14Kathryn Lockhart And Diplo

Thomas Wesley Pentz, is the outspoken and fearless DJ and producer known as Diplo. He suffered a somewhat rocky relationship with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Kathryn Lockhart. The couple were going through a bad patch and had once again called it off when it was discovered that Kathryn was pregnant with

the couples second child. To make matters worse for the pregnant mother-to-be, Diplo was dating Katy Perry at the time of the split but of course Lockhart was already pregnant and was left to deal with the nine months of nauseum, back pain and baby kicks, while preparing for their babies arrival by herself.

Lazer Lee Louis Pentz was born in November 2014. Diplo and Perry ended their romance not long after the birth. The arrival of Diplo and Lockharts son was seemingly not the cause of their split but it also did not reignite the passion between Lazers parents. Lockhart subsequently set up her own party planning business and has not let anything stand in her way or that of her sons.

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