13 Horrifying Things That Happen To Moms During Pregnancy

Oh the joys of pregnancy - feeling the fluttery kicks, the ultrasounds, the gender reveal party, and the beautiful maternity pictures. It is all so beautiful as moms prepare for that sweet baby.

Things are not always so beautiful though. There are many horrifying things that can happen to mom during pregnancy. Yes, it is all worth it once that baby is here, but that does not take away from some of the uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even miserable things mama has to go through for nine months.

While pregnant there are many things that are expected to happen, but some are not prepared for the extent to which it will happen as well as the other very surprising things that occur. To some, giving up certain things or dealing with certain pains does not seem horrible, but for a mama growing a life inside of her - she has enough to deal with.

Some things can be prevented while some just have to be sucked up and dealt with. Either way, the goal at the end of the day is a healthy and happy baby, and as hard as that might be to keep in mind while going through things such as peeing your pants, it is the golden ticket.

The body of a pregnant woman goes through a full body experience. Some woman breeze through pregnancy (lucky for them) while others deal with several horrifying occurrences. Whether mom is planning on conceiving soon or is already expecting, she might want to know some of the changes that may soon be happening to her body. Some changes may be wonderful such as glowing skin and shinier hair, while others can be downright scary!

Read below to learn about some (of the many) horrifying things that can happen to mama during pregnancy.

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13 Baby Does #2 In The Womb

Meconium is your baby’s first bowl movement and is normally passed once baby is born, but sometimes it can happen in the womb. If this occurs in the womb, baby can potentially inhale it and cause very serious complications.

Meconium is not dangerous unless your sweetie inhales it, which rarely happens unless he is in severe distress. The fact is, there is still a risk, and that is scary. Your OB team knows exactly how to handle this problem and will do the best to their abilities to ensure that the meconium is removed as soon as possible.

It is hard to know exactly when this happens because it can happen during, before, or after delivery. This is an event that happens during pregnancy that can be a worry on a mama’s mind a lot, but you do not have control over when your baby goes #2.

12 Being Body Shamed

Pregnancy is beautiful, yet some people body shame soon-to-be mama’s. Pregnancy is confusing and uncomfortable for many mama’s, so the additional added problem of worrying about experience is very unnecessary.

Some woman gets shamed for gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Some woman gains more than the recommended amount of weight for their body mass index. The media had a field day with Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy comparing her to a killer whale. No expectant mama should be made to feel ashamed of their amazing bodies. Some woman is body shamed for not gaining enough weight also.

Body shaming can result in mama’s feeling embarrassed, upset, and unhappy. There is apparently some “rule” that pregnant woman is supposed to wear modest loose fitting outfits. If you’re pregnant (or not), no one should be body shamed on what they decide to wear.

11 A Face Full Of Blemishes

Pregnancy can trigger acne or make existing adult acne worse. So if you were relieved after those teenage years of acne, you may be in for a not so great surprise. You can blame this on higher levels of hormones. This can be extremely embarrassing to deal with. There is no way to prevent the problem, but you can attempt to control the issue by washing with a mild soap or cleanser twice a day as well as making sure you take off your makeup before bed.

Serious break outs are tackled by very strong products that are completely off limits during pregnancy due to the risk of birth defects. Talk with your OB who can recommend topical acne treatments that are okay to use. This problem is embarrassing to some, and may make you more uncomfortable (like you weren’t already?) during your pregnancy, but it will all be worth it

10 Having To Wear Pads When It's Not The Time Of The Month

Once you get that positive pregnancy test, you assume that your bleeding days are done for nine months. That is not always the case. About 20% of mama’s bleed during the first three months of pregnancy due to something called implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is when your egg implants into your uterus. This is normal and absolutely okay and a sign that everything is progressing.

You may also bleed due to an infection such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. A sexually transmitted infection can also cause your cervix to become irritated and cause bleeding. It is crucial to let checked out when you are bleeding because there can be an infection that can cause your baby many issues. Bleeding can also mean an ectopic pregnancy which is when the embryo implants outside of the uterus which can be life threatening. A miscarriage involves bleeding, and that is when the pregnancy is not viable any longer.

9 Low Fluid In The Uterus

Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds your little sweetie in the uterus. The fluid keeps your baby safe and thriving, but there can be some possible issues with the fluid. There is a risk for low fluid, which can in turn, cause serious birth defects.

If you are told you have low fluid, there is not much you can do besides eat healthy, rest well, and stay hydrated. Your OB team will make sure you are looked after and monitored. On the flip side, too much fluid is a big problem as well.

This can lead to severe breathing problems for mom and preterm labor. Fluid problems can be really scary because so much can go wrong, but rest assured that your OB team knows what to look out for, and if you have any worries or weird symptoms, it's always okay to call and ask the nurse line at your OB office.

8 Lady Parts Can Drastically Change

During pregnancy, it is expected that mamas-to-be will experience changes down there. Your V can swell due to higher levels of blood in your body. This can make the area very sensitive even to the touch! Also, you can become discolored down there ( purplish blue color.)

