13 Pics Of Princess Kate From Hot Mama To Stuffy Royal

Kate Middleton is one classy lady. But, was the Duchess of Cambridge always so well put together? The answer is, no! Kate once had a wild side. She was not always worthy of the royalty title, and that just makes us love her even more! Seeing before pictures of Kate just makes her more human, and less of the stuffy royal that she is turning into, don’t you think?

Kate is a mom of two, expecting her third child with Prince William. She is pure royalty. She has the look and the demeanor. She could sit in the throne as queen and be beloved, there is no question there. People often wonder about her past. Was she always so perfect and poised?

Kate was always from the upper crust. She met her now husband while they were both studying at University, and quickly caught the eye of the public. What the public loves to see, now, is those outrageous pictures of classy Kate before she was the Duchess! Kate sure loved to have fun. Isn’t it nice to know that Kate was not always so perfect? She could have easily been friends with any of us!

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13 From Sequined To Long Hemmed

Check out fun Kate in this before photo! She is out and about partying at an 80’s themed occasion. It appears that Kate, who is from a well to do family, is being protected by some sort of bodyguard (or boyfriend?), while her sister, Pippa (yes, go ahead and spot Pippa behind her sis, Kate!), and her friends are making their way through the crowd. Do you think Kate had a drink or two???

And here is a today picture of beautiful Kate, the Duchess. She is all royalty in this photo, even if it is a bit stuffy. Clearly, her outfit choices have changed remarkably. No Duchess would ever wear what Kate wore to her party back in the day! Although, that would certainly be something to see! Come on, Kate, pull out your 80’s outfit again!

12 Is It Even The Same Lady?!

Well, this is a Kate Middleton we have never seen before! The now Duchess of Cambridge certainly had a hot mama side, where she walked the catwalk like a pro. She got the opportunity to model this interesting outfit, along with a hairdo she would probably never be caught dead in again!

Now, we have the lovely Duchess covered up, except for a slight neckline. Hmm, maybe she wishes she could go back to her days of dressing in sheer garb, showing off her body like a true model. But, no, that is not proper royal attire. But imagine if it was! We would all die if we could see Kate put this crazy outfit on just one more time! We bet William would love it!

11 Row Your Boat Right Into Royalty

Kate Middleton grew up being able to accomplish just about anything. That is what happens when your family has ties to British royalty! One wealthy sport she participated in was rowing. Here she is, looking youthful and radiant, as she rows her way to victory, and into royalty!

As Kate has aged, she still has that glow about her. Even when she is a stuffy royal. She may be buttoned up as high as she can go, but when she gives off a smile, you see her as she once was, a happy, vibrant woman. That young lady who had fun is still within Kate, just bursting to get out! She plays the part of Duchess very well, and definitely has the look down, but Kate, when you smile, we see the old you, so keep on smiling!

10 Fun Kate, Meet Serious Kate

Kate, along with her sister Pippa, and basically her entire family, was a socialite. She was well known and not a stranger to royal society when she met her now husband, Prince William. Being a socialite meant that Kate was meant to have fun! And fun she did have. Here she is leaving a party or a restaurant, looking gorgeous and maybe like she had a drink or two? Her hair is long and flowy, and she is even wearing big, dangly earrings!

The Duchess of Cambridge could never look that way. No wild hair. No bold earrings. And no looking drunk in public. Heck, not much smiling, either! The Kate we all know today may give us a smile from time to time, but normally she a stuffy royal with her hair pulled tightly back.

9 Lots Of Growing Up To Do

Young Kate on the social scene still had a smile yet was a bit unsure with all the camera attention. Just look at how young this Kate looks. Wearing all black, ready to go out somewhere divine, we are sure, with her tight pants and long riding boots. Kate looked great! No wonder Prince William fell for her!

No denying that Kate still looks great. But the Kate now, the one married to the Prince, is not shy around the cameras. In fact, she is so used to them now, that she likely forgets they are even there. Kate does what she has to do, but not usually with a smile, which is definitely unfortunate. She has to be a stuffy royal, after all. No time for smiling when you are stuffy.

8 So Long Smiles

The Kate Middleton of before always had a smile, do you notice that? She seemed totally fun. A girl that any other girl would gladly befriend and go out partying with. Kate was a socialite with a full calendar that was complete with smiles. Kate liked being silly and having a good time, definitely the type of person just about everyone would want to be around, even Prince William!

