14 Confessions From Women Who Got Pregnant To Trap Their Boyfriends



There is a new trend on the street and it is called to baby trap. Women are leading their boyfriends to believe that they are taking birth control when they actually are not. This is done to purposefully trap a man into relationship by getting pregnant with his child.

Women are poking holes in condoms, saying that they are on the pill, and taking their IUD’s out without warning their boyfriend. They are even getting pregnant by other men and telling their boyfriend that the baby is his.

Why are women doing this? The answers are as varied as the seductresses themselves. Some women baby trap so that their boyfriend will not leave them. Some baby trap for financial security. Some are doing it to steal men they may be having an affair with away from his current partner.

Women, there is no good reason to baby trap a man. None at all. He will resent being trapped. He will resent being lied to. He will remember that his baby mama is not trustworthy. If your man does not want a baby, look elsewhere. There are plenty of men who do.

So let’s just take a look at the confessions of women who believe that to baby trap suits them just fine.

14 Sabotaging Girlfriend

How pathetic is this? “I’m so desperate to keep a man that I will poke holes in the condoms. I will make him feel safe and loved and then when he’s least expecting it, I will trap him with a baby!” What woman in her right mind truly believes that a man won’t leave because he is tricked into having a kid. Maybe he will never find out about the holes she poked in the condoms but if she’s poking holes in condoms, he is not ready to have a baby.

Guess what? When you get pregnant you gain weight and your body changes in oh so many ways. Many women get the dreaded stretch marks or saggy skin. If he didn’t want to marry this chick before she gets pregnant does she seriously think that a crying baby and a post pregnancy body are going to coerce him into getting down on one knee and propose. Yes, our bodies bounce back for the most part but usually there is a lifelong change or two that new Mama’s never dreamed of.

13 Grad School No More

I have absolutely NO respect for this woman. I mean none. There was a man who dreamed of graduate school and beyond. Some simple minded woman didn’t want to support her man’s dreams. This woman only cared about her own desires. To be accepted into a graduate school where one excels in their area of interest, this is an honor. This takes a BA and a high enough GPA and GRE’s and LSAT’s and essays about why they want to be accepted into the program.

I wonder if this Mama ever read her man’s Letter of Intent or his letters of recommendation. This Prego stole this man’s education. She stole his Master’s Degree from the school he wanted to get it from. Sure he could get a Master’s elsewhere but that wasn’t his dream. It was hers. This guy doesn’t need a dreamcatcher because he’s already got one, except his dream catcher is snatching up both the good and the bad dreams.

12 5 Years And Counting

He still doesn’t know… She really pulled off that sperm heist didn’t she? Like a thief in the night while he was stealing her heart she was stealing his future baby. He didn’t want that baby or did he? What man in their right mind wouldn’t want a baby with a self-centered, shallow cowgirl who just used his sperm to lasso him in when he was trying to ride away.

This guy was just thinking of leaving. Those thoughts caused a chain reaction of deception that led to the birth of a beautiful bouncing baby. I must say this woman was a real go getter. We need to take action to create our futures and take action she did. She took that action until she conceived. Peace be with the loving trio.

11 Get Rich Quick Scheme

She better hope that the baby looks like him. If he’s well off and he notices that his baby has red hair and red hair sure as hell doesn’t run on either sides of their families, he might be playing with the idea of taking a DNA test. Oh and by the way, having a baby with a rich man won’t make this woman financially secure. It will make her baby financially secure. Richie Rich has no obligation to take care of the baby Mama.

That child support that he will be mandated to pay won’t cover all of her life expenses. She straight out admits, “I trapped him.” Men don’t like being caged, sister and being the mother to his child will not stop him from being the man that he is. Oh, and one last thing. What about the real father and his family? Don’t decent human beings let the father know when they have conceived a child? Don’t you think he and his family would want to know that there is another one of their family members roaming the earth?

10 Stealing Boyfriends With Pregnancy

This Mama has some haters and she knows it. Wanting to have a child with a man who already has a girlfriend is beyond my comprehension. I guess it is a way to force the girlfriend out of the picture. Maybe it will work temporarily or maybe it will work long term but one thing that is for sure is that this is a premeditated act of deceit. When one is the girl on the side she needs to remember that her actions affect not only her man and herself but everyone they are all connected to.

She purposefully got pregnant so he would leave his girlfriend. What she never thought about was the fact that she may always be number two in his eyes. His current girlfriend may always be the one who got away. I have read many Whisper confessions from men who married the woman they were with but wished they were with their true love.

9 Tricked Into Fatherhood

As a woman I understand the curiosity as to what it feels like to have a tiny person growing inside of you. I wanted the birth experience just as many women do.  Having children really does change our lives. It changes it for the positive, yes. However, it makes even daily tasks a lot more challenging.

Simple things that we all took for granted become luxuries. The days of sleeping in are over. The days of just deciding on a whim that you want to pick up and go somewhere become a lot more challenging because not only do we have to get ourselves ready but we have to get another person ready. We need to plan for their every need. Bring alternate outfits, diapers, snacks, toys, strollers, blankets, wipes, etc.

Then once we reach our final destination there is no guarantee that this child will be in the mood to be where we want to go. He may be sleepy, grumpy, hungry, or just need to poop. His way to express these needs is crying and nothing gets more dirty looks at all the places you used to love to hang out at, then a crying baby. When we become Mama’s our babies come first.

8 Scheming Thoughts

Okay there is still hope here. This young woman still has her IUD in place. Girlfriend, think back to why there was a need to get that IUD in the first place. There was a good reason because IUD insertions come with a tinge of pain and various possible side effects that one would try to avoid unless the pros outweighed the cons. Okay I think we all know the reason is that someone was not ready for a baby.

