13 Women Who Were Publicly Shamed For Their Abortions

Abortion remains to be one of the most sensitive and hotly debated topics there is today. And when a pro-abortion president has been followed by a new one that opposes abortion at all cost, the discourse escalated to a more hateful level and got even more complex. The nation has been halved when it comes to its stance regarding abortion, whether they’re for it or against it.

Liberals tell us it’s fine — that the government should have no business when it comes to a woman’s body. They maintain that it’s a more progressive move for families— especially for women who face with struggles amid pregnancy — and it’s an ideal former President Barack Obama has championed in the past.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have opposed this “freedom” supported by the previous administration. With President Trump leading the conservatives, they reverse the ideal and status quo established by Obama as he is blatantly not in favor of abortion.

Concluding what’s right or wrong between these notions isn’t easy because discerning what’s “right” needs deeper understanding and consideration of morals. Unfortunately, a lot of people are quick to make assumptions without constructively thinking twice. They banter and judge mothers who have aborted for a reason — something that can deliberately be a selfish act. It breeds hate and this results in a lot of women getting shamed for their decision.

From the looks of it, abortion-shaming will sadly be lingering longer than we can imagine. Ultimately, the problem isn’t whether you’re pro-life or not — it’s about the inability of some to accept that there are different versions of what’s morally correct. Here’s a list of women who have been publicly shamed for abortion. In the end, do you think they deserve being shamed from their choice?

13 Floyd Mayweather - Calls Out His Ex On Instagram

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has had a fair share of the spotlight when it comes to assaults against women. In fact, the number of instances he has offended or abused a woman may be comparable to the boxing titles he’s ever proud of. One of which was when he publicly humiliated his ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson, for her alleged abortion.


Mayweather posted an Instagram photo of their supposed twin babies and claimed that Shantel aborted them. He also claimed that it was the main reason they split contrary to Shantel’s claims that she was physically and emotionally abused by the boxing maven. The boxing champion, who is set to fight today against UFC titleholder Connor McGregor, even called out Shantel as a “killer” for allegedly aborting his twins.

12 Emily Letts - Posts A Video Of Her Abortion On YouTube


Emily was 25 years old when she first underwent an abortion. She was working for an abortion clinic as a counselor in New Jersey when she learned she was pregnant. Right after she saw two pink lines, she knew it was right to give up the baby. At that time, Emily admitted she wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent. In 2014, Emily underwent her abortion and filmed it to prove that there is such thing as a “positive abortion.”


All throughout the clip, she said she didn’t feel any regret and was, in fact, empowered by abortion doulas just like herself. She has also considered undergoing the procedure without the consent of the child’s father because, after all, she wasn’t in a relationship with him. In an interview, Emily admitted to having short-term affairs with multiple men and not being on birth control. She accepted she’s at fault for not engaging in a safe sex but she said that shouldn’t serve as a justification to shame her.

11 Robin Utz - Baby Had A Hopeless Case To Live


When Robin penned her heart-wrenching experience, criticisms poured in as much as she got the support she needs after losing her long-awaited daughter. On her fifth month, she had to terminate her pregnancy with baby Grace Pearl due to bilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney disease — a condition wherein kidneys would not function. Her lungs also had no amniotic fluid, incapacitating her to breathe when birthed.

Doctors agreed that Grace’s condition was 100 percent fatal and keeping her would be a threat to her health. Hence, at 21 weeks 5 days, Grace — Robin’s answered prayer after four years of trying — was given up out of love, as Robin would say. Aborting her would be the “least painful and most humane thing we could do for her,” she added.


The stigma that Robin carried for aborting her child is what prompted Erika Christensen and her friends to create “Troll Patrol: Defending Choice.”

10 Chelsea Handler: Two Abortions By 16

Comedian Chelsea Handler has been very vocal when it comes to her stance regarding abortion and clearly, she supports it. She has even done it more than once in a year. Chelsea was then young and clueless of the repercussions of being pregnant at 16. Keeping the baby crossed her mind, but in the end, she was given the option not to because she still couldn’t live up to the responsibilities then.


