13 Weird and Cheeky Terms for Pregnancy

Phrases like Bun in the Oven are quite popular to use as slang for being pregnant and there are many more. Some of them are offensive and some aren’t, some are used in regret and some in joy, and sometimes breaking the news to other people can either be really fun and awesome or it can take a whole lot of nerves because it can be the hardest thing in the world to tell somebody.

The point is that as long as society has existed and people have been communicating with each other, from the very first she-cavewoman grunt to let her hubby know what was going on, people have been finding a way to break the news to somebody.

Whether it be your friends, parents, or the person who it’s hardest to tell, there are so many different ways to tell people that you’re pregnant and just to talk about pregnancy in general. Some of them are hundreds of years old, some are from other countries, and some are just really weird! Bun in the oven might be on the list, but it’s one of the nicer slang phrases to say the least. 

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13  Bun In The Oven

This is one of the most common slang terms for being pregnant and it’s still pretty widely used today. Having a bun in the oven usually isn’t considered to be too offensive, it’s really just a way of lightening up the awkward moment a little bit when you go to tell your parents the big news.

From what we’ve been able to discover, it’s a term that first came around in the early 1940’s in North America and was first cited in a piece of literature in the early 50’s in a book called, The Cruel Sea.

Would it make the news sweeter if we said 'cake' in the oven instead?

As far as the analogy itself goes, it’s pretty clear. The bun is the baby and the oven is the mother’s womb. And just like bread takes a certain amount of time to bake, so does the baby… you know what I mean; bake, gestate, different words, all part of one crappy bun pun.

12 Knocked Up

Now this is one of the more offensive terms or slang for being pregnant, but unfortunately it’s used quite a bit. It just has a negative connotation to the saying and whenever someone says that they or she got knocked up, it’s never preceded or followed by anything positive.

You really only hear it from single women who really weren’t looking forward to getting pregnant, young women who shouldn’t be pregnant, and married wives that aren’t supposed to be pregnant, as far as their husbands were concerned anyway.

This slang is rarely used in a joyous way that celebrates new life

It’s use was first cited in the U.S. in the early 1800’s, 1813 to be exact and it’s said to come from when a an auctioneer knocked a slave down and the purchaser would knock her up. And yes, this was because unfortunately slave masters not only bought their slaves, but they often--if not almost always--had sex with their slaves, whether willingly or not. So it’s really no surprise that being knocked up has negative connotations.

Ok I know what you’re thinking, down and up are different directions, but when it comes to the sex part, in both cases the man’s thing is clearly pointing up, hence why it’s called knocked up! And now you know.

11 Bat In the Cave

Now, I’m not all that sure why this one is on here to be honest, because as far as I was concerned, this was actually slang for having a booger in your nose. Anyway, this terminology was actually pretty popular when it came to pregnancy slang.

It does seem to apply more to a booger hanging in your nose than a baby in your womb, then again the baby is often upside down in the womb so I guess it could be considered to be hanging there, but let me tell you this, it sure doesn’t sound very pleasant does it?

A surprisingly common expression for pregnancy

Weird enough, most of the places I researched for pregnancy phrases used this lexicon to describe the slang people use for pregnancy, look for yourself, you’ll be surprised how often “bat it the cave” will show up.

10 In the Family Way

This is one of those ways to say ‘pregnant’ that really aren’t around that much anymore, well maybe your supernaturally 200 year old grandmother used to use this phrase when someone was having a baby.

As far as we’re concerned it’s not at all offensive in any way, it’s just a saying from the 1700’s that meant a woman is having a baby or in the family way again. Ok, so maybe it was a little offensive because it kind of implies that women were meant to be pregnant and in the family way only if they were married first.

Anyone who uses this term is probably really old

We’re not really sure where it came from or who originally started using this term, other than it was used in the good old USA during this time period.

9 The Rabbit Died

Ok so this one just sounds really weird, and to tell you the truth, it really is weird and it’s in no way an analogy. Unfortunately, to be completely honest, it’s based off an early type of pregnancy test that was performed in Europe and North America, a rather unfortunate type of pregnancy test as the title implies.

The pregnancy test involving injecting a woman’s urine into a rabbit and if they were pregnant the rabbit would show hormonal and ovarian differences. The pregnancy test did work to be honest, but it had some bad consequences.

Possibly the worst pregnancy test you could ever take

The problem is that it just doesn’t make sense at all because people would say Well the rabbit died so that means I’m Pregnant, this is that the rabbit actually died either way! Sure the hormonal differences while the rabbit was alive for a short amount of time did tell a woman if she was pregnant or not, but going against the saying itself the rabbit actually always died.

Quite gruesome indeed and yet surprisingly enough it was a response that was quite plentiful once again, maybe because of exactly how gruesome and just downright weird it is rather than because people would actually say it.

8 In the Pudding Club

Get ready ladies because this one is definitely offensive, it comes from having “her belly full of marrow,” which was then changed over the years from marrow to pudding. The point is the pudding isn’t pudding and the marrow isn’t marrow, sure it came from something hard and it’s white like bone marrow or vanilla pudding, but we all know that’s not what they’re talking about when they say that.