That’s right the IUD was inserted so a baby would not be conceived. It’s clear that the man does not want a baby or Mama-to-be wouldn’t have to be so sneaky in the IUD removal. Oh yeah she also straight out said that she wants to get pregnant to trap him. Baby trappers beware. This is mean and unkind. If baby trappers believe in karma and succeed with getting pregnant through dishonest means, then be ready to get spanked by the karma stick of life.

7 Unexpected Regret

I have no sympathy for this trapper. Yeah start your marriage out with a lie and expect to live happily ever after. Get a clue sister, men don’t want to be trapped into anything anymore than women do. So this Mama wishes she weren’t married, well too bad. She made her bed and she will lie in it. I guarantee if she is unhappy so is her man.

Maybe if she took some time to see how the relationship would have unfolded naturally she would have found out that they weren’t a great match as husband and wife and more importantly, they suck as a Mommy and Daddy duo. If a woman traps a man she steals not only his freedom but her own. Best wishes to the sweet little baby that was created to manipulate this man into a lifetime commitment that he wasn’t ready for.

6 Surprise! The Baby Is Coming

I know a man that this happened to and he was devastated. His baby mama told him to release inside of her. He thought she was still on the pill so she couldn’t get pregnant. Turns out, oops she stopped taking the pill and got pregnant. All of her girlfriends had already had babies and she felt left out.

This guy did not want the baby and begged the baby mama to have an abortion. He offered to escort her to get the abortion and pay for it. He cried and tried to solicit help from family and friends to talk this woman into having an abortion. In the end, she decided to have the baby and he was miserable. Is this what we want ladies, miserable men who don’t want to be fathers? He remains in the relationship, remains in misery, and cheats on the baby trapper on the regular.

5 A Baby For A Husband

No let’s get real here. If a man is married to a woman and he has a mistress on the side, he will not leave his wife for the mistress. He may tell his mistress that his wife is horrible and he plans on leaving her but in all actuality if he wanted to leave her he would. Let me help to set the scene for what this baby trapper’s future may look like if she gets pregnant. Her man will resent her. His wife will hate her but this couple has taken vows.

The mistress may think that the baby is the man catcher but most likely her pregnancy would cause resentment for all including the mistress who will have to hand off her baby every other weekend to her ex-lover and his family. This mistress has given it a year. She has not gotten pregnant. Hopefully, she can pick up any shreds of dignity that she has left, thank God she didn’t get impregnated by a married man, and move on without a scarlet letter.

4 A Successful Plan

He is still here. Is he still happy? Or was he ever happy? Or was he just a good guy that acknowledged that it takes two to tango and he stepped up to the plate. What about the Mama? Is she happy with her choice to get pregnant on purpose to keep her man? Is their relationship all she dreamed of and more?

Who knows how this little family is doing but 13 years later I hope this baby feels loved and wanted. I hope the entire family does. That’s what we all want anyway, right? At the heart of all the baby trapping, is there a secret desire to be loved and cherished forever and to have someone to love and cherish back? Even if the man breaks free from his cage, the Mama still has her baby.

3 The Last Pack Of Pills

Trick or treat? I am beat. Give me birth control I won’t eat. When I don’t and baby is there. You’ll wish you kept up your underwear. That’s the spirit! Girl meets Boy. They like each other. Well they like each other enough to get down and dirty. Girl wants Baby. Boy is not ready. Girl stops taking little pink pill. Boy keeps poking her with his magic stick. Girl is happy! Boy is shocked. Girl gets what she wants. Boy gets more than he expected.

Another surprise baby is delivered by the stork. Girl, Boy, and Baby live happily ever after. Until Girl spills the secret and tells Boy she stopped taking her little pink pill. Boy feels betrayed. Boy feels confused. Boy feels distrust. Boy gets mad. Boy loves baby and takes girl to court for custody. Girl gets 50/50 custody. Boy gets 50/50 custody. Baby gets stuck in the middle. But Girl got Baby.

2 The Ultimate Test

Men say a lot of things when we are dating. So do women. We all put on our best face, show the best aspects of our personalities and hide the weaknesses and insecurities down really deep. Allow me to let this woman in on a little secret, just because someone says they are going to do something doesn’t mean that they will when push comes to shove. How did this topic come up anyway?

It sounds like a conversation piece from a desperate attempt on the man’s part to talk the woman into having unprotected sex when she isn’t sure if she wants to. If she hears those magical words, “I will always be there,” in any context, her heart melts, she begins making wedding plans, dreaming of white picket fences, and popping out babies. If you want to know if a man will be there when you are pregnant, wait until you get sick, I mean really sick with vomiting and diarrhea at the same time.

See if he’s holding your hair back while you are puking and handing you toilet paper while you are wiping your bottom. If this chick never wants to lose her man she needs to win him over by being herself not trying to trap him with an unexpected baby.

1 Liar Liar

Liar, Liar pants on fire. She lies about birth control to get what she wants. She wants a baby inside of her. She got pregnant on purpose. Her boyfriend got screwed literally and figuratively. I’m sure there’s not a day that goes by that he looks at this woman’s manipulative face and wants to run in the opposite direction. Sister, there are many men out there who are ready for kids.

If the choice is made to lie about birth control than the boyfriend is not ready. He trusted his girlfriend when she said that she was on birth control and she betrayed his trust. Don’t blame him if he isn’t there waking up for the nightly diaper changes and feedings. Yeah I said it. Take his freedom? Then don’t expect him to step up to a plate that he didn’t order.

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