13 Hollywood Celebs Who Fell For The Help

Since the beginning of time, moms and dads have been working together as a village to help raise their children. Likewise, we imagine, they’ve also been falling in love with caregivers and other household helpers ever since, too. Alright, maybe it’s not always love. Whatever it is, monogamy has always been a problem for some folks. Celebrities are no exception.

When a couple hires a caregiver for themselves, their kids, or their home, it’s usually based on that person’s skills to do the job. They’re not always the hot nanny, folks. In fact, in some cases, we’ve been left wondering what on Earth these celebs saw in their mistresses and misters that made them stray. There’s something to be said for that physical and chemical connection two people have. It’s not always about looks.

It takes some balls to falter on those wedding vows and jump in head first into the world of adultery. Not that they deserve any kind of commending, but it’s not without hesitation and nervousness on most people’s parts. It just makes it easier for us to digest if we paint a person as all bad for the mistakes that they make. Up to 60 percent of marriages suffer through infidelity at some point. Ouch!

13 Jude Law

Let’s kick this off the right way and discuss one of the most talked about cases of celebrity affairs in history. It wasn’t all that long ago, either. Back in 2005, Jude stepped out on his then-fiancée Sienna Miller. Eek, yeah, we can fathom why, either. It seems Daisy Wright, the nanny for his three children at the time, was just too tempting for Jude to resist.

Alright, Daisy wasn’t a dog, but she was no Sienna Miller! It leads us to question if perhaps men like Jude aren’t falling for the nanny because she’s hot to trot, but rather because she embodies another feature men find attractive in women: motherhood. Men like caregivers. After all, they are mostly overgrown children, right?

Maybe Jude couldn’t pull himself away from Daisy and her caring nature. Does it make it right? No, but there’s always an explanation even when it isn’t an excuse. It has to be said that rumors were rampant that Sienna was also getting a little action on the side with co-star Daniel Craig. Sienna and Jude tried to make it work again in 2009, but called it quits by 2011.

12 Ethan Hawke

Ah, no one saw this one coming. Remember Ethan Hawke when he was worthy of being talked about because he was Uma Thurman’s husband? Did anyone else notice how her career took off when she dropped the dead weight — ahem, husband? Despite their on-screen chemistry in films like Gattaca, something was missing in their real life day-to-day.

In 2009, Ethan was caught red-handed smooching Ryan Shawhughes in a Montreal bar. The young lady was the couple’s nanny to their two kids, Maya and Levon. So, how did this affair start? We’ll never truly know. What we do know is that Ethan didn’t hold back when asked why he did it. He blamed his wife!

Was Uma withholding affection from Ethan? Was she cheating, too? Nah, her career was blossoming. People were taking notice of her on-par acting skills, while his career drifted into the abyss. So, when your career in tanking, might as well throw your personal life into the gutter, too. While Uma’s career has soared to new heights, Ethan married the nanny and they claim to be living happily ever after with two kids of their own. I wonder what Christmas is like with Uma and Ethan and Ryan now.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger

For years, people admired Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver. It’s not common that celebrity couples withstand the test of time, and this couple seemed to have it all. Wealth, celebrity, the Kennedy name. What more could one want? Well, some fidelity wouldn’t be too bad.

In 2011, Schwarzenegger wrapped up his eight years of service as Governor of California. By some miracle, it wasn’t until the end of his politic career that the truth about his past really came to light, and it shattered his world.

Amidst having four children with his wife over the years, Arnold found time to get busy with Mildred “patty” Baena — the housekeeper — and fathered her child. His son Joseph is the spitting image of his dear old Terminator dad. As for Maria and Arnold, their marriage didn’t survive the rocky revelation.

10 Robin Williams

I know! We loved him, too, but that doesn’t mean he was a perfect man with a perfect image. Robin Williams made mistakes, too. His were just so far in the past that no one cares to bring them up anymore. Besides, why speak ill of the dead, right? We’re going there anyway.

