13 Times Baby Monitors Caused A Parental Meltdown

Baby monitors. Those small technological devices that are supposed to calm all parents' nerves when it comes to babies, right? Wrong! But wait, aren't they supposed to be enhanced with night vision, the ability to play music, a microphone to speak to the children, and a battery that will last through the night?

Well yes, they should be. Baby monitors have come a long way from the one-way radios older parents once used. They tracked only the sound of the baby, and the range was very short. Parents wanted the ability to watch their baby without hovering over them like UFOs. So monitoring companies came up with the exact thing parents wanted.

Nowadays, technology has become so advanced that these devices even record babies in their rooms, allowing parents at work to check and see how things are going with the sitter, baby taking a refreshing nap, etc. Some monitors even allow parents to talk to their babies in their room so they don't actually have to get up and go into the baby's room.

The problem is, these devices malfunction constantly, and there is nothing quite like the epic meltdown that occurs for a parent, when these monitors don't work. From blurry images on the screens to demon sounding noises, the ability to be hacked, and sometimes just a downright malfunction. These devices which exist  to make life more peaceful can sometimes make things horrifying or even hilarious!

Here are 15 times that baby monitors caused an epic parental meltdown.

13 Seeing Ghosts On The Monitor

The one liner made famous by the hit movie Ghostbusters, probably is the way most parents feel. I have rarely heard parents stating that they believed in ghosts, or entertained the thought of them, or ever really felt their presence. The same was true for a mother named Jade, from Australia who had never given any thoughts to ghosts, until she saw them for herself one night, on the baby monitor in her daughter's room.

She recorded video of what she could only describe as to white orb like figures floating over her daughter in her crib in the dark. One resembled an old lady, and the other a younger child. While very scared at first, she said they don't seem to scare her daughter, and seem friendly, as the older woman seems to be very attentive with the younger child.

She does attribute their presence to her daughter waking up in the middle of the night though. "It could be that the other child is waking her, wanting to play." describes Jade, who is now a firm believer in ghosts, and not scared of these two.

12 A Sleeping Gymnast

A girl was babysitting her niece for the first time, and was extremely proud that she got the girl to go to sleep at nap time. It was an accomplishment that she had worked hard for, chasing the little girl around and playing with her all morning to wear her out. When she checked the baby monitor about 30 minutes after the girl had gone to sleep, she was scared to death.

There was the little girl, seemingly sound asleep, standing on her head. The girl's aunt took a picture and tweeted it saying, "Should I call her parents or the exorcists?" Nearly 23,000 retweets of people finding it both hilarious and frightening sad things like, "I have been trying to achieve that yoga pose for months!"

When she called the mother to let her know what happened, the mom responded very calmly. "She has been quite the little acrobat lately, just settle her in and she will be fine." The aunt moved the girl to a seemingly more comfortable position and let her finish her nap.

Clearly, some of the things technology has been trying to improve in our lives, has really just scared the hell out of us! Aside from that, the most important detail I can take from all of this is that hooking up monitors to the internet is NOT a good idea.

11 Stranger Picking Up The Baby

You are dead to the world, sleeping. Suddenly, something in your gut wakes you up, you glance at the monitor just in time to see two arms taking your baby out of the crib. You have a full blown heart attack! Then, you realize the sound is off, and your husband has decided to get the baby tonight so you can get some sleep! You can't go back to sleep though now can you? Not with THAT adrenaline rush!

Here is a story from a babysitter who had a similar experience.

“When I’m home from college, I babysit for these pretty wealthy people. At the time, the boys I would babysit were about 2 years old and 9 months old. It was summer and I had laid the younger one down for a nap, then took the monitor out with me to the backyard so the 2-year-old could play."

"I hear sounds going off and see arms reaching into the crib toward the sleeping baby. I grabbed the 2-year-old, a knife, and slowly walked upstairs. Their grandma had come to see if I needed any help, but didn’t have my number so she didn’t text me she was there. We laughed about it but never have I ever been so ready to shank someone.”

–foolsdayeveryday via Reddit

10 A Stranger Is Calling The Child Names

Marc Gilbert, absolutely freaked out when he heard a man calling his 2 year old daughter a "moron" and "little slut" through the camera in her bedroom. He said the single scariest part was that the man was calling his daughter by her name. Marc and his wife were called a rash of obscenities as they ran into the room and unplugged the camera.

