13 Pregnant Celebs Who Had The Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions

When we are pregnant our bodies undergo A LOT of changes that can really influence how our clothes fit. Unfortunately for celebrity parents basically everything they do is caught on camera now a days so those no big deal, oops moments become a public event, fiasco, and embarrassment. These wardrobe malfunctions become cemented in the internet and will be there after we are grandparents.

When we are pregnant, often times we are super uncomfortable which means we really do not give a tiny rat's behind how we look. Good thing most of us do not have to spend our pregnancies walking on red carpets and followed around by swarms of paparazzi. These mamas put up with all of that while growing a human so it is no surprise that sometimes their outfit just does not seem to cut it.

Over the years and red carpets, we have seen it all. Dresses that show too much just have not been deemed "maternal" wear, certainly not maternity wear. One mom to be even split her pants! YIKES! It is probably just as embarrassing as it is when we dreamed about ripping our pants in grade school. Only for this mama, she had a live audience, plenty of photo evidence, and the pictures are still circulating today!

13 Anna Faris - TMI On The Red Carpet

Way back when, shortly after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their pregnancy with son, Jack, Anna accidentally showed the world one of the body parts so many of us moms use to feed our babies. Poor Anna! It seems one of the girls just slipped right out of her dress while walking the red carpet.

Maybe she just wasn't used to adjusting her outfits to her growing bump or maybe the girls grew without her realizing. Anna also experienced another wardrobe malfunction that night when a gust of wind caught the back of her dress and showed the world her backside and undies! Here is to being thankful that they weren't those mesh ones we get after birth yet at least!

12 Blake Lively - The Infamous Slip

A pregnant Blake Lively suffered a nip slip while she was pregnant at the 2014 Angel Ball. Today Lively shares two children with fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds. We see the couple amusing us on Twitter as Reynolds rants and shows his inner goofball so we have little doubt that they would have handled this on Twitter in a joking fashion as well if it was brought up.

A plunging neckline is not a great combination with a protruding bump as Blake shows because things stretch and move. It is hard to keep everything, especially, 'the girls' in place. Blake caught everyone's attention in her yellow gown because well first she is Blake Lively and second her dress is YELLOW! She was certainly eye popping that night!

11 Jennifer Lopez - Wardrobe Accidentally Reveals The Baby Bump

Jennifer Lopez was caught baby bump and all with a wardrobe malfunction before she even announced her pregnancy publicly. This slip kind of forced the star's hand to announce that she and Marc Anthony were expecting twins! A twin bump would be a lot harder to hide so we give J Lo some props!

She was pretty clever using layers and fashion to hide her belly, but we are all aware that not everything stays put when we are moving. Most of us just aren't moving around on a stage in front of that many people where it is impossible for someone to not notice that baby bump. Plus twins are a LOT more to "hide" or disguise because well there is two of them.

10 Karolina Kurkova - Her Very Own Monroe Moment

Karolina almost experienced an iconic Marilyn Monroe moment when she was pregnant as her dress was nearly blown up to give everyone quite the show. The supermodel was pregnant with her second child back in 2015 when this dress gone rogue photograph was snapped.

It is obvious why the supermodel wanted to show off her legs, but we can't imagine that she would want to show that little extra bit between them! Although the supermodel is used to showing quite a bit as she used to be Victoria's Secret model; this just likely was not her intention her. The mom of two (now) spent a decade modeling for Victoria's Secret and on countless magazine covers. It is safe to say that the wind was behind her wardrobe malfunction that nearly showed us her behind.

9 Michelle Heaton - This Is Why Maternity Pants Exist

Michelle Heaton clearly did not learn the best lesson of maternity fashion, BUY MATERNITY JEANS. Seriously, those bands that cover your fly and button, do not work. It does not even look like Michelle has one of those, but just usual jeans which clearly did not hold up to her baby bump as she walked around with her fly open for the whole entire world to see!

We give her some serious props for still fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans while being about 5 or 6 months pregnant, but it just does not work. It is not worth the open fly shot and years of taunting to come to try and squeeze into our pre-pregnancy jeans. Embrace the maternity jeans while we can because before we know it we will be consumed with working towards that pre-pregnancy goal and the "snapback".

8 Chrissy Teigen - The Zipper Fail


The queen of clapbacks is also the queen of wardrobe malfunctions as Chrissy Teigen who has shown us all a little too much on more than one occasion. While pregnant with baby Luna, Chrissy went through the unthinkable when her pants literally split right her in crotch. This is MUCH worse than those nightmares we have all had about going to school in our underwear because there were plenty of photographers to catch the star's pant split on camera which will now stick with her and all of us forever.

Teigen is an old pro though so she had a tailor sew her back into her pants by creating a crotch patch from the hem of her pants. In fact, she actually hash tagged the term "crotch patch" proving that with a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves, we can handle anything.

