14 Breathtaking Nursery Designs That'll Make You Go... Woah!!!

Designing your house is exciting! It’s fun to use paint colors and items to decorate each room, making it inviting and unique. So, why would nurseries be the exception? There’s so much out there that you can draw inspiration from, making your baby’s room a relaxing haven. From murals to bright colors, to beautiful hues and minimalist designs, these nurseries are sure to impress:

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14 Merry Go Murals

Murals, if you’re good with a paintbrush, can create an amazing visual piece in a nursery. They’re a cute addition and can be anything that you dream up, be it balloons, dinosaurs, under the sea, or mountains. This mountain scene is serene and relaxing for babies, while at the same time staying pretty much “in” for when they get a little bit older.

13 Framed Golden Antlers, Anyone?

Come on, framed faux antlers are all the rage right now and look chic in every room, so why not add it to the nursery? Using light colors on the wall and by keeping the rest of the room bright and cheery, this accent is sure to spruce up any nursery or children’s room by bringing nature indoors.

12 The Purity and Serenity of White

Minimal in design, chic chandelier and a touch of color with the cute rug. Who says a baby’s room can’t be elegant? The gold and modern designed end table adds a sophisticated and delicate touch to the room.

Too plain for your taste, but you love the design? Add some extra color in a mobile, or a throw pillow in a rocking chair to make this room really pop!

11 The Hipster’s Paradise

Make use of an exposed brick wall and hang little onesies or decorations across with clothespins. So simple, fresh, and remarkably easy to recreate. This would make the hipster parent weep with joy. No brick wall to use? You can find some great wallpaper out there that can give you a faux brick, or wood wall! Since the wall will be your accent piece for the entire room, keep the rest of the room in simple colors, much like this nursery.

10 The Nautical Theme

What’s cuter than a nautical-themed room for a baby? The navigational compass molding is a great touch to the room. Go big or small with nautical themed nurseries: simple like this one, or full out with nautical strips on the walls and for crib skirts and rugs.

This simple design is easy to replicate with clean finishes around every corner. The best thing is you can even do minimal amounts of nautical with just a few wall decoration and pictures or a nautical themed mobile and color scheme. No matter how you want to do it, this theme can even grow with your child.

9 Geometry, FTW!

A feeling of calmness washes over you just from looking at this picture, and thats because of the soft colors used throughout the entire room. And of course, science… errr.. math has already proven how pleasing certain geometrical patterns can be to the human eye.

Beautiful and simple, the geometric shaped pattern on the wall adds an elegant touch that will keep your nursery appearing pretty much the opposite of chaotic. And don’t you absolutely love the contrasting rug and that adorable armchair? A perfect fit for any nursery.

8 A Splash of Colors is What You May Need

Bright colors are your friends in this room! The small armchair, complete with the ottoman, is so adorable, isn’t it? Although bright colors are used throughout the room, each works well with the other, bringing everything together in a composite picture, which needless to say, looks picture perfect. What more do you need in this nursery?

7 The One That’s Uber Modern

This nursery is for the baby who comes out of his mommy with a law degree, and may very well be on their way to becoming a judge. We’re kidding, of course. But wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were true?

This room looks more like a hotel lobby and has more class than most of my friends. The grey inspired nursery is for those who want to add a bright accent color to draw attention to special details in the room, and this one’s an absolute gem. With the stunning design of the dark wooden crib and the grey throughout the room, from the armchair to the rug, this design does not miss a beat.

6 The Victorian Nursery


Raising a little King or Queen? This Victorian inspired room is perfect for those who like the old world upper-class look of this age gone by. If I were to be born a baby tomorrow, this is the nursery that I would like to stay in. Gorgeous Damask wallpaper, a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, wrought-iron-esque cribs and shear curtains above each of these beds makes for a regal feeling.

The Queen herself would love this nursery. Although this nursery is made specifically for twins, you can replicate the idea easily for a single child.

5 The Regal Chic

This nursery is the essence of everything Pinterest. Rich dark wooden floors, neutral colors on the wall, and a picture frame collage next to an ornate mirror. The crisp white dressers and creamy armchair, complete with a floral print ottoman, brings the whole room together.

This nursery design is simple to replicate, or take inspiration from. Everything works well with each color and item in the room, and would work well in varying color pallets as well. For instance trade int he pink hues for blue, aqua or peach to change the feel and brightness in the room.

4 So Bright and Airy!

First off, does a nursery really come complete with sliding doors onto the baby’s own balcony? Then this room is definitely to die for. The sleek armchair, classic wooden crib, funky light fixture and adorable mobile pull everything together.

The blue striped walls with the bright blue faux zebra rug bring ing the blur gradient feel of the room along with the other tones of blue used in the room.

3 For the Minimalists Who Like To Cheat (A Little)

Sometimes, less is more and minimalists will agree. Cream and pink drapes, dark blue grey walls, soft pink rug and a crisp white crib. Although perfectly staged for the picture, the minimalist look can still be functional in a nursery with stuffed animals that match the accents and a place for everything.

Thinking of a minimalist nursery, but afraid that a mess would certainly ensue a few days in? Use drawers and shelves to your benefit and keep lines clean in order to still look simplistic and fresh even when there’s a mess. And those heavy curtains? Sure, if everything is minimal in your baby’s nursery, you’re allowed to cheat with one item on your list.

2 Monotones Can Look Good

Instead of nurseries with a splash of color and stuffed animals all over the place, parents are going the extra mile. They do this by painting the walls a refreshing beautiful white and simple monotones with off white and soft browns and greys.

Everything is awash in white and grey, and even those who don't love the colors cannot deny what a beauty this room is. White walls, white curtains, and white light fixtures are saved by the dark hardwoods and the pop of color from the rugs and toys. By not being so over-the-top, the whole room looks like a million bucks.

1 Shipwrecked

Alright, we’re guilty of placing 2 nautical themed nurseries on our list, but in our defense, just look at this nursery and tell us that you do not get the feeling of being inside the cabin of a ship?

Nautical themed nurseries will never get old and this one is no exception. While others head straight to the nautical wallpaper, this one takes on the air of a ship. Wooden walls, hardwoods complete with a wooden crib whose color matches the walls nearly perfectly all make you feel like you’re bunking down in the hull of a ship.

And here’s an added bonus - if you're not crazy about the nautical theme, but love the wooden walls, you can easily do this and use a nature them or hunting theme instead. Not to mention if you changed out the crib and put in a sofa or large TV, this could easily pass off as a gorgeous living room.

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