13 Rules Jim Bob Duggar Makes His Wife Michelle Follow

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the well known matriarch and patriarch of TLC's former show 19 Kids and Counting. These two, along with their 19 kids, are some of the most controversial reality television stars we have had to date and people either love this family to the core or dislike them.

Mr. and Mrs. Duggar are nothing if not outspoken and devout in their thoughts and beliefs regarding how religion should be practiced and how life should be lived. They, along with their nineteen children, are Independent Baptists who follow the word of God in everything they do.

This means they also follow the good word of Jim Bob Duggar. Sure the man upstairs might call the big shots in the Duggars' lives, but Jim Bob makes sure he gets his say in as well. He is most definitely the head of the Duggar household and he controls not only his of children and possible grandchildren but his wife Michelle as well.

The Lord's rules are not the only rules that are being obeyed over at Casa De Duggar. Check out these 15 rules that Jim Bob makes Michelle Duggar abide by.

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13 Michelle Has To Keep Her Wallet Closed

According to Bustle, Jim Bob Duggar developed a money philosophy of "buying used and saving the difference." Around 19 years ago, Jim Bob attended a 'Jim Sammon's Financial Seminar' with 50 other men. The seminar left him with the message that people have to live debt free, and that you "should owe no man anything but love."

Since that very day, Jim Bob made Michelle and his kids live a debt-free life.

This means loans as well. Sounds impossible, right? How does Jim Bob and Michelle afford 19 kids with maxing out their credit cards? Do they even have credit cards? Does this mean Michelle can't just pop on over to Amazon Prime and grab a few things that she needs? So many question, so little answers.

12 No Television, Just Love

Did you know Jim Bob got rid of his television before the kids were even born?! According to The Huffington Post, Jim Bob got some advice in those early formative years to avoid having pets and television in the home so that he and Michelle could learn to live on just their love alone.

Jim Bob, however, does permit old DVDs like The Andy Griffith Show, and the Duggars absolutely swoon over Born Again Christian actor Kirk Cameron. They also censor the older kids phones, especially the cells of the sons. The males are apparently more "tempted" at the evils that cell phones can often times bring. Music other than gospel and dancing are also banned in the Duggar house.

11 Must Be A Tiger In The Bedroom

Obviously, Jim Bob and Michelle have been up to some healthy adult activities once the bedroom door closes at night because the pair does have 19 kids... and counting.

Michelle has publicly stated that it is of the utmost importance that she never say no to her husband's advances and she must always be available for him when he "needs" her.

According to Cafemom, Michelle even made the point that any woman can make a man a sandwich, but only the wife can fulfill her husband's "physical" desires." Is this why Michelle popped out so many babies? At least Michelle gets a bit of a breather for one week out of the month and while she is recovering from childbirth.

10 Can't Be Friends With Unwed Mothers

Michelle can venture out into the Duggar-free world and make friends of her own choosing... kind of. Jim Bob doesn't want Michelle straying too far from their family's beliefs in her pickings of friends, and this exact principal ruffled some family feathers a few years back. Michelle's daughter Jill, a budding midwife in training, was forbidden from helping an unwed mother in her pregnancy. The Duggars don't associate themselves with unwed mommies. They just don't mix. But that's surprising part about this story? The unwed mother-to-be was a Duggar family member. According to Cafemom, the lady in question was Susanna Keller, who is Josh's wife Anna's own sister.  We suppose charity starts at home so long as the home contains two married parents.

9 Keep Your Hair Fresh, Michelle

According to Bustle, Michelle Michelle is known for sporting her wispy bangs and permed out curls almost as much as she is known for getting pregnant and giving birth 1o 19 kids. For a certain period of time, Michelle's daughters were following in their mom's footsteps and rocking the Jerry curl as well. Then, the younger Duggar generation got with the times, scored a few hair straighteners and some eyeliner, and really modernized their look, (with the exception of the floor length jean skirts of course.)

According to The Fame, rumor has it that Jim Bob encouraged his wife to change up her look so that she would look more like daughters.

8 Monthly Date Nights

Jim Bob and Michelle are very public with their marriage and are always giving tips and tricks to fellow fans, and even the haters, about how to keep the love alive in a marriage. One of those tips, along with being a tiger in the bedroom, is to have monthly date nights with your partner.

According to ET Online, Jim Bob stated that one of his favorite things to do on date night is to go to Michelle's favorite ice cream shop.

