13 Things You Didn’t Know About Anna Nicole Smith’s Kids

When people hear the name Anna Nicole, what do they think of? Do they picture a voluptuous, happy woman? Do they see a gold digger? Do they remember a woman who loved showing off for the camera, but also loved her children?

There are tons of differing opinions out there about Anna Nicole Smith, whose real name was Vickie Lynn Hogan. She gained fame by appearing in Playboy, and even earning the title Playmate of the Year in 1993. But what really made people learn Anna Nicole’s name was when, at just 26 years old, she married an 89-year-old oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II. Needless to say, that is where she earned her gold digger title, though she always claimed she loved her elderly husband dearly, and that he loved her back just as much.

Anna Nicole was 38 years old when she died. She had a 20-year-old son, Daniel, who preceded her death in a horrific manner. She also had a newborn baby girl, Dannielynn. Anna Nicole lived a very interesting life, to say the least. But many people do not know much about her children. Read on for some things you may not have known about Anna Nicole’s kids.

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13 Anna And Her Son Were Super Close

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Daniel Wayne Smith was only 20 years old when he passed away. The circumstances of his death are so sad. He died in his mother’s hospital room after she gave birth to his little sister. Can you even imagine that as a mother? Anna Nicole may have been out there, but one thing was certain- she loved Daniel and to see him die like that, suddenly, in her arms, was just too much to bear.

People may have seen Anna Nicole as someone without any real feelings. But that was not the case at all. Anna Nicole was very emotional and felt what the rest of us feel towards our children, as mothers. She and her son were very, very close, and you know that if she could have prevented his death, she would have done anything in her power to do so. She never really recovered after he died, and she, herself, passed away soon after.

12 Dannielynn Has No Memories Of Her Mama

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It is not very surprising that Dannielynn has no memories of her mother. She was only five months old when Anna Nicole allegedly died of an overdose. While Dannielynn seems to want to keep her mother’s memory alive, it also seems as though she does not really even know how to do so.

You cannot really blame her, she never knew her mom. She was never able to form a real bond with Anna Nicole, there just wasn’t enough time. You can't blame Dannielynn for not really thinking about her mama. Sure, she thinks about her, wonders what life would be like if her mom was still alive, but it is all thinking. There are no memories that this little girl will ever have of her mama. It is a sad reality.

11 Butterflies Are A Sign For Dannielynn

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One of Anna Nicole’s friends wanted Dannielynn to always know she was loved, and always remember her mama, so she began to send Dannielynn butterflies, and still does to this day (Dannielynn is now 11 years old). Dannielynn has mentioned this little tradition and we can only imagine how special it is to her.

In fact, Dannielynn believes her mother comes to her via butterflies. She says butterflies chase her everywhere and believe it is her mother who sends them, in fact, she is convinced it is absolutely her mother through the butterflies. Whenever she sees a beautiful butterfly, it is a reminder that her mommy is with her always. If you have goosebumps, so do we! Dannielynn also enjoys drawing butterflies and says it makes her feel close to her mother.

10 Daniel Felt Burdened By His Mother’s Fame

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Anna Nicole’s son was born when she was basically just a kid herself. She was still a teenager when she had Daniel. Therefore, he grew up witnessing all of her escapades firsthand, from modeling to playboy to living with a wealthy old man to seeing her have another child and more. Daniel, even though he dabbled in the entertainment biz, never cared much for fame.

In fact, Daniel was heavily burdened by his mother’s fame, and some even say that's what caused him to turn to drugs and ultimately end his life. A friend of Daniel’s once said that Daniel loved his mother so, very much, but did not really want others to know he was Anna Nicole’s son. He always felt like he had to live in her shadow, or in an empty shell beside her.

9 Dannielynn Lives Far From Fame

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Dannielynn may have started her young life off in fame, but now she lives far from it. Her father, Larry Birkhead, has tried to make her life as simple and normal as he possibly can. That included moving to Kentucky! We wonder what a typical day is like for this little girl!

That's right, Dannielynn lives in Kentucky with her dad. Of course, just because you live in Kentucky does not mean you can’t have some famous fun. Dannielynn has attended the Kentucky Derby with her father, giving her the chance to get all dolled up, and giving us the chance to see how this little girl of Anna Nicole’s is growing up to look so much like her. She does seem happy, though, and that is the most important thing.

8 Offers To Star In Films Don’t Interest Dannielynn


While any little girl would be curious to see what it would be like to be an actress, that is not much of an appeal for Dannielynn. She prefers to be a little more low key, although, modeling is something she has considered and even done a bit already.

From the moment she was born, and especially after her mother passed away, film and television producers have been trying to scoop her up. She is famous because of her mom and all of that craziness, but now, she is even more appealing because we know so little about it. She is only occasionally photographed, so she seems a bit of a mystery, and therefore everyone wants more! But, Dannielynn decides with her dad what is best for her.