Believe it or not, Williams’ ex of 21 years, Marsha, was not his first wife. Back in 1978, the comedian married Valerie Velardi. The pair spent ten years together in which time they had their son Zak. They called it quits in 1988 after it was revealed that Robin was cheating with Zak’s nanny. You guessed it, it was Marsha!

He soon married Marsha Garces and they remained together until 2008. Shortly thereafter, he met Susan Schneider and married her in 2011. Robin’s struggled with Diffuse Lewy Body Dementia — an illness that led to his suicide in 2014.

9 Jon Gosselin

When Jon and Kate Gosselin called it quits, everyone saw it coming. In the middle of filming another season of their hit show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, the dynamic duo everyone had fallen in love with said they were through. This came on the hells of many reports of Jon’s erratic behavior. He’d been caught drunk in local bars. Rumors were surfacing of a marijuana abuse habit, as well.

Meanwhile, Kate was busy at home tending to her eight kids and Dad was nowhere to be found. Then the real story broke. The one about Stephanie Santoro, the nanny that alleged she had an affair with Jon. She offered up juicy — and disgusting — details of how their affair started and the very pick-up lines he used. Hey, she fell for it! To this day, Jon denies the rumors that he cheated. He’s working as a waiter in rural Pennsylvania while Kate continues building her empire with the kids.

8 Mick Jagger

While married to Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger allegedly took to the sheets with Claire Houseman, the nanny! Actually, there were no sheets involved, because as Jerry was in the other room sleeping on them, Mick approached the young caregiver in the kitchen while she grabbed a cup of joe. They two did the nasty on the kitchen countertop, and Claire reportedly didn’t think much of it. In fact, the two had only known one another roughly two days. Is that all the longer Mick could resist?

Let’s not put all the blame on him, though. With Jerry nearby cuddling baby Gabriel — whom Claire was hired to look after — Mick and Claire were going at it like rabbits. Well, for a minute anyway. Claire has said that it was a pretty brief encounter. When it was okay, Mick kissed her on the nose and said “Okay babe”, before returning to the bed to snuggle with his wife and son. Still, she has no regrets over bagging the rockstar.

7 Ben Affleck

Much like many others who have come before him, Ben Affleck preached his denial regarding the rumors that he cheated on his wife, actress Jennifer Garner. But Garner later stepped up to the plate and clarified the rumors. While Affleck was indeed involved with the couple’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian, their involvement didn’t start until after Ben and Jen had separated. Ugh, still!

What kind of woman takes up with the father of the children she has been hired to help raise? She bonded with those children and then made a choice to get far too close to Ben. What could the ultimate outcome really be? The odds were never in her favor that she would stay in any of their lives. So, how do these women find themselves doing this kind of emotional harm to the children involved? Jennifer has remarked that she’s had to discuss the scandal with her children and explain why the nanny was suddenly M.I.A. Awwwkward!

6 Peter Cook

Reaching way back to 2005, Christy Brinkley was busy were her ever-blossoming career. Her husband, lesser famous but well known for his work as an architect, was getting busy, too. He hired an 18-year old assistant by the name of Diana Bianchi who was the daughter of his neighbor, and the rest is history.

The affair went on for two years. Cook showered Bianchi with hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending money, and admitted to having sexual relations with her. His admission of guilt didn’t come easily, though. It was demanded as he was called to the stand during his own divorce hearing by Brinkley’s attorneys. As it turns out, Cook’s love of models was trumped by his lust for the girl next door. Bianchi is married to food Aaron Arizpe now and seems to have moved on without incident. We can’t say the same for Cook.

5 Gavin Rossdale

Don’t you love it when celebrity couples that we were absolutely in love with come crashing down in a ball of flames and no one wants to tell you why?! That’s exactly what happened with celebrity power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale when they announced their marriage was over. They asked for privacy and seemed to remain committed to joint parenthood regardless of their marital status, but Stefani couldn’t stay silent forever.

