13 Stories Of Pregnant Women Who Turned On Their Husbands

Hormonal imbalance is known to cause some pretty severe behavioral changes. Think of all those crazy teenagers and their volatile mood swings! Women too are known to go through some serious fluctuations in temperament, especially around that time of the month when their hormones are a little out of whack.

What about pregnant women, though? Their hormones are often all over the place, causing them to cry or rage unexpectedly and disproportionately to the situation at hand. A pregnant woman has been known to ball her eyes out over accidentally stepping on a spider, or despair over a spilt glass of orange juice, or scream like someone possessed because their husband left a bowl in the sink.

Most men know enough not to mess with a woman when she’s on the rag, and I’m pretty sure they handle with care the mom-to-be, because men learn quickly you don’t want to set off all those hormonal emotions. Still, how much of a pregnant woman’s insane behaviors should be blamed on the hormones? Is pregnancy a type of mental instability? Some of the husbands in this list might think so. That is, if they lived to tell the tale.

The following 15 stories of pregnant women who turned on their husbands will curl your toes. It might have you fleeing before every pregnant woman in your path. If you meet a pregnant woman who is showing signs of mental instability, blame it on the hormones and run as though your life depended on it…because it just might!

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13 Deadly Aim

In 2012 a Kansas City woman, Charleatha Nevins, was four months pregnant when she shot and killed her husband. Apparently, the two were arguing over a credit card when things got heated. Eric and Charleatha already had four children at the time of the incident, and with another on the way, it was no wonder they were arguing over money. The struggle began in the street, with Charleatha shooting the victim from inside her vehicle. After Charleatha killed her husband, the judge only sentenced her to four months of ‘shock time’ incarceration. Obviously, the family of the victim is irate over the extremely lenient sentence. Perhaps the judge was sympathetic to the hormonal surges that a pregnant woman experiences, but the sentence still seems a bit light, considering the husband died. Men, don’t mess with the little woman when she’s pregnant. Apparently, you do so at risk to life and limb.

12 Was It Just Self-Defense?

FILE - In this Oct. 26, 2011 file photo Amber Hilberling arrives at the Tulsa County Courthouse in Tulsa, Okla. Oklahoma prison officials say that Hilberling, who was convicted of second-degree murder in 2011 for pushing her husband to his death from the 25th floor of their apartment, died in prison Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. (Mike Simons/Tulsa World via AP, File)

Amber Hilberling was convicted in 2013 of murdering her husband, Josh Hilberling, whom she pushed out of a high-rise apartment building. Josh fell 17 floors to his death. 19-year-old Amber was 7 months pregnant at the time of the incident, and she stated she didn’t mean to kill her husband. Apparently, they were having an argument and Amber claimed it was in self-defense—she was afraid for her life. ““I pushed him off me,” Amber claimed. “The window wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Amber was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison. In October 2016, Amber killed herself while in prison, by hanging herself from her bunk. Her mother wrote on her Facebook page: “I hate what this world did to you. Go rest in the arms of Jesus… The media, the haters, the Hilberlings got their wish. Hope they are happy. I will never stop fighting for the truth.”

11 Pregnant Woman Beats Husband For Farting In Bed

Domestic violence is not a laughing matter, whether it’s from a man abusing his wife, or a wife abusing her husband. That being said, it’s hard not to giggle a little at this story of a pregnant woman who has been charged with domestic battery for getting into a bit of a scuffle with her husband over his inability to hold in a fart.

Remember, pregnant women have a supercharged sense of smell, so beating up a husband who’s been farting in bed might seem justified to the pregnant woman who has to endure such…behavior. Port St. Lucie woman Dawn Meikle admitted to police that she began elbowing her husband when he kept farting in bed, especially after she asked him to stop. The husband also had a ripped shirt and some scratches across his chest. He had to restrain his wife to keep her from hurting him further. Husbands, be warned! Don’t fart in bed when your wife is pregnant, she might turn on you…

10 A Vicious Stabbing

In 2015 a heavily pregnant woman repeatedly stabbed her ex-husband with a kitchen knife. There are two sides to the story (aren’t there always?), with the ex-husband claiming that the woman viciously attacked him after telling him to cover his eyes with a tea towel because their four-year-old son had a ‘surprise’ for him.

Her side claims that she stabbed the ex-husband in self-defense, after he entered her kitchen and punched her in the face. He wanted to take their son on Father’s Day, and she apparently told him the child was too jet-lagged from a recent flight. After he punched her, she defended herself with the kitchen knife. The paramedics did detect large golf ball sized lumps on the woman’s face, although the man claimed she did that to herself after stabbing him.

I’d hate to be on the jury in this case, as it seems that both sides claim it was the other person who attacked first. Perhaps we will never know for sure.

9 Husband Is Banned From The Delivery Room

Pregnant women everywhere, take heart! When you think your husband is driving you crazy, or you think your hormones have turned you into a raging—what rhymes with witch?—just remember…there’s always someone who has it worse than you, or is behaving worse than you!

One mommy blogger went to new levels of pregnant crazy, when she banned her husband from the delivery room, because he drank a few sips of her Mountain Dew! That’s right, folks. He got the boot. When mom-to-be contemplated forgiveness, he was rebooted because he failed to call his wife at 5:00pm as instructed. He called her at 5:15pm because he was talking to his college professor about a test. Here’s what she told him: “I don’t see how I can rely on you when I’m in labor if you’re going to put other people ahead of me and possibly not be there when I need you.”

Feeling pretty good about your life right about now, aren’t you? You’re welcome.

