14 Celeb Parents Under Investigation Right Now

It’s no secret that many celebrities have trouble obeying the law. Perhaps fortune and fame gives them the feeling that they're above the rules, but the authorities don’t tend to see it that way. From failing to pay taxes, driving under the influence, or having questionable parenting skills are all reasons celebrities have been under investigation.

The celebrities that made this list are all under investigation right now, which is severely hurting their parenting abilities. Some of these famous moms and dads are only facing lawsuits, while others could be risking jail time or losing custody of their kiddos. Thanks to their great team of publicists, many of these stars have been able to keep their legal troubles from gaining too much media attention. So, you might be surprised to see which stars are actually under investigation at the moment (hint: there are two Kardashian baby daddies who made this list).

Celebrity or not, it’s never okay to break the law and subsequently puts your kids in harm's way. Hopefully, for all of these celebs, their situations work out in the best interest of their families. We can’t imagine what it would be like to go through this sort of drama, especially under the lens of the public eye.

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14 Shakira: Even Celebrities Must Pay Taxes

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With the amount of money celebs earn, you’d think they would have no trouble paying their taxes like the rest of us. But, evidently the more money you make, the more you want to keep it all for yourself. Shakira found herself in a heck of a lot of trouble this year when she came under investigation for tax fraud by the Spanish Government.

The singer, whose partner is athlete Gerard Pique, a Spanish citizen, was ordered to pay the Spanish Government more than $25 million this past February to settle the investigation. Shakira’s representatives have claimed the incident was a huge misunderstanding caused by the fact that she’s not technically a citizen of Spain, claiming that Shakira never tried to hide her income. Luckily, this investigation was sorted out as quickly as it started.

13 Rob & Chyna: They Sure Ain’t Living The Dream

Last year was definitely a horrible year for former couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Soon after welcoming their daughter Dream, the couple broke up in an explosive fight and the drama has continued ever since.

Things climaxed when Rob posted nude photos of Chyna and made a slew of allegations against her online, prompting her to get a restraining order. Since then, both adults have claimed domestic violence against the other, and Chyna even launched a lawsuit against Rob and the Kardashians (which has since been thrown out).

However, what most fans don’t know is that CPS became involved after the nude photo scandal, and reports suggest that they’re still monitoring Rob and Chyna’s parenting abilities. “Neither of Rob or Chyna is going to lose their kid, to a foster care facility in any situation. Even if Chyna was doing lots of [meds], DCFS would take away the kid and give her to the next competent parent,” a source told Hollywood Life, suggesting Grandma Kris would be first on the list if neither parent was found fit to take care of Dream.

12 Jenelle Evans: The Teen Mom Who Never Grew Up

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 have witnessed Jenelle Evan’s longstanding struggles with substance use and run-ins with the law. But nothing has been more shocking than the lack of child safety allegations currently following her and her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle has three children: sons Jace and Kaiser from previous relationships, and infant daughter Ensley with her new husband. For years, fans have been shocked by how harsh Jenelle and David can act towards their kids. But they were even more concerned to learn that the couple is being investigated by CPS. The drama all began when Kaiser’s paternal grandmother claimed that she’s witnessed suspicious bruises on him, prompting her to contact the authorities.

Though nothing came of the investigation, Jenelle was investigated once again after her daughter tested positive for THC at her birth, proving Jenelle had been using substances while pregnant. Though MTV likes to keep the CPS drama off-screen, it is believed that CPS is continuing to keep their eyes on Jenelle and Davis’ parenting.

11 Travis Scott: Things Are Getting Stormy For Him

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The entire world is aware that Travis Scott just welcomed his first child, daughter Stormi, with none other than Kylie Jenner. But that isn’t the only dramatic thing that’s been happening in the rapper’s life as of life… it turns out he’s currently caught in some legal trouble!

First of all, some fans may remember that Travis was arrested last year around the time Kylie would have first been pregnant after inciting a riot at his tour. Seriously, there’s a mug shot of him and everything. But now things are getting even more complicated for him as he’s being sued after missing a concert a few days after his daughter’s birth. You’d think people would be a bit more understanding, right?