If those two things don't scare you enough, women can suffer from vulvar varicose veins due to the pressure of your baby. Varicose veins can be ugly as well as uncomfortable. Another issue that almost no one enjoys is an increased amount of discharge. Discharge can have a foul odor and can be messy. None of that sounds pleasant, and most pregnant women won’t tell you it is, but it’ll be worth it in the end. These side effects go away after delivery, thankfully.

7 Gums Become Sensitive To Bacteria

Your gums are more likely to be inflamed during pregnancy due to hormonal changes making your gums more sensitive to bacteria in plaque. If your gum disease gets severe it can in fact send you into pre term labor. There are a few signs of this during pregnancy which are red, swollen and tender gums, gums that bleed.

This can be horribly uncomfortable but taking care of your teeth during pregnancy can help avoid or get rid of this issue. Flossing daily, seeing your dentist during your pregnancy, and brushing at least twice a day may aid in avoiding this issue. Rest assured though that swelling and sensitive should diminish once you deliver your sweetie, but if your symptoms get worse after pregnancy contacting your dentist is a must.

6 Difficulties In Bed

With all of the changes going on in your body, you may hesitate to get it on while pregnant. Some of these reasons may be nausea, fatigue, swelling, a negative body image, that growing bump, or tender breasts.

Whatever the reason, it is understandable why doing the deed during pregnancy may seem less than desirable. Your sex drive may be lower, which can put a damper on the intimate portion of your relationship. It is important to keep your bond strong, even though hot and heavy love making probably seems like a very far-away fantasy at the moment.

It is important to talk with your partner about your discomforts so he is aware of what not to do, he is probably just as confused as you are!

5 Body Swelling

Most swelling is normal during pregnancy due to retained water and the weight of your uterus. You can get swelling in your face, legs, feet, ankles, hands, and even your private area! Swelling is not only uncomfortable but it can be embarrassing. On top of that growing bump, you can be growing in other places too. Drinking more water helps your body retain less water (confusing, I know) and making sure you minimize your salt intake. Not every mama-to-be will swell while some may swell all over.

You will not know until the time comes, just know it is another symptom added onto the lengthy list during pregnancy. You may need to take off your wedding ring and invest in a better pair of shoes due to swelling, but rest assured that after delivery, expect most if not all swelling to diminish.Excessive or sudden swelling can be a sign of preeclampsia, contact your doctor immediately if that occurs.

4 It's Impossible To Digest Anything

Heartburn, flatulence, belching, hemorrhoids, constipation, and indigestion are all part of the fun of pregnancy….right? There are several digestive issues that can appear during pregnancy, and some are more uncomfortable than others. Elevated levels of certain hormones and growing uterus can be to blame for constipation and constipation can lead to hemorrhoids while the buildup of gas in the large intestine can be to blame for belching and flatulence.

Regardless of the reason, it is just a packaged deal that comes along with pregnancy. There are ways to deal, make sure you speak with your OB before taking any medication to relieve symptoms. It is always a safe bet to up your water intake to keep digested waste passing through the bowl and neutralize as well as stabilize body fluids.

3 There's Emotional Struggles

Mood swings are super common during pregnancy due to fatigue, stress, and hormonal changes. A pregnant mama’s mood swings are usually the most pronounced in the first trimester, but be sure to expect a continuous roller coaster of emotions throughout the nine months. Try to remind yourself that emotional upheaval is normal right now.

Some ways to curb moodiness is to take it easy, eat well, connect with your loved ones, talk it out, and make sure you get plenty of sleep. If your mood swings seem very severe, it is best to talk to your doctor. Pregnancy is a life changing event full of emotional and physical changes, but sometimes your hormones will get the best of you and make you snap over the sound of your partner’s voice. This can be horrifying for you and your loved ones because you may seem like a whole new person.

2 Leaking With A Sneeze Or Cough

While pregnant you will most likely have an increased urge to urinate, which is normal due to the bodys response to hormone changes and the pressure on your bladder. This can be super inconvenient, embarrassing and uncomfortable at times. Some pregnant woman leaks occasionally when sneeze or cough which is due to the pressure of uterus on bladder.

As embarrassing as that may be, most people will brush it off because you’re pregnant, but you most likely wont be as laid back about it. Leaking and urinating often is common and okay, but bladder infections can be an issue. Bladder infections are more common during pregnancy. This can increase the risk for miscarriage, kidney infections and having a low weight baby. Making sure you drink a lot of water and urinating as often as necessary is very important to keep away any issues.

1 Constantly Having To Shave

Many women love the effects of pregnancy on their hair- it shiny, thick and full. That sounds amazing, but there is a down side...hair in less desirable parts of the body. Due to those pesky hormones, the hair on a woman's naval area and face can become darker than normal during pregnancy. For some women, their hormones will cause them to start growing hair on their feet, chin, chest or nipples. This can be very embarrassing for some mama's. The hair growth and color may be less than desirable, but when your hormones return to normal levels after baby, your hair growth will return to its original state. There is not much you can do to deal with this issue besides suck it up, or try to cover it as much as possible.

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