13 Tips for Baby's Sleep Needs Month By Month

Excitement fills the air as your family and friends gather around to meet your new bundle of joy. As everyone ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ over how precious your baby is, your little is mostly sleeping. One of the few things your baby will do is sleep. Sleep is an important part of your baby’s health.

Sleep will enable the growth of new cells, and strengthen their immune system. Sometimes, your baby isn’t sleeping when you want them to the most, but rest assured this will change as they get older. This article will focus on the exactly how much sleep your baby needs per month.

13 Newbie

As a newborn, fresh out of the oven, your baby will need the most sleep during this time. You will be grateful for the amount of things you can get done during the day while your baby sleeps. During this time, your newborn will need about 16 hours of sleep; 8 hours during the day, and 8 hours during the night.

During the day, you will find that your baby won’t sleep for 8 hours straight – and most likely during the night, too. Generally, during the day, your newborn will take about five naps totaling 8 hours. Those moments your baby is awake will mean time for feeding and diaper change.

12 One Month

At one month old, you won’t notice a big difference in sleep pattern. Your baby at one month old will be needing as much rest as it did when it was a newborn. The baby will need between 15 to 17 hours of sleep during this month. Once again, their sleep time will span over four daytime naps.

11 Two Months

At the two month mark, it will seem as if the abundance of sleep they are getting has not changed. However, it changes ever so slightly. Your baby still needs the optimal amount of sleep, that is, 15 to 17 hours of sleep. But, instead of taking five or four daytime naps, they will sleep for 3 daytime naps.

10 Three Months

At three months old, your little bundle of joy will still be sleeping a lot. Family members and friends will still be hoping to see your baby’s eyes open, but will have a very small window of opportunity. At this age, your baby will need approximately 14 to 16 hours of sleep in total. They will generally nap three times during the day.

9 Four months

At four months old, you will start to notice more of a change. Your baby still needs a lot of rest, approximately 14 hours in a day. But, they should be able to sleep for roughly 8 hours throughout the night without waking up to be fed. This is not to say that they won’t wake up during this time. Don’t be alarmed if your baby does wake up during this time. Some babies have bigger appetites than others.

8 Five months

You will notice at 5 months of age, your baby will be able to sleep for 10 to 11 hours at night without a feeding. During the day, they will nap for about 4 hours. Their naps will usually be broken up into three different naps, with feeding and diaper change in between.

7 Six Months

At six months, your baby is still a little one, although, you will notice just how big they have grown. It’s from all that sleep they're getting. At this age, your baby will still need about 10 to 11 hours during the night, but about two to three naps during the day. Your baby should be able to sleep throughout the night without waking up. However, it isn’t uncommon for your baby to wake up once for a midnight snack.

6 Seven Months

The seven month mark won’t be noticeably different than the six month mark. You may find your baby’s sleep pattern to be exactly the same as last month’s. Your baby will snooze for a couple of naps throughout the day and sleep for 10 to 11 hours straight at night.

5 Eight Months

At eight months old, it's normal for your baby to wake up and breastfeed. Your baby’s nap pattern won’t significantly change from the previous month, but you may start to notice that your baby will begin taking shorter naps throughout the day. Your baby may sleep for 20 minutes at a time, approximately twice a day.

4 Nine Months

The typical sleep for this age is not vastly different from the eighth month. At nine months, your baby should be getting about 11 hours of sleep at night. During the day, they should be napping for a total of 2 to 3 hours. The naps tend to be broken down into two naps.

3 Ten Months

At ten months you may start to notice that your baby is almost always sleeping throughout the night. Your baby may sleep for as little as 10 hours at night. But, they will make up for their sleep during the day in the hours of naps they take. The total number of naps during the day will generally be 2 to 3 hours worth.

2 Eleven Months

At eleven months, your baby may be able to sleep for one nap during the day. It's also normal for your baby to nap two to three times a day. Your baby should get approximately a total of 14 hours total. At this age, your baby most likely will not wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding.

1 Twelve Months

At one year old, it's still crucial that your baby get about 14 hours of sleep every day. Your baby will still need one or two naps throughout the day. Your baby will most likely not need to wake up for a feeding. At one year old, your baby will start to be more consistent in their sleeping pattern.


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