They simply couldn't understand how a stranger knew who she was, and why on earth they would say such hateful things to a small child. Further investigation led to some answers. The man had taken control of the camera that was on the monitor, and had angled it to read the child's name that was stenciled on the wall of their Houston home.

The upside of this story, is that the little girl was born deaf, and her cochlear implants were turned down at the time of the incident. She heard nothing and slept through the entire event. Marc and his wife agreed that when the child did not stir, it must have caused the hacker to be frustrated, thus causing him to call out louder and louder, eventually being heard by Marc.

9 The Camera Makes The Baby Look Like A Demon

On a late afternoon before nap time, my husband went to the monitor, and held down the microphone key. He wanted to tell our daughter it was time to get ready for her nap and to put her dolls away. She was 2 at the time with a vivid imagination. As he held down the microphone and started to talk in his calm sweet voice, I heard blood curdling screams from the other end of the house.

I raced down the long hallway to find my daughter, tears streaming down her face, paralyzed in fear, staring at the monitor with a look of horror. Once I realized she was okay, I heard my husband come over the monitor to ask if she was okay, and she screamed again. After witnessing the sound of his voice through the microphone, I immediately understood the look and the tears.

He sounded like something out of a movie meant to create nightmares! His voice was garbled and deep, and the words weren't even a little bit clear.

For several weeks afterward, my daughter would go to bed and point at the camera with an angry face and tell me, there was a bad guy in the camera. We decided not to use the microphone function ever again, and things went back to normal soon after.

8 Blurry Lines Have Never Been So Scary

So what exactly are these blurry lines that look like some alien tentacles grabbing your kid?! A friend of mine described her most terrifying experience with a baby monitor. Her son, almost 1 at the time, was down for his nap, and she went decided to sneak in a long overdue shower. You know, the kind where you can actually enjoy shaving your legs and hope you don't hear phantom cries from across the house?

She enjoyed her shower, got out, and was towel drying her hair. She decided to walk over and peek at the monitor. What she expected to see was her son sleeping soundly, maybe with his thumb in his mouth. What she saw instead was terrifying. She saw a set of 3 or 4 blurry lines that appeared to be grabbing at her son. She ran to his room, only to find him sleeping soundly like she had imagined.

She checked his breathing, and tried to calm herself down. When she felt satisfied that everything was alright she went back to her room to check the monitor again. The blurry lines were still there, in fact, there were more of them. She unplugged the monitor, hoping to reset it, and all was right in her world again.

7 Baby Monitor Can Turn Itself Off

When you are a first time mother, there is nothing quite as comforting as the baby monitor. When you finally graduate your little one into a crib, you find peace of mind in the ability to see and hear everything that is going on, while actually resounding yourself to a decent nights sleep, (before the next feeding that is).

You crawl into bed good and tired, and check the clock. You know you can get at least 4 solid hours before the baby wakes, and POOF you are out like a light.

The horror begins to creep in when you wake up, feeling unusually rested. Then the panic hits you fully stricken, is your baby okay? You should have woken up hours ago to feed him! Your eyes dart immediately to the baby monitor, where you hope to see your husband holding him, or the baby fast asleep (hey, miracles happen, maybe he slept through the night?)

What you see is a black screen, nothing, the monitor has shut itself off in the middle of the night. Never have the 25 steps from your room to his seemed so long. IN those 2 steps, you have aged at least 10 years, and imagined every horrible scenario known to man. Fortunately, you find him sleeping soundly.

Then, the guilt starts to creep in, as you realize that while you feel rested, he may have been up throughout the night crying, and wondering why no one came for him, all the while, you never even heard him!

6 Technology Delay Can Cause Grey Hair

Technology is wonderful, when it works. Otherwise, it can be a real pain in the ass! After putting my daughter down one evening, I walked back to my bedroom to watch some TV and realized the monitor was off. I turned it on, and instantly heard very loud crying! I was horrified, because I couldn't hear her crying, except through the monitor.

