14 Celeb Moms With The Biggest Families (And 6 Celeb Dads)

As a child, people dream of having big families. The kind that all gather around the table for dinner and snuggle up on the couch for Friday movie night. They picture Holidays all gathered together and houses full of laughter.

As people get older and maybe take on a few side jobs of babysitting, they realize how difficult a house full of energetic kids really is. So, then they grow up and either find labor as easy as pie or the worst experience of their life. Regardless, it seems that after one, comes two… and well, that is when we realize two toddlers are a piece of work! Moms quickly wonder why they ever thought a house full of six kids would be peaceful.

Surprisingly, many of the world's favorite celebrities have big families and many little babies running around. Although they have a few extra hands, nannies, and assistants to help them manage the duties, it still is a tough job being a parent. Fans may be shocked by some of these celebrities with full houses or didn’t even know they have this many kids. We compiled a list of celebrity mom and dads that have families bigger than five kids!

20 Tori Spelling: 5 kids

Tori Spelling is the package deal! Successful career and successful marriage? Jackpot! Tori Spelling starred in our childhood favorite shows Beverly Hills: 90210 and Melrose Place as Donna Martin. She also made an appearance in over 40 television shows and a handful of movies. After her time in the spotlight, she popped out five adorable kiddos. She also has kept her marriage going strong for over 10 years. Not only are they one big happy family, but Spelling was ahead of the game with finding adorable baby names. Her trendy kids names are Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau. Good thing she has so many kiddos, we will need stars for Sharknado Seven!

19 Kris Jenner: 6 kids

First off, props to mama Jenner for not only raising a family full of powerful females, but also being a boss of a mom! Kris and the empire of female girls that will be the Marilyn Monroe of our generation. The three beauty queens who run the world are Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. Many Kardashian fans forget about their brother Robert. Kris built this core family with her first husband, Robert Kardashian. She then married Bruce Jenner (also known as Caitlyn) and added Kendall and Kylie to the “K” crew. This tight knit family runs the entertainment industry and sure knows how to use their platforms to make millions of dollars.

18 Angelina Jolie: 6 kids

When Angie and Brad got together the world had a little party! Two smoking hot people having kids clearly meant they were going to create equally as attractive children. We learned quickly that Angelina was not into the idea of having her own kids and that adopting was what she felt was right for their family. They adopted Maddox in 2002, they had baby fever and couldn’t stop.

Then together they adopted Zahara in 2005 and quickly after gave birth to Shiloh. Fans were shocked by the couple deciding to give birth to a child, but she explained to People Magazine, “I knew that he would never see them as different, and that gave me a certain peace.” Pax was then adopted in 2007, and Brad and Angelina gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008. Whoo, they sure went on a 6 year span of baby fever! Recently the couple has split but their kids are still their number one priority.

17 Chelsea Noble & Kirk Cameron: 6 kids

Best known for playing Kate on TV series Growing Pains. She was the interest of character Mike played by Kirk Cameron. The two TV characters fell in love on and off set. They married in 1991 and had three kids together. They adopted four of their kids. They both had a love for adoption and Chelsea said they decided “to adopt our first ones so they would always know they were our first choice – that they were our first babies.” They adopted Jack, Isabella, Anna, and Luke all between 1996-2000. They then had two biological babies, Olivia and James. They sure do have one Full House!

16 Natalia Vodianova: 5 kids

Meet Natalia, the mom blessed with the world’s best genes. Yes ladies and gentleman, this Russian Super Model gave birth to five children and still manages to strut the runway and rock a killer body. She had three kids, Lucas, Viktor, and Neva with her first husband, Portman. Then she had Roman and Maxim with her current husband, Antoine Arnault. She had her first baby at the age of 19! "Where I come from, it was normal to have a baby at 19," she told W magazine. The Calvin Klein model using her career as her alone time and loved every minute of being a mommy!

15 Madonna: 6 kids

How does someone manage to have a voice of an angel and a heart of gold? Well, Madonna managed to show the world she has both. This powerful mom had two kids of her own and adopted four other beautiful humans. In 1996, she had Lourdes with daddy Carlos Leon, and then had Rocco in 2000. Then she adopted a little boy, David in 2005, with Guy Ritchie. Madonna then became a powerful single mom and adopted Mercy in 2006. Finally she had two more nuggets to the crew, Esther and Stella in 2012. Nothing holds back the Queen Of Pop. This mama shows her kids how to be fearless, push boundaries, and rise to the top. You best believe these kids have an amazing role model to look up to!

14 Kate Gosselin: 8 kids

The famous Jon And Kate Plus Eight tv show that had our jaws dropping on the floor each episode. First, Kate started like any other normal mom, just with her hands a bit more full. Their family grew from two to four when they had twins Cara and Maddie in 2001. Then in 2004 Kate turned the worlds heads and put them on the big screen when she gave birth to sextuplets. People were so intrigued with their huge family they started watching they show. Their new babies Alexis, hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel lived their lives for all of us to enjoy. The relationship got ugly when covers of magazines rumored that both of them had been caught cheating. Their split left their family divided and solo parenting being very challenging for one.

13 Mia Farrow: 14 kids

Brace yourself for this one! Fourteen kids, yes, fourteen, like one and four! First she had Matthew, Sascha, and Fletcher with ex-husband André Previn. She also adopted Soon-Yi, Summer “Daisy,” and Lark with Andre. Sadly, Lark died in 2008 at the age of 35. Then Woody Allen swept her away and they adopted Moses and Dylan together. They also gave birth to Satchel “Ronan” in 1987. This perfect mother then adopted five kids, Tam, Isaiah, Gabriel, Kaeli-Shea, and Frankie-Minh. Again, they dealt with the death of another child, Tam, at the age of 21. She sure had her hands full, but she nailed it as being a mommy!

12 Nadya Suleman, aka "Octomom”: 14 kids

A lot of mommies struggle to get pregnant and resort to IVF in hopes for their last chance. Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom conceived all 14 of her children through IVF. That is incredible and a miracle. Many moms say the process of IVF is quite painful and equivalent to a full time job! She did it! Six kids and one octuplet birth. Her first four children, Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, and Aiden were all single IVF births about one year apart. Then Calyssa and Calen were twins that came in 2006. Finally, the birth that caught the eye of the media was her octuplets Noah, Maliah, Isaiah, Nariah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Jonah in 2009. Yikes, I can’t imagine trying to care for eight infants all at once!

11 Michelle Duggar: 19 kids

Remember Jim Bob and his 19 kids? Oh yes, the family of 19 kids whose names all started with a “J.” They had our eyes glued to the TV as we watch Jim and Michelle raise their family with values of purity, modesty, and faith in God. For example, when Jim Bob chaperoned dates his daughters went on! So there is Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie. On top of their own 19 kids, they already have 12 and counting grandchildren! Talk about a full house for the Holidays!

10 Marie Osmond: 8 kids

I am always shocked that people who grow up in a big family, aren’t traumatized by the screaming and craziness of life. They all seem to continue the trend and have a large family themselves. Marie Osmond did just that with eight kids! Marie and Stephen Craig gave birth to their first child, Stephen. The two divorced and she later found love with Brian Blosil. They welcomed Rachel and Matthew to their loving family. Brain and her decided to adopt five kids- Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. Unfortunately, Marie had to experience the death of her son, Michael, at the age of 18 to suicide. Marie said, "Out of all the awards and accolades that I have been blessed with throughout my life, nothing comes close in comparison with the blessings I receive from being a mother to my eight children and grandma-of-three.”

9 Joanna Gaines: 5 kids

Picture perfect family, literally. Have you ever wondered how this family keeps their soon to be family of five in check with reality and life? With the help of her hubby, Chip Gaines, they run a tight ship on the countryside. The parents told People Magazine there is no television in their home. "So they don't really understand that we have a show.” The show Fixer Upper shows their beautiful home, farm living lifestyle, and love for each other. The family consist of Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie. Seems like it is only fitting that their next child’s name will start with a D?

8 Steven Spielberg: 7 kids

Kate is best known from her role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom directed by her husband Steven Spielberg. Of course, Steven Spielberg is known for producing some of the most iconic films of our time. The two have a large blended family of seven. Bare with me while I lay it all out for you! Jessica is Kate’s daughter from her first marriage, and Max is Steven’s son from his previous marriage too. Theo was adopted by Kate during her first marriage but has been adopted by Steven too! Sasha, Sawyer, Mikaela, and Destry were adopted by the two of them. It is remarkable how much love one family can have when they come together.

7 Diana Ross: 5 kids

If you didn’t think acting and musical talent had something to do with genetics, I think Diana Ross can prove you wrong. This celebrity mom has a loving family of 5! Her first three also have very unique and funky names. We love the names Tracee, Rhonda, and Chudney. Then she had two more babies, Ross and Evan. All five were all born from various relationships. Like I said, her kids have become well known stars too. Tracee is known for her role on “Blackish.” Her son Evan is married to Ashlee Simpson. I guess they got it from their mama!

6 Lauryn Hill: 6 kids

“Guys you know you'd better watch out, Some girls, some girls are only about” Ah, now you remember who this diva is! The artist of the classic song Doo Wop (That Thing)! She was also a member of The Fugees. Singing, songwriting, and slaying music was not all this mama was about. She also had six children of her own. She had five kids with Rohan Marley, the son of Bob Marley, and one that is anonymous. Her adorable kids names are John, Joshua, Zion, Selah, Micah and Sarah. All of her kids have done a great job growing up and making their way. Selah has taken on modelling and has walked in Kanye and Beyonce’s fashion shows!

5 Eddie Murphy: 10 kids

Shockingly, Eddie Murphy may take the prize for the most kiddo’s a celebrity dad has! I always laughed at his jokes but never took a deep look into his family! Nine kids! Wow. He had five kids with his first wife, Nicole Mitchell, and then two more son’s with two other relationships. He also had a daughter with one of the Spice Girls! His kids names are Bria, Miles, Shayne, Zola, Bella, Eric, Christian, and Angel. He then added another baby girl, Izzy, to the tribe in 2016 with his model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. Jokes on you Eddie, you have your hands full!

4 Mel Gibson: 9 kids

Okay, I lied, Eddie Murphy and Mel Gibson tie for the prize of having the most kids! We welcome them to now give their acceptance speeches! When Mr. Gibson was married to Robyn Denise Moore, a dental nurse, they had seven children. Hannah, Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo, and Thomas. Goodness, they all look like their dad too! He then had another child named Lucia with Pianist Oksana Grigorieva in 2007. Last year he had a son, Lars, with his new girlfriend. Good thing Mel knows how to play the role of an action hero so he can wrestle around with his boys!

3 Jude Law: 5 kids

This daddy and his big family gave us a surprise. We love Jude Law, but had no clue he had a family of 5! Jude has three kids, Rudy, Rafferty, and Iris with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and the fourth, Sophia, was with model Samantha Burke. The fifth child, Ada, with Catherine Harding. Even though Catherine and Jude have split he is still dedicated to raising his family and children! It is no shock these kids all had a good looking dad and stunning mom’s because they have made it in the modelling biz! But who is really shocked, Jude Law is a dime!

2 Mike Tyson: 8 kids

The king of the ring and king of the house! Mike Tyson has eight kids and still managed to be one of the best athletes in the world. Mike had two kids, D’Amato and Mickey, in the 1990s. He also had two little ones, Rayna and Amir, with his second wife Monica Turner. He had two more, Miguel and Exodus, with Mrs. Sol Xochitl. Sadly, Exodus passed at the young age of 4. Finally, two more babies, Milan and Morocco with wife Lakiha Spicer. I am sure Mike could put up a good fight if you mess with his kids!

1 Billy Ray Cyrus: 6 kids

Obviously, you are familiar with Disney teen stay Miley Cyrus, and her sister’s Noah and Brandi. I bet you were not familiar with Christopher Cyrus. Billy had a son with Kristin Luckey in 1992. He then married Leticia Finley and had kiddo’s Miley, Braison, and Noah with her. Brandi and son Trace actually come from Finley’s first marriage, but were adopted into their family. This musically talented family is a wild group of six! They all definitely know how to entertain a crowd and carry a tune! Minus Miley’s wild teen stage, we think he did a pretty good job raising this silly bunch. They all can definitely entertain a crowd and carry a tune!

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