13 of the Most Controversial Mothers in the Media

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4 - : Momma June, Kate + , Farrah Abraham 

Not everyone should be a mother. There is plenty of proof of that as the world documents every move these celebrity moms do. If you thought you had the worst mother-in-life, or felt tired of dealing with your neighbors kids, you will most likely never complain again after you hear the stories of these household names. Sure, looking at Reality TV’s “Teen Mom” is easy pickings, but never did we expect the shocking things what these mothers have done. Not an everyday neighbor puts their family on TV for money, steals from their children, makes a sextape, or opens a line of sexy bikinis for children. These are not even the most disgraceful acts of the women on our list. In this article, we explore thirteen moms who have done the most controversial, unacceptable heinous crimes to our society. Get ready to never see these Celebrities ever again the same way.

1. Mama June

June seems like an easy target, but the constant dysfunctional behaviour is still unbelievable. Not only publishing her family’s life on “Toddlers & Tiaras,” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” the latest criticism has been regarding her romantic involvement with Mark Mc Daniel, convicted for molesting June’s own daughter Anna. That is not the only variable affecting the relationship with her eldest daughter. Thankfully, she has at least tried tried to patch things up after being accused of stealing from her trust fund. Recently, Mama June handed over the accused amount of Fifteen Thousand dollars. This is a way better gift than the birthday gift to daughter Alana, which was a can of her own farts.

2. Kate Gosselin

Capitalizing on her children’s lives with a reality TV show is technically old news, what is even older is too much parental physical abuse. In her own diary, she admits to possibly spanking her children too hard. Well once or twice, possibly could happen by accidentally expressing too much anger. How often did she spank them? Every day! It was a constant rage that she would keep up as expressed in her recent book. Whether it was about toys lying around, or not taking care of the dogs, punishments always seemed to be too severe. She liked to punish them with what she called “The Spanker.” It was a punishment served if the two year olds played with a kleenex box or if wasn’t completely potty trained yet. It is definitely hard to agree with Kate that “five days is more than enough time for a two year old to be potty trained.”

3.Farrah Abraham 

Sticking on the subject Reality TV Moms, Farrah Abraham neither comes off a mother determined to create the perfect home environment for her child. Starting off her fame on the show “16 and Pregnant,” Farrah doesn’t seem to be concerned about little Sophia’s upbringing when exposing her to the later projects, “Teen Mom,” and “Couples Therapy.” Money is unmistakably her goal when she released a music album and tell all book. The real kicker is that she decides to branch out her career with not one, but two pornographic films, with her name in the title (to help you find it). At least it is the same guy in both videos, maybe they hit it off and raise little Sophia together.

3 - : Nadya Suleman (Octomom), Amber Portwood, Michelle Duggar

4. Nadya Suleman (Octomom)

Pretty much the same story as Kate + 8 mixed with Farrah Abraham’s, with a little twist of a bitter taste to make you hate her more. There is something about a mother saying “I absolutely wish I had not had them” that makes you wonder if her children shouldn’t get a visit from Child services. Oddly enough, around the time Nadya filed for bankruptcy in 2012, the social workers who visited her home for a couple hours decided the children were not in danger (maybe they should have visited for a little longer). Seeing that she wasn’t doing too well with money, she decided to pull a “Farrah” and try to start a music career (because Farrah’s cheap Guetta sound wasn’t enough) and also a pornographic one. At least Farrah has stepped herself down by regularly working as an Adult Entertainer at a Men’s Club.

5. Amber Portwood 

If you want to know where we can find all these depressing, neglecting mothers, one of the plausible cess-pools is Reality series “Teen Mom.” On the other end of this Petri dish, we get to follow Amber Portwood, whose largest vice is probably her violent temper towards her boyfriend Gary. It can’t be that bad, right? The Producers of “Teen Mom” are going to help her sort it out? She gots arrested for Domestic Violence and had to serve a 5-year sentence. Don’t worry, she got out in November, 2013. She might turn her life around now that she has released her book “Never Too Late” and plans to help others with drug addiction with rehabilitation centers. She could be the next Betty Ford (highly doubtful).

6. Michelle Duggar 

A recurring theme is that it is easy to find these mothers with strong views when they backed up a reality series contract. This one tries to push the envelope when between Kate’s 8 kids and Octomom’s 8 kids combined, with her 19! Believe it or not, Michelle turns out to have strong views against birth Control. “19 Kids and Counting” follows the life of Jim Bob (yes, two first names) and Michelle with their 19 kids as long as the hope for even more. Along with the tv show, the parents got to capitalize on their sensation with Tell all books. Four of their daughters have followed in their footsteps and released their own book “Growin’ up Duggar.” This is nothing new, only higher stakes on the multiple children family fad. What probably creates the most shocks and gasps are the strongly conservative opinions they love to express. The family did draw up quite a bit of attention regarding the issues of miscarriage which could have been the 20th child. Most probably wouldn't agree with the strict rules they enforce on their children regarding “no dancing” and keeping them away from public school. It is arguable that public school is not as safe as an environment than the set of a reality TV show.