Now look at her. Kate has totally turned into a stuffy royal. The solemn look on her face that rarely cracks a smile. The clothes buttoned up to her chin and the serious hats she must wear. The hair pulled back. The old Kate seems all but gone. Maybe just once Kate can let loose for old times’ sake! We would love to see Kate with her hair down, all wild and crazy again!

7 Always Stylish

One thing about Kate Middleton, is that she has always been stylish, and continues to be that way, even though she lets off a stuffy feel from time to time. The old Kate was able to look classy and cool going out on an errand in the rain. She’s got her hair down, boots up, jeans on, looking like a regular girl with a touch of sass and a touch of class.

Clearly, her ability to be classy led her to where she is today, as the Duchess of Cambridge and married to Prince William. Even though she always had a wild side (and probably still does deep down!), she could always be a classy gal. And now, she is royalty. We bet she would love to put on a pair of jeans and boots like old times.

6 A Different Kind Of White

Yes, that first pic is of Kate Middleton! Kate always knew she had a great body (and still does after almost three kids!). She had no problem being casual and showing it off, like in this photo, where she is wearing nothing but a skimpy white tank top and some short shorts while bicycling. Her hair is slightly pulled back and she’s got her sunglasses on just like any of us would!

To look at the first photo of Kate to the one of her more recently, you might wonder whether it is even the same person. Kate has always loved to wear white, only nowadays it is in a much different way. But good for Kate for still maintaining her hot mama body! You have to give her props for that, definitely.

5 Wild Kate Still Lives Inside

Here we have another hot mama pic of Kate in a skimpy white tank top! She loved those things! She is casual and cool and looking amazing. Look at her super low rise jeans! Kate had a great body and knew it. When this picture surfaced, it made the rounds and people were totally amazed to see the old Kate!

The Kate of today still looks spectacular, even being a stuffy royal. We love this photo that shows a candid Kate. While everyone around her has a serious look, Kate has a smirk on her face. This Kate of today reminds us of old Kate. We know Kate would love nothing more than donning that white tank top, those low rise jeans, and running out to the store. We bet she could easily fit into her old clothes, too!

4 Different Reasons To Be Happy

You have to love these side by side photos of a smiling Kate. We have the old, young, fun loving Kate, and then the supposedly stuffy royal that is the Duchess of Cambridge. Which one would you want to befriend? Both look like inviting ladies who any of us could easily relate to. Even though one is now royalty!

The old Kate Middleton is likely off to some swanky affair. She is dressed to impress and looks nothing short of stunning. Her hair is flowing in the air as she races off in her high boots to wherever it is that she needs to be. We see this Kate inside the picture of her today. She still has that glowing smile. Now, her smile is more about being royalty, and being a mom to those adorable kids of hers.

3 Oh, How A Person Can Change

Kate Middleton, like any socialite, has her time in the limelight. That limelight does not always catch the most glamour shots, however. Kate definitely was a girl who liked to have fun. Was she a drinker and a big party animal? Perhaps. This photo looks like she was having fun, perhaps way too much fun if you ask us!

Now, Kate is all buttoned up like a true stuffy royal. It is hard to imagine she was once the party animal that she was perceived to be. Now, she is more in the eye of the public, but it cannot be for dressing all dolled up with short skirts and high boots. Now, she has pressure to dress conservatively. She normally has her hair back, unlike her old days, where she let her wild mane of hair loose.

2 A Somber Message

Kate has always looked great. She was always photographed headed out somewhere special, wearing a dress and looking divine. She has her hair down with a big smile in this old photo of the Kate of before, just as she looks in many similar photos of her from her old life. She was always just so happy, wasn’t she?

Now, Kate is more somber. She has to attend events that are more serious and real, rather than parties and other social climbing events. Her days as a partying socialite are over; now, she is in the public eye serving a much different purpose. It is amazing that the old Kate transformed into the Kate of today, so seamlessly, and nevertheless just as beautiful. But, wow, what an amazing transformation, don’t you think?

1 Having A Crazy Good Time To Today

We love these last two photos of old Kate and the Kate of today. They totally encompass the young lady that Kate Middleton once was, and the way the Duchess of Cambridge is today. Just look at the difference between the two women. They barely even resemble the same person!

The old Kate was totally fun loving. Here she was obviously participating in some enjoyable and entertaining event, that included getting messy. The Duchess would likely never do such a thing today! Instead, she must stand with her royal family, looking well put together and expecting the same out of her children. After all, she is now married to the Prince. She has a loyalty to uphold with the royal family. Kate, what in the world has happened to you! We need to bring out the old Kate again!

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