13 Ways Being A Celeb Mom Is So Much Harder

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard. It is one of the toughest, most important jobs on the market, if doing it right. Raising kids is a full-time job. Now, imagine having all eyes watching, everything that's said and done, or the way the kids are raised - it's all being observed and judged.

Being a celebrity mom can be stressful. Already having to raise a kid, plus scheduling gigs, hosting tv shows, and spending all hours of the night filming a movie, is hard. Don’t get me wrong, there are numerous mothers raising their kids while working a full-time job, and it can be just as stressful as a celebrity, but they're every move is not being watched, nor their kids are being treated differently because of who their mom is.

Celebrities have a lot to worry about when it comes to their children. They have to worry about other people using them for fame, stalkers and paparazzi, they have no privacy, and pressure is put on their children. Celebrity moms also have to worry about working long hours, traveling a lot and being away from family, being judged about everything. It is never-ending.

Read below to see 13 ways being a celeb mom is actually so much harder.

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13 If You Didn't See It For Yourself...

When it comes to being a celebrity, you get judged on just about everything. People have nothing better to do with their lives than to shame Hilary Duff for posting a picture of her kissing her 4 year old son on the lips, or Chrissy Teigen being accused of being a “bad mom” for going out to dinner with her husband shortly after having a baby. Celebrities are normal people too. A lot more people just know who they are rather than them knowing us.

People are really quick to judge, and as Brittney Spears said, “I've been doing this for 20 years, I kind of don't pay attention to it. I have my relationship with God and myself and that's what matters to me. I really don't care what most people think.” This is how most celebrities learn to live.

12 Where Is My Privacy?

Well….you have none! Imagine pulling up to your driveway and all you see is paparazzi taking pictures of your every move, or having to go out to dinner with people staring, or even being on vacation and still being bothered. It can get extremely aggravating, right? Well, this is one of the challenges celebrities face. Being a son or daughter of a celebrity can be just as challenging, they get no privacy either. Is this the reason most of these kids are home-schooled or put in private school? Yep! Many mom worries about their kids safety, because nowadays, anything can happen.

Luckily, for these celebrities, there are places they can go to where they are treated like normal human beings, and don't have to worry about paparazzi, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, a few vacation resorts around the world, even places in Las Vegas.

11 Work Longer Hours

Talking about being judged, Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly started a “Mommy War” for suggesting that working a 9 to 5 desk job is easier and less challenging than being a mommy movie star. Many working moms took this comment out-of-context because of Paltrow stating a 9-5 job is “easier,” which clearly is far from easy. She then clarified her comments by saying “Film work takes one away from home and requires 12-14 hours a day, making it difficult to be the one to make the kids their lunch, drive them to school, and put them to bed.”

Even though we work full-time jobs, most of us still have the time to take our children to school, make dinner for them, and tuck them in at night. When it comes to being a celebrity mom, it gets a lot harder to be able to do those kinds of things because they are always working all hours of the day/night, from filming all night, to doing photoshoots, to meeting fans, etc. Like I previously mentioned, it is never-ending for them.

10 The Public Eye

Celebrity children do not live a normal life. Let’s talk about the Kardashian- Jenner kids for example, born into a life of Hollywood stars, fame, and wealth. For the most part, everyone knows who they are. According to Kylie Jenner, growing up on camera, everyone feels like they know you and she has to put a different persona to the world because of who she is, and I'm sure many celeb children feel that way. She also says “there’s an image I feel constantly pressured to keep up with” and no one knows who she really is, and this is why she is coming out with her own show “Life of Kylie” to show the world her true self.

I'm sure many children feel this way, and feel like they have to keep up with the way they look and act in public because of who their parents are.

9 Too Much Traveling

When your job requires you to travel to Paris for fashion week, or fly to Australia for a photoshoot every few months, it can be very challenging having to leave the kids behind. Luckily, some celebrity moms try to take their babies with them wherever they go, but once they reach a certain age where they have to go to school, there is no way for the family business trip.

It can be tough for these moms because who enjoys leaving their child behind? No one. Well, unless you need a few days to relax. Having to travel multiple times every month or every other month can get overwhelming when having to leave the babies behind.

8 The Public Expects Too Much

Give the mothers a break! We carry a human being inside our belly for 9 precious months and need as much time as we can to recover. Not all women are the same, and some of us recover faster than others, but it should be the mother's choice on how or when she wants to get back into shape or feel like herself again. For celebrity moms, the public expects them to look great immediately after having a baby. Why? Because it’s Hollywood, everyone has to look glamourous.

