13Higher Rates Of Obstructed Labor

3-6% of births worldwide are caused by a variety of evolutionary influences, like babies with heads that too large and mother’s with pelvises too small. Often times they result in obstructed labor, when medical intervention is necessary to save the life of either the baby or the mother, or

both. It is believed to be a result of long term, increasing use of C-Sections that interfere with the human species ability to properly make use of natural selection.

In other words, mothers and babies that might not have survived a vaginal labor and delivery are bypassing the laws of the survival of the fittest. Essentially the way it works, is that because they survived a delivery that they otherwise would not have, the gene that gives our species the message that is it incompatible is not eliminated. It is on a slippery slope that we are playing, as the immediate benefits of saving mothers and babies that are in danger, could ultimately lead to the struggle of procreation without medical intervention.

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