• 14 Celebs That Just Tried Way Too Hard With The Announcement

    Prior to the advent of social media, or more specifically, social oversharing on the internet, all celebs had to do was step out with their bump on full display. Their picture would then get snapped and within a mere couple of hours, it would be plastered all over newspapers and those tabloid magazines that we so love to read while everyone waits for their turn at the grocery checkout.

    In the midst of the rise of social media networks, the tables have turned. Now, some celebrities actually post snapshots into their extravagant lifestyles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, sometimes making us wonder: "what the heck were they thinking?!"

    Pregnancy announcements and babies in general are wonderful news, but just like us common folk, some celebrities have also taken their announcements too far. Many like Blake Lively, Jessica Biel and even Carrie Underwood are now featured prominently on lists of some of the best pregnancy announcements for their cute pictures, but other celebs like Coco Rocha, Jessica Simpson and Kel Mitchell just tried way too hard to be original, ending up instead over the top.

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    Having A Blessed Burger

    Known for his many stand-up gigs and TV show roles (most notably the Nickelodeon series All That), Kel Mitchell and his wife, Asia Lee definitely tried too hard with their pregnancy announcement.

    It can be argued that this celeb baby announcement is kind of cute, and it kind of is because there’s a cute baby bump involved and the couple is clearly having a blast. However, everything else definitely makes it overkill: the two. Everything from the two “Good Burger” hats, all the way to him holding a burger with his arm around her, the soda in her hand and lastly, her shirts that reads: “Have A Blessed”.

    Have a blessed what exactly? They’re obviously celebrating the upcoming arrival of their baby but the message is lost amongst everything that is going on in this picture.

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    Hate To Say It...

    Ever since branching off on her own after Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has been placed on a star pedestal. There’s no denying that she’s definitely a superstar and an amazing singer, but as of late, some of her moves have definitely been overkill.

    For many, Queen Bey can do no wrong. She’s definitely an amazing role model and a talented singer, but after announcing her second pregnancy, many were left scratching their heads in confusion. Her setup certainly looks serene, but let’s face it, Beyonce’s twin pregnancy announcement is beyond weird.

    From the blue underwear, to the purple bra, the green veil and not to mention the flowers behind her, that look like an arrangement you might see at a funeral parlor, is all just too much. Another detail critics were quick to notice? The obvious absence of her wedding ring, which makes you wonder if there’s a hidden meaning to the picture.

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    Oh Mummy No

    After months of speculation about “is she” or “isn’t she pregnant”, Jessica Simpson finally stepped out, showing off her baby bump in a rather peculiar way.

    While most announce their pregnancy in a more subdued way, Jessica certainly dove head first for the shock factor. For Halloween 2011, she wore a very curve-hugging mummy costume, complete with black eye make-up and crazy hair. For Halloween, many pregnant ladies tend to do the same old costumes, with a fake zombie baby coming out of the tummy and painting a pumpkin on their bellies, so Jess definitely gets points for her creativity, but it’s still going down as being a little much for a pregnancy announcement. Hopefully, her feet weren’t as swollen from those extra high heels as Kim Kardashians’ famously were, and not to mention that she's seriously risking tripping over her costume and falling belly first!

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    Trying Too Hard To Be Funny

    Ever since his pie humping days, Jason Biggs has been labelled as a funny guy. His roles in Wedding Daze, and My Best Friend’s Girl, certainly didn’t help him shed the label, although his latest venture into the creation of some grotesque porcelain sculptures could help.

    With this in mind, you would think that he would come up with something a little funnier than this pregnancy announcement. Sitting side by side in their bed, his wife, Jenny Mollen, can be seen fake-sucking the snot out of his nose. A very subtle joke as to how most babies need to have their nose suctioned, but the announcement turns out to be a flop. Even Biggs himself isn’t too impressed, so you can clearly tell whose idea this was.

    Posted on Jenny’s Instagram page, the caption read: “This is how I told my son babies are made. #numbertwo #nosefrida @fridababy #teetsreincarnated”.

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    Come On Say It Already!

    At first glance, Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato’s Instagram video looks like a cute and spontaneous little family video. Their involvement of their first born is kind of adorable, but you can still tell that they’re trying way too hard.

    As Luisana lays on the floor with her shirt uncovering her belly and Michael asks Noah: “Who’s that in there”. The little one is confused for a moment, but then springs into action pointing at his mommy’s belly, saying: “baby”.

    Baby indeed, but this video still makes you wonder how many times did they have to practice the moment and if it’s as spontaneous as it suggests. Toddlers are known to have extremely short attention spans and it’s clear that the little boy just couldn’t care less about his future baby brother – just yet of, course!

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    Making Their Own Tabloid

    It’s kind of ironic to have both Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey featured on the same list but within completely different contexts and yet, both of them definitely went a little too far with their announcements.

    Nick Lachey is definitely no stranger to his face being plastered all over the tabloids, especially during the time that he was famously married to singer Jessica Simpson, and especially during the time after their divorce and as he began to date Vanessa Minnillo.

    And so, with their pregnancy announcement for baby #3, it looks like the couple decided to poke fun at the gossip outlets by making a tabloid of their own. In their announcement, they’re seen standing in front of an extravagant-looking house with the words: “We got a new crib! Now we need a new CRIB”, with a red heart around Vanessa’s belly.

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    Oh, Are You Taking A Picture?

    As much as this celebrity pregnancy announcement looks like it could have been taken spontaneously, it’s definitely staged.

