13 Times Toddlers Go Cray Cray

By now, it's something of a universal truth that toddlers are irrational, crazy little beings. Should you find yourself wondering 10 times a day why toddlers so crazy, you are not alone. As anyone with a toddler can attest to, there's little rhyme or reason to their antics or behavior, and as parents we're left simply going with the flow and hoping their latest outburst settles quickly.

Although, if there are fruit snacks and chocolate thrown in there as bribery, we don't blame you. Whether your toddler is freaking out over their ice cream cone dripping down their tiny hand, or flailing their tiny body in protest of going to bed when it's still light out (damn the sun for staying out at 8 P.M. during the summer months), we've all been there.

Pretty much any time toddlers go crazy is made up for tenfold when they cuddle up to you for snuggles, because we take what we can get when it comes to the terrible twos and yes, even the awful threes. As parents, we've either dealt with these times when toddlers have gone absolutely bonkers, or will soon be dealing with this behavior.

To those who have already had these sort of outbursts, we're right there with you, and to those lucky ones who haven't yet, we'll see you soon.

13 When Their Favorite TV Show Goes To Commercial

You know the setting. Your two-year-old has just woken up from their nap. They're super groggy and nearly non-verbal. You'll get some grunts and "noooo" type of answers, and that's it. So you let them wake up with some TV time, but as soon as their show breaks for a commercial, they're broken out of their nearly hypnotic state. Now you've got a melt down on your hands.

12 When You Pretend To Take Bite Of Their Ice Cream

With toddlers, you'll either have a sweeter than sugar type of little guy or girl, or you'll have a crazy one ready to challenge you at every turn. Then again, these are toddlers we're talking about, so yours can be a scary mixture of both. Which means that they can be super happy with the ice cream cone in their little hand, only to be horribly angry when you try to be silly and take a tiny lick.

11 When Their Shoes Won't Fit

If you're lucky enough to have a toddler that even "allows" you to put shoes on them, then that's one hurdle you've made it across. However, there's still the possibility of having them totally freak out when you can't get their new pair onto their chubby feet or when they try to slip on their shoes from last summer that are way too small now. It would be much too simple for them to tell you they want help.

10 When You Tell Them It's Time For Bed

Bedtime will likely always be a struggle until your child is into their teenage years. Toddlers feel like they're missing out on something and, understandably, they don’t want to stop whatever game or toys they're playing with or TV show they're watching. We've all been there - totally in our zone and not wanting to give up what we're doing to succumb to bed time, but toddlers are far too crazy to put into actual words what they're feeling.

9 When You Say "No"

It's pretty much ingrained in the toddler psyche to refuse you every time you tell them "no," since it's usually in regards to something totally reckless and seemingly fun. Of course this, in turn, teaches them the awful and annoying word to throw back at you themselves, so there really is no winning.

8 When Nap Time Interrupts Their Block Building Time

This is another instance where your toddler is just not interested in putting away their blocks or toy cars in exchange for a blanket and pillow. Of course we all know how much they probably need it in the middle of the day, but you'll likely get kicks, screams, and gigantic tears rolling down sadder then sad little faces. How is that even fair?

7 When Their Ketchup Runs Out Before Their Fries Do

Toddlers do not understand the concept of being able to clean things quickly should they spill, or refill condiments when they inexplicably run out. So when they've finishing sucking all of their ketchup off their now soggy fries, they're bound to start throwing around whatever is in their immediate line of sight.

6 When You Don't Let Them Run Into The Street

It'll be a little while before your toddler understands what real fears are. Which is great for getting them onto planes for long trips or taking them to the doctor. But it kind of sucks when all you want to do is keep your toddler from making a mad dash for the street in front of your home and they scream and kick to the point of causing your neighbors to stop and stare.

5 When You Tell Them To Take One Last Bite Of Carrots

We've all had those instances at mealtime when we feel like the best parent in the world because we got our toddlers to eat broccoli, or corn, or any other vegetable that becomes a struggle for them. But for some unknown and unGodly reason, they seem to relish the control they have in refusing that one last bite. And they go from zero to freaking out at the drop of a hat.

4 When You Wash Their Favorite Blanket/Stuffed Animal

Of course they can't comprehend the fact that you're only washing their favorite inanimate companion for their own good and health, but that doesn't make it any easier on them. To your toddler, you're taking away their best friend for possibly a very long time.

3 When You Refuse To Sit Through Their Favorite Pixar Movie A Third Time In A Row

Isn't it enough that you've sat through Cars two times already? Of course not. Since it's your tot's new fave, you'll be watching in on replay until they go to bed, lest you should be faced with a screaming child when you want to watch a movie of your own. How dare you, right?

2 When You Hit Traffic On The Freeway And They Wake Up In Their Car Seat

This has got to be a situation that we all absolutely hate as parents. Getting your little one to fall asleep during a long car ride is a blessing, and a peaceful one at that. But as soon as you hit traffic, or have to stop at a toll booth, they're suddenly wide awake and super angry with you for having the audacity to stop at all.

1 When It's Bath Time

Bath time may eventually become a thing to look forward to, but for a time, your toddler will probably have an on again/off again love affair with it. Sometimes they'll remember that bath time means bubble play and toys, and other times they'll remember that it also means washing their hair and getting cups full of water dumped on them. Which will lead to a screaming and crying toddler through the entire bath time process.

The good news is that these toddler tantrums won't last forever, and will eventually become a thing of the distant past. And if you're lucky enough, your crazy toddler will be able to keep their antics down to a few times per week, or maybe switch on and off every week, for the sake of your sanity.

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