13Sudden Shivering

Getting ready to give birth is terrifying even if a woman knows it is coming in the form a planned induction or C-section. Regardless of knowing or not knowing there are certain things baby books hardly talk about and women feel unprepared for when they happen. Baby books talk about

very typical or shocking things like water breaking and potential bowel movements during pushing. However, they may sometimes leave out other very typical but sometimes scary pregnancy and labor symptoms.

A very common side effect of going into labor and the laboring process is shivering. Not like cute little shivers when it’s cold outside while running into the store, but big full body shaking, difficult to talk shivers. This happens to many women during labor, and no number of warm hospital blankets will fix it. These intense shivers are caused by adrenaline, temperature, and hormonal shifts. If a pregnant woman is experiencing intense shivers there is a good chance she is in labor and needs to get to the hospital right away.

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