13 Ways Doing It While Pregnant Can Seriously Harm The Baby

Engaging in intercourse can be fatal for mom and baby, especially if there are anomalies in a woman's pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not mean that a couple can no longer enjoy intimacy. However, pregnant mamas and their romantic partners definitely need to take caution when getting together. There are a some conditions during pregnancy that can seriously put the bun in the oven at risk. Depending if a woman is carrying multiples, how far along she is in her pregnancy, and a couple’s specific interests, some changes in intimacy habits might need to take place.

Having an intimate moment while pregnant is typically perfectly safe, and is often more satisfying and can bring a couple closer together. An unborn baby is safely tucked away in its mother’s womb, protected in an amniotic sac. It is critical that a pregnant woman receives prenatal care, especially if she engages in sexual intercourse. If there are any anomalies in a woman’s pregnancy progress, engaging in intercourse can prove risky for an unborn baby.

Choosing to take necessary precautions to support the healthy development of an unborn child, and fully understanding how a woman’s pregnancy is coming along, is vital to carrying on safer intimate moments. Responsibility and knowledge will help reduce the risk of seriously harming the baby, when having a romp in the sheets.

13Intercourse Can Jump Start Contractions

Having sexy time while pregnant can be very risky for an unborn baby, especially if their mom has a history of giving birth to premature babies. Experts fear that the jarring action of engaging in intercourse can jump start contractions.

Contractions in most pregnant women will eventually subside. Pregnant mothers who are far along in their pregnancy, and have a past history of premature births, are more susceptible to going into labor pre-term.

The worry that pre-term labor will be induced, is thanks to the release of oxytocin and prostaglandins when having sex. These chemicals found in semen and released by a pregnant mom while engaging in intercourse, may cause the cervix to ripen and promote contractions. Typically, women with a history are encouraged to abstain.

12Letting Him Enter The Backdoor Can Be Fatal

Bacteria is a definite danger for a mom-to-be and her unborn little one. When it comes to being more adventurous in bed, special care definitely must be taken not to spread bacteria into the vagina or cervix.

Barriers should be worn, and if a partner chooses to penetrate the backdoor, they definitely should not go back and forth between the vagina and the anal region. Risky sexual activity can prove fatal for baby and mom.

It does not take long for dangerous bacteria to proliferate, especially in the warm and ideal confines of a woman’s lady bits. An infection can quickly travel to the blood stream, landing the mom in the hospital, and risking her baby’s health. An untreated and quickly spreading infection of the blood can prove fatal.

11The Placenta Can Tear

If a pregnant woman’s placenta manages to cover her cervix, having sex with her partner can be very dangerous for her baby. This condition is called placenta previa, and abstinence is the best course of action for a pregnant mom experiencing this, lest she risk harming her baby. It is possible that any penetration with a penis, digit, or sex toy could possibly rupture the placenta.

A bleeding placenta or hemorrhage would prove a dangerous and most likely fatal incident for a mother’s unborn child. Although there is not enough data to support or dispute the likelihood of this happening, responsible professionals recommend that a pregnant woman with placenta previa should abstain from getting it on. It is better to be safe than sorry.

10Swallowing Can Stimulate The Uterus

Ladies that enjoy swallowing or letting their partner finish without protection, might want to hold off when pregnant. Seminal fluid not only risks delivering a fresh load of bacteria and viruses, but also contains hormone called prostaglandins. These prostaglandins help stimulate the uterus to contract.

Women who have a history of giving birth prematurely, miscarriages, or are experiencing heavy bleeding are exceptionally vulnerable. If uterus contractions do not subside, and a woman is under 12 weeks in her pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is high.

Typically contractions eventually end on their own, but the possibility of delivering baby early, or passing on bacteria or disease because of bodily fluid exchange is a risk. Pregnant ladies and their romantic partners should be aware of curtailing risky behavior, in order to protect the unborn child.

9What Happens If Air Enters The Lady Parts?

If a couple wants to engage in taking a trip downtown, a pregnant mom needs to be careful. If their intimacy partner manages to introduce air into their lady parts, the risk of an embolism can put an unborn baby at risk.

The risk of transmitting bacteria is also a reasonable concern, even though a baby is protected by an amniotic sac. The injection of air into a woman’s vagina however, can prove dangerous for a baby’s survival, and create grave complications.

If a pregnant lady has a tear or injury to her placenta, any air accidentally blown into her vagina can potentially block a blood vessel. This blockage, or air embolism can prove fatal to a mom and her unborn child.

8Dangerous Positions Need To Be Avoided

Early in a pregnancy, a woman doesn’t have much to worry about. However, once a lady hits the 20 week mark it would be prudent to switch up the usual positions, unless a mom-to-be once to risk her unborn baby’s health.

Missionary position should be avoided, as laying on the back puts pressure on the aorta of the heart. When this happens, the blood flow to the placenta is put at risk. Using a pillow to lift the hips can help.