Suddenly the screen appeared to reload, the crying stopped, and there she was, sleeping soundly! The monitor, which I turned off when she woke up from her nap crying, had captured that instant, and picked right back up at that spot when I turned it back on, phew!

I am glad I am not the only one.

“I went into [my son’s] room to get him and said ‘Daddy’s here, don’t cry.’ I went with him back to my room and heard my monitor say,'Here, don’t cry.' Since my voice sounds so alien to me I freaked out and watched in horror as a tall man grabbed my baby and walked out. It really probably took one second to realize I was holding him and it was me in the video, but I went through 10 years of grey hair in that second.”

–ClassicCarLife via Reddit

5 Shadows In The Dark

How about the shadow that you see cast over your baby? Suddenly it appears like a figure is standing there, with that intent you do not know. You only know that NO ONE should be standing over your baby, because everyone else is in bed! You race across the house, only to find that the night light is reflecting the doll or teddy bear that as left in front of it. Innocent? Sure. Meltdown worthy? Yes!

How about the times you run in to find that there is no one standing there, thank God! But you cannot figure out what is creating the shadow. You move around toy after toy, only to realize you are too tired to figure it out. Then, you get to have the same meltdown everytime you glance at the monitor, until your memoy kicks in and reminds you that all is well!

4 When The Monitor Has Been Hacked?

A couple went public with their story back in 2015, after realizing their baby monitor had been hacked. The Minnesota couple had a 3 year old son, who suddenly became scared. He said someone was talking to him over the phone at night. The parents, now horrified, started paying close attention, and checking out what was going on.

They found that they monitor would move even when they were not controlling it. That's enough to send chills up anyone's spine!

Jay and Sarah found that a stranger had not only hacked into their baby monitor, but was spying on their son at night, and waking him up with disturbing conversations. They heard, "Wake up, Daddy's looking for you." And then on another occasion they heard a man's voice say, "Oh, someone is coming!"

After contacting the maker of their monitor, and finding out that it could, indeed, be hacked, they went public with their story to warn other parents.

3 Unfamiliar Objects In The Crib

Is it a bird, a plane? It's not superman. What is laying next to your child? After you run into their room, sure that you are about to rescue them from something that will harm them, you find a toy, stuffed animal, or folded blanket and realize all is well.

It's amazing what a difference the right lighting and right angle can make. A little shadow and a certain angle can make a car and a stuffed animal look like a glowing skull. And who remembers that their 2 year old fell asleep with a few of his toys? Um, no one. Especially not when the nightlight is shining off the car reflectors and you can swear there is a scary skull right next to him.

Shadows are one of the scariest things most parents admit to seeing on a monitor, especially when you cannot identify the source!

2 Seeing Someone Elses Child On The Monitor

Have you ever heard of baby monitors being on the same frequency? This can happen with next door neighbors, and even with people who live across the street from a daycare. You can hear noises, and see things on the monitor that have nothing to do with what is happening in your baby's room, or in your house. Sounds great when explained calmly ahead of time, but for those parents who have found out through chance, it is a hell of a scare!

A mom from The Bump shares her story,

"I put my 15 month old son to bed and turn on the baby monitor. I see this woman holding him and rocking him. I ran in the room ready to tear my child out of this crazy persons arms.....We just had new neighbors move next store with a 1 yr old son so I guess we were using the same frequency. I changed my frequency."

Sure all is well now, but can you even imagine the terror of the moment?

1 The Parents Are Being Watched Through The Monitor

A mother in Kansas shared a horrifying story, one that gives us all the heebie jeebies. She was putting her son to bed, and just happened to look up at the camera. It was at this moment that she realized the camera lens was moving. She walked to the other side of the room, and watched it follow, then again to her son's dresser.

All the while, the camera was following her every move. Her husband was not home, and she realized that SHE was being watched. "Every hair on my neck stood up," she shared.

Someone watching your child is scary enough, but someone watching you? Do they know the nap schedule, sleep schedule, and the time your husband gets home? Have they seen a piece of paper or overheard a conversation via a phone call they may give them an idea of where you live? Exactly how bad of a situation ARE you exposing yourself too?

If you are really the one being watched, what are the intentions of this person? I don't know about you, but that one sends chills down my spine!

Sources: Reddit, The Bump, Daily Mail

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