Fortunately, for many celebrity mothers, they can care less what the public has to say about them. Kelly Clarkson admitted that the fat-shaming comments she received after having her baby just made her stronger, she responded "I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will. I've just never cared what people think…”

7 A Touch Of Mom-Guilt

The hardest part about being a mother is guilt. The guilt of not doing, being, or giving enough to your children. As a parent, it feels like everything you do or don’t do for your child is all your fault. Let’s be honest, we all think like this. Now imagine what it feels like for a celebrity mom always being busy and never really having as much time to spend with her kids. Having a little girl that I spend every waking morning and night time with, I can only imagine how hard it feels being away from her for days, even weeks.

For some celebrity moms, it can be easier than others to not have the “mom-guilt.” For Mila Kunis, even though she works long hours as an actress, she brings her kids with her everywhere she goes. Life would be much easier for us mothers if it was this easy, right?

6 Embarrassment Is A Thing

The worst thing about being a celebrity mom is that whatever you do will never be forgotten. Whatever you do, your kids will know about it. There have been numerous occasions where celebrity children have gotten embarrassed about their parents. And there is no denying anything. Let's start off with Madonna, when she rubbed a Puerto Rican flag between her legs, wearing a bra that looked like cones, and wearing basically a black leotard and some lace during the Oscars party. Her daughter reportedly begged, "Mom, do you have to?...But you tell me to behave like a grown-up!"

Snooki’s children will one day watch their mom on the TV show “Jersey Shore” and see how wild she used to be. If they don’t know about it, I'm sure their classmates will tell them. Brittney Spears shaving her head bald, wonder what her children and their friends will say?

5 Crazy A** People In Our World

Celebrities have some of the biggest fans there is, no matter if they're on a reality show, an NFL player's wife, or an actress, they all have fans. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with some very scary stalkers as well. There was an incident that happened back in 2015, with young dancers from “Dance Moms.” A man was charged for sending inappropriate packages to JoJo Siwa and Maddie Ziegler. To make things worst, this man has a huge neck tattoo of their dance instructor Abby Miller.

Many people criticized the show after this incident, as they wrote "This is what you get when you thrust your child into the public eye. Fame isn't worth it there's just to many crazies," along with, "Way to go moms inviting this stuff into your daughters lives."

4 Trust Issues

As a celebrity, you need to have trust issues. People will try to use you and your children to benefit themselves. It’s a shame what people can do when it comes to fame and how differently they treat you when you’re famous. Celebrities, in general, have to deal with people sucking up to them and then talking crap behind their back. So it’s definitely tough to trust people if they are trying to be your friend and they weren’t there before the fame and fortune. Do they really like you or who they think you are? These are questions celebrity moms think about, especially when it comes to their children.

In conclusion, as a celebrity mom, it’s very difficult to trust people because people are looking to get something from them.

3 One Is Going To Suffer At Some Point

As Will Smith says, “You have to be committed to having a relationship or your career. One is going to suffer at some point.” Which is true. It’s impossible to be committed to both. There is not enough time in the day to do everything at once. For many celebrity moms, they learn to balance each one out, and I'm sure there are lots of arguments with their significant other, or their child, and even their manager.

As a mom, we do a lot, and others expect a lot from us. I’m not a celebrity and I still get overwhelmed when it comes to work, school, and coming home and making sure my family is taken care of. It takes work. For someone like me who doesn’t always travel for business or have to be up all hours of the night, it might be little less stressful than having to get a lot done while maintaining a happy family.

2 There Is Never A Routine

Setting you baby or child on a routine is important. Just as important as your morning routines and your workout routines. This gives your child a sense of security and stability, helping them gain an understanding of everyday events and learn what is expected from them. Routines also influence your child to engage with people around them and slowly become more independent.

The hard part about being a celebrity mom is, there is never a routine. Routines for celebrity moms are harder than expected. They are constantly busy and don't really have a routine for themselves, so it makes it hard to have a routine for their children. For the most part, many moms probably hire a nanny or babysitter to care for their children while they are away who can at least put then on a routine.

1 Successful Children

For the most part, celebrity children grow up confident, they hang out with the right people and go to the most fancy places and parties, and they learn to be just like their parents. As a celebrity mom, they have to put out a persona that people look forward to seeing. Thats how they keep their fans and make their living, looking “hot.” Their children learn the value of hard work because that's what they see in their mom, and they have an advantage to grow up successful; everyone knows who they are.

Let's take a look at Kylie and Kendall Jenner, they became successful just for being a “Jenner.” Even though now they’re working extremely hard in their business and modeling career, how easy do you think it was for them to get there? Very! Celebrity kids have great opportunities that come their way and make it hard for their mother to keep up as they get older.

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