Now 42 years old and still childless, Chelsea recalls no amount of regret from her abortions. Looking at Chelsea’s Twitter account, you could see countless remarks that mock her decision 26 years ago. Ironically, Chelsea has been rooting not for Trump — who’s for abortion — but for his former opponent, Hillary Clinton.

9 Yolanda - Told She Needs “Self-Control”


Protesters waiting outside the facilities are often the ones that aggravate the trauma among women who need abortion. Just like the others, Yolanda was shamed as a group of protesters shouted at her, saying that she “doesn’t need birth control but self-control.”

As if it wasn’t offending enough, one protester followed her through and whispered to her “you’re never going to forget.” True enough, this is the case for a lot of women who choose terminate their pregnancies.

Inside the center, Yolanda had a change of heart as she realized she couldn’t continue aborting her child, but when she gave birth and saw her child struggle with her, she said I didn’t need to have this kid, and now he’s suffering with me.”

8 Sarah Wade - Bashed By Her “So-Called Friends And Family”

Sarah Wade's child

Sarah, a stay-at-home mom from Kentucky, got pregnant at the age of 20 and unfortunately had a miscarriage. Shortly after that, she fell pregnant again and on her 17th week, she learned her baby had a birth defect. Sarah’s unborn child has been detected with anencephaly — a defect wherein a child had missing parts of the skull and brain.

With that condition, Sarah knew her baby would be struggling so hard and for a mother, seeing her baby in an awful state feels more like a heartbreak. She realized it’s best to save her child from the pain waiting ahead by terminating her pregnancy. At the time, everyone knew her pregnancy and when she had underwent abortion, negative reactions came and stigmatized Sarah as a “baby killer.”


“As much as I wanted to be a mommy it just wasn't [meant] to be at that time. Everyone already knew I was pregnant. When made the decision to term the pregnancy I got a lot of bashing online from my so called friends and family that had never been in my situation,” she said.

Now, Sarah is thankful to have her baby girl, Gracie Marie, and she said she’s sure her elder sibling is carefully guiding them. “I know she's in heaven watching down on me and her little sister. I am truly blessed to have my little girl.”

7 Brid Smith - Shamed By Her Country


Ireland has one of the most stringent laws against abortion and in Brid’s country, termination of pregnancy is not allowed except for extreme circumstances. Anti-abortion was mandated in the Irish constitution as the Eighth Amendment and despite a far-long journey in legalizing abortion, Brid remains persistent in lobbying for the right.

She was the first member of Dail Éirann, the lower house of Irish Parliament, to confess for her abortion. According to her, she was shamed by her boyfriend for her decision and this prompted her to break up with him immediately. Brid had her abortion in the 1980s when she was 27 years old simply because she just doesn’t want a child yet.

Brid added that her country also shamed her. Amid the humiliation Brid claimed to face, she said she was never ashamed of it and had a support system for her decision then, saying she was backed up by family and friends.

6 Anonymous Woman - Barked At By Doctors


A woman from Canada confessed that while she may have aborted her first child, it’s not something that she has taken so lightly. Every night, she said, she would think about that one dreadful day when her child was scraped off her womb because she just can’t afford —financially and emotionally — to sustain her alive.

Working at a paltry bar in her Canadian town, this anonymous girl revealed that she only didn’t undergo the abortion. She was a victim of sexual abuse and at the time she fell pregnant, the assault was still ongoing. “As a survivor of (ongoing, relentless, for years) childhood sexual abuse, however, nothing filled me with cold dread more than the prospect of being entered and opened and having a life withdrawn from me,” she confessed.

Although health care in Canada was fairly accessible, the stigma surrounding the idea of abortion still isn’t something dismissible. Doctors and nurses at the medical facility where she had her abortion were judgmental and aggressive, she said.

