13 Celebs Who Should Be Shamed For The Things They Do To Their Kids

Celebrities are always making headlines - from the clothes they wear and the people they date to how their bodies look on the beach. But now, more than ever, celeb moms and dads are being targeted by the media, and their own fans, for how they choose to raise their sons and daughters.

Now, we all know the media spends morning to night trying to find the next big story to plaster on the front page of their website. Unfortunately, celebs are the easiest target - especially when these stars are constantly stirring up controversy by doing (and saying) the most questionable things regarding parenthood.

From mandatory breastfeeding and shopping sex tapes to forbidding baby toys and decorating the home with nudes photos, these celeb parents had the spotlight shined on them... but for all the wrong reasons. Although every person has the right to raise their kids the way they choose (so long as it's legal and moral), it's hard not to raise an eyebrow and whisper to yourself "WTF" after reading some of these.

Bad parent or good parent? That is the question... So sit back, relax, and scroll down to see some of our favorite stars make the weirdest parenting decisions imaginable.

13 Christina Aguilera - Nudes All Over The Home

Christina Aguilera has been criticized for her choice of interior decor and of photo-shopping images of her daughter. She has stated that she has a house full of female nude paintings in her home, to ensure her children to know that she is comfortable with her sexuality.

When concerns arose on how this decision would affect her son Max, she explained, “I think it's important that he sees mommy not be ashamed for her sexuality. I mean, he's two. We're art collectors, there are a lot of female nudes around the house. Max will be growing up in a house where it's just the norm.”

Christina was later under fire for allegedly allowing her daughter to be photo-shopped on a recent magazine shoot for People magazine and fans were not happy. Social media followers slammed Christina asking if she realized that she had a fake baby. People did state that they did not intentionally use Photoshop on the baby’s picture, but they did need to touch up the picture to smooth out the facial features.

12 Tobey Maguire - Baby Behaviour Is Forbidden

Tobey Maguire has come a long way from the Spiderman trilogy, and he has brought some controversy with him.  Toby has decided to use The RIE method — resources for infant education — for his children which has become a popular parenting method among celebrities. Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, Penélope Cruz, and Helen Hunt are said to be a few of the names you’re likely to recognize that have followed the RIE method. It consists of treating everyone since infancy as adults.

No toys or strollers are allowed for the babies, since they encourage a “baby” behavior, apparently. Kids shouldn’t be dressed differently or talked-to differently or do anything different than adults do.

They are taught and spoken too just as adults are, so no baby talk for the Maguire brood. It’s a parenting method that is questioned because those who are opposed to the idea believe that a child’s growth and education should develop naturally instead of being forced upon by the parent.

11 Candace Cameron Bure - Harsh Punishments

Unlike her Full House co-stars Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure never fully stepped away from the spotlight and she espouses conservative Christian beliefs that frequently put her at odds with her more liberal celeb colleagues. The Fuller House star recently came under fire for how she disciplines her children. Bure has admitted that she uses the controversial Pearl method which includes strict corporal punishment to train her children into obedience.

The method includes punishments ranging from beating children with rulers, paddles, belts, and tree branches to giving cold water baths and withholding meals. She stated that she believes in tough parenting and consistency is key to training children to obey.

She briefly mentions using spanking when her children were younger but doesn't elaborate further. Instead she encourages parents to get creative and find punishments that work for their kids, such as withholding all her teenage daughter's clothing for a few months. An article she wrote, "Intentional Parenting," talks about the importance of using punishment to create "boundaries" for children.

10 Gisele Bundchen - No Diapers Here

Gisele follows the elimination communication strategy to avoid diapering her son. On the process of holding her son over the toilet after breastfeeding she’s said, “Give it about five minutes, and bang!” Although the method was highly criticized, Gisele did report that baby Benjamin was potty trained by seven months!

While it clearly works for her, she has further sparked controversy with her somewhat confrontational stance regarding breastfeeding, telling media that she believes breastfeeding ought to be mandatory by law in the US, and suggesting that feeding infants anything other than natural breast milk is unacceptable.

In 2014, she was in the spotlight again for her lenient approach to safety, being photographed on an ATV with her one year old. It’s not the first time she’s been caught on camera driving ATVs with her husband and infant daughter. Gisele also came under fire for posting photos of her daughter with pierced ears at 7 months old.

9 Farrah Abraham - Toddlers Are Like Teenagers

Farrah seems to stir up drama on a variety of topics, however, her parenting decisions of her seven-year-old daughter Sophia has caused the most uproar. From waxing the little girl's eyebrows to posting suggestive photos of the kiddo, the reality star sure has made some questionable decisions.

Previously, the young mother has been under fire for allowing her young daughter to have her eyebrows waxed and for allowing her to wear make-up to school. She even had an altercation with the school principal after she expressed her opinion questioning Farrah’s decision to let her daughter come to school with full face makeup every day.

Critics also went into a frenzy when they found out that Farrah even went as far as to bring Sofia to her business meetings where she negotiated deals for her sex tape, and most recently, Abraham celebrated her 26th birthday with a wild and crazy birthday bash in NYC. To no surprise, Sofia was there to witness all the shenanigans first hand.

8 Leah Remini - The Baby Rules The House

In 2008, Leah Remini made news with a controversial admission about her four-year-old daughter’s night time feeding schedule. Her daughter was drinking six to eight bottles of milk during the night, which Remini would serve upon request, in between constant diaper changes.

At the time, her daughter was also sleeping in between her mom and dad. While it seemed on the outside that Remini was following the attachment parenting method, she cleared up any confusion by explaining that her daughter just simply ruled the house, and as a first-time pushover mom, Remini found it difficult to discipline her child.