2 - : Kim Kardashian, Jane Pitt, Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow 

7. Kim Kardashian

Kim might have done the worst thing to ruin her baby’s life, and I’m not talking about marrying Kanye West. Last November, she had images of her posing butt naked. for Paper Magazine with the subtitle ‘Break The internet.’ It unfortunately sounds like a desperate attempt for attention, which may never topple the true debut of her career, which will always be a Sex Tape. Her weaknesses are not just sexual objectification. Kim clearly shows no real ethic awareness even in her own words. Everyone is allowed to have their own taste in food, so no one can criticise her for saying, “there are definitely some Armenian foods that I personally find disgusting.” This is a small degree of her carelessness, especially to think that she was on the cover of Turkish Edition Cosmopolitan on the month of Armenian Genocide awareness month (guess which country to accomplish a Genocide on the Armenians). With Kim’s complete disregard for any morals or concern of other, it is no wonder Jon Hamm said that she is a “F******** Idiot.”

8. Jane Pitt

Every family has internal fighting, but it would be an interesting to be a fly on the wall for the thanksgiving dinner at the Pitt house. As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to express strong liberal views, it seems that there will always be a constant shadow from the mother-on-law. Every mother will passive-aggressively express her thoughts and manipulations with a straight face and a big smile, Jane Pitt is no different. Angelina and Brad (I think I will call them ‘Bradgelina’, it is easier after all), have made a conscious effort for their children to make their own open choices regarding clothing and outfits. Daughter Shiloh (who preferred to be called John) would probably feel more comfortable in her usual tom-boy ensemble. As the Bradgelina couple gives the hand to fight for same-sex marriage by stating to only marry once it was legal for all, Momma Jane likes to counter their work by writing a letter with strong convictions of Anti-Obama, Anti-Same-Sex marriage and anti-Abortion. Apparently this has led to reveal all the different opinions of everyone, including Jolie father Jon Voight. It requires more members of the family such as Doug Pitt to convince the public they are a regular family that banters once in a while. It just seems like a way better plot idea for the Title “Monster-In-Law.”

9. Kris Jenner

If you are wondering how did Kim Kardashian become the mindless tool she is today, look no further than within her family. Most likely it is not their Contract with E! that insists that they have a a ‘Vagina smell-off(they actually did that). A lot feels explained when mother Kris Jenner states in an interview that she has given her daughters a clear sex-education at a young age. Is 14 too young to be on birth control? Kris definitely didn’t think so. As soon as Kim showed the interest in sex, by informing her mother at the tender age of 14, “Mom, I am feeling sexual,” Kris felt it was the best time to start her on birth control. This seems to explain why Kim Kardashian made a sextape and appeared nude with Playboy and also Paper magazine. This definitely explained how Kim grew up believing her life revolved around sex and the objectification of her life. There is plenty to learn on their lives on E! and the countless interviews with her mother.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow 

At least this mother hasn’t been posting her kids on Reality shows or making sextapes, but Gwyneth Paltrow still manages to upset a few mothers. It doesn’t seem too malicious her controversial comments that working as an Actress is harder than an office job. Paltrow doesn’t seem to handle her public image with constraints, not like the constraints she has for her children’s diets. The cookbook she released “It’s All Good,” definitely conveys skepticism towards grain. There is a strong push towards a lacking diet that most find not to be too inviting. It is hard to think that the book can be that big if it only consists of strict diets. The product that got the most backlash was the release of Bikini for kids. Most reviews couldn’t get over the sexualization. It is no wonder that Paltrow is the most hated Celebrity in Hollywood according to Star Magazine, since no one seems to agree with her views.

1 - : Courtney Love, Sarah Palin, Madison 

11. Courtney Love

If Reality Tv series were huge in the 90’s, the first couple that people would love to watch would have been Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It could be called "The mother from Hell" since one of her biggest insults to life is her admittance to using heroin during the first trimester with her pregnancy with Frances. They have never shut the case on the theory that she might be in fact was the murderer of Kurt Cobain. It would be complete murmuring to suggest that his death was not a suicide, but even 20 years later it is still hard to kill all suspicions (either that or it is an easy story to keep alive). No doubt, Daughter Frances Bean wants to keep her distance from her. Child Services took Frances away at the young age of two weeks but only for a short time. In a custody battle, Love and Cobain won her back, but there was a clear sign that Frances wanted to keep her distance from her mother when she filed a restraining order in 2009. The restraining had ample help to be filed with the knowledge that Courtney Love was the cause of the death of two of her daughter’s pets. The cat was tangled in fabrics and the dog swallowed Love’s medication. Courtney Love couldn’t be tied to the death of Kurt but at least her daughter's two pets.

12. Sarah Palin

This is a another mother with a reality TV show, at least this time this mother is not trying to corrupt the family, if so, only politically. Everyone was biting their nails worried that possibly this woman could become Vice-President. It never happened, but Sarah Palin did leave a legacy of many unbelievable quotes like “..our North Korean Allies.” Fortunately, none of the new words she coined like, “Redudiate”, or “misudnerestimate,” caught on. It is hard to believe that Palin sets a good example for her family, with odd spendings in her SuperPAC, or with the mysterious drunken brawl last September. Just as the expenditures from the PAC are mystery, so is the fact that no charges were pressed when her family was supposedly attacked at a family gathering.

13. Madison Young from Extreme guide to parenting

This list can go on forever now that we have the newest show on Bravo! “Extreme Guide to Parenting.” There are already a few aired episodes so there are a few incredible mothers to choose from. The one mother that seemed to have received the most outrage was Madison, a strong minded feminist bent on teaching her five year old about sex. This mother will use the many tools she is equipped with such as the vagina puppet, as well as the sex toys and condoms mother Madison encourages her son to play with. The many outcries of sexual abuse must have been heard, but the possibility of any follow-up episodes on Madison’s family haunts anyone who dares to watch ‘Bravo!’

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