“One literally threw a packet of misoprostol (to soften the cervix — I knew because I looked it up, not because he explained it to me) at my head and barked, "Take these." I crossed myself going in and a visibly pregnant doctor sneered at me.”

5 Lysa Lee - Shames Herself

While some woman’s nightmare is being judged by others, the most scathing critic she could possibly face is herself. Lysa Lee shared that she has been the only one who has shamed herself in the head many times. It has been nine years since she underwent the procedure but, just as she shared, she still thinks about it on a daily basis as if it only happened yesterday.


Guilt is commonly the first emotion that women feel when deciding for an abortion. Aside from it, women who choose this path also feel anger, self-blame, and regret, but at the end of it all, women could also feel relieved and empowered for the decision, especially if it’s what really the best thing to do.

4 Erika Christensen: Aborted at 32 weeks


Erika’s earlier pregnancy lab results went out fine and declared that nothing is wrong with their baby boy despite her quite rare pregnancy. Her uterus was shaped like a heart instead of a pear. Grace’s umbilical cord was also unusual as it was attached to the edge of her placenta, not in the middle. Based on her lab results, the worst they could find was that the baby had club feet.

However, at 32 weeks, they ultimately learned that Grace had nearly zero chances of surviving because she was, after all, unviable. The final diagnosis was that she was “incompatible with life,” hence, forcing Erika and her husband to just give up their precious child.

When her story came out, she carried the stigma even if she did what she only thought was necessary. With this, she created a secret Facebook group called “Troll Patrol: Defending Choice,” where individuals embattle the negative reactions and enlighten them over their freedom to choose.

3 Anonymous - Pregnant At 17 By Volatile Boyfriend


A woman who refused to be named shared her traumatic experiences that lead to the termination of her pregnancy. She was nearly coming of her age when she first fell pregnant with her abusive boyfriend’s baby. The pair already broke up due to his violence when she discovered her pregnancy.

Her boyfriend wanted the baby dead the next day. Confused and feared out of her situation, she drank alcohol to terminate the baby and heavy bleeding immediately followed. The next day, pregnancy test resulted negative.

When she had told what she did to her boyfriend, things were overturned and accused her of being a murderer. “He called me a killer, saying that if I had kept the baby, our relationship could've worked and we would've had a family,” she said.

2 Mira - Asked To Wear Bulletproof Vest


Now 29-year-old Mira shared that she was just fresh out of high school when she came positive for pregnancy. Without hesitations, she sought help in a community health center but to her dismay when she asked for “options,” she was thrown out of the facility. “They told me to leave,” she said.

From there, she traveled 300 miles long to get the abortion she was sure to have. She rented a hotel room to sleep in, but at that night she just can’t herself get a shut eye. During the dead winter of Colorado, she remembered feeling on the very edge.

On the day of her procedure, she was asked if she wanted to wear a bullet-proof vest. Surprisingly, women who opt for an abortion receive such amount of of threat for their decision.

1 Dr. Sandra Samuels - Witnessed The Abortion Stigma

Different from all the women on the list, Dr. Samuels didn’t experience being humiliated for having an abortion. Instead, she witnessed a number of women who had to bear the stigma back then when abortion was prohibited in the United States.

Dr. Samuels was then a medical intern during the 1970s when she first encountered patients who had abortion complications. Back in the day, before the monumental Roe v Wade case paved the way for a legal abortion, women feared going to emergency rooms after the procedure.


Most of them died after inducing painful and dangerous methods of terminating pregnancy. Some women swallowed dangerous amounts of clorox (just like Whoopi Goldberg), gun powder and opium. Others had to do a self-induced abortion by using the dreaded coat hanger method.

“Because of the stigma, a lot of them were afraid to go to the E.R and so they just bled out. The abortions will continue regardless of whether it’s legal or not legal, as it always has,” Dr. Samuels said.

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