13Deadly Aim

In 2012 a Kansas City woman, Charleatha Nevins, was four months pregnant when she shot and killed her husband. Apparently, the two were arguing over a credit card when things got heated. Eric and Charleatha already had four children at the time of the incident, and with another on the

way, it was no wonder they were arguing over money. The struggle began in the street, with Charleatha shooting the victim from inside her vehicle. After Charleatha killed her husband, the judge only sentenced her to four months of ‘shock time’ incarceration. Obviously, the family of the victim is irate over the extremely lenient sentence. Perhaps the judge was sympathetic to the hormonal surges that a pregnant woman experiences, but the sentence still seems a bit light, considering the husband died. Men, don’t mess with the little woman when she’s pregnant. Apparently, you do so at risk to life and limb.

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