Any positions that encourage deep penetration and heavy thrusting should be avoided, because a pregnant mom doesn’t want to risk tearing or injure her cervix. Pressure on the baby bump should be avoided. Engaging in backdoor activity should be done carefully, as it is easy to spread bacteria to the vagina.

7Cervix Can Open Prematurely

Sometimes pregnant women may experience an incompetent cervix. This means that the cervix is slightly open, a little earlier than expected during their pregnancy. A prematurely dilated cervix in the second trimester can lead to a miscarriage or even a premature birth.

If a woman is pregnant and has an open cervix, having sex should be avoided. The risk of causing the cervix to open more, thanks to contractions following sexual activity is possible. Plus, bacteria and sexually transmitted infections and disease can more easily enter the cervix, affecting the unborn baby.

Signs of a prematurely opened cervix can present themselves between 14 to 20 weeks. A medical provider can best advise a pregnant woman, if there is a concern.

6Rough Play Can Be Life-Threatening

Couples that are a little more on the adventurous side, really need to adjust how they engage in intimacy. Rough sex can potentially threaten the life of an unborn baby. It might have seemed tricky or exciting enough, engaging in intercourse while navigating around a baby bump. However, being too rough can not only jostle the baby around, but could risk a miscarriage or premature delivery.

Pregnant ladies should take caution about contact with their cervix, unless they want to incite tears, bleeding, or premature dilation. If there is any vaginal bleeding, severe cramping, or abdominal pain they should put on the brakes on. Large toys should definitely be avoided and protection should be used. The belly area should definitely be off limits, and absolutely no breath play or heavy rope play.

5Getting It On While Fluids Leak Is A Big No-No

If there is any sign of leakage of fluid, and the amniotic sac is broken, a mom definitely wants to put the brakes on getting busy. It is possible from time to time, for their to be discharge after having sex, or during sex. However, if amniotic fluid leakage shows up, and a woman is pre-term there may be an untreated infection present, or an injury to the sac.

As long as an amniotic sac is whole and intact, the risk of transmitting bacteria, and other harmful elements to a baby is minimized. Once the protective amniotic sac is compromised, it would be risky for a pregnant mom to become intimate. The risk of trauma to an unborn baby, in addition to transmission of bodily fluids is not worth it.

4Intercourse While Carrying Multiples Can Be Risky

Women who are carrying twins, or a higher number of multiple babies inside their womb need to take caution before getting busy. Unfortunately, a woman carrying multiples runs greater risk when engaging in sexual activity. Multiple babies already carry the risk of possible miscarriage, anemia, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and contracting a urinary tract infection.

Since being pregnant with multiple babies can result in premature labor, it is good practice to limit or abstain from getting it on. This is especially the case, if a mom has a history of miscarriage, premature labor and delivery, or if there are issues with the placenta or cervix. A pregnant mom should definitely consult her attending physician, before deciding to get intimate if carrying twins, triplets, or more.

3If There's Blood, Don't Do It

Bleeding could be a sign of a serious complication during the pregnancy, and a check-up with a medical professional is in order. The severity of the amount of blood, and how often it happens matters. Having sex while bleeding and pregnant can put the baby at risk of contracting an infection. There is also a risk that a miscarriage or premature labor might commence, depending on how far along a woman is in her pregnancy.

It is normal for a woman to bleed a little bit, such as light spotting, after having sex while pregnant. Heavy bleeding that does not stop, is a huge red flag. An unborn baby’s life may be in danger, if there is non-stop bleeding, coupled with severe abdominal cramping, fever, and a weakened cervix.

2Increases The Chances Of UTIs

The risk of contracting a urinary tract infection increases significantly for a woman when she is pregnant. Some ladies end up contracting a UTI, shortly after engaging in intimate acts with their partner, which can make things uncomfortable for mom and baby. Untreated UTIs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, and end up with mom needing to go on antibiotics.

If a UTI is left untreated or gets out of control, the kidneys could become infected, and could later lead to the development of sepsis. Sepsis, or blood poisoning, can cause sever pain, high fever, and cut of the supply of blood to an unborn baby and mom’s organs. A UTI could also risk mom going into labor early. Preterm labor can pass on serious health problems to baby.

1Infections Can Travel To The Unborn Baby

When having sex, being aware of one’s health status, and using protection is important. Bacteria, viruses like herpes, and sexually transmitted infections can easily put mom and her little one at risk. Even though a baby is cocooned in an amniotic sac, viruses and bacteria can still get through. There is no contraception that can completely block an STI or STD.

If a mom is not sure of her intimacy partner’s health status, it is important that protection is used. An infection of the blood, vagina, and cervical tissues can quickly be transported to an unborn baby. Certain infections and diseases can increase the chance of a pregnant woman having a miscarriage or giving birth early. Some babies can even develop blindness, or life debilitating medical conditions.

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