Jim Bob went so far as to describe their monthly activity as a "really special time." Awwww, Jim Bob. That is super cute. I wonder if they ever go on fancy dinner dates, a movie or a hike, or maybe even a shopping trip to buy new clothes (gasp).

7 No Wine For This Tired Mommy

Most of the moms I know count down the hours until the kids are tucked into bed, the playroom is all picked up, and the universe is finally still and quiet. Momming is some hard work ya'll and by dinner time we aren't even sure that we will make it until bedtime. It's during these silent evening hours that we grab for our glass of wine and the channel changer. Nothing will sooth a frazzled mom's nerves like a little mommy juice and some Grey's Anatomy.

Michelle Duggar will never know about this guilty little pleasure though. According to Hollywood Gossip, alcohol is absolutely prohibited when you are living under Jim Bob's rule. Come on Jim Bob! You all have 19 kids! If any woman out there deserves a few sips of wine at the end of the day it is this woman right here.

6 She Must Stay By His Side

Once you're a Duggar, you are a Duggar for life. While most of us enter the covenant of marriage with the idea of forever in mind, we know that should our spouse ever go seriously rogue, we could jump ship. Not for Michelle Duggar though.

According to CafeMom, when Michelle said "I do" to Jim Bob she did it fully knowing that no matter what he ever said or did down the marital line, she would always stay by his side.

This principle is further illustrated in the marriage of Michelle and Jim Bob's son Josh to his wife Anna. Even though Josh committed some vile acts while hitched to his wife, leaving was never going to be an option for Anna. The topic of divorce is never on the table!

5 Can't Take The Kids Trick Or Treating

Just think of all the amazing Halloween ideas that Michelle could make come to life if only this family was allowed to bask in the awesome that is Halloween! One of the best parts to having children is getting a chance to do all of the fun holidays with them. She could create an entire zoo along with zoo staff with her children! With that many kiddos, the Halloween themes are truly limitless. Halloween, though, is a no-go for Michelle and her kids. According to Ranker, the religion that they are following deems the holiday to be, "part of a demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from." Just no, I think fans would love to see some awesome Duggar family costumes.

4 The Birth Control Ban

Back when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were first hitched, babies were not exactly on the brain. Jim Bob and Michelle enjoyed their marital bliss for three years before having their first child together. After her first pregnancy, Michelle got back on birth control because she had heard it was best to space your children out. She ended up getting preggers on the pill though (Michelle Duggar is about the most fertile human on the planet), but sadly, she ended up miscarrying.

According to The Hollywood Life, Jim Bob claimed that the birth control pills Michelle was on are what caused her miscarriage.

For all you Duggar fans, this is probably why the TLC family is so against any form of birth control and contraception.

3 Can't Enforce Education

The Duggar family is deeply religious, and with that comes the whole "man is king" concept. Jim Bob isn't down with University, so the Duggar ladies won't be receiving a post-grad education any time soon. According to SheKnows, Jim Bob along with people of his specific faith believes that women are not to have careers and daughters should be discouraged from pursuing such a thing.  Even if Michelle wanted to be an academic role model to her daughters and better herself through furthering her education, Jim Bob wouldn't be having that. The man is the head of all decisions and even adult daughters and wives must listen to their fathers. According to The Hollywood Gossip, none of the Duggar children have a university education.

2 The No Pants Rule

The Duggars are known for dressing modestly. According to InTouch Weekly, the female family members cover up from the knee to the neck so that no "defrauding" can take place. Aside from keeping their bodies under wraps, they are known for wearing skits.

Michelle Duggar would never be caught wearing a pair of fitted jeans.

Their daughter Jinger just about broke the internet when she recently wore a pair of pants and then posted an image of herself on social media for the world to see! Jim Bob isn't even a fan of the beach because swimwear is so compromising and it is nearly impossible for young males to avert their eyes from females frolicking about in the surf.

1 Modesty, First

The Duggars have long been suspected of being devout members of the Quiverfull Movement. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the male members of this movement reportedly see women's sexuality as a threat to them and to their cause in general. Is this part of the reason why Michelle is always wearing long skirts and never pants? Is this why the Duggar children are not allowed to go the beach? Would Michelle be seen as a threat to Jim Bob if she flaunted a bit of ankle skin?

Furthermore, Jim Bob asserts his dominance over his wife by being the sole inspector of every suitor that approaches his daughters. He single-handedly takes this vetting process.

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