7 Fearne Cotton - The Unforgettable OOPS Moment

Fearne Cotton suffered a wardrobe malfunction when one of her girls came out to play! This was the actress's second pregnancy with her husband Jesse Wood. She was at an event as a former Radio 1 presenter when she presented a little too much. We probably know Fearne best for her famous father-in-law, former Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood. Hopefully he was able to guide Fearne through handling the media after such a nasty "OOPS" moment.

The mom of two was already hit hard in her first pregnancy because many felt that she did not announce it "correctly" or "properly." Can we have a sympathetic eye roll for her please? Who knew there was a wrong way to announce that? Let's hope things went smoothly for her after this.

6 Alanis Morissette - Lights, Camera, Wardrobe Malfunction

We can easily say that Alanis did not plan on catching too much papparazzi attention, and she wasn't dressing for a photoshoot because as soon as the flashes of all of those cameras hit her, her shirt became see through. YIKES! She is a jack of all trades as she has acted, written songs, and sang but clearly she just isn't used to be caught off guard by a dozen photographers. We do not blame her.

The mom to be shows off more than her bump when her shirt becomes see through as she reveals her top undergarments as well. At least it wasn't laundry day, right? She was out with her husband who if he knew the effects of the flash on his wife's outfit probably could have done a girl a favor and stood in front of her because his clothing wasn't see through.

5 Mariah Carey - Hanging With The Girls

Mariah Carey has been a controversial lady in the past due to her career. When she was pregnant, her wardrobe was what shocked people. The singer has been known to leave it all out, and we do not just mean her act on the stage. She literally let the girls hang out which caused a very obvious wardrobe malfunction that would remind many of us of our time spent with a lactation consultant. She gave us all a full view of where the milk production was about to being.

In some ways, can we really blame her clothes for this? After all, there is only so much a top can do before it just gives in literally. That's a whole lot of "milk" to hold up and a lot to ask of any item of clothing really. Maybe Mariah just wasn't expecting them to get so big in her pregnancy. Many of us don't expect it either.

4 Kim Kardashian - Can You Spot The Twins?

It is no surprise to anybody that a Kardashian is showing a little too much skin. Back in 2015 when Kim was pregnant with Saint, she stuck with her classic sheer look. Too bad for her, her sheer ensemble showed us a whole lot more than we bargained for.

The reality star is well known for her controversial pictures and outfits, and we know that being a mom has not slowed her down in that department by any means. Kim's wardrobe malfunction is easily that she did not realize just how "see through" her dress really was because she is not known for showing so much of her "girls." In fact, Kim usually tries to keep herself a little more covered up when she is pregnant. (We aren't sure if that is due to modesty or a fear of bad angles though.)

3 Charlotte Gainsbourg - In Full Glory

Cannes has been a place where celebs have made some pretty serious headlines, and Charlotte Gainsbourg was one who started that trend back in 2011 with her wardrobe malfunction. At the time, Gainsbourg was eight months pregnant so her bump was in full glory. Her dress shocked many because it was so low cut from her soon to be milk bags all the way down to her baby bump. It isn't exactly something we would pick up at our local maternity section!

The British actress's ensemble is still talked about today in 2017 because of how open the plunging neckline became throughout the night obviously. Yes, gravity is at work even in Cannes. Some double sided tape or a couple of stitches sewn on the dress between "the girls" would have been a dress saver for this mama!

2 Hayden Panettiere - No Clothing Is Safe

Hayden Panettiere is another one who fell victim to the see through clothing due to the ridiculous amount of flash photography that follows celebrities around. Her sheer black top quickly went from sheer to see through and reminded so many of a wet t-shirt concert as the pregnant star made her way through London.

The actress was pregnant back in 2014 and engaged to a heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko. Klitschko walked by her side, but maybe he should have helped the girl out and handed her a jacket to cover up her now see through shirt. Photographers were easily able to confirm her pregnancy and probably even her bra color and brand thanks to that wonderful flash photography and its effects.

1 Kourtney Kardashian - Pushing Her Luck

We have always known the Kardashian clan to raise our eyebrows, and Kourtney surely pushes some limits in this short dress while pregnant in 2014. This is Kourt's third pregnancy so we figured she would be an old pro with maternity fashion, but all this dress needed was a good gust of wind to give the world another shocking Kardashian show.

She and her now former boyfriend walked hand in hand in Los Angeles when she had quite the wardrobe malfunction or maybe just an unlucky run in with mother nature. The reality star was almost nine months pregnant at the time so we can imagine that comfort and function were much more important than fashion. Maybe she didn't mind showing her underwear to the world at this point, after all we show A LOT more to complete strangers when we give birth.

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