13 Inexpensive DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers can be boring, sometimes fun, but worst of all - expensive. Baby registries seem to be getting more and more extravagant as the years progress, and unless you’re going in on a gift with a friend, or five, you’re most likely going to be giving the same kind of gift as everyone else.

Which this can be a great thing as you’re always going to need diapers and blankets and onesies galore. But, if you’re looking to save a little bit of money and be a little creative in the process, here are some inexpensive gifts that you can DIY.

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13 Baby Bags or Pouches

These handy bags are a great gift for mothers who are always on the go. Sew three to five pouches (or more if you’re feeling ambitious). Fill each pouch with items that mom would need on the go, keeping each pouch separate to its needs and the respective items.

A day at the park could include wipes, diapers, formula and wet ones. Don’t know how to sew? Then buy a cheap pouch from a craft store or Wal-Mart and stuff it with all items a new mommy could need.

12 Cute Mobiles

Super easy to make and can let you be as creative as you want. All you need is some fishing wire or twine, wooden sticks or a plastic hoop and anything that you want as the little decals.

You can use felt, cardboard, buttons, feathers and attach to the wire or twine to hang from the hoop. Not into the hoop idea? You can tie, or glue, two pieces of wood together for a more rough looking feel.

11 Felt Headband

Cut out some flowers or hearts (you can add pearls for the middle of the designs). Glue onto a headband that you can pick up at Wal-Mart of a craft store.

You can make a baby and toddler pack by buying bigger headbands.Makes an adorable gift for years to come.

10 Fabric Books

For those who love crafting, this one’s for you. Pick out your fabrics, sew the pieces together to make the books’ spine and sew other pieces of fabric, or felt, onto the ‘pages’ of the book. Soft and educational, this book is perfect for babies and toddlers.

9 Baby Flash Cards

You can use pictures of the family, pictures of flowers, dogs, cats, animals, of a house. Simply print out the pictures with the word underneath to start teaching them and getting their creative minds going.

Pro tip: Laminate the cards in case baby starts chewing away. DIY projects are fun, but not when they are ruined the next day by messy babies.

8 Knitting

Of course, if you know how to knit, knitting anything – be it booties, hats, little mittens or blankets - they’re the perfect DIY gift for a baby shower. You can get great patterns from Pinterest, knitting websites, or from your local craft or fabric store.

Great at knitting blankets, but it looks like it’s going to be a big baby? Try knitting a ‘toddler’ blanket that can be used well into their toddler years (to be on the safe side).

7 Eye Chart Art

This is a very cute idea for the nursery and very easy to do! Grab some poster board or colored paper, and stencil in the letters to a nursery rhyme or something about the child, spacing them out as you would in an eye chart with the first letter giant and the rest getting smaller and smaller.

Find a cute frame at Wal-Mart or Ikea, and you have an adorable gift that cost pennies to make!

6 Diaper Wreath

So simple to make and far better than a diaper cake. Take cardboard from an old box, cut it out into desired wreath size and glue ribbon or paint to color choice. You can also go to a craft store and pick up a pre-made wire wreath. Then you tape, tie or glue the diapers, lotions, clothespins and shampoo directly onto it.

5 A Mommy Jar

Sure, it’s not specifically for the baby, but who says it has to be just for the baby? Mom will need a break, too. Perfect as a gift on its own, or to be added with smaller items.

You can put all kinds of spa stuff in there, Vaseline, lip balms, spa gift certificates or restaurant gift certificates. You can even put in some small airplane bottles when mom is needing that little extra to keep her going.

4 A Name/Initial Hanger

Already know the baby’s name? Make an ornament to hang above their bed or on their door with the first letter of their name. Cut out the corresponding letter from a block of wood, or any other material you're comfortable crafting with.

Better yet, buy respective letters (that constitute the baby's name) from a craft store. Decorate as you see fit - on a wooden board, chart paper etc/ Add twine to the back of the letter to hang over a nail or doorknob.

3 Growth Chart

You can make this as simple as you want, either as a large piece of wood made to look exactly like a ruler, or a canvas/cloth material with pictures of animals and numbers up to the top.

A cute gift that’s easy to make and will be useful not just in the baby’s first years, but as he/she grows older as well.

2 Bowtie Onesie

These bowtie onesies are incredibly cute and easy to make! Grab those cheap packs of onesies and simply sew on a child’s size bowtie.

You can sew little snaps onto the onesie and onto the bow tie so the mom can interchange the bowtie colors! What’s cuter than making a baby look like a fine young gentleman or woman?

1 Animal Print Blocks

Grab some blocks of wood, easily found at any craft store, and start painting! Not so good with a paintbrush? Use stencils for some adorable prints that will look great in any baby’s room. Perfect to hang on the wall of a nursery or kids bathroom.


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