14 Celebs We Hope Will Be The Next Mrs. Brad Pitt (And 1 He's Already Been Spotted With)

Ladies, get out those razors and pluck those brows because the Mighty God that is Brad Pitt is single. The Hollywood A-lister is once again on the prowl and he is looking for a new woman to warm his heart and be scorched by his smoldering smile.

After 12 years and 6 kids together the beautiful Brad and his actress-wife Angelina Jolie have called it quits and they seem to be moving on with their lives. Following a messy separation that was plastered all over the news and gossip websites for months on end, Angie continues to remain devoutly focused on her children and from what we can tell and shows no signs of hitting the dating scene anytime soon.

Brad, on the other hand, is testing out the romantic waters with all sorts of lovely ladies.

And why shouldn't he? At 54 years old, Brad is still a total hottie who could pretty much have any woman that he wanted (except maybe Angie of course.) While Brad plays the field we will all sit back and wait with baited breath to see who Mrs. Pitt number three will be.

You know what they say... the third time is a charm, right?

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15 Britney Spears

Brit Brit has had it bad for Brad Pitt for many years and now that she is stable and he is single yet again, the two might finally have their shot at a real romance! Brad was Britney's first celebrity crush and now that he is divorcing Angie, Brit has a big old smile on her face.

According to US Magazine, even when Britney was married to Kevin Federline she held a torch for Brad.

When he divorced Jen Aniston, Brit couldn't help but get a little bit giddy right in front of her then-hubby saying that Brad wasn't exactly a reality, but he sure was a dream. Unlikely pair? Yes, but the two have more in common than you think.

Both Britney and Brad have had to endure the trials and tribulations of splitting with spouses while taking care of children. Ending a marriage when kids are involved is especially painful and the two can bond over this experience. Furthermore, Brad and Brit were reared with fairly similar religious backgrounds. They were both raised as Southern Baptists far away from the chaos that is Tinsel Town. He grew up in Missouri and Miss Britney grew up in quiet Kentwood, Louisiana.

14 Sandra Bullock

Sandy and Brad could make a perfect couple in our opinion. They are both A-list actors who have lit up the silver screen for years and they both have beautiful families that have been built through Adoption.

Of course Brad has adopted children with ex-wife Angelina. According to CNN, she adopted her first two children, Maddox and Zahara, and then Brad jointly adopted them later on in 2006. Angie adopted son Pax from Vietnam when he was only 3 months old and one year later Brad adopted him as well. Sandy has two adopted children, Louis and Laila.

Both Brad and Sandy seem to be grounded in their small town roots as well. Sandy was born far away from the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle in West Virginia while Brad was raised a Midwestern boy in Missouri. It was long rumored that during Angie and Brad's union, Angie was a free-spirited hippie while Brad was the disciplinarian trying to give his children some structure and stability, much like he was raised with.

Sandy is also raising her kiddos to be grounded. According to US Magazine, she takes them to school and picks them up, does crafts with them and plays board games. Sandy sounds like she would make both an awesome mom friend and a great partner to Papa Brad.

13 Neri Oxman

This is the one woman who isn't trolling the streets of Hollywood waiting for her chance to get at a now single(ish) Brad Pitt. No trolling needed here because if things continue going as good as we hear they are for Neri Oxman and Brad Pitt, she will be the woman to push off of the Pitt Throne.

This mysterious, dark-haired lady has his heart and his mind for the time being, although we certainly know that can all change in the blink of an eye. For the moment Brad seems to have stepped away from the glitz and dazzle that is L.A. and stepped into the arms of a beautiful and intelligent MIT professor, according to US Magazine!

Neri Oxman is of Israeli-American decent and is kind of a big deal in the world of Architecture and academics, which we know Brad is a huge fan of.

Both her and Brad are divorced, share a deep love for her discipline and are leaders in their specific realms of art. Walking away from Hollywood beauties certainly worked for Brad's best bud and former forever-bachelor George Clooney. We all know by now that George married lawyer Amal and the two are now proud parents to twins!

12 Emilia Clarke

You might recognize this rocking lady as the good old Mother of Dragons. Brad really appreciated Angie's cutthroat bad gal personality and we think Emilia might be able to fill that void for him. Where there was once a Tomb Raider there can now be a Queen and Dragon Woman.

Emilia has had a couple of high profile relationships tucked under her belt as she has been linked to Seth MacFarlance and James Franco in recent history, according to ranker. Word on the street is Emilia is now single and ready to mingle. We don't see her being very fuss and muss and she seems like such a fun person to be around. She could be a very refreshing partner for Brad. She isn't so bad on the eyes either.

Let's be serious, this woman is a stunner! She also seems to be holding her own in the acting world too considering she has starred in the epic HBO drama Game of Thrones for its entire run now. Brad might want to dust off his old Troy costume and strap it on for Ms. Clarke. She did really dig that Khal Drogo guy a few seasons ago. Maybe Brad can channel that dude and win her heart.

11 Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has starred alongside our boy Brad twice now, once in Inglorious Bast**ds and one in Troy, (also known as the movie that we get to see Brad's bootie in.) According to Zimbio, she revealed in an interview that she was actually a little bit miffed that she didn't get the chance to get a little hot and heavy with the hunky actor, but at least she got to get tortured by him!

