13I Don’t Know Nuthin’ Bout Birthin’ No Babies

A big fear for men is the delivery room. It’s a scary, foreign place with shiny metal tools and people in masks. And once you’re there, what is your function exactly? What if something unexpected happens? What do you do then?

To be fair, no one knows anything about childbirth before

they actually getpregnant. It’s kind of a need-to-know sort of thing. But don’t wuss out by saying that you’re no doctor. So why do you need to be in the delivery room in the first place? Can’t you just wait outside and…NO! No you can’t. Don’t even think about it.

It’s no longer cool to hang out in the waiting room with a box of cigars, high-fiving your buddies. Although, I’m not sure that was ever cool. No, if your wife wants you in the room (some won’t – it happens.), then you got to be there.

You need to prepare for what you will face when the screaming starts and everything gets real tense and scary. And the best strategy for getting over those fears is research. Take that birthing class, become an expert in the whole birthing business.

Ask a lot of questions. Learn the ins and outs and complications your wife might face.Find out what you can do in the room to make yourself useful. Be the best birthing coach you can be. A little knowledge can be soothing for those fatherly fears.

Here's some things you can do to prepare now:

  • Read books together about the birthing process and baby growth and development.
  • Work on the birthing plan together.
  • Go to the doctor's appointment together.

That’s not to say you won’t get a little woozy when the big moment comes (that happens to), but it’s always best you go in prepared. Beyond that, you’ve already scored daddy points by just showing up. When you’re about to become a dad, attendance matters.

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