7 A Questionable Affair

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In a bizarre turn of events, there are unconfirmed reports that Anna Nicole actually had a lesbian affair with her son’s girlfriend the same year he died, and just before she passed away. This may seem a bit strange and far-fetched to even believe, but some claim this really did indeed happen. We are not sure Anna Nicole would have actually done that to her son, but we’ll never know the actual truth.

The story goes as this: Daniel, age 20, met a girl and they formed a dating relationship. He decided to introduce his girlfriend to his mom, Anna Nicole, and allegedly, the two fell in love and had a brief affair. It apparently devastated Daniel and may have led to the downward spiral that may have contributed to his untimely death. At the moment, he supposedly stopped talking to his mom, but then ended up reconciling right before he passed away.

6 Dannielynn Suffered From An Eye Condition

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Dannielynn was born with an eye condition that she inherited from her mother’s side of the family. This condition, known as strabismus, causes one of her eyes to be cross-eyed. This is a noticeable condition that afflicts Dannielynn. However, her dad is working to help fix this issue, and so far so good.

Dannielynn has had multiple surgeries to correct her eye condition, and it may be something that she has to continue to monitor. She and her dad are thankful there are ways to correct this issue with her eyes. Many have said that Dannielynn has this eye condition because her mother did drugs while she was pregnant with her, but there is no concrete evidence to prove that. There is evidence that strabismus does exist on Anna Nicole’s side of the family, though.

5 Dannielynn Is A Classic Beauty Like Her Mom

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Dannielynn is not photographed nearly as much as her mama was. She is not in the spotlight, nor has any real plans to be, at least not to the extent that her mother was. When this young lady has a picture taken of her, everyone flocks to see what she looks like. Everyone is curious as to how Anna Nicole’s little girl, and her only living child, is growing up.

Dannielynn is a beauty. Anna Nicole may have been a bit outrageous, but deep down, she was a classic beauty and has passed that off to her daughter. Dannielynn has had to endure surgeries to correct her eye and even had to deal with haters, but when you look at this little girl becoming a young woman, you see a gorgeous person that she is growing up to be.

4 Anna Nicole Could Not Let Go Of Her Son

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When Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel, came to visit her in the Caribbean after she gave birth to her daughter and his little sister, Anna was overjoyed. She loved her son dearly and was so happy to be able to introduce him to his new little sister. However, things did not go well. As we know, Daniel died in his mother’s hospital room.

As any mother would, Anna Nicole completely lost it when she realized she could not wake her son. She thought he was asleep in the chair beside her, but when she went to wake him, she couldn’t. He was dead. Apparently, she would not leave his body and clung to him, like any mother would when their child dies suddenly at such a young age. So very, horribly sad.

3 Modeling Is A Way To Pay Tribute To Her Mother

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Dannielynn has dabbled in modeling, but only a little bit, mostly for Guess. She did it and may continue to model, as a way to pay tribute to the beautiful mother that she never got to know. Dannielynn certainly has the genes to become a successful model, but it may not be what she really wishes to pursue.

There is no denying that Dannielynn is Anna Nicole’s daughter. You see Anna Nicole in her face, especially when she laughs. Dannielynn herself has said that any modeling she chose to do and may or may not choose to do in the future, will be because of her mama. She would do it as a way to honor the woman who gave her life. Her dad though is not for her modeling at all!

2 Anna Nicole Was Medicating While Pregnant With Dannielynn

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It is alleged that Anna Nicole was addicted to many different medications, from prescription drugs to sleeping pills and more. Anna Nicole died of an accidental drug overdose in 2007, when her sweet baby daughter was only five months old. Little Dannielynn never had a chance to learn about the woman who gave her life.

There have been reports, though many have been denied, that Anna Nicole actually was addicted to all kinds of pills and drugs while she was pregnant with Dannielynn, possibly for the entire nine months of her pregnancy, too. Supposedly, those close to Anna Nicole constantly urged her to seek help for her addictions, but she never did, and then it became too late for her to ever get help. Luckily, Dannielynn does not seem to have any long-term health issues, if indeed her mother did do drugs while she was pregnant with her.

1 Dannielynn Is The Spitting Image Of Anna Nicole

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Sweet Dannielynn is definitely going to grow up to be a bombshell, just like her playmate model mother, Anna Nicole. Now, Dannielynn may not follow in those footsteps of her mama, but she will definitely have the stunning looks to pull off anything she wants! Dannielynn does not desire much of what her mom wanted out of life. Dannielynn is a smart little cookie, what she really wants to do is go to Washington, DC!

If you look at young pictures of Anna Nicole, you see Dannielynn. Of course, Dannielynn is only 11 years old now, so it is hard to imagine her looking like a poster pin-up girl, but she absolutely has her mother’s face, and definitely has her mama’s beautiful smile and laugh. Dannielynn is her mother’s daughter.

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