Not to mention this saying is so dumb, it was definitely invented by a man after having one too many beers and regretting getting a girl pregnant or deciding to have a child.

It sure wasn't pudding that got any woman pregnant ever!

Sure, it may sound all nice and great when a guy says it, “She’s in the pudding club, ahh yeah!!” Yet in reality it actually comes from a somewhat insulting origin. You can take it both ways, because to be fair marrow isn’t the worst way you could say the word sperm and it could be worse than pudding still, but it probably doesn’t get used in a positive way or with positive meanings, it’s usually a negative phrase.

7 Up The Duff

This certain slang term for being pregnant is actually about as Australian as it sounds; it was first seen in print in the Australian Book of Slang in 1941. Duff Just imagine the late great Steve Irwin saying it in his intoxicating Aussie accent, sounds beautiful no matter what it is.

Anyway, it’s not a friendly or good term because it equates to the American Knocked Up otherwise known as the accident or the unplanned pregnancy. And it’s safe to assume that a duff is a woman’s lady parts or at least the womb. She got it up the duff, how pleasant. Not!

So if you hear someone with an accent talking about a duff or being up the duff even, you now know to what they’re referring.

6 Tin Roof Rusted

This is yet another one of those nonsensical terms for being pregnant, but somehow it keeps showing up none the less. It’s another one of those pregnancy meanings that usually only gets used if the pregnancy was a mistake.

It’s so obscure and it really doesn’t make any sense, but it seems to be quite common still. People have been quoted saying that so and so’s tin roof got rusted. And it actually appeared in a Movie called The Love Shack where one character says, “You’re what?!” And the response is, “Tin roof, rusted,” which was supposed to mean that the dude in question had gotten a girl pregnant.

It’s really weird, obscure, and honestly I just don’t know, but it exists.

5 Pea In the Pod

So, the next one isn’t really a weird or obscure one, it’s not negative, and it’s not uncommon at all. Having a pea in the pod seems to be a pretty standard way of saying that a woman is pregnant.

It’s believed that it comes from the UK or from British origins at least, maybe just because it sounds a little sexier when you say anything in a British accent or maybe because it’s actually true, but that’s just the way it is.

Also it just makes sense to say because a pea is the baby and the pod is the womb or at least the mom, it’s pretty clear. It would be nice to think that it’s one of those sayings that people were actually smart enough to use when they were pregnant with multiple kids, just like there are multiple peas in a pod.

4 Being Late

Being late is the next idiom on the list of slang for being pregnant, and saying this doesn’t go down well because it doesn’t sounding good. It’s another term that’s never used as a positive expression for being pregnant.

Just picture the conversation, you’ve probably seen it on TV, and it’s always something like this, “OH NOOO I’M LATE!!”, that or “Hunny… I have something to tell you… I’m late”. Either way it’s never good.

It’s not weird or obscure and it’s impossible to know where it was invented because it just seems so obvious; a woman’s period is regular, when it’s not regular aka late then there’s a baby on the way, plain and simple.

3 Preggers/Prego

Yet another stupid slang word for pregnancy. If you can’t tell, I really don’t like these two words, preggers or prego, they both sound so stupid, low down, and degenerate. It sounds like it was invented by a hormone raged pregnant 16 year old that was already all emotional because of the whole teenager thing, that or a really stupid person who didn’t even really known what being pregnant was and didn’t know how to spell it.

I didn’t bother looking up where it was invented or who said it first, because to be honest I didn’t find it was worth the time. Yet many people do say it still, but it’s usually only teenagers making fun of pregnancy or being scared of it.

2 Eating For Two

I’m pretty sure that this is one of the most common terms for pregnancy out there and it’s actually one of rare ones that isn’t negative or offensive in any way really.

It’s not false, there is another life growing inside and a mother needs to sustain that life with the nutrients the baby needs. Therefore a mother really is eating for two, not to mention it doesn’t sound as bad as some of the other terms either.

The only problem is that some people may have already been eating for two before they became pregnant, and I’m not sure I you can say you’re eating for 3 unless you’re actually having twins. There’s only so far that will get you.

1 Wearing The Bustle Wrong

This phrase is kind of obscure, not even as obscure as it is outdated, but it come from the American Midwest back in the cowboy days as the whole bustle thing may imply, because you know, unless you’re Amish or a Mennonite, then you haven’t worn a bustle in the last 125 years. Sorry if that offends the Amish/Mennonite community. Then again, you probably wouldn’t be reading this either seeing as the whole no electricity thing.

By the way, if you didn’t know, a bustle is the word for one article of clothing that goes over a lady’s waist like a skirt, but it’s purpose is to prop up the dress over top in the back to get that real big butt look. But seriously, it’s one of those fashion things that made the dress look like a big umbrella made for women with a hole at waist level.

This is one of those clothing pieces that won't be making a comeback

Because the bustle can go all the way around the sides and the front of a woman’s body, when a woman is pregnant she can’t wear the bustle right, not to mention that the baby belly would probably mean she wouldn’t have been wearing her regular attire anyway.

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