's daughter answered with “Stop, that’s weird.” Sometimes being a kid has it’s perks but sometimes… you have embarrassingly uncool moments brought on by your parents.

Although I personally thought this was an epic mom moment for Jessica Alba, but for her daughter - not so much.

5 Jessica Biel's Prehistoric Pumps

Jessica Biel was about to slip on her shoes when she found what looked like Jurassic Park unleashed on her Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Turns out her and Timberlake's two-year-old son, Silas, had in fact turned the Blahnik into his own dino movie set. Cute, right?

The mini JT recently turned two on April 8th and well, it looks like his poor parents might be experiencing the terrible 2's already. It was reported that the tiny tot and mom were out shopping when he decided it was tantrum time and started to throw a fit while being in Biels's arms.

Even though the toddler days are definitely a challenge, it all seems worth it at the end of the day when you peek in and see that precious little angel of yours snoozing away. (At least most days!)

4 Katherine Heigl's Unimpressed Son

Animal lover, Katherine Heigl thought it would be fun to add a friend to the tummy time mix, but not just any kind of friend, a furry friend.

But baby Joshua wasn't too crazy about the idea and made sure his momma knew.

When Heigl posted a picture of her son giving her the death stare she wrote "I couldn't stop myself from sharing this! Tummy Time is always more fun with a friend...or so you'd think.

I can't say I blame him though, tummy time is already a miserable task just trying to keep your head up to see what's right in front of you, but knowing you have a dog right behind you yet you can't see what he's doing - And having him steal the show????? No thanks mom.

3 Christina Applegate's New Bedmate

Being a parent, you never know what you might walk into one day. Kid's have been known to pull a couple good pranks here and there and usually, mom is the easiest target.

When Christina Applegate walked into her room, she saw was a rubber chicken all cozied up on the bed with its head on the pillow.

After she tweeted, " You know you're a parent when you walk in your room and find a rubber chicken in your bed."

Weird thing about these comical rubber chickens? Nobody is certain about where they originated from but most think that they were first used in the Medieval Era by jesters as slapstick's. Hmmm… But are we really ever going to know the true story?

The Mysteriously Funny Mr. Chicken..

2 Kate Hudson's Airport Dance Off

What does a cool mom, like Kate Hudson do when her preteen (now teenage) son is stuck inside an airport and bored out of his mind? Hmmm…

Go run laps until he said he’s no longer bored? Nope, not mom, Kate Hudson.

Instead, she starts the music and puts on a dance show with her son Ryder, while rapping to Trap Queen.

This was definitely a top 10 kind of mom moment for Kate Hudson.

Not only is this gorgeous mom super cool but she's a great mom too! She recently tweeted, In this home... We do second chances. We do real. We do mistakes. We do I'm sorrys. We do LOUD REAL WELL. We do hugs. We do TOGETHER best of all." (Don't you just love her?!

1 When Hoda Kotb Horsed Around

The newly adoptive parent of Haley Joy and co-anchor of the Today Show, Hoda Kotb, enjoyed watching the 2017 Kentucky Derby while cuddling up to her 3 month old daughter.

All wearing DIY Derby hats, boyfriend Joel Schiffman and sister both joined the new mom and her weeks old infant at the Kentucky Derby celebration held at Kotbd's house.

The new mom shared Instagram picture saying "Haley's first derby and my homemade hat courtesy of Joel's sis Beth. Go Patch!!!!"

Although as you know, sadly Patch was not the winner of the 2017 Kentucky Derby, but the one-eyed horse has still taken over hearts everywhere. Derby results report over 2 million had been wagered on his determined win.

That's okay Patch, you'll get em' next time!

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