    Along with the snap, which was shared on all of their social media account, Lauren also included this caption on Instagram: “I ate a big sandwich and it has a heartbeat! Completely head over heels in love and excited to announce @nevschulman and I are bringing a new bb person into the world.”

    But here’s the thing. If you have ever gone for an ultrasound, then you should know that most don’t even allow any picture-taking. Secondly, how in the heck did they “naturally” get the perfect shot from above like that? Not to mention, she hair is perfectly placed and he just happens to be glancing up and smiling, instead of paying attention to the ultrasound results. Cute, but again, trying too hard.

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    What To Expect

    At this point, utilizing the What To Expect When You’re Expect book when announcing a pregnancy is just beyond a cliché. It has been done so many times, that it’s just not all that funny anymore.

    In their pregnancy announcement, Joe Jonas is clearly overdoing it and quite stereotypically at that! It’s so common to see men being absolutely freaked out at the thought of a baby on the way, when fact of the matter is that even during pregnancy, so many dads-to-be turn out to be amazingly supportive.

    With the most blank expression ever, Joe is pictured reading the What To Expect book, but at least, she munches on junk food. At least for her part, she’s clearly radiating at the news, but the same certainly can’t be said about him!

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    Prego Is So Overdone

    Along with the What To Expect book, another highly over utilized accessory in pregnancy announcements is hands down that Prego spaghetti sauce jar. The countless Prego pregnancy pictures on the web are unavoidable and although they're meant to be funny, Torrey Smith and Chanel Williams’ announcement is definitely just too much.

    Not only that, but Torrey looks absolutely freaked out in the picture, adding to the stereotype that all dads-to-be are scared of babies, while Chanel simply stuffs her face with pasta. Not exactly the most glamorous of pregnancy announcements, but at least they didn’t include that much used pregnancy book!

    In case fans wouldn’t guess the subtle message behind their picture, they also made sure to plaster the words “We’re” on top of the Prego jar. With or without that little memo, they’re still trying too hard with this one.

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    Missing Anything?

    No doubt about it, both Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, look absolutely stunning in their pregnancy announcement. But are they trying too hard? Absolutely! It’s not uncommon for a couple to do the whole “bun in the oven” thing for the baby announcement, but there’s just so much going on in this picture.

    There’s quite literally a bun in the oven, there are blue and pink balloons, there are complimenting baby mama and baby daddy t-shirts and there are even two doggies in the picture. Albeit, the second one’s head is cut off – perhaps, foreshadowing what’s going to happen once the baby finally arrives? We all love our fur babies to death, but let’s face it, they do become second, if not third class, when a baby is born.

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    Oh Boy Indeed

    Think they have enough balloons there? Arguably, you can never have enough balloons when it comes to celebrating the arrival of a baby or even any celebration to a child.

    For their pregnancy announcement, professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his wife Bryiana Noelle Flores made sure that their picture was as obvious as possible. In case you couldn’t tell, they’re having a boy…Not only are all the smaller balloon baby blue, but the larger ones “subtly” spell out “Oh Boy” as well.

    In fact, it’s surprising that they’re both wearing white instead of blue! Especially with them kissing, it’s definitely cute but a little on the “trying too hard” spectrum nonetheless.

    This kind of announcement isn’t too surprising for them though given that originally, Bryiana shared a video of how she surprised Rob, complete with pink and blue balloons and the What To Expect book in the middle.

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    Bump To Bump

    Bump to bump pictures are commonly used for pregnancy announcements. Usually though, the dad-to- be drinks beer, while making his stomach bulge out in a side-by-side comparison to the pregnant mama.

    For Jonathan Rhys Meyers and fiancée Mara Lane’s pregnancy announcement though, it was Santa who played the role of the dad-to-be. She captioned the picture: “#IncomingPackage best present. #ThankYouLord.”

    Best present indeed, but kind of makes you wonder where dad was when this picture was taken. Unless they’re trying to imply that the real father is Santa… just kidding, of course!

    But since that’s the theme they were going for, then maybe Meyers should have played the role of Santa. The entire snap is kind of confusing though because while it was taken around Christmas time and the whole background is Christmas related as well, she is dressed in the most summery clothes possible.

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    Bearing It All Already

    Who needs mismatched lingerie and a veil when you can use your hands? Lingerie models aren’t exactly known for their modesty, but Doutzen Kroes, a Victoria’s Secret Angel model, took things a little too far with her pregnancy announcement.

    It’s great that she’s celebrating her body, but the problem with this one is that many sites that shared this picture also made sure to blur it out and included a warning saying that it contains adult content.

    Doutzen has also famously been quoted saying that her pictures make her uncomfortable: “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty now that I am in this profession that makes certain girls insecure. I always say, I don't look like the picture.”

    It’s hard to tell whether any photo shopping was involved in her pregnancy announcement, but there is something to be said about the near-perfect curves of her body.

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    In Case You Missed It

    Sure, she gets points for creativity, but that’s about it. After finding out that a baby is on the way, most parents stick to the tried and true announcement method. An extra pair of little shoes in a line-up of everyone else’s shoes, a picture of the belly, siblings wearing cute t-shirts announcing that there’s going to be another addition to the family... the list goes on and on. They’re all cute, they’re all adorable, but Canadian model Coco Rocha certainly tried way too hard with her announcement.

    Transforming herself into a real-life version of one of those jewelry box ballerinas, she stood perfectly still in a skin-colored leotard, while the camera rotated around her. Her husband, James Conrad, can also be visible standing in the doorway.

    Not much was added to the video’s caption, other than that they were expecting baby Conrad in 2015.

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