Cooking show and daytime TV host Rachael Ray eventually intervened. As a mother herself, she helped Remini get a grip. “We’re hearing that it’s not good for her,” Remini said of the effects of her parenting methods on her daughter. Luckily, Leah has good friends to step in and take control of things.

7 Katie Holmes - Growing Up A Cruise

Katy Holmes has had her share of criticism when it comes to raising her daughter Suri. She and her ex-husband Tom Cruise were under scrutiny for raising their daughter as a Scientologist, most notoriously. Once she and Tom divorced, she left the Scientology church, but she could not leave the scrutiny behind.

She was later called out by the public for allowing Suri to continue bottle feeding over the age of 3. She did not feel the need to respond to the outraged public and allowed Suri to let go of the bottle when she was ready. She later found herself back in the media because she allowed Suri to wear makeup and heels everyday at the age of 5.

6 Jenny McCarthy - No Vaccines Allowed

Jenny McCarthy has been labeled as an “anti-vaccine” advocate due to her opinion where she has openly discussed vaccinations' alleged link to autism and received major backlash for these thoughts. McCarthy explains that she is not necessarily anti vaccine, however she does believe that there are dangers in vaccinations and that parents should have a choice on whether or not their child is exposed to such dangers.

McCarthy formed this opinion after allegations that her son Evan developed Autism as a result of receiving the MMR (Mumps, Measles, & Rubella) vaccination. There have been several reports that McCarthy has been fighting to eliminate vaccines, however she states that she does not want them eliminated but she does demand a safer drug that safer vaccines are produced with fewer toxins.

Her public decision not to vaccinate her son did cause parents to slam her on social media. It did not help that there was a current outbreak of Measles and whooping cough in New York at the time and this gave her followers the chance to challenge her opinion every chance they could. This has not changed her mind on allowing her son to be vaccinated.'

5 Kourtney Kardashian - Co-Sleeps With The Kids

Kourtney Kardashian is a very hands-on mom. Kardashian practices the somewhat controversial attachment-parenting method, which allows her three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign to continue sleeping with her.

Kardashian stated that this is something that came naturally to her and she did not study the attachment method in any books, but it just came naturally to her. She stated that it began after the birth of her oldest son Mason. She said that she wanted to take him everywhere with her and she even breastfed him until her was 14 months.

"They go to sleep in their rooms but end up in my bed, sometimes within minutes," she explains She insists that different methods work for different kids and this is something she felt that her kids needed. She states that she knows her family thinks she is insane for the way she chooses to raise them, but it is her preference and she is #unbothered.

4 Bethenny Frankel - Boozin' While Breastfeeding

Bethenny Frankel is an American reality TV personality who founded Skinnygirl Cocktails, authored four self-help books and hosted the talk show, Bethenny. One of the downsides to fame is the constant criticism you get. Yet all moms everywhere have to deal with negative feedback at some point. Bethenny Frankel's attitude is, it’s a non-event—just let it roll off your back.

This comes after Bethenny was criticized for a photo that surfaced online of her drinking a beer while she was breastfeeding her daughter. Although it’s perfectly okay for mothers who breastfeed to consume alcoholic beverage, it is questionable whether or not it is okay to drink beer while you are simultaneously breastfeeding your daughter.

3 Mama June - Allows Bad Father Figures

June Shannon, aka Mama June, is best known from the hit TLC television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which was a spin-off of TLC’s Toddler’s and Tiaras. June’s public perception of her mothering skills came into question when Mama June started dating Mark McDaniel, a convicted child molester. The Spalding County Superior Court released shocking documents of the alleged McDaniel molesting the then-eight-year-old sister, Anna Cardwell during a 2002 incident.

Along with dating the alleged child molester, June has also been criticized for her behavior now that she has undergone weight loss surgery. The kids state that they notice the changed behavior of their mom, stating she now walks through the house naked to show off her new body.

To make matters worse, she was recently sued by her oldest daughter Anna accusing June of withholding up to $300,000 of royalties from the children for promotional items and productions of Honey Boo Boo. The family is currently in litigation.

2 Ryan O'Neal - No Boundaries Are Set

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal were the Angelina and Brad of their day—dazzling sex symbol meets Hollywood hunk—until their stars were tarnished by drugs. During their union, they had two children, and they often disagreed on parenting methods.

However, having sex with your daughter’s 18-year-old friend could certainly be considered controversial. Especially when you’ve taken both on a trip to Europe and you’re not careful enough to do it without your daughter — who happened to be 13 years old at the time — finding out. Yes, this clearly counted out Ryan O’ Neal for “Father of the year.”

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2008 Ryan and his youngest son, Redmond were arrested while doing drugs together. They were both in possession of crystal meth. All four of his children have spent time in rehab and his eldest is currently in prison. Sadly, they are all estranged from their father.

1 Kris Jenner - Fame And Fortune Over Family

Although the younger Kardashian moms (Kourtney & Kim) receive a LOT of criticism for how they exploit themselves and sexuality for fame, many believe it starts with the QUEEN of Momagers, Kris Jenner. Although the matriarch of the family has built a multi-million dollar brand, she is also blamed for exploiting her daughters for publicity and the large paydays.

As manager to the Kardashian brand, Kris is often shown on their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, pulling the strings. She is known for being a shark when it comes to closing deals, pitching reality shows, and she doesn’t seem to be ashamed of it one bit.

Really, who closes deals to sell their daughter’s sex tape? It doesn’t stop there. Kris was also Kim’s number one cheerleader when she was offered to shoot for Playboy magazine. In one of the episodes of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, you could see that Kim was clearly hesitant, yet Kris pushed her to accept the offer and cheered on the sidelines during her topless shoot. Where do you draw the line when your family is your business?

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