8 Pregnant Murderer

In 2014 a 29-year-old pregnant woman shot her 30-year-old police officer husband to death. He was hanging out with friends when he received an urgent call from his wife to return home. A friend drove the man home and as he walked in the door, he was fatally shot by his wife who used the officer’s own service pistol. The bullet went in under his chin, and out through the back of his head. She then told the man’s friend what she’d done. The officer died on the scene, but the woman was traumatized by what she’d done and could not even speak afterward. There was no reason given in the news report for why this pregnant woman did what she did, but one has to wonder if it had something to do with the hormones. Did the hormones make her go all pregnant-lady-crazy on this guy who was out partying with his buddies? What was she so angry about? The woman was charged with murder.

7 HIV Positive And Pregnant

Imagine you show up at your doctor for some antenatal tests and discover that you are HIV positive. You weren’t HIV positive the last time you checked, so what does this mean? Does it mean your husband was cheating on you? Not only did he cheat on you, but also he got you infected with a very serious sexually transmitted disease. He got you infected with a very serious sexually transmitted disease and you’re pregnant. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one Eldoret woman. She stormed out of a dispensary in a fury, calling her husband a myriad of names, and threatened to murder him. It’s not known if she actually went through with her threats, but likely her husband isn’t living a very happy life, if he’s alive at all. Be careful who you sleep with, people. Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke, and many diseases can be passed on to an innocent babe.

6 Woman Kills Man In YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong

A 19-year-old pregnant woman has been charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of her boyfriend. They already had one child together and the woman was pregnant with the couple’s second. This story has a bit of a twist. The woman didn’t shoot her boyfriend out of rage or jealousy, but rather it was a YouTube stunt gone wrong. The boyfriend, Pedro, begged his girlfriend to shoot at him while he was holding a book in front of his chest. He told her he’d already tested the stunt and showed the woman a book with a bullet lodged in it. He convinced her it was safe, and she went through with it, because they both wanted more views on their YouTube channel. Blame it on the hormones, because one hopes she would have thought this through a little more had she not been pregnant… The book did not stop the bullet as planned. The woman is now facing charges and is currently in jail.

5 Pregnant Woman Attacks Husband

Go ahead and Google 'pregnancy + anger' and you will get an overwhelming abundance of information on pregnant women and why they lose it during pregnancy. Many studies have been done on pregnant women’s increase in violence and aggression. There are also hundreds of tips for husbands on 'how to survive' when their wives are pregnant.

'Survive' is taken quite literally in this context, because husbands are just as likely to be killed by their pregnant wives as yelled at.

Take the husband above for example: I can't understand what the people in the video are saying, but we can see that the pregnant wife is losing it because her husband is dancing with another woman. I'm not too sure he should have been doing that, especially right in front of his pregnant wife, but the woman is clearly on the verge of murdering him. Perhaps this man is suicidal? Maybe he likes a good soap opera, but he is surely taking a great risk by testing his wife while she’s pregnant.

4 Pregnant Woman Smashes Husband's Car

Sometimes pregnant women turn on their husbands for reasons that likely have nothing to do with pregnancy hormones. The hormones probably don’t help matters, but the woman would probably be angry regardless. One woman in Brazil annihilated her partner’s car when she came upon him having lunch at a restaurant with his mistress. Pregnant with her partner’s child, she flew into a rage that had passersby captivated with the train wreck of it all. She spent considerable time and effort damaging the vehicle, jumping on it, kicking it, and at one point she threw a huge rock through the back window. I suppose the man was lucky it was his car getting destroyed and not he. Surprisingly, the partner didn’t even call the police. Did he feel like he’d gotten his just desserts, or was he just concerned that she might retaliate against some other of his prized possessions? Who can say? This pregnant woman sure did turn on her partner!

3 Cigarettes Burn

Some of the pregnant women in this list have been sent to prison due to their pregnancy rages, and perhaps some of the others should have been. The chick in the following story probably should have… This mom-to-be was having a mad craving for an ice-cream sundae. All pregnant women have cravings, and when those cravings are not satisfied to the fullest extent, pop goes the raging beast. This woman and her partner arrived at a restaurant where she ordered a sundae and he ordered some fries. When the food arrived, her partner stole the cherry off the top of her sundae. Now, that’s enough to get me going so I can totally sympathize. You do not want to come between my sweet tooth and me, but this woman became so enraged, she put out her cigarette on his arm. “Oh! You want my cherry, do you? Here, have another!”

2 Beaten And Stabbed To Death By His Pregnant Wife

A 28-year-old Staten Island pregnant woman savagely murdered her husband and then slit her own wrists. She did not die from the attempted suicide however, and she later gave birth to their child, a son, via emergency C-section. It is unclear why the woman killed her husband, 30-year-old Matthew Lee, whom she stabbed countless times and beat with a hammer while he slept. When police arrived, the woman “had a mist of blood all over her.” When neighbors were later interviewed regarding the reason the wife so viciously turned on her husband, they couldn’t really provide any answers. They told of a nice man who lived in a quiet neighborhood; a nice couple that’d lived in the area for years. ''It's a complete shock, I think, to everybody,'' said one neighbor. ''It's a very quiet area. This is why it's so unbelievable. I feel sad because they were a young couple.''

1 Attacked With A Bowl Of Spaghetti

Pregnant women are known to hurl all sorts of things at their unsuspecting partners/spouses—insults, shoes, and pretty much anything else they can get their hands on. When a pregnant woman is pissed, she's more likely than a non-pregnant woman to resort to violence. Why do women turn to objects? Maybe because they don't feel strong enough to do any damage on their own, so they use weapons. That's what this woman, Allison Kurasz, did when she got into a confrontation with her partner. Apparently, the couple had gotten into a verbal argument when suddenly the pregnant woman attacked her partner with a bowl of spaghetti. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the victim covered in blood and pasta. This is not a joke. The woman was charged with domestic battery after she admitted to attacking her husband with the pasta bowl. She was then taken off to jail.

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