13 Weird Pregnancy Trends You Didn't Know Existed

There’s a lot of trending stuff regarding pregnancy and boy, do these things really capture the public’s interest! We constantly hear varying childbearing accounts from mommies all over the world that can be inspiring, tear jerking, or sometimes, a little bit shocking.

But then there are some people who go waaaayyyyyyy overboard with their excitement (or attention seeking tactics) when it comes to their or their partner’s pregnancy.

Check out these 14 weird pregnancy trends you totally didn't know existed.

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14 Placentophagy

Yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is. the placenta is packed with a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which sustained your little unborn baby’s growth inside your tummy. And before you gag at this weird after-birth trend, you should know that the act of eating one’s own placenta (or “placentophagy”) has reportedly (emphasis on the word “reportedly") helped a lot of women shun away from the dreaded PPD (postpartum depression).

Strictly speaking though, mothers should only eat their OWN placenta and not someone else’s. This prevents them from any risk of contracting diseases.

13 3D Prenatal Ultrasound


When becoming parents, its easy to become really excited – and sometimes a little impatient – when it comes to wondering what your child will look like. If you’re itching to see your baby while still in the womb, you should thank Tokyo-based Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in partnership with Fasotec, an engineering company in Japan, for making it all possible.

Basically, they run the MRI scan of the mother’s womb through a 3D imaging software, and then print it out via the 3D printer. The output is made in resin and looks really precise, too!

This one’s the talk of the town and needless to say, it’s really pricey. Nevertheless, if you have enough money to want to lock away a realistic image of your unborn baby forever, we say it’s really worth the cash.

12 Bombarding Silhouette Shots on Instagram

Another pro-pregnancy sensation online is that of mothers’ getting their prenatal curves photographed in dramatic silhouette shots. This is definitely a great way for mothers to love their body in 50 different shades (of black).

11 DADchelor Parties

Since a lot of dads today want IN on their partners’ pregnancy, let’s just give them credit for this one, shall we? Strictly for men, a Manshower or Dadchelor as some call it, is a kind of pre-parent festivity where the dads-to-be get together with their male friends and celebrate a new chapter of their lives as fathers. Cheers to diaper-changing and late, late nights!

10 Labor Pain for MEN

Since some of these dads-to-be think that nappy changing and sleepless nights aren’t enough of a commitment, they put themselves into their partners shoes. Labor pain simulation is a thing and it has really made quite a stir online.

And yeah, most men it seems simply can’t bear the pain. Knowing there are things as giving birth that not all people can easily handle – not even men – empowers women in a certain way, wouldn’t you agree? No, we’re not being sexists. We’re simply stating a fact. Labor pain is evil pain, and our kudos to the men who partake in such lethal birthing contractions.

9 Strange Baby Names

Chichi, Frooti, AirWrecka, Batman…. you name it! Lots of parents today don’t seem to be bothered about giving their newly-born somewhat bizarre (and we’re being very polite here) names. Mostly because somehow they think that a unique (again, being polite) name will somehow make their child excel or stand out in a sea of people. Sure, it’ll make ‘em stand out, but not in the way they were intending.

One report from BabyCenter.com’s annual baby-naming survey (2015) says that 43% of parents were fond of giving their children unusual names. Well, as long as they love and cherish their babies – and as long as they don’t name ‘em Superman – we’re cool with it!

8 Mommy Fitness Overload

High-intensity aerobics, interval training, extreme weightlifting, you name it and a lot of women with baby bumps do it, and it makes us cringe a little when we see it. Not because working out is bad, but because over-working out is. Needless to say, photos of these mothers-to-be in such extensive physical activities have made quite a commotion online, with people going back and forth about the amount of exercise a pregnant women should do.

If you’re a health nut, good for you, just consider precautionary measures if you're going to work out while pregnant and everything will be fine.

7 “It’s a Boy!” Says the Baker

Nowadays, the baker gets to do something else other than just bake birthday cakes for children; like getting to surprise you (or your family) with your baby’s gender!

Once the gender of the baby gets out, you ask your OB to seal it in an envelope. Keep it TOP SECRET (especially from yourselves if you don’t wanna know the gender), go to the best bake shop in town and hand it to them. All they need to do is prepare a special colour-filled cake that will eventually unveil your baby’s gender when it’s delivered to your door step and you cut it open.

Weird way to know your baby’s gender, right?

6 Ultrasound Cookies, Anyone?

While you’re saving the gender-result cake surprise for last, why not try serving out these ultrasound cookies first? They’re not only sumptuous, but they’re also adorably designed to look like your own babies’ prenatal ultrasound. No wonder it’s a craze for expecting families nowadays!

5 Baby Pressing-Up Photos

This one’s downright unsettling. Baby pressing-up photos have made quite a fuss online. Sure, seeing the unveiled forms of the baby tracing and pressing up against a mother’s tummy will make you say “aww”, but what if we told you that these photos are literally of the baby inside the tummy and its impressions outside?

That’ll definitely make you cringe a little.

4 Baby Bump Painting

This one isn’t weird in the literal sense (many people find it cute), but a lot of people find this trend “strange” anyway, so we decided to feature it.

Baby-bump art is one creative trend today that can easily make expecting mothers feel a little better about their current figures. And if you’re artistic, great! Go crazy making designs. Keep in mind to use non-toxic paint if you’re going to try this one, mommas.

3 Naked Baby Bump Shots

One thing about women learning to love and feel good about their pregnancy is that they almost always take it a little too far. Life isn’t lived in extremes, guys. Learn to live it with a little balance. Wearing a bikini and showing off that baby bump at the beach is completely acceptable, for sure, but why go to the beach when you can just have a naked photo-shoot that you can upload on Facebook?

We’re pretty sure that’s still just downright crazy for a lot of people. Sure, a lot of celebrities have done this before, but, you know what? We aren't celebrities (and thank God for that), because those people will do pretty much anything to stay in the limelight.

2 Labor Photography

Yeah, it’s a thing.

This fad has taken pregnancy trends to a whole new level. For pre and postnatal moments, we’d understand how women can share this with the public, but while you’re in labor with your legs wide open on the delivery table? It’ll take guts to let these captured moments be shared with the world! Not surprisingly, there has been an increase in the number of brave and gutsy moms who do.

We aren't judging, but holy shizz, you don’t have to share everything with the world, you know. Sometimes, less is better.

1 Post-Pregnancy Professional Photo-Ops

Post pregnancy is probably the most precious thing to ever trend when it comes to pregnancy. We bet everyone would do it if given a chance. So why is this even on our list? Because this trend which is normal to us as Americans, would be mortifying for, say, the women of Pakistan. After all, not everybody’s comfortable with sharing every aspect of their lives with anybody and everybody, right?

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