Three months after announcing their split, she told Ryan Seacrest that her life “blew up in her face”, and she even penned a song based on her experience titled Used to Love You. With lyrics like “there were no boundaries”, and “I thought you loved me the most”, it’s not hard to reason what happened here.

News broke shortly after the split that Gavin has an affair with the couple’s nanny, Mindy Mann. The affair reportedly came to light after another nanny accessed one of the family’s iPads. Their other iPads were synced to it. So, pictures and naughty message exchanges between Gavin and Mindy were then revealed.

4 Joe Piscapo

Best known for his years spent on Saturday Night Live, Joe Piscapo has made light of his own situation several times. What situation is that? You may recall his marriage to Nancy Jones in 1973. Okay, you might not. You may not have even been alive then. I know I wasn’t. What I do know is that this guy’s real-life affair was no fairytale.

After 15 years of marriage, Piscapo left Nancy for the 18-year old nanny, Kimberly Driscoll. This is where things got really interesting. Hey, what could go wrong when a 37-year old father marries a newly legal teenager? Everything.

The two remained a couple following the 1988 divorce from Nancy, and married one another in 1997. After having three kids together, they called it quits in 2006 and things took a downward spiral from there. Their divorce included everything from alleges of abuse to restraining orders granted against both of them from contacting one another. We wonder what Nancy was thinking.

3 Heidi Klum

You didn’t think we were going to throw you a slew of bad boys and not mention any of the damage females can do, did you? It’s interesting how common celebrity infidelity appears to be among men and not women. In contract, the real-life statistics show that women and men cheat at pretty equal rates. What’s interesting is that men are more likely to forgive a cheating partner.

Perhaps female celebs are cheating just as much, but their partners aren’t ending their relationships over it. Furthermore, the men that female celebs have affairs with may be more likely to accept hush money or walk away from the affair than women, who tend to want recognition for the lost — or scorned — love.

In Heidi Klum’s case, her hubby, Seal, stopped at nothing to make sure the world knew what happened to his family — since it was her fault and all. Klum started having an affair with her bodyguard, Martin Kirsten. The couple legally separated shortly after and divorced the following year. Heidi blamed Seal’s temper and partying lifestyle for why she found comfort in someone else’s arms.

2 David Beckham

We wanted so badly to believe that David and Victoria Beckham were deserving of the British celebrity royalty pedestal we’d put them on. They both looked perfect. That had seemingly perfect kids. So, it broke our hearts right alongside Posh Spice’s when the news broke that David had engaged in an affair. To make matters worse, his mistress wasn’t playing nice about it; she seemed bent on making sure she cut Victoria deeply.

Rebecca Loos, David’s assistant, came forward in 2004 alleging that she’d been having an affair with the soccer superstar. The details of his liaisons with herself and other women that she offering up to any paying member of the press were treacherous. It’s interesting, she’s been quoted as saying she has no regrets over the affair, but she does wish she had handled the matter differently. Being married and a mother herself now, it seems that her perspective has changed a bit. As for David and his spicy wife, the couple remain together.

1 Mutt Lange

Does that name ring any bells? It should. Big time music producer and songwriter Mutt Lange became an even bigger household name in 1993 when he married one of the hottest artists on the market at the time, Shania Twain. They had a son, named Eja, in 2001. By 2008, word surfaced that the money-making duo were on the outs, and no one would believe why.

It turned out Lange had been knocking his boots under Marie-Anne Thiebaud’s bed. The long-time secretary and best friend of Shania’s defended her actions alongside Mutt. Both claimed to be in love with one another.

In a weird turn of events, life has handed the happy-go-lucky country crossover artist some hard times, but her luck would change in the year following her divorce. On New Year’s Day of 2011, Shania married Frederic Thiebaud. Yes, Marie-Anne’s ex-husband. As the song goes, baby, some things are meant to be.

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