Aside from being stellar actors who clearly have great senses of humor and get along great, these two might decide that they make a great "unmarried" pair.

Diane has revealed that after her divorce from Guillaume Canet (apparently that guy gets around) back in 2006, she decided then and there to not marry again or at least not until she had dated a guy for thirty years first. That actually might sit just fine with Brad Pitt.

When it comes to his marital track record, the guy isn't exactly hitting it out of the ballpark. Brad was of course first married to Jenifer Aniston and then to Angelina Jolie. Marriage isn't for everybody and people like Diane view it as a simple piece of paper with no bearing on the idea of being soulmates. Maybe she and Brad can live a very unconventional, yet happy life together somewhere in the future.

10 January Jones

Beautiful January Jones is nothing if not a talent and an independent woman. We could totally get behind a coupling of her and Brad Pitt. The Man Men actress is a mother to a six-year-old son and has proven that a gal in Hollywood really can have her cake and eat it too.

After getting preggers with her baby, she fiercely birthed her boy and raised him as a single mother making no apologies nor excuses for her decision. She continues to light up the silver screen and date around when she feels like it. According to Pop Sugar, Jones has dated singer Josh Groban and actors Sean Williams Scott, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, but perhaps it will be Brad that might settle her spirit.

We think that her independence might be a good pairing for Brad. Heaven knows that if the two want to keep things on the down low for a while January can totally do that. She has yet to reveal the true paternity of her son and it doesn't look like she is in a rush to do so anytime soon.

These two could be very private and happy together enjoying their time and their kids. Little Xander Jones would have a whole lot of older step-siblings to show him the ropes of growing up in Hollywood if these two ever tied the knot.

9 Halle Berry

If there is one thing that Brad really loves it is being one half of a celebrity power couple. He has been in a long-term relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow and married to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Those happen to be some of the most beautiful and successful females living on this planet so go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong here. Hmmmm, who else might be a good match for Mr. Brad Pitt? Yep. Halle Berry sure as heck fits the bill alright.

First of all, she is beautiful, like shockingly beautiful. The two are right around the same age and are both devoted parents who have been married now a few times prior. So far it sounds like these two should have come up with this dating idea long before I did! Halle is famous and very wealthy in her own right, much like Brad's previous loves. According to Celebrity Networth, she is currently worth a whopping eighty million dollars! Ms. Berry is incredibly talented too. She won an Academy Award in 2002 for Best Actress and is the only African American woman to have achieved such a feat to date.

These two stars would undoubtedly make a magical couple with a lot in common.

8 Ella Purnell

Last year Brad fans went a bit bananas over the rumors that he was wooing 21-year-old hottie and Hollywood newcomer Ella Purnell. Some folks were thrilled that he seemed to be moving on from his traumatic split with Angie while others were shocked that he would take up with a girl half his age. No one could help but notice how much the young actress resembled Brad's most recent ex, Angelina Jolie.

According to Hollywood Life, the two look so similar in fact that Ella played a younger version of Angie in the Maleficent movie. Both Brad and Ella made it crystal clear that there was no funny business taking place between them and the murmurings were completely false, but we don't see any reason that they can't work on making this rumor true in the future!

Sure there is a whopping age gap between the pair, but it's Hollywood after all and that minor roadblock is almost par for the course around Tinsel Town. Brad could show Ella the ropes to fame and introduce her to everyone who is anyone. We are confident that he would help this beauty elevate her career to mega stardom in no time. She could be his lover and his muse!

7 Jen Aniston

Actress Jenifer Aniston married Brad back in the year 2000 and for five years we thought that they would stay our coveted Royal couple of Hollywood for all of eternity, but that was not meant to be. That raven-haired vixen Angelina Jolie swept on in, won Brad's heart and pretty much shattered Jen's heart along with most of America's. The pair has been donzo for over ten years, but is this really the end of Brad and Jen Chapter One? Might we see a reboot of this glorious union in the near future?

Jen has recently split from her second husband Justin Theroux and of course, Brad is no longer married to that husband stealer Angie, so we are holding out hope for the next coming of Jen Aniston.

The rumors surrounding Brad and Jen have never ceased. There has always been some source claiming that the two never stopped being close and remain confidants to this day. According to Nova969, there is even a wild rumor floating around the universe right now that the two are currently expecting that elusive baby! Who knows how much merit there is to these claims, but you know what they say...where there is smoke there is fire. There HAS to be a shred of truth somewhere in there!

6 Jennifer Lawrence

Tell me these two wouldn't make jaws drop while walking the red carpets together! Since Brad's split from his wife he has been rumored to be by the side of almost every woman in Los Angeles and Jen Lawrence is one of the lucky ladies to have fallen upon that rumor. Oh, how we wish that murmuring had some truth to it!

According to Vanity Fair, Jen did have a chance to clear up the rumor while appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She killed our dreams of a Jen and Brad romance when she revealed that she has only met Brad once back in 2013 and the chance meeting was nothing but random.