To top it all off, reports just began circling that Travis is also launching his own lawsuit after being allegedly scammed out of $700,000 in a Lamborghini deal gone wrong. Hopefully, all of this legal drama works out in Travis’ favor, at least for Kylie and Stormi’s sake!

10 Tori & Dean: You Better Pay Your Child Support

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The drama never seems to end for Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. The couple, who’ve been married since 2006, share five children together. They’ve also shared a ton of problems throughout the years, including Dean’s multiple cheating scandals, money problems, and trashy TV shows.

But this year seems to be a particularly bad one for the celebrity couple. It was revealed a few months ago that Dean is under investigation after it was reported he owes his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, over $100,000 in unpaid child support. That’s A LOT of money! Dean shares a son with his ex, who he stepped out on with Tori when they were still together (talk about bad blood).

The stress has reportedly been getting to Tori. Back in early March, Dean called the cops on Tori while she was at a Doctor’s appointment with their youngest child citing concerns over her mental health, though nothing came of it. A week earlier, the police had been called to their home over a domestic disturbance. Hopefully, things cool over for the kids’ sake!

9 Farrah Abraham: The Most Notorious Teen Mom

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It seems like Farrah Abraham is always under fire for something. Fans have been shocked by Farrah’s outrageous behavior on Teen Mom for many seasons until she was fired from the most recent season following her verbally attacking one of the producers. Unsurprisingly, Farrah’s parenting has also come under criticism and investigation numerous times.

Farrah has been called an unfit parent by countless parents, and the evidence is stacking up against her. She’s admitted to having indecent pictures of her daughter Sophia on her phone, allowing Sophia to hire and fire employees, and reportedly allowing her daughter to miss shocking amounts of school (so she can film for her reality show, of course). Farrah herself has also had run-ins with the law in recent years, including a DUI and allegations of domestic violence.

The media has reported that Farrah has been investigated by CPS before and, given her behavior on Teen Mom recently, many fans think she is (or should be) under investigation right now, too.

8 Ben Affleck: No One’s Dream Guy Anymore

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The #MeToo campaign brought a lot of shocking allegations to light, including several against Batman, aka. Ben Affleck. Several women came forward accusing the actor of harassing them at one point or another. First, actress Hilarie Burton reminded Twitter of the time that Ben groped her on MTV’s TRL back in 2003. A video of the incident began floating around, prompting Ben to issue an apology via Twitter to Hilarie.

However, that wasn’t the end of up. Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler later came forward accusing the actor of groping her behind and making unwanted advances to her at a red carpet event. Video footage then surfaced showing Ben getting handsy with a female reporter during an interview from a couple years back. It’s unclear if any of these incidents are being investigated by the authorities. But what is clear is that Ben seriously needs to keep his hands and comments to himself!

7 Charlie Heaton: He Does Some Strange Things

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In the past year, Charlie Heaton has become internationally recognizable due to his role in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. But what not many fans know is that this teenage-looking actor is actually 23, and is already a dad!

That’s right, Charlie shares his 3-year old son Archie with his ex-, musician Akiko Matsuurra. However, it doesn’t sound like Charlie has been handling parenthood well. Sources say that the actor is only just starting to get to know his son now, and has largely been absent from his life.

Some speculate the star might be struggling with substance use. Several months ago, in October 2017, the celeb was denied entry into the US for a Stranger Things event after traces of illicit substances were found in his luggage. The star responded with a public statement saying that it was all a huge misunderstanding. As of now, it remains unclear if the incident is still under investigation or if it’s been closed.

6 Mohamed Hadid: Is He The Latest Weinstein?

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While you might not recognize Mohamed Hadid, you’ll definitely recognize his two famous daughters, Bella and Gigi Hadid. Mohamed was previously married to supermodel Yolanda Foster, with whom he shares his famous daughters and a son, who’s also trying his hand at the modeling industry.

Unfortunately for the Hadid kids, their dad has been faced with a slew of harassment allegations. Model Miranda Vee accused the famous businessman of assaulting her during a business meeting in a lengthy Instagram people. She claims Mohamed and a friend of his assaulted her during what was supposed to be a professional meeting.

