• 13 things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman and why!
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    -: things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman – and the reasons why!

    Foot-in-mouth and face-palm conversations are something that all of us have experienced at some point or the other. Yet, the one thing for sure about these is that irrespective of whether you are on the giving or receiving end of such a cringe-worthy conversation, the entire experience isn’t an enjoyable for everyone involved!

    Pregnancy is on top of the list of things that make people give up on their etiquettes, and forget that a woman needs her own personal space. It is during a woman’s pregnancy that people are at times found saying things that make the ladies suffer from high blood pressure, have their eyes go wide and utter a bashful ‘How dare you say that!” sort of a response. The worst part is that it isn’t just strangers who end up pissing them off. Yes at times, it’s even family members, close friends, and – God bless the poor soul – even the father of baby (the man who is actually part-responsible for the lady’s condition!) who say things that take pregnant women on an emotional drive. Now, considering that pregnancy is in itself a very taxing journey, we’ve put together a list of things that you must NOT say to pregnant women all through the gestation period. Trust us, by avoiding these statements, you just might end up helping a pregnant woman feel much better about herself and the entire experience. Here we go:

    #1: “Thank God I never had morning sickness”

    Wow, a woman is barfing away her entire breakfast in front of you, feels sick as a dog, and you’re cruel enough to tell her you never experienced this pregnancy symptom she dreads having? How insensitive are you? – guess that’s reason enough for you to not say such a thing!

    #2: “Are you sure you should be eating/doing/drinking THAT?”

    Seriously speaking, this is one of the nastiest things that you can ever say to a pregnant woman. Whatever an expecting lady eats, drinks or does is completely between her and her OBGYN – there’s no need for you to butt in as the one thing for sure is that she has already discussed everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in great detail with her physician. These ladies know what they should be doing/eating/drinking, and your comments are neither needed nor welcomed!

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    -: things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman – and why!

    #3: “Oh my, are you having twins?”

    Never comment on a woman’s size – it’s a simple fact of life. Women are extremely self-conscious, and considering that she is carrying about an extra 15-20 pounds she’s bound to be over-sensitive to things. The worst part is that you just might end up making her feel miserable about herself, so just avert from saying something of this sort.

    #4: “Don’t you think you’re too young/old to have a baby?”

    This is seriously one of the most hurtful things that you can EVER say to a pregnant woman. The simple fact that you need to understand is that the baby is going to come whether you like it or not, so it’s literally pointless to comment on the lady’s age while she’s pregnant. Having a baby is her decision, and your comment is just going to hurt or perhaps even anger her – it isn’t going to change a thing I tell you!

    #5: “You are so hormonal…”

    A woman’s hormonal levels are the last thing that you should comment or – pregnant or not. This is one statement that is bound to either get you a cold shoulder, or an evil glare, so it’s best for you to stay away from saying so. Yes, her hormones have gone whack and she’s probably weeping or raging over every other thing, but commenting on them is just going to make her feel worst!

    #6: “Are you planning to breast feed or would you rather use formula?”

    Honestly, this question is quite like asking a stranger on the road if she waxes her underarms! It is totally up to a mother to decide how she wishes to feed her newborn. Honestly, it is one of the most personal decisions that a woman will ever make, and whether she is interested in breast feeding or using a formula is completely her business – not yours. Unless she brings up the topic, stay away from it.

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    -: things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman and why!

    #7: “Are you sure gaining all that weight is healthy for you?”

    This is yet another question that can totally tick a pregnant woman off. Yes, we understand that pregnant women at times gain way too much weight, but that’s for her to discuss with her OBGYN only. Imagine how you would feel if someone commented on your weight, multiply it by a thousand and that’s just how a pregnant lady feels each time someone passes a remark on her weight!

    #8: “Can I touch your belly?”

    If you are out of your mind, then it’s completely fine for you to ask a pregnant woman this question. If not, then you sure as hell need to learn what ‘personal space’ is all about. Pregnant women are NOT fond of having people (family members AND strangers) come up wanting to touch their bellies and one just might bite your hand off if you try!

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    -: things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman and why!

    #9: “Was it planned?”

    NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Not only is this question embarrassing, it is outright rude and personal too. To be honest, it’s like asking whether they have sex on a regular basis, use birth control, and if they wax their privates or not! Completely unacceptable because it’s just for the couple to be concerned about – no matter if the baby was planned or not, it’s still coming!

    #10: “Why are you still at work? Don’t you think you should rest it out now?”

    No, because not everyone out there enjoys the sort of financial stability that you do! Pregnant women already have A LOT to deal with – from back aches to having their baby’s foot cramped in their rib cage and they DON’T need you to tell them what they should be doing. If you see an expecting lady working away even when she shouldn’t, there’s probably a reason behind it, and questioning her will definitely set her off!

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    -: things you must NOT say to a pregnant woman and why!

    #11: “X,Y,Z is bad for the baby you know; I stayed away from it allll through my pregnancy”

    Yes, pregnant women know all that is bad for their baby, but you really can’t expect them to abstain from just about everything in the world can you? She will obviously want to dye her hair, have a bit of coffee, head out to McDonalds, have a pizza, stand and sit for hours, exercise, not exercise, and put on nail polish every now and then, and honestly, that in no way makes her a bad mother!

    #12: “You look like you are about to pop!”

    A major no-no, pregnant women are not interested in hearing how big they look. If you’ve ever been pregnant, or been around someone pregnant, you will surely know how frustrating and tiresome the entire journey can get. The last thing they want to hear is how ‘pregnant’ they look or how big they are.

    #13: “Have all the fun in the world – you’ll soon kiss it goodbye!”

    Statements like these imply that a woman wouldn’t be able to enjoy a thing once she has her baby. Well, let’s burst your bubble: parents can enjoy just about everything that those without babies can. Mothers (and even fathers) know that life is about to change rather drastically for them, and there’s no need for you to imply that they will never be able to sleep, or have any kind of a life ever again!

    Being pregnant isn’t easy – there’s a whole new life developing inside a woman. The entire journey is one that is truly taxing, frustrating and outright difficult. So instead of saying things that will make the woman feel bad about herself or having her baby, encourage her and say things that will make her feel good!

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