While the rumors have been swirling for some time, Jen confessed that she didn't really mind the murmurings. Could you blame her for letting them lurk? We wouldn't mind if the universe was looking at us thinking that we were warming the bed of one of the sexiest men on the planet! While we won't be holding our breath for these two hotties to join in matrimony anytime soon, we do think that J-Law would make just about the funnest step-mother to Brad's kids on the planet.

5 Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish is talented, funny and gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to date this woman? For any potential suitors out there, you might want to snatch this lady up quick, because she might be on the arm of Mr. Brad Pitt before the year is out.

While playing a rousing game of "Marry, Date, Ditch," with Kelly Ripa, Brad's name popped up.

According to W Magazine, Tiffany revealed that she had recently met Brad in an elevator and he actually suggested that if the pair was single in a year they should 'meet' up.

Was Brad serious or was it said in jest? We hope that there was at least some truth to what he said to Tiffany in that elevator because these two would be a stunning pair to gaze upon at next year's Academy Awards. The one thing that might be a giant roadblock though is Brad's brood. Tiffany isn't so sure she would be so great at taking on six children.

Brad might be single now, but he still has six children to his name that he loves and cares for. Any woman that becomes the next Mrs. Pitt will have to have a deep love for children because Brad's kids aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

4 Marion Cotillard

Back when Brad Pitt was married to Angelina Jolie, Brad and beautiful Marion Cotillard costarred in the film World War 2 film Allied together. It was rumored that during their time on set the two struck up more than a friendship, and started a steamy, red-hot affair.

Both Marion and Brad have vehemently denied that they were ever anything other than professional, even though there are reports of ex-wife Angie hiring a Private Investigator to uncover the truth about the two, this according to Page Six.

While Brad is currently rumored to be dating MIT professor Neri Oxman, and Marion is in a long-term and committed relationship to Director Guillaume with kids, perhaps these two have some unfinished business to get back to at some point. When you watch them act onscreen together it's hard to ignore their chemistry.

We all know that Brad has a tendency to let his feelings for his co-stars shine through when on screen. Anyone remember a little movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Oh we sure do! Even though it is unlikely that Marion will leave her darling family for hunky Brad Pitt, it's fun to imagine the lovely babies they might make and raise in their beloved France.

3 Elle MacPherson

She is a former Aussie supermodel who has recently divorced her billionaire husband for staying in contact with his ex Kate Hudson, (who Brad Pitt has also been linked to.) He is one of the sexiest dudes to ever grace the planet and has recently had his heart smashed to smithereens by the Ice Queen Angie Jolie. They are both similar in age and have been living in the spotlight for decades.

It is really no surprise that a rumor started a fire last year that Elle MacPherson and Brad Pitt were spied having an intimate dinner out in West Hollywood, this according to the National Enquirer.

Brad and Elle met way back in 1999 on the set of Friends while Brad was hitched to wife number one Jen Aniston, but perhaps absence truly does make the heart grow stronger huh? While plenty of sources swear that the two were flirting and cozying up to one another on their evening out, Brad's reps say that is absolutely false. Well boo! We could totally get behind a Brad Pitt and Australian bombshell match.

For now we will have to hold out hold that the bodacious blondes will someday reconnect and give us a truly golden couple of Hollywood.

2 Sienna Miller

Last year Pitt's production company was involved with a film called The Lost City of Z and that movie starred the talented Ms. Sienna Miller. Of course the next thing we knew reports were everywhere saying Brad and Sienna were the newest couples on the block.

According to She Know, the two were supposedly engaged in some serious flirtatious behavior during a dinner last year around this time. Miller and Pitt are not new to hearing their names linked together though. Back in 2015 Sienna had to shut down similar rumors while their movie was in production. She did the same with this fresh set of speculation, saying that she spent time speaking to everyone who attended the dinner in question and that there was nothing romantic or special going on between her and Brad.

Maybe these two might want to considering taking their professional relationship to the next level though. They could certainly bond over their experiences with heartbreak. Sienna famously had her heart trampled all over by that womanizer Jude Law years ago when he decided to have an affair with his children's freaking nanny. Brad is, of course, reeling from his most recent divorce and the sudden separation from his beloved children.

1 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another amazing blonde bombshell that we had hoped for in regards to who might become the next Mrs. Pitt. These two most certainly would make a lovely pair strolling through the streets of Tinsel Town hand in hand. Both actors have children by their exes so who knows, perhaps they could combine their genetically superior DNA and create one more Hollywood superhuman?

It turns out that there was never any bearing on the rumor of Kate and Brad joining forces romantically as Kate cleared the rumor up on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

She swears she has not even seen Brad in over four years, so a romance is certainly not brewing between these two. Kate is however getting to work on that whole Hollywood Super-spawn thing though.

According to OK Magazine, she is currently expecting a third child with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Kate, if things go south with this baby daddy, (as they did with her first two,) maybe give Brad a call for real. He is basically a professional when it comes to adopting kids now as he has adopted three of Angie's children already. Who knows, he might be willing to take your three kids on too and create the ultimate Hollywood "Brad"y Bunch!

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