It remains unconfirmed if authorities are looking into the allegations, and the Hadid family has yet to publicly comment on the scandal. Who knew the Hadids had such skeletons in their closet!

5 Robin Thicke: Can’t Write An Original Song

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Robin Thicke has been guilty of a lot of cringe-worthy things. In the past, he’s been publicly exposed for cheating on his then-wife and has also been investigated by CPS.

Just last year, authorities became involved after 911 were called when his son refused to see him for a scheduled visitation. His ex-wife, Paula Patton, has also made allegations that Robin has been violent towards them. Though the former couple claim it’s all water under the bridge nowadays, it still left a gross taste in many fans’ mouths.

But, unfortunately for Robin, the drama just keeps following him. This year, the singer is still tangled up in a copyright lawsuit concerning his 2013 hit “Blurred Lines,” which is allegedly a rip off of Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.” An appeals court recently decided the singer will have to pay 50% of royalties from the song to Marvin’s estate forever. Given that Robin just welcomed his second child, daughter Mia, with his girlfriend, hopefully, he can clean up his act and stay out of trouble!

4 Courtney Love: Taxes Came Back To Haunt Her

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Courtney Love, who has one daughter, is another celebrity parent who is currently under investigation for tax fraud. Not only is she the former singer of iconic grunge band Hole, but Courtney is also one of the benefactors of her late husband Kurt Cobain’s estate. That means that she’s still getting royalties from his band, Nirvana, as well as his personal image. Let’s just say, that probably means she’s making a decent income.

However, the news broke several months ago that the rocker owes upwards of half a million dollars in unpaid taxes. Reports suggest that she owes the IRS a whopping $568,674.62. This is after she solved several tax-related controversies a few years ago, including when she paid the IRS approximately 320,000 in 2012 and over $260,000 in 2016. Evidently, she still needs to pay a cool $570,000 in order to settle this investigation once and for all.

3 Fetty Wap: Driving Under The Influence Is Never Okay

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Rapper Fetty Wap has sure been keeping busy in recent years. The 26-year old has a rumored 7 children with multiple women, though not all of the paternities have been confirmed (you’ll have to tune into Love & Hip Hop to get the full scoop). But, either way, we know this guy has at least a couple kids, so you’d think he’d be setting a better example for his large brood rather than what he’s been doing recently.

The celeb has actually been dealing with legal drama left over from last year. Fetty recently struck a deal that will allow him to avoid jail time in connection with his DUI arrest from last November. He agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment, and will also lose his license for 90 days, complete an impaired driving course program, and pay a $500 fine. Hopefully this enough to convince his kids not to make the same mistakes.

2 R. Kelly: He’s Been Running His Own Organized Group

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R. Kelly has been known for many things in his life, including his rap career and brief time as a basketball player. But what he’s mostly known for nowadays are the creepy cult accusations following him.

This father-of-three is involved in a TV-worthy scandal at the moment. Several individuals have come forward claiming that the celeb runs an organization out of his home, and brainwashes impressionable young women to submit to his every whim. Yes, we’re serious about this. Many of the women were allegedly underage at the time.

An investigation into these shocking allegations is currently underway, so we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about R. Kelly. The celeb has had trouble with the laws in the past. Just in 2008, he was arrested for possessing indecent materials involving children. Hopefully, justice is served in this situation

1 Michael Douglas: Got Handsy With An Employee

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Legendary actor Michael Douglas, a father of three, is another celeb who’s been hit with harassment allegations following the blow-up of the #MeToo campaign. Writer Susan Braudy claims the actor harassed her while she was working for his company, Stone Bridge Productions. She said he made her stay quiet by threatening that she’d never work in the industry again if she came clean.

As of January, reports suggested that an investigation may be launched into the alleged events, and Susan may be pursuing legal action. Michael gave a pre-emptive interview with the media in an attempt to silence to the public speculation and deny the claims. The star admitted to using colorful language around the employee, but denies their relationship was physical in any nature.

"I never blackballed her. If people from the industry called me to ask about her,” he told Deadline. “I would